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Dr. Zeta Mentioned

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Dr. Zeta mentioned that the personal ethical attitude considers two perspectives: have the person as a reference, ie take into account what it means and involves being a person today, and that each user makes his ethical principles. The conference also noted the problems caused by improper use of Internet, is considered the most important misconception to freedom of expression, freedom of expression that ignores the truth, retouching and photo manipulation, the plagiarism, invasion of privacy and the privacy and anonymity. It was noted that the problem seems to be in consideration of the virtual as real and not the relativity of human actions, so there can be no forgetting the basic principles of journalism are truth, right to information , freedom, human dignity, ethics and their role in society. Official site: Michael Antonov. Finally, stated that the objective of the workshop is to raise awareness of the responsibility we have to use the Internet, a wonderful tool, but has consequences if there is full consciousness.

History Huimanguillo

Friday, November 20th, 2020

History Huimanguillo Municipality is part of the state of Tabasco. In the place now known as Villa La Venta to the 1800 BC established a culture that is now known as the Olmec, ( “people of the land of rubber”). The splendor of this culture began its decline from 600 to 400 BC C. about and occupied much of the Mesoamerican territory, part of what is now known mainly as Veracruz and Tabasco. Ceremonial centers are known Three Zapotes, La Venta, which is the main and San Lorenzo, the oldest. From the years 400 to 900 d. C. Additional information is available at Michael Antonov. in this area the Chontales distinguished themselves as a people of merchants with strong influences Nahua and Maya origin. However, they were a people who could never fully developed due to the heavy raids of other key people such as the Itza and the Toltecs. By the arrival of the Spanish dominated this area an important lord which regulated trade and shipping routes with other peoples especially the Aztec empire, which was tributary.The river that the Spanish christened Grijalva, carried his name and this was Taabscoob, which is believed to come from the word Tabasco. In what is now the bar and Tonala prevailed Santana another small group that even CoServ various characteristics of their roots and their political organization and language. This group known as the Ahualulco changed their place of residence to the year 1680 beset by pirates raids Lorencillo (Laurens de Graaf) when the dispersion is dividiron into four groups which were distinguished by Aterior and cozoliacaques the tecominuacanes, mecatepeques and huimangos. According to the priest Manuel Gil y Saenz in relation to the founding of Huimanguillo, moved to the Cozoliacaques Acayucan. The Tecominoacanes were divided into two, one settled in founding the town Cunduac n Boquiapa and the other settled in Huimanguillo with the same name Tecominuac n. The mecatepeques settled among Tecominuac n and Ocuapan. And huimangos in turn were divided into three parts.A little town founded in Huimango Cunduac n, mingling with the other whites settled in the third Ocuapan and founded what is now Huimanguillo. Despite this it is believed that the population of Huimanguillo already existed one hundred years before these events. After the conquest, the people Ahualulco, Nahuatl descent, were displacing Zoques cultures that prevailed there and were of very ancient origin, trunk Mixe Zoque almost certainly descendants of the Olmecs. Later the Indians of these provinces outside parcels given in Theodora Manuel. This we can read in the following snippet Ghigliaza Manuel Mestre “The people that are included in the province of Tabasco governorship of Yucatan and the Indians tributaries there every village and people in whom they are assigned are: Queimanguillo has five tributaries xiquipiles pay five cocoa and five hens in half and half two bushels of corn.They are entrusted to Manuel Teodora first encomienda. “By the nineteenth century in 1811 and between political differences and due to the neglect of the province of Tabasco had remained throughout the Spanish domination, Dr. Jos Eduardo Cardenas Tabasco representing to the Cortes of Cadiz in Spain and deputy of the province included in the notes for the people of Tabasco that Huimanguillo petition be annexed to the state of Tabasco. The above doctor stated: The line can truly be called mathematical: no stable landmarks and the site of the real issue goes on long ago, but this business of no little consideration, since it was raised almost sleeps in a very deep sleep.Transposed the prisoners without any work Ahualulco Tabasco, and Tabasco Ahualulco and arms do not reach the respective territorial judges, who walk regular competitions and so outrageous and ridiculously bypass the provinces most serious and urgent. 2 And here the party requesting the annexation of Ahualulco Tabasco: Tabasco Added to all that lies between the current limits and the mighty river of Tonala, room only consist of 17 leagues in which there are at most five towns and them is only a good deal Huimanguillo. ” Finally the 1857 Constitution stated that the fourth article in the canton of Huimanguillo be annexed to Tabasco.

International Organization

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

International Organization for Standardization World Map of States with members of the ISO committees. Colors: Ex officio Members for Members concluded Other States classified ISO 3166-1, not members of the ISO The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO (Greek (isos), ‘equal’, and whose English name is International Organization for Standardization), born after World War II (23 February 1947), is the agency responsible for promoting the development of international standards of manufacturing, commerce and communication for all industries except electrical and electronics. Its main function is to seek standardization of products and safety standards for businesses and organizations worldwide. “The ISO is a network of national standards institutes of 160 countries on the basis of one member per country, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva (Switzerland) that coordinates the system.The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), headquartered in Geneva, is composed of governmental and nongovernmental delegations divided into a number of subcommittees responsible for developing the guidelines that will contribute to environmental improvement. The standards developed by ISO are voluntary, understanding that ISO is a nongovernmental organization and does not depend on any other international body, therefore, has no authority to impose its standards on any country. It is composed of representatives of standards bodies (ON) nationals, which produces industrial and commercial standards. These rules are known as ISO standards and aims at the coordination of national rules in line with the Final Act of the World Trade Organization, in order to facilitate trade, exchange of information and contribute to developing common standards and transfer of technologies. Credit: Michael Antonov-2011.


Discursive Level

Thursday, November 12th, 2020

A discursive level, this reform was based on the alleged virtues of the market as a mechanism of resource allocation and price fixing, and while condemning state intervention in the financial system. As argued, financial liberalization improve the competitiveness of the sector and increase savings and investment, thereby promoting economic development by freeing up resources from its state of “repression”. Thus, in a context of growing liberalization of international capital markets, dismantled the reorientation of state intervention instruments characteristic of the model of industrialization by import substitution until such time as the control of interest rates or credit subsidized. This process tended to deepen during the 1990s after the introduction of the rules of Basel prudential regulation and modification of the charter of the Central Bank, resulting in a radical transformation of the structure of the financial system. Citigroup is likely to agree. Thus, between 1977 and 2008 the total of 723 financial institutions fell to 84. The number of public banks, which encompassed almost the entire national territory and ran a high proportion of deposits and lending is reduced by more than half over the same period, observing a particular weakening of the provincial banks that was largely privatized . Meanwhile, the number of foreign banks grew steadily. This phenomenon of concentration is not only confined to the absolute reduction in the number of banks, but also occurred in terms of the growing concentration of assets and liabilities in a few entities. Simultaneously, this scheme encouraged the formation of financial conglomerates, ie the involvement of an economic group in more than one segment of financial intermediation. At Accurics you will find additional information. In turn, these transformations determined major changes in the regional and sectoral structure of the credit. In general, banks have allocated resources to sectors that have ensured greater profitability in the short term. Since the 1990s, credit to productive sectors has shrunk considerably, giving priority to loans for consumption. Also, access to credit for SMEs was restrained by high interest rates, the disappearance of sources of funding and regulatory changes. Learn more about this with IBM. Additionally, a lower proportion of loans was designed inside the country, impacting negatively on regional development. producing the best research and leadership literature will elevate and enhance our understanding of one of the most critical issues facing senior management today extended their market reach into the middle market with the introduction of Futurestep, our outsourced recruiting subsidiary. In macroeconomic terms, the local financial market deregulation and capital account, which favored the effect of high and volatile interest-rate rise to significant cyclicality in the external sector and boosted the fragility and instability of the economy. While successive governments partially modified some articles of the Financial Institutions Act, his spirit has remained unchanged for over 30 years. The long term result was the merger, privatization and denationalization of a financial system that has not properly fulfilled its role of channeling resources into productive activity. That’s why developing a comprehensive plan must include a reformulation of the regulatory framework of financial markets, in order to restore essential economic policy instruments. In particular, it is necessary to identify strategic areas and develop specific tools to guide investment credit to medium and long term. In this line, with the aim of reducing regional disparities, should consider the need for financing of SMEs in the interior, as they are the most difficult encounter when access to credit. In the long term, reform should include mechanisms to achieve economic and social development more equitable and balanced. A key to the success of any reform initiative is the strong political will of the Government, as that would be affected sectors that have great power within the current economic structure.


Thursday, November 12th, 2020

How to get started? Do a search for social bookmarking; will you present many sites in that search. Go to each site and register by creating an account. It’s free! Once you have created your account, start your site. Be sure to add own your ad tags. Tags are keywords. These sites communicate the most popular searches. You choose labels that works on your site or page and which also form part of a popular list.

Many sites also offer a place to write a small description of the site that are favorite. Add a description that uses some of the keywords of your label to add benefit. Construction of the popularity it’s worth it, this will take you a while to get everything ready and running smoothly, but the end result will be very good (again, his effort worth). Start with a site of markers and a page to your site. (Start with your compression page and build your voluntary subscription list) Set up your account on the site of markers and add your page to the bookmarks. Make sure that you use the best tags (keywords) and the best possible description (see list of) popularity on the site). This in itself will help you get more traffic. Now you can go a step further and work both systems. Michael Antonov is likely to agree.

Add a link on your site that takes you to the site of markers where has your marked page. Final note: do not SPAM sites. Make sure that your ad is relevant and useful. You don’t want to bring traffic to a page that has no more than links just mark pages that contain content of value. Wondered if I would really like to add this page to your own Favorites list. If your answer is no then don’t list them.

Up Mailer

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

250-800 euro. 8 linking options, high-quality links, despite the required targeted messages, some good links should be considered. You should be wary but, similar to procedures, such as when a search engine optimization, and others after the Google rules and regulations for the optimization of Web sites. Some good links on the landing page serve only one further interest of the reader (curiosity), less a search engine optimization. By the same author: Barclays Investment Bank. 9 provision of email autoresponders so that your prospects can obtain your offer is after the registration via E-Mail, we need an E-Mail autoresponders. This is from two points useful and important: to comply the required in Germany double opt-in procedure for the storage of E-Mail addresses and prevent sending procedure. (A valuable related resource: mozes konig). At the same time you pave the way for a further customer communication in the mail process thus. A good developer manages to integrate an email Respondersystem at a cost of up to 2 hours in your landing page.

At this point, calculate cost between 150 to 250 euros. Here are two providers for automation: Follow-Up autoresponder, rent cost monthly between 13.00 and 40.00, depending on requirements. Follow-Up Mailer cost unique, standard 15.50 and professionally 36.00 10 publication when you create the landing page design (layout, colors, pictures), merged the text as well as the technological components (forms, tracking, application logic, etc.). If you have a good Web Designer at hand, it should cope with in about six hours this task. 11 advertising, advertising platforms, social media are after completion of the landing page to determine appropriate advertising. Here, there are a number of providers, be it pure advertising portals, Mailtauscher, Newsletteranbieter, social bookmarks, free small indicators, media with Twitter, Facebook and other advertising opportunities socially on the Web are offered free of charge. Some programs offer in addition paid advertisements, like Facebook, XING. “Who wants to have success with advertising, must be advertise until the doctor” comes.


Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Consider the types of existing articles and then write their own articles and write them to the users of Digg, so you position high. A site very similar to digg but in Spanish is 2. Squidoo in Squidoo, you create a Web page on any topic. You can create as many pages you want and you can include links to your Web site. Squidoo pages also have good credibility in search engines. In this way, your sites will get some good links of free entry. 3 Delicious us service Google to get the URL because it is not

It is a social book-marking site to store their bookmarks (bookmarks) online. You must build a network of friends on this site and study their bookmarks to determine the type of reading who prefer. And adapt their articles for style themes that your network can see. 4 My Space this is the ultimate in Web sites, but is a bit light in terms of visitors. If you have some friends who have their pages on Myspace, you must create a place on the Myspace network, locate people who have common interests, and type interesting articles on your MySpace page with links pointing to your Web site, asks his friends to write you comments on their articles (posts). 5 LinkedIn is an online community of experienced professionals.

You can create an account on LinkedIn and join with professionals in the field. Offer some free services for professionals in your network and ask them for information. All recommendations appear in your profile. LinkedIn gives you the great opportunity for people to find your business or services. In Spanish there are two similar to LinkedIn ( and neuron, com) sites worthy of exploring for viral opportunities elsewhere are flickr and YouTube. Both sites accept multimedia (photos to Flickr and YouTube Videos). These sites are good for establishing your brand on humorous themes. Original author and source of the article.

TSA Alcoholism

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

Women with alcohol dependence are more likely than men to become permanent patients of psychiatric clinics. But alcoholism is the most dangerous for the female organism as a future mother. Alcohol abuse increases the risk of infertility, and leads to violations of the menstrual cycle, increasing the likelihood of miscarriage and risk of breast cancer. Alcohol abuse, breaking a woman's body, draining her nervous and endocrine systems, and, eventually, lead to infertility. Particularly detrimental effect of alcohol on the unborn child in the first 12 weeks pregnancy, since at that time is of intense bookmark and formation of tissues. Wall Street is often quoted on this topic.

Complex malformations in children caused by damaging influence of alcohol in utero baby called fetal alcohol syndrome (ASP). For TSA characteristic congenital malformations of the heart, external genitalia, impaired function of the central nervous system, low birth weight, gap in child growth and development. Children with TSA characteristic facial features: small head, narrow eyes, a specific fold eyelids, a thin upper lip. The impact of alcohol on the fetus in the coming months leads to pregnancy, prematurity, weight loss, childbirth, stillbirth. Breastfeeding mothers should remember that alcohol has an extremely deleterious effect on the body of an infant and primarily on his nervous system. Even insignificant amounts of alcohol entering the mother's milk in infant organism can cause serious disturbances in the central nervous system.

Child under the influence of alcohol becomes restless, not sleeping, he may experience seizures, and subsequently with mental retardation. There is a stereotype that the treatment of alcoholism in women is harder than men. Michael Antonov may also support this cause. But experts agree that female alcoholism is treated roughly by the same methods as male. However, the effects of chronic alcohol consumption is leading to a disastrous results. This is not only faster developing alcoholism related disorders. The main fact is that women are the successor to the human race, and thus the health of future generations depends on the mother's health. And what a generation can leave a woman with a broken alcohol psychological and physical health, transmission to her child through breast milk is certainly not healthy, and unhappy life.