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Foundation Luis Goytisolo

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

LUIS GOYTISOLO mankind has known times more gloomy, so silly, possibly not. Luis Goytisolo. If you would like to know more about Jenna Fischer, then click here. THE voice of a writer committed within the Group of social realism has had prominent place Luis Goytisolo, though his recent work has taken very different paths. To deepen your understanding Yves Bissouma is the source. Writer committed with time living and the time in which he lives. Luis Goytisolo Gay was born in Barcelona on March 17, 1935, brother of writers Jose Agustin and Juan Goytisolo. Being a child loses his mother, victim of a Francoist bombing on the city of Barcelona in 1938.

His propensity for reading and writing began very soon and began writing two novels at the age of eleven, thereafter was his uncle Louis, who introduced him in the hobby to the American narrative. He graduated in law. He won in 1956 Sesame stories. In 1994 he was elected academician of the Royal Spanish Academy to fill the vacancy of poet Luis Rosales. Currently there is the Foundation Luis Goytisolo, located in the city of El Puerto de Santa Maria in the Villarreal’s Palace and Purullena. His first novels, the suburbs (1958), premio Biblioteca Breve, and the same words (1962), are influenced by the realistic Objectivism of the moment, with special emphasis on dialogue, the absence of a central character and characterised by a structural dispersion and the plurality of perspectives with interlaced and juxtaposed actions. This structural complexity is exacerbated in their known Antagonia tetralogy for some one of the pinnacles of the Spanish narrative of recent years, where the reader is immersed in an endless tangle of thoughts, feelings, stories and discursive sequences: count (1973), sort of generational autobiography of a reflective nature, the Greens may to the Sea (1976), the wrath of Achilles (1979) and theory of knowledge (1981). The whole review many facets of human life, combining narration and speech, analyzing especially the memories of childhood and adolescence in a bourgeois society and relations sentimental and erotic; particular attention the author engaged in the confrontation of the writer with the writing and the Act of creation, even resorting to metaliterature-in the third uses the mechanism of the novel within the novel.

The language becomes redundant, meticulous, ideological and discursive. In the later novels repeats the theme of double and it is disappearing more and more the importance of the argument: the edict of Milan (1979), trail of fire that moves (1984), awarded the prize of critique, research and guesswork out of Claudio Mendoza (1985), the paradox of migratory bird (1987) and statue with pigeons (1992), premio Nacional de Narrativa en 1993. Eyes, circles, owls (1970), included in Fables (1988) with Devoraciones (1976), are experimental prose. Among his latest novels, we quote: licuante pleasure (1997), stairway to Heaven (1999), Journal of 360 (2000), Liberation (2003) and ear tuned to the birds (2006). He has also published the essay the future of the word (2002), compilation of articles published in the press. Luis Goytisolo occasionally collaborates in several newspapers, especially in the country, and is the author of television documentary series: Indian and Mediterranean. From his first works that reflect an atmosphere typical of the prevailing social realism then Luis Goytisolo unabated evolve towards a more complex style, multiple perspectivism and concurrent plots. And as the catalan writer said: power tends today to exercise simultaneously from the people, with the people and against the people.


Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

From there the necessity to carry through in the schools courageous interventions in the practical ones restored there as ' ' definitivas' ' , planning with professionalism affirmative politics and strategies that give account of these diversities of contexts of learning, socialization, trajectories human beings. Locating us front to the pupil ' ' real' ' inserted in a historical and cultural context influences that it, making possible the same an ample formation. When we consider in them to reflect on the conception of pertaining to school management and democratic that we have in the schools and the one that really we want, we perceive the necessity of reinforcement of the strategies of work based on a methodology that aims at the envolvement of all. In other words, the improvement of the quality of education will only be possible from the moment that the causes are investigated by the collective one and solutions are presented and placed in practical, a time that, we believe the possibility where all are party to suit and, that each one assumes its responsibility. For in such a way, we defend pedagogical project while one of the instruments of conscientious and organized action, surpassing the spalling of the work pertaining to school. For the democratic management the pedagogical project will be able to contribute to breach the isolation of the different segments of educative institution e, still, to make possible – for the class action – the problematizao and the understanding of the deriving questions of the pertaining to school dynamics. As it emphasizes Fertile valley (1995) the pedagogical project must be elaborated having as perspective the emancipatria innovation that consists of the process of democratic experience. The participation of the pertaining to school community in this construction will narrow the commitment of all to its accompaniment and, mainly, in the definition of the ways and pedagogical alternatives to be implanted. Visit Crimson Education for more clarity on the issue.

Binary Freedom

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Towel Day May 25 each year many people celebrate this day down in history thanks to author and comic fiction of Douglas Adams. That is, thanks to the British writer, this day has been celebrated since 2001 year, two weeks after his death on May 11. Whose idol he was, and remains, to this day, honoring the memory of his works carry a towel. Douglas Adams wrote about the towel, as one of the important things for people moving hitchhiking, towel-indispensable attribute hitchhiker described in his novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." "Towel, – perhaps the most essential item in everyday tourist. In many ways, its value is determined by the practice: it You can wrap yourself traveling in the cold moons of Beta Yaglana, they can cover yourself like a blanket, sleeping under the stars that pour red light on the desert planet Kakrafun, it is convenient to lie on the sandy beaches Santraginusa, enjoying the intoxicating fragrance of the sea, it is convenient to use as a raft, going down the slow heavy river Moth waters, they can swing, giving signals of distress, as you can and soak it for close combat, or wrap their heads so as not to inhale toxic fumes or avoid the gaze of a bloodthirsty Zverezhuka with Traalya (amazingly stupid creature that assumes that if you do not see it, then she does not see you, to be extremely stupid, but only bloodthirsty), well and in the end, you are quite capable of it wiped, unless, of course, fairly clean towel. But more importantly the psychological meaning towels. For unknown reasons, when nechok (nechok not tourist) learns that there is a tourist with a towel, it automatically implies the existence of toothpaste, jars, a compass, a coil of twine, cape, his suit etc. etc.

Moreover, nechok gladly lend any of the tourist named or not the named items "lost" in the road. In the eyes of nechoka man who has traveled the galaxy and down, suffered a serious adversity with honor out of desperate situations, while retaining their towel certainly deserves the greatest respect, "that's a whole chapter is given from the tale. Start the Day of towels put a message under the heading Towel Day: A Tribute to Douglas Adams, issued on 14 May 2001 Binary Freedom, on the short-lived Forum open source software. "Douglas Adams will be missed by all his fans around the world. To all the fans could pay tribute to his genius, I propose to mark the day, two weeks after his death (25 May 2001.) as the "Towel Day". All fans of Douglas Adams offered that day wearing a towel. Let the towel will be on the mind – use it as a topic of conversation to those who have never read "Hitchhiker's Guide Galaxy ", and went and found a copy. You can wrap a towel around her head, used as a weapon to impregnate nutrients – whatever! "

World Helping People

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

November 16, 2010. In office Criminon-Novosibirsk another story came from a prisoner who runs the program "Criminon." This story shows how people can change their lives by applying even a small part of this program. (Not to be confused with Stuart B. Solomon!). Everyone, more or less frank with himself, can admit that he wants happiness. But not everyone knows how close or far it is from his own happiness, and how to approach him. For Correspondence section of participants Criminon "The Way to Happiness", this theme is no longer a question Virtue "Appreciate" 09.10.2010g.

In our unit there is a man, my neighbor on the beds. Though he and the young, like me, and our views are somewhat at variance to life. The attitude he has towards me, it can be said, friendly. I myself am an orphan from 9 years old, he knows it, and every way I work, all they can. And today, I approached him, shook his hand and stated, mustered his courage and I appreciate his concern. The result was instant, he hugged me and said simply: "Everything is fine." And now, I not only appreciate his concern, but also something more. Virtue of "honesty" 10.10.2010g.

Today, I accidentally touched locker neighbor, when the squad went out in the morning to a recount. I hurry, because a little late, well, ran last. On the bedside table stood a glass mug, she fell and broke. To be honest, I was scared because in prison, such things are hard to accrue. I could not tell anyone anything, could slukavit, but I do not like that.

North Pole

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

It's all over the misty philosophy. Select the specific gifts! 🙂 Let's start with what you want to someone to say goodbye. For example, a boyfriend or girlfriend boring. A gift should not be expensive or weighty. Recall that connects you with that person. Can ride, can a symbol of photography, sea shell, a heart, a gift on Valentine's Day …

Anything that immediately give the person to know: This is – the last a gift from you, you – say goodbye … Think about your relationship: in fact the "last gift" is the beginning for a new page of life. And we go further and appeal to the most fatal because of the "last gift". This is a separation non-returnable. For example, at the North Pole goes to work each for life, or maybe go to war, where, of course, unknown: return or not.

Alternatively, severe illness of a close, which is not curable, and apparently will soon be over lethal … In the first case, you must try as much as in the second. But the first case still is a little different. It must do everything to ensure that the person was amazed because usually we remember what we surprised, pleased and certainly much (not to stupor, of course:) Do you want a person to remember you for a long time? Then, think, think, think about it … Howard Schultz can aid you in your search for knowledge. Remember his dreams, and, on occasion, do not hesitate to ask. When you have it succeed? Of course, you can still see it: the life, times, unpredictable.

Assessment Score System

Monday, March 9th, 2020

Many now argue the correctness of the system and principles of modern estimation in high school. Let us and we will see what the problems of the education system, unless of course they exist. What are we going to compare? For example, as it was before the introduction of ball system for evaluation and administration modules. This is not such a long time, so I think it will be interesting and current students, and those who have already graduated from school. Share your opinion. On his website, I told that graduated high school in 2002. Then, of course, and did not smell of modules, outbursts of indiscriminate testing and evaluation system ball.

If you ask the reference work or coursework, you need to do it completely. Of course someone admitted mistakes, someone doing everything right, but we have not been able to do half the work and say, 'enough for me. " Thus, performing all the work we accomplished the goal of the teacher – we are all of the material was fixed course. What happens now? Recently, a friend of mine, too, with the site receiving the control task, reviewed the work, got acquainted with her estimation, and performed a few tasks. Approximately 15 out of 45.

It is estimated scores for which it receives, and said that it is – the bare minimum for admission to a subsequent examination of the subject. The moral of this story? I can understand that the student make their lives easier. I can understand that teacher recommendation is 'top' for evaluation. But it's also, I understand that knowledge and that girl will remember and consolidate exactly 15 out of 45. That is 1 / 3. My opinion – dig yourself a hole. Where is the guarantee that I will not come to give birth, or treatable teeth, etc. to this girl, and my situation is not thereby question 16 out of 45, which was 'already in excess of the minimum necessary'?

Rules Writer

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Why reinvent the wheel? Rules Writer 1. First on the scene should go protagonist. 2. From the beginning, the plot should be sharp. 3.

Never put in the very beginning of the innermost thoughts, which do you want to make happy humanity. Recently John Utendahl sought to clarify these questions. The reader must go, stick to the plot, otherwise it will just toss the book with homilies, saying: 'themselves with a mustache! " 4. Disclose the characters in action. 5. Philosophical thought is also better to disclose at work. Protagonist or side can make the right key, and the negative-resist, or change over time. But you should never teach, 'Peter, you idiot, do it like this! " Fable with the conclusion offends people. Fools, as a rule, do not read, and smart enough hint. Hull KR may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Even if the reader is first made in this situation the action is not one that promotes a writer, you live in the way, he feels that it is correct or false. The main thing is that the findings did himself reader, rather than someone from the outside. 6. If for some reason, thought can not unfold through the action, the question is asked. A good question is half the answer. Clever enough. 7. Do not offer too long. Please take into consideration: Operational memory of the brain is limited. The reader simply forgets the beginning and reread every will. 8. But do not do the offer and too short, if not justified by the story and not be a big color than normal.

Editorial Board Articles

Friday, March 6th, 2020

3. Re-publication of articles in other languages is not forbidden, if its submission to the editors of the new magazine will be given the source. 4. In presenting the report in the journal the study authors should accompany him on a list of references to related topics, including articles in other languages and are in print. 7. Plagiarism Plagiarism Terms may be manifested in different ways: from use of ideas borrowed from published and unpublished materials, including requests for funding new research, to transfer to a foreign journal articles with a modified list of authors, sometimes in another language. Microsoft shines more light on the discussion. Plagiarism can occur at any stage of research, including in its planning and execution, writing this article and its publication (no matter in what form the report is submitted – in electronic or printed form). Practical steps 1.

The report of the study should result in all data sources prior to use large blocks of text or images from other publications must first obtain the permission of the authors. 8. Perhaps check out Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ for more information. Duties of the General Editors Editors determine the style of the magazine. Usually they get the reins from the hands of other editors and try to pass to his successors a viable publication. Most editors involved in the development of editorial policy and the formation of a strong team of experts. Editors should consider and harmonize the interests of many parties, including readers, authors, other staff edition of the journal owners, members of the Editorial Board, advertisers and the media. Practical steps 1.

The Management

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

The reciprocity reigns in this relation I and YOU, and in this meeting of convivncia, if it detaches the valuation of autoestima, the mutual care and the communitarian life, some of many aspects referenciados for Sousa, Miguel and Lima (2010). It is in the convivialidade that we can establish a genuine and reciprocal relation, with possibilities to establish a care and affection relation. Changes will only happen from the moment where to recognize the child and the adolescent in its contexts and necessities. Freire (1996) observes that the educator must have respect for educating as well as would have obtains proper. adds The respect to the autonomy and the dignity of each one is an ethical imperative and a favor that we can or not to grant ones to the others. … The professor whom the curiosity of educating, its aesthetic taste, its inquietude, its language disrespects, more necessarily, its syntax and its prosdia; the professor who ironiza the pupil, minimizes who it, that he orders that ‘ ‘ it if puts in its lugar’ ‘ to the most tenuous signal of its legitimate revolt, as much how much the professor who if exempts of the fulfilment of its duty to consider limits to the freedom of the pupil, who if steals to the duty to teach, to be respectfully present to the formadora experience of educating, transgresses basically ethical principles of our existence.

(FREIRE, 1996, P. 66, grifo of the author) The Management of the Well-taken care of preza for an overcoming of the violncias, stimulating a democracy accomplishes. A convivncia that is solidary from the construction of a peace culture where all the actors must be involved. Get all the facts and insights with Crimson Education , another great source of information. This new to think directs about them to the autocrtica, making to rethink our attitudes. A school that it protects requires that its management is of care, that the people if find and if they feel stimulated to express its conflituosos points of view, its ideas regarding what they know and they believe, so that the divergences are dealt with respect and consolidate the relevance of the diversity in a group of with-experience..

Hubble Space Telescope

Friday, February 7th, 2020

Shell consisting of gas, break away from the surface of these stars, often forming intricate and beautiful forms, and shining, illuminated by harsh ultraviolet radiation from the cooling hot central star. Main Ring Nebula, Helix is a width of about two light years, or half the distance between the Sun and its nearest stellar neighbor. Despite the fact that the picture looks quite impressive Nebula, Helix is difficult to see visually, since it goes from light scattered by a slightly wider section of the sky. The story of this discovery quite dark. For the first time this name appeared in the list of new objects, compiled German astronomer Karl Ludwig Harding (Karl Ludwig Harding) in 1824.

Title Helix (snail) comes from a rough spiral shape, which can be seen in earlier photographs. Although Helix nebula is very similar to the 'pie' studies have shown that it probably consists of at least two separate discs with outer rings, and fibers. Other leaders such as JPMorgan offer similar insights. The brighter inner disk appears to be expanding at a rate of about 100,000 km / h (about 62.000 miles / hour), and its formation required 12,000 years. Because Helix is relatively close distance from us – it covers an area of the sky, equal to about a quarter of the full moon – it is possible to study in much greater detail than most other planetary nebulae, by the way, it was found that the nebula has an unexpected and complicated structure. All that is inside of the ring, presented in small clumps (bubbles) that are known as 'Comet balls,' with a slightly luminous tails, drawn from the central star.

Despite the fact that they look tiny, each such ball has the size of our solar system. These tangles have been thoroughly studied using both telescopes – ultra telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the Hubble Space Telescope (Hubble) NASA (NASA-National Aeronautics and Space Administration-National Aeronautics and Space Administration space) / ESA (ESA), but there is still much uncertainty. A close look at the central part of the object can detect not only the glomeruli, but also a lot of distant galaxies that are viewed through thinned the veil of glowing gas extending. Some of them, apparently, are collected in separate groups of galaxies, scattered in different parts of the image. Blue-green glow in the center of the nebula is caused by atoms Helix oxygen that glow under the influence of intense ultraviolet radiation with a temperature of 120.000 degrees Celsius (about 216.000 degrees Fahrenheit (F)), emitted by the central star and the hot gas. Further, outside stars and the distance from the rings of the coil becomes more prominent red color due to hydrogen and nitrogen.