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Monday, November 11th, 2019

In this context, the culture is had as science: to have culture is to have knowledge and to have knowledge is to have capacity of to take care of to the material and individualistic production. This model of school, technical established in the conception of natural sciences, finished safeguarding for ones few the domain of science and the technology and, consequently, thus obeying, to a conception of professionalization it education. On this subject, express Rasp (1974, p.75), referring it education in Brazil in the pombalina age: ' ' (…) in first the 250 years of the history of the country, our pertaining to school system was constituted of seminaries, what it does not leave of being an education, rigorously, professional, although this type of education today to be called ' ' humanistic ' '. These ' ' colgios' ' they can be considered an elementary type of professional superior education (formation of priests and bureaucrats), what it confirms the teses: ) the modern pertaining to school systems are initiated for superior education, b) superior education were always a professional education, c) what it is called, today, of ' ' humanismo' ' , it was simply. The primitive form of profissionalizao' '. It is noticed that education in Brazil in the pombalina age if articulated in the direction of estratificar the conception of education and, therefore, the function of the educator by means of the privation knowing constituted of them of this educator, interposing itself it enters the speech of the professor and of the pupil for one it says technique and specialized and reducing the context of the classroom to a circulation context to know that few directions and few purposes printed the relation teach/learning. Ahead of this professional model, Contreras says (1997, P. 64): ' ' There basic Idea del model of racionalidad technique you are that there practical profesial consists en there solucin of problems by means of there aplicacin of un conocimiento theoretician y technician, previously disponible, that investigacin proceeds woollen scientific.

Optical Wholesalers

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

Techniques used by a laboratory to manufacture and then inspect the lenses that make are a significant factor that defines whether the wholesale 0pticas should work with them or not. The way that is drilled a pair of eyeglasses frame and then mounts when you are going through the process of manufacturing has much to do with the final result. It is a factor that is associated with the time taken to make the frames as well as the cost of materials, and, above all, the quality of the same glasses for the patient or the respective patient (a). Find a competent, effective and reliable cost of an optical laboratory of selling to the wholesale is something that should be a priority for all independent of vision care providers. These laboratories offer many advantages to the optical that could not be obtained anywhere else. If you are looking for an affordable price as well as top quality products that benefit the eyes of their patients, as well as extras interesting like articles support and the ability to order online, by phone (e) even by fax, a good wholesalers Optics is what you need for your business. What is the difference between an optical wholesalers and another? The secret lies in the quality of its manufacture of lenses. A company that really knows what optics and glass work can provide great optical products to your business. Contact lenses are not all equal. There can be a big difference in quality between the products of one company to another. What is exactly what makes a contact lens is good? Firstly, that is permeable to oxygen. The eyes need oxygen. Therefore, providers must tell customers that must carry their lenses only 10 hours a day maximum. This is also the reason by which contact lenses have to be replaced so quickly. Without adequate oxygen, the eyes appear irritated and may develop bacterial infections. In the long term, the lack of oxygen can permanently damage the eyes. Last in the manufacture of contact lenses is the hydroelectric Silicon gel. This material offers six times permeability to oxygen, making them safer and more durable. Hydraulic silica gel and other new materials as the senofilcon allow that lenses can be used the hours that the user is awake. Reference: Want to know what sunglasses this summer on EF and EF-S of Canon Alberto Claveria saddles

Curve Pandora

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

And what is most offensive – the most, it would seem the height of happiness. ‘Beginners luck’ – you think, achieving the first vertex in the new case. And – again! Yam! Dirty, deep and humiliating. The first desire – to give up. But, in light of the above formula, you will never achieve success without having met with failure.

Because they – 2 sides of the same. Do not mistake the one who does nothing. And this not simply folk wisdom or ‘positive thinking’. This is – the law of learning. And from him going anywhere. This psychological law has been named ‘Pandora’s Curve’ (accent on first syllable) in honor of its discoverer Professor Ogendfordskogo University, Albert Bandura. Through research, he found a definite connection between our beliefs and the actual execution of specific actions. Skills development always occurs in 4 stages (see below Illustration of ‘Pandora’s Curve’) curve Pandora – Step 1.

‘Luck is a beginner. ” At this stage, people start a new business, ready to ‘move mountains’ and tend to overestimate their abilities, about which said curve expectations, rising above the curve Reality. This causes the body to mobilize the enthusiasm of hidden reserves, the man is doing more, higher and stronger. Hence – a good result. Curves rapidly and almost simultaneously go up. But here comes Curve Pandora – Step 2. ‘Limit’. Namely – the rookie comes to the limit of their capabilities and abilities to date. Indicators are no longer growing, but reality slowly begins to diverge from expectations, as seen in curve. At this stage, one enthusiastic enough. Extensive growth is time-intensive to replace. If a person does not understand this, we will inevitably come a new phase. Curve Pandora – Step 3. ‘Crisis’. Occurs all the fall performance, and along with them – and rose-colored glasses with the nose:). Frustration and stress. The man has really appreciated what it takes and the curve becomes flat Expectations (define bar), reality is dramatically decreasing. And now here comes the branching scenarios, which depends on the behavior of the person. Curve Pandora – Stage 4-A. ‘Success’ (black lines). This option is only possible, if people do not give up. But this is not enough. Must also soberly assess the situation and draw conclusions. In the terminology of lr Hubbard’s man in a state of danger. In this case, you must perform two actions: a) stop doing those wrong things that you really do, and b) start doing something else that will help you. In this case, you need to stop spoiling their works and to begin to learn. Acquire new skills, improve skills and find new strategies. Nova stage begins. But people are already prepared and knows what to do. Curve Pandora – Step 4-b. ‘Failure’ (red lines). People amenable to persuasion and weakness ‘well wishers’ and throws the job. The only thing that affects the distribution of scenarios – the belief in yourself and devotion case. The article turned out great. So what conclusions I will write tomorrow. Try to keep track of their versions of success and failure.

IT University

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

The company's team supremum heartily wish you a happy 2010! We wish you brilliant ideas, successful projects, unlimited opportunities for business and personal happiness! You will be able to advance in the field IT for effective business management in projects to business education (MBI) or "point" of master classes in the "living consulting" IT University course: 1. MBI – A new program class MBA with a 'Information Management' – higher education for IT managers. Program is full of specialized MBA program, class, designed to develop competencies in the field of corporate manager information and computer technologies (ICT), the highest qualification (CIO) in accordance with international and domestic standards. More information on the site. Start the first group of 2010 is planned for February. In group 5 seats vacant – Take part in a unique educational project! January 28 we invite you to the presentation of the program MBI, which will be held at the University of Economics and Law "CROC" at: ul. Camp 30-32. 2.

IT University – Training set of master classes covering the subject areas required for effective implementation of the project to create an effective enterprise management information system (MIS) managers. Read more at Online: The basic idea of the project 'IT University' – master-classes in the "living consulting", in which are processed in real work examples corporate customers. Subject Course IT University at the moment covers: Managing IT projects. Features and practice of project management of MIS. Communication Strategy and Development and MIS strategy for the company. Selection, analysis of development options MIS.

Assessing the current state of use of IT. Preparation for the development of MIS. The choice of software. Business modeling. Building a business model is dynamically developing company. Modern concepts of management production company. The use of MRP II, ERP in conditions of Ukraine. Key figures in standardized (QMS, EMS, SMOT) and non-standardized management systems. Sales planning and operations (Executive Sales & Operations Planning) as the main tool for the efficient functioning ERP-systems. Problems of standardization of project activities in the IT field. Review standards. Identification and analysis of business problems (diagnosis). We are willing to adapt any workshop to your needs or develop for you individual course! Tel. (044) 222-68-56 mob. (050) 330-23-11

Average Month

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Mance one course in this program, you will remember the 25,000 words, phrases and expressions. In this case, remember not only the correct spelling, but pronunciation. Especially effective is the application of this program when you need to quickly learn completely unfamiliar language. For example, a month later you have to visit a foreign country. Yes, exactly a month! If you're in for a month will be given daily exercises forty-five minutes, then at the end of the course you will be able to communicate freely and write a foreign language.

After 25,000 words – it's more than enough to communicate fluently in any language. For example, according to statistics, the average Englishman in everyday uses only 17 thousand words. Therefore, you can easily watch TV read newspapers, books, talk to you just unlearned foreign language. When using the 25-th frame absorption occurs at a subconscious level, so it saves is fundamental, long time. Practice shows that learning a foreign language with 25-Gogh shot is very effective at relatively low cost. This can be seen if we compare the knowledge of two people.

At the same time one person attended a foreign training, and the other studied independently by the method of 25-th frame. And that is? The vast majority of people, studying independently by the method of 25-th frame is much better possession language than the one who taught his courses with foreign language teachers. This is because to find a really high-quality professional courses is very difficult. And these courses will be extremely expensive. Using the technique of 25-frame you are guaranteed to know a foreign language. What has this electronic tutorial you will always have at hand and deal with you at a convenient time for you. And if before that you have had the sad experience of mastering a foreign language, a technique using a 25-second shot will help you in this case. This method of training ensures that you learn a language which to learn. Master – it means that you will be able to communicate with supports this language, read it newspapers, books, watch television, etc. And once again remind you. Forty-five minutes a day for a month, and you master the language unfamiliar to you! And this is with a small financial cost!


Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

You tell me that this is a very highly specialized words. Well, firstly, shtudiruya certificate Photoshop in the English language, you learn a lot and ordinary words. And secondly, what's stopping you put even some software and learn it too. In addition, you have the Internet! Locate in its extensive network of Anglophone sites topics of interest to you. And study them! You will improve your knowledge and you are interested in topics and in English. When you feel that language is a bit mastered, go to the English-language chat rooms, which, incidentally, may well be on those sites that you have studied. And start communicating. Believe me, a very good school for learning the language! Besides, talking on chat rooms, you can find there new friends.

And then communicate with them not only in chat rooms, but also through correspondence. Modern advances in technology allows you to communicate with native speakers directly, not only through correspondence, but also in, for example, using the same program. And this is a help to improve their pronunciation. Such a study of the language will not be a burden to you, and will be fun and interesting, which is an important factor in successful language learning. In parallel, you can place on your computer specialized programs for teaching foreign language (English). For example, the training program with the help of the twenty-fifth frame. Then, the English language from different angles, you are probably quite quickly substantially advance in its study.

The proposed method of teaching a foreign language has many advantages compared with others. First, you choose what to teach and when to teach themselves, adjusting to their own needs and schedule. Secondly, this method of studying a foreign language will essentially save your finances. Third, in addition to mastering a foreign language, you can learn a few useful programs acquire new and most importantly, the necessary knowledge for you, and besides it has and make new friends in different countries.