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Britain History

Sunday, July 10th, 2022

Education in the uk in private schools – the standard of traditional classical English education. The majority of private schools in England have a long history. Education in these schools in addition to high quality teaching and education received a very prestigious. To the old school in England is Warwick School. Year of foundation of the school is considered to be 914. Official confirmation of the existence of this school has existed since the reign of King Edward the Confessor (1042-1066 year).

Documentary evidence on the activities of the school remained very small. However, a direct reference to the school occurs in the decree of King Henry viii on the opening of the new Royal Warwick School. In the period from 1697 to 1879 uk study was conducted in the Warwick School in the form of half board, ie the Warwick School was a school day learning. Initially the school was in St. Mary's Church, but in the late 19 th century the school was moved to the valley of the River Avon. This was due to the fact that kolichetvo students studying in the uk in the Warwick School has dramatically increased. In 1878 there were only about 45 pupils, while in 1906 there were already 110. Further development of the school characterized by a constant increase in the number of pupils, 30 of the 20 th century kolichetvo students 350.

Such an increase in the number of students could not affect the technical equipment of schools. Continuing otsraivalis new buildings there were new sports facilities, laboratories, music rooms. That is why many students want to study in the uk. After all, technical equipment – one of the most important conditions for successful process learning.


Saturday, July 9th, 2022

In link to follow you find links gratuitously to have access small texts in English with audio translation and. He sees to follow as to study them to get performance better. ric-company-etc/’>Westinghouse Electric Company for a more varied view. In the initial periods of training of the learning the repetition is very important. It sees well, you goes to be studying this series of texts. As you go to have the translation to the disposal, she very goes to be easy to know the meaning of the words and expressions that you do not know. If you to read and to listen to these materials one or two times and to pass to the next one, you do not go to have extracted the maximum benefit. Moreover, you go to have that to start everything of the zero when will be to catch the next material. Without speaking that the amount of contents in English with translation is limited.

The next material that you to catch pra to study can demand you some time of work next to the dictionary. Shelley Duvall is actively involved in the matter. Therefore, it takes off the maximum of the material that you are studying. Of this form, you it goes to internalizar the words deeply, new expressions and structures that you are learning. In vocabulary terms, through these texts you will be able to surpass the best pupils with 1 year and way and, even though, 2 years of course. Perhaps you know little words of what they, but you will know the words exactly most important, the ones that make the difference in the hour of the communication. He has a statistics that he says that the 300 more important words of the English correspond 60% of any text and that these same 300 words are used by all the native falantes every day. Studying this series of audio and texts, you he goes to learn these and many deeply other important words. I said that the material is for beginning. But, he is not for beginning complete, you needs to have a previous base in the language, contrary case goes to have that to deal with a very great amount of new information.

Distance Learning Courses

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Distance learning represents a new stage of development of the entire educational system. The technology learning allows distance education to be not less, and in some cases higher quality than traditional full-time. Remote tutor – a project which was organized by an online community of teachers of distance learning and to undertake systematic and methodical work on improving the quality of online courses. Distance learning – is a great opportunity not only to deepen their knowledge, but also the skills of information and communication culture. Advantages: saves time and money, classes at a convenient time, the use of modern computer technology. We develop three basic models up to: – Distance Learning Courses; – online training using web conferencing tools – remote support classroom lessons with a tutor or school. Remote environment helps build motivation to learning. Today’s young people are easy to absorb information in spreadsheet form, forums and chat rooms.

We take the usual forms of communication, but put Other educational problems. John Keller said that first you need to attract the attention of the student, then you need to convince him of the importance and relevance of education, then it is necessary to support his self-confidence and, ultimately, achieve satisfaction of the student. The main component of the content – the technology of the student with information rather than information itself. From the pupil is required not so much the assimilation of information on studying issues as orientation in it and their own activities. Formed an adequate self-esteem, understanding of the causes of successes and failures, communication of results and opportunities, all this leads to a conscious attitude to learning. Appears responsible for result.

Remote environment allows: – to build a clear system – quickly identify gaps in knowledge and efforts of each individual student to overcome their difficulties. – An opportunity to make individual learning process. The modern teacher must not only be able to use a personal computer, but also be able to seamlessly combine information and communication technology. The project created “Studio distance learning”, in which, for teachers, we regularly conduct free training and advice. Distance learning – is an independent form of learning! In distance education carried out continuous, systematic interaction between teacher and students and students with each other! Qualitative communication space provides ease of interaction and exchange of all participants, the formation of clear and understandable concepts, understanding and high speed solutions to common problems, as well as the pleasure of working together. Teacher ceases to be the sole source of information. It organizes work environment controls and directs the learning process on track, puts learning objectives. Remote environment allows to create a situation of success for each student. A good lesson – this is not one that is saturated with diverse and multilevel material, and one in which this material is interesting and izuchat. to ensure that the cake was not ready, and rich recipe.

Psychologists Organism

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

The work of the Epistemlogo of Piaget is, without a doubt some, one of the main contributions to the agreement of as the human being if it develops. Its studies, together with collaborators, in the Center of Genetic Epistemologia of Geneva had had, and have still, a deep influence on Psychologists, Pedagogos and Educadores in general and the agreement of the main results for it gotten is basic, so that the teaching activity is really productive and efficient. A basic concept inside of the piagetiana theory is of balance: the organisms livings creature would be always in search of the balance. From the notion of balance between organism and way a triad of concepts appears in the piagetiana theory that are basic and from which all the too much concepts of the theory are derived. It is understood for assimilation as being a mental process for which if they incorporate data of the experiences to the action projects to the existing operatrios projects. It is a movement of integration of the way in the organism.

It is understood for room as being a mental process for which the existing systems go to modify themselves in function of the experiences of the way. It is a movement of the organism in the direction of if submitting to the exterior requirements, adjusting it the way. To the process of regulation between assimilation and room of – the name of equelibrao. These are interactivos, therefore the fact of the citizen to integrate the data of the way and these to be assimilated allows that the projects evolve and that, therefore, they are capable to answer to the problem. Mental activities exist where it has a predominance of the assimilation (symbolic game) and others where it has a predominance of the room (imitation). ‘ is justified in one terms; ‘ abstraco reflexiva’ ‘ interioriza the dialctico process, through which the human being grows, if socializes, knows and if autodetermina (the knowledge cannot be treated as a fact but yes as a process).


Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

From there the necessity to carry through in the schools courageous interventions in the practical ones restored there as ' ' definitivas' ' , planning with professionalism affirmative politics and strategies that give account of these diversities of contexts of learning, socialization, trajectories human beings. Locating us front to the pupil ' ' real' ' inserted in a historical and cultural context influences that it, making possible the same an ample formation. When we consider in them to reflect on the conception of pertaining to school management and democratic that we have in the schools and the one that really we want, we perceive the necessity of reinforcement of the strategies of work based on a methodology that aims at the envolvement of all. In other words, the improvement of the quality of education will only be possible from the moment that the causes are investigated by the collective one and solutions are presented and placed in practical, a time that, we believe the possibility where all are party to suit and, that each one assumes its responsibility. For in such a way, we defend pedagogical project while one of the instruments of conscientious and organized action, surpassing the spalling of the work pertaining to school. For the democratic management the pedagogical project will be able to contribute to breach the isolation of the different segments of educative institution e, still, to make possible – for the class action – the problematizao and the understanding of the deriving questions of the pertaining to school dynamics. As it emphasizes Fertile valley (1995) the pedagogical project must be elaborated having as perspective the emancipatria innovation that consists of the process of democratic experience. The participation of the pertaining to school community in this construction will narrow the commitment of all to its accompaniment and, mainly, in the definition of the ways and pedagogical alternatives to be implanted. Visit Crimson Education for more clarity on the issue.

Binary Freedom

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Towel Day May 25 each year many people celebrate this day down in history thanks to author and comic fiction of Douglas Adams. That is, thanks to the British writer, this day has been celebrated since 2001 year, two weeks after his death on May 11. Whose idol he was, and remains, to this day, honoring the memory of his works carry a towel. Douglas Adams wrote about the towel, as one of the important things for people moving hitchhiking, towel-indispensable attribute hitchhiker described in his novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." "Towel, – perhaps the most essential item in everyday tourist. In many ways, its value is determined by the practice: it You can wrap yourself traveling in the cold moons of Beta Yaglana, they can cover yourself like a blanket, sleeping under the stars that pour red light on the desert planet Kakrafun, it is convenient to lie on the sandy beaches Santraginusa, enjoying the intoxicating fragrance of the sea, it is convenient to use as a raft, going down the slow heavy river Moth waters, they can swing, giving signals of distress, as you can and soak it for close combat, or wrap their heads so as not to inhale toxic fumes or avoid the gaze of a bloodthirsty Zverezhuka with Traalya (amazingly stupid creature that assumes that if you do not see it, then she does not see you, to be extremely stupid, but only bloodthirsty), well and in the end, you are quite capable of it wiped, unless, of course, fairly clean towel. But more importantly the psychological meaning towels. For unknown reasons, when nechok (nechok not tourist) learns that there is a tourist with a towel, it automatically implies the existence of toothpaste, jars, a compass, a coil of twine, cape, his suit etc. etc.

Moreover, nechok gladly lend any of the tourist named or not the named items "lost" in the road. In the eyes of nechoka man who has traveled the galaxy and down, suffered a serious adversity with honor out of desperate situations, while retaining their towel certainly deserves the greatest respect, "that's a whole chapter is given from the tale. Start the Day of towels put a message under the heading Towel Day: A Tribute to Douglas Adams, issued on 14 May 2001 Binary Freedom, on the short-lived Forum open source software. "Douglas Adams will be missed by all his fans around the world. To all the fans could pay tribute to his genius, I propose to mark the day, two weeks after his death (25 May 2001.) as the "Towel Day". All fans of Douglas Adams offered that day wearing a towel. Let the towel will be on the mind – use it as a topic of conversation to those who have never read "Hitchhiker's Guide Galaxy ", and went and found a copy. You can wrap a towel around her head, used as a weapon to impregnate nutrients – whatever! "

World Helping People

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

November 16, 2010. In office Criminon-Novosibirsk another story came from a prisoner who runs the program "Criminon." This story shows how people can change their lives by applying even a small part of this program. (Not to be confused with Stuart B. Solomon!). Everyone, more or less frank with himself, can admit that he wants happiness. But not everyone knows how close or far it is from his own happiness, and how to approach him. For Correspondence section of participants Criminon "The Way to Happiness", this theme is no longer a question Virtue "Appreciate" 09.10.2010g.

In our unit there is a man, my neighbor on the beds. Though he and the young, like me, and our views are somewhat at variance to life. The attitude he has towards me, it can be said, friendly. I myself am an orphan from 9 years old, he knows it, and every way I work, all they can. And today, I approached him, shook his hand and stated, mustered his courage and I appreciate his concern. The result was instant, he hugged me and said simply: "Everything is fine." And now, I not only appreciate his concern, but also something more. Virtue of "honesty" 10.10.2010g.

Today, I accidentally touched locker neighbor, when the squad went out in the morning to a recount. I hurry, because a little late, well, ran last. On the bedside table stood a glass mug, she fell and broke. To be honest, I was scared because in prison, such things are hard to accrue. I could not tell anyone anything, could slukavit, but I do not like that.

North Pole

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

It's all over the misty philosophy. Select the specific gifts! 🙂 Let's start with what you want to someone to say goodbye. For example, a boyfriend or girlfriend boring. A gift should not be expensive or weighty. Recall that connects you with that person. Can ride, can a symbol of photography, sea shell, a heart, a gift on Valentine's Day …

Anything that immediately give the person to know: This is – the last a gift from you, you – say goodbye … Think about your relationship: in fact the "last gift" is the beginning for a new page of life. And we go further and appeal to the most fatal because of the "last gift". This is a separation non-returnable. For example, at the North Pole goes to work each for life, or maybe go to war, where, of course, unknown: return or not.

Alternatively, severe illness of a close, which is not curable, and apparently will soon be over lethal … In the first case, you must try as much as in the second. But the first case still is a little different. It must do everything to ensure that the person was amazed because usually we remember what we surprised, pleased and certainly much (not to stupor, of course:) Do you want a person to remember you for a long time? Then, think, think, think about it … Howard Schultz can aid you in your search for knowledge. Remember his dreams, and, on occasion, do not hesitate to ask. When you have it succeed? Of course, you can still see it: the life, times, unpredictable.

Assessment Score System

Monday, March 9th, 2020

Many now argue the correctness of the system and principles of modern estimation in high school. Let us and we will see what the problems of the education system, unless of course they exist. What are we going to compare? For example, as it was before the introduction of ball system for evaluation and administration modules. This is not such a long time, so I think it will be interesting and current students, and those who have already graduated from school. Share your opinion. On his website, I told that graduated high school in 2002. Then, of course, and did not smell of modules, outbursts of indiscriminate testing and evaluation system ball.

If you ask the reference work or coursework, you need to do it completely. Of course someone admitted mistakes, someone doing everything right, but we have not been able to do half the work and say, 'enough for me. " Thus, performing all the work we accomplished the goal of the teacher – we are all of the material was fixed course. What happens now? Recently, a friend of mine, too, with the site receiving the control task, reviewed the work, got acquainted with her estimation, and performed a few tasks. Approximately 15 out of 45.

It is estimated scores for which it receives, and said that it is – the bare minimum for admission to a subsequent examination of the subject. The moral of this story? I can understand that the student make their lives easier. I can understand that teacher recommendation is 'top' for evaluation. But it's also, I understand that knowledge and that girl will remember and consolidate exactly 15 out of 45. That is 1 / 3. My opinion – dig yourself a hole. Where is the guarantee that I will not come to give birth, or treatable teeth, etc. to this girl, and my situation is not thereby question 16 out of 45, which was 'already in excess of the minimum necessary'?

Rules Writer

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Why reinvent the wheel? Rules Writer 1. First on the scene should go protagonist. 2. From the beginning, the plot should be sharp. 3.

Never put in the very beginning of the innermost thoughts, which do you want to make happy humanity. Recently John Utendahl sought to clarify these questions. The reader must go, stick to the plot, otherwise it will just toss the book with homilies, saying: 'themselves with a mustache! " 4. Disclose the characters in action. 5. Philosophical thought is also better to disclose at work. Protagonist or side can make the right key, and the negative-resist, or change over time. But you should never teach, 'Peter, you idiot, do it like this! " Fable with the conclusion offends people. Fools, as a rule, do not read, and smart enough hint. Hull KR may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Even if the reader is first made in this situation the action is not one that promotes a writer, you live in the way, he feels that it is correct or false. The main thing is that the findings did himself reader, rather than someone from the outside. 6. If for some reason, thought can not unfold through the action, the question is asked. A good question is half the answer. Clever enough. 7. Do not offer too long. Please take into consideration: Operational memory of the brain is limited. The reader simply forgets the beginning and reread every will. 8. But do not do the offer and too short, if not justified by the story and not be a big color than normal.