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Vision Goals

Friday, May 29th, 2015

We are so customary to listen that we must obtain a vision and determine goals for our personal life, for our business, company, work in equipment, our hobby or even deports. I want today it to defy to consider goals in an area that is of extreme importance, but always is to the forgetfulness at the time of planning and determining goals: its familiar project. Perhaps you will say: " Why? , my family is well! " Perhaps already one gets tired with the pure idea to have to develop a project more. For more information see Ben Horowitz. Total, in the familiar life, way when walking becomes! It really thinks that its familiar life is so perfect that it cannot improve? And, at the end of its days, are not they those that they are going to be to his side? He will not want to know then with certainty that you did the best thing than could for each of them, beyond the material provision? Strangely, even in homes established, the familiar project is a unknown term. For that reason it is so important to establish a vision for the family. Our lives can be so busy, especially when we have small children in house.

Without giving us account, we can pass all the life occupied running from a place to another one. The problem is that, with as much activity, we can lose the course and we began to live the day to day, extinguishing fires as they happen, without having a course clearly. The time happens, the children grow, its work continues absorbing long time, until a day account occurs of which they will leave the home and it never made with them all the things that had seted out to do like father. A vision for the family can help him to determine goals real, to define what the family really wishes in the life and to unite it to walk in a pre-established direction.

Sasha Medvedev

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Such an increase leads to fierce competition. Professionals are expensive, but amateurs are ready to work for peanuts. Alas, for many customers, price is the main criterion by which selected photographer. Choose, and then sorry. But now it's not about that. The abundance of photographers has led to the fact that demand a small, but offers a lot.

And then there's a new market – the master-classes. And again the old scenario, the number of master classes growing by leaps and bounds. A set of inexperienced photographers literally learned to use his photo camera, start teaching. In my practice, I came across this many times. There are many qualitative and non-teaching master classes, but also many that except as amateurish not name. Well, how can a man who himself knows nothing, someone to teach? It turns out they can. That's what I created my photo blog – in which I describe those master classes that I have seen personally. I write only about what he saw.

Perhaps my observations will prove useful to someone when you select a master class for itself. So how do you choose the right master class, so you do not regret the money spent. First we must first look at who the author is a master-class, who shares his knowledge. In each branch of photography has its own spice, whose names everyone knows. K example, the market wedding photography all know such photographers as Nozdrin Sasha, Sasha Medvedev, Laszlo Gabani and many others. Secondly, not bad, it would know how long is a master class there. In the third talk with those who were there in person, or read comments. Although comments on trust 100% is impossible, because many of them are written by the same authors. Education should be for everyone. This must not be afraid. As our ancestors said: The Age -Live and learn!

Defining our Business

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

To put our mission must be clear about the following, in what business are we really?, Do we actually spend? What are our products and services? Our mission should be as short as possible as possible in which we translate what? and How?. The mission must be learned and memorized by both leaders and collaborators, we must live every day with order to fulfill our reason for being. As individuals we must also look a personal mission, which is our reason for being, and feel to meet what we set ourselves. VISION is an organization want to be, is the clear statement that indicates where it is headed the company in the medium to long term, here the question to be answered is where do I want to be in the coming years?. The vision must be comprehensive, detailed and understandable, also, positive and encouraging, how long we will.

Vision is not just an idea that occurs to us, must answer the question “What we want to be and when you make it? The vision must be shared by both leaders as partners, when people in an organization can share a vision that are connected to achieve something important that will lead to transcend. A leader with a shared vision, is a visionary leader who solves problems for its partners. The vision must be composed of a target specific to achieve in the medium to long term. In the vision desires become clear objectives and commitments and located in time. The vision promotes enthusiasm and commitment of all the parts of the organization, encourages that from the leader until the last collaborator who has joined the organization, carry out actions according to what is stated in the vision. Once the vision has been created and integrated into the daily activities of the company, see the strategic purpose. This refers to seek more specific aspects of vision materializing. In a paragraph defining the vision of the company and give it coherence.

The vision must be concrete and successful. In these changing times, vision and should not only be sustained in the economy, production and management. It should also include culture and identity as new lines of business activities. The view as the mission must be learned and memorized by the leader and his collaborators make, part of his life, likewise each person should have his own personal vision. . Details can be found by clicking Innovar Environmental or emailing the administrator.

International Finance Corporation

Friday, May 15th, 2015

The Collevecchio Declaration endorsed in 2003 for more than 200 ONG' s in the whole world convoked the financial institutions to accept six commitments and to adopt it implements measured it them. The commitments are: support of the markets and governana, not to provoke damages, responsibility, rendering of accounts, support and transparency. The Principles of Equator, defined in 2002, demand cares special of the partner-ambient point of view in projects with superior loans the US$ 10 million. The directors of banks very like to mention these declarations and principles to pass the image of ambiently correct. However, the practical one is very distant of the theory. The controls to know are small if the money that leaves the banks is being correctly applied in socioambientais terms. However, the banks are worried about its reputation, are investing in campaigns marketing millionaire to construct an image of ambiently correct.

A monitoramento of credit of the main ones financial institutions of the world sample that the result is far from being socioambientalmente responsible. It has great distance between the speech and the practical one. It occurs that a number each bigger time of companies comes if converting the cause of the support. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Electrolux. The engine of this trend is what it moves the capitalism since always: the cost/risk/benefit. To assume a not sustainable position means to come across with the doors of some banks and closed institutions of promotion. The lack of monitoramento of ambient impact of the company is considered as a bomb of effect delayed for its businesses. In this context, the ambient insurance suggests the attendance of the reparatrias and indenizatrias obligations on the part of the polluting agent.

Thus, this safe one starts to have effect of guarantee for presumptions ambient accidents and prevention, for the previous analysis that must be made by the insuring institution. These will be able to consist in the biggest sponsors and apoiadoras of politics and projects of entities directed to prevention and promotion of the sustainable development. The insuring company will guarantee a true auditorship in ambient substance and the act of contract of a safe from civil liability for ambient damage will become a useful tool of ambient management. On-line ambient Monitoramento with the values of partner-ambient responsibility, 41 banks already had adhered to the Principles of the Equator. The institutions if compromise to observe the social politics and of environment of International Finance Corporation (IFC). The concern with the environment is a question closely related to the responsible management of the natural resources, assuming the echo-efficiency concept: supply of goods and services the competitive prices, that satisfy the necessities human beings and bring quality of life, reducing gradually the ambient impact and the consumption of natural resources for a level equivalent to the capacity of sustentation esteem of the land. The signatory banks must always consider, when evaluating new loans and investments, questions that increase the chances of acceptable or sustainable growth, of the ambient and social point of view and that the risks minimize the exposition. We are vain who multicriteria actions of support will allow increasing competitiveness to the companies, coherent with the yearnings of its public internal and external. Pollution is synonymous of wastefulness and practical socially joust is synonymous of motivation.