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Associates Management

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

In addition, and a very important issue; This allows an involvement of the company in its management, they are partakers of the facts, we work jointly proposing to take them to understand the basic principles of accounting and taxation as well as business management. The accounting can be boring but we take it otherwise always there are other ways to approach the same question. Our issue is the game and the implication, because having fun working, is the most important thing. I hope that that journey in simplicity, may have opened new prospects to carry the management of his company, desire to innovate, change, to break the routine of day to day. Without forgetting that we sometimes seek answers to our doubts complicating us life and wasting time when solutions are ahead of us, we simply forget open eyes. I remember a phrase I read in a book, that today has caught all its sense in my mind, if it can not be the first, must seek other ways to be. Dublino y asociados S.L., we have no claim to be the first but we are simply different, because the first are our customers. I am of course available to who have doubts or need any concrete reply. Mick Quevauvillers technical accounting (Dublino and Associates) original author and source of the article.

Payments Through The Internet

Friday, April 10th, 2015

At present, the bulk of the calculations on the Internet by electronic money, as it is quite convenient, practical and fast. For example, if you need to get some files that are available for download for free, you simply and without hesitation, pressing the button 'download' and enjoy the acquired information. Another thing, if a file requires a certain fixed amount. Just here and there is the question: 'How way to pay '? In most such situations, use money orders, but it takes a long time. Internet payment systems transfer your funds almost instantaneously literally anywhere, (unless there it is claimed). The main payment system in the World Wide Web are virtual systems that each year more and more accustom users.

Offer and you make for yourself an electronic invoice. Consider payment system WebMoney Transfer – a profitable, highly reliable, fast and convenient system. A large number of organizations and shops have been cooperating successfully with it. This system, which helps to secure and instant translations through the Web. In order to start working in it, you need to register and a Z-purse (equivalent to dollars), or R-purse (for rubles), E-purse (Euro equivalent). Ben Horowitz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. You will get a real opportunity send and receive payments in rubles, dollars or euros.

Put money on a purse easily. Convert WebMoney received in cash or a bank account, too easy. Exchange wmz to wmr and back through the Web from a known course also possible. Pay close attention to payment system Yandex. Money, which is easy to connect to. Need to download software from a specific site, called 'Internet Trick' and install it on your pc. When you install create an account on the system, since you will automatically open an account (the processing center). Can now be a convenient way to deposit funds. All payments via the web is transferred only in a protected format. Wallet password protected, because without knowing the password, it is impossible to get money. Reliable service, receives payment for goods and services, is telegate. Just plug in your on-line-of business (for example, an online store) to telegate, and You will be able to make payments 20 or more ways, besides the funds you will receive a favorable method. Registration and services are provided free of charge.

Tile Paving

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Cobbles adorns not only the central area, but the alleys, playgrounds, public transportation, areas of private buildings. Paving tile is one of the most popular decorations estates, sidewalks and building facades. On it easier to rush to work, come home and just walk around the warm autumn days, not bumping into the pits and fissures of asphalt. In addition, the coating of pavement pleases the eye. Distinctive feature of the pavement surfaces of stone blocks are wide range of colors and a variety of configurations. High performance and technical properties of pavement, including high frost provide long service life of the tiles, even in the urban operation. All this makes the pavement as an alternative material for paving the device and pavements, attractive and popular. Consider the basic the benefits of paving slabs compared with a continuous asphalt surface: * on the surface of the pavement is never standing water, because water passes freely through intertiled gaps * in the event need for underground work (eg, during repair of underground utilities), paving slabs can be easily dismantled and then going back to the same place, * tiled floor does not disturb natural needs of green plants in water and gas exchange, which favorably affects the ecology of the surrounding space; * during the heat of summer paving, unlike asphalt, not soft and does not emit volatile oil products, in addition, its heat much less * in the summer heat of tile coating significantly less than the heating of dark asphalt, with a tiled floor is not soft and does not emit volatile products..