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Tile Paving

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Cobbles adorns not only the central area, but the alleys, playgrounds, public transportation, areas of private buildings. Paving tile is one of the most popular decorations estates, sidewalks and building facades. On it easier to rush to work, come home and just walk around the warm autumn days, not bumping into the pits and fissures of asphalt. In addition, the coating of pavement pleases the eye. Distinctive feature of the pavement surfaces of stone blocks are wide range of colors and a variety of configurations. High performance and technical properties of pavement, including high frost provide long service life of the tiles, even in the urban operation. All this makes the pavement as an alternative material for paving the device and pavements, attractive and popular. Consider the basic the benefits of paving slabs compared with a continuous asphalt surface: * on the surface of the pavement is never standing water, because water passes freely through intertiled gaps * in the event need for underground work (eg, during repair of underground utilities), paving slabs can be easily dismantled and then going back to the same place, * tiled floor does not disturb natural needs of green plants in water and gas exchange, which favorably affects the ecology of the surrounding space; * during the heat of summer paving, unlike asphalt, not soft and does not emit volatile oil products, in addition, its heat much less * in the summer heat of tile coating significantly less than the heating of dark asphalt, with a tiled floor is not soft and does not emit volatile products..