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Older Generation

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

Elderly mentally and physically getting fitter and want Hamburg remain active, January 28, 2011 matches the often prevailing image of retirees still limited with the reality. Studies show that the seniors of today are both mentally and physically still fit. Foundation shows a study of Marie-Luise and the Ernst Becker so that retirees with 70 years in relation to spiritual work are still as powerful as 50-year-old. The German retirement survey”, a study commissioned by the Ministry for Family Affairs, also confirms that doing far better to fit the current older generation as they feel previous vintages. Julius Caesar shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “No wonder that more and more young this old” use their fitness and want to remain active even after the professional life.

According to studies want to more than a third of the current retirees to be active and tendency pursue employment rising. We had 200 highly motivated members within the first two months on our platform and the daily more”, Jakob raves tuber, Managing Director of, an online service that reactivated the experience of the older generation for companies. The members bring many valuable experiences. For this, we find now suitable projects, so that they can recoup their knowledge and earn something”, as tuber next. Where there is a large potential for volunteer and professional work, the sheer numbers show this.

The Federal Statistical Office has calculated that by 2020 the number of over-60 by around 2 million grows up even by 2050 to more than 6.2 million. This should be used better. Especially since American researchers have found that it is conducive to health and mental fitness is not abruptly retired, but even after working life has an employment. The company: the online resource for project work by professionals in the retirement is sentiso. Knowledge and experience of older generations are to the benefit of all those involved at sentiso reactivated. These are tips and information around the topic of working in retirement”provided.

Republic Characters

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

During the war it is political Commissar in the 27 Division on the fronts of Catalonia and Aragon, in the campaign of the Ebro. At the end of the war embarks on the path of exile, crossing the Pyrenees, and after a short stay in the French concentration camp of Septfonds, fly to Mexico. He lives in Guanajuato, Veracruz and the capital of the country. He works as a publicist in national films and was one of the founders of the Tertulia magazine and Editorial coven. It collaborates in various newspapers and magazines, such as threshold, magazine of the University of Guanajuato and the Spains, the most prestigious magazine in exile.

Recently the film Otaola, or the Republic of exile (2000) by Mexican director Raul Busteros has rescued the figure of the Basque writer of oblivion. Some men (1950), is a series of portraits of exiles, which as said Juanino Renau, in the prologue, might be called any men Gallery. The human profile of his characters takes precedence over history. Bookstore Spider (1952), is a critical piece to the knowledge of the Spanish exile in Mexico, filled with anecdotarios of the Spaniards exiled in that country, its difficulties and ambitions, their bitterness and solitudes, its achievements and failures are sifted by a gentle humor. Account Otaola Bookstore spider that given production surprisingly abundant Max Aub called him in Mexico more still.

From these works, we turn to the actual fiction, first with the Blackbirds in the Pirul (1953), in which best pays tribute to Gomez de la Serna. It is the story, uninhibited, preposterous, full of humour and greguerias, of a Mexican town San Felipe Torresmochas. Although the story has an individual protagonist, El Pirata, the real theme of the book is the town and its people. Courtship (1963), is his greatest novel, again a chronicle of the Spanish exile but this time from a novelistic fiction. The author presents a long list of characters of exile full of humor with some sarcasm. Their characters appear from the deforming viewpoint of the author. Although this book looks different to the previous ones he participates in a common approach. We will also quote his stories that place (1957) and of agreement you speak of Petrita (1969) and a time to remember fictional autobiography (1978). Otaola traces in mocking and ironic tone of some of your characters profile: don Prudencio Romeral was called, but it would better his black cypresses surname pessimism. Francisco Arias Solis peace and freedom. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.