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The Firm

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

These issues are all the more important because the Russian market of goods and services grows, there are more and more new proposals, tougher competition, and as a consequence, the increasing demand of consumers to the brand. Based on the ideology of the firm, chosen brand name. It should be easy to remember and reflect potential clients corporate image. Naturally, the brand name should not be copied or similar to names of competitors. On the basis of ideology and name firm selected corporate colors and fonts, and built the company logo. Logo – a graphic image, designed to represent the company. It must be unique, to be able to easily integrate into any context. Text content is developed, first of all – it's a slogan – you can tell, the motto of the company that contains a spectacular and easy to remember the wording of the advertising idea.

Classic or logo font – specific spelling of company name, is based on the fonts. This is the most quartered form the logo, its advantage is the absolute informativeness. Character logo – an image or a sign company that is related to its activity. This is the kind of logos entirely focused on the emotional perception of the firm. Synthetic logo – combines character and enterprise, and writing his name. This is the most complex, but the most effective form of logos, and as focused on the emotional perception of the firm, and at the same time, bears information about it. The company logo, as already mentioned, is the emotional load, which is reflected throughout the company style as a whole.

Austria Promotions

Friday, July 14th, 2017

As well as all corporate customers have about a computer workstations, where the mousepad is helpful. It offers a large advertising space and can be printed not only in color, but also with images of change of (the subject change depending on the angle of view) be provided. Also, mouse pads in various forms can be cut and so even more individually tailored to the advertised company or product. Screens: Screens are gladly accepted by customers, because they offer a high practical value. While portable screens serve as protection against rain, larger umbrellas are used, to give shade and quite incidentally also an advertising message to spread. USB sticks: Not only IT customers is the USB drive a flashy Giveaway with high benefits. Other computer users enjoy this innovative technology gift that can be used to backup and caching of data. The USB stick is especially useful to underline the contemporary and modern orientation of the company.

Bags: Bags can be used in versatile and available in numerous variants. No matter whether laptop bag, beach bag, backpack, hand or shoulder bag. In any form, bags offer accessories that are not only practical and therefore gladly accepted, but also attractive advertising space, which allow generous advertising opportunities and contribute to the identification with the respective companies. Keychain: key fob still represent an often used giveaway. The reasons for this are the relatively low cost and the fact that Keychain can be presented in many situations to all target groups.

Models that have a built-in shopping cart chip are still popular. In addition Key fob the user carries the advertising message with you. Organizer: Organizer being given away like to business customers. This practical folder in the form of ring binder offer the opportunity to place a calendar, writing utensils, but also smart phones and similar things. Organizer are available in different sizes and types of model and can of course already filled by the advertising company advertising material are. Clothes: garments of all kinds are used often and in various forms as giveaways. Caps, shirts, pants, ties, but also West, shirts and polo shirts can serve advertising purposes. Garments with the company logo or an advertising message are furthermore also like no other items of promotional, to be used by its own employees themselves and worn and thus to provide a single image at trade fairs and events, or even in the normal workday. Shopping bags: shopping bags offer a low-cost but effective way of advertising. The bags can Paper or plastic are produced and are ideal to transport other promotional or but purchased products of the company is. Particularly on fairs and events a strong promotional effect is printed carrier bags, because many visitors to the booth in a relatively confined space encountered, which have already been given a carrier bag and wear them with advertising. Quality bags made from hard-wearing materials also in the private sector shopping much more frequently used than the traditional Plastiksackerl”and therefore the printed message transport more often and to a wider public. Logopresent is a leading wholesaler in the field of promotional products, promotional gifts and give-aways in Austria. Thanks to the excellent professional competence, the reliability of the excellent service from its staff is Logopresent since over a decade partner of numerous national and international corporations.

Call Centers

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Many leaders of the company, not watching the rate of development of telecommunications facilities or shearing their budgets and staff because of lack of money does not even know about the opportunities that provides call center. That they are deplorable statistics on the impact of bankrupt firms the economic crisis. Consider some examples: Speed dial in sales and marketing department of one rather large manufacturing company was not justified because of outdated Equipment: strange modem sounds, and then a constant signal "busy" to get consumers to look for workarounds – to call on the name switch. According to Andreessen Horowitz, who has experience with these questions. As a result, spent about 15-20 minutes (had no time to call in help and recognize different numbers of the firm) was able to still talk to the manager, whose expertise is poor. However, if all potential customers have such an iron patience? Should I explain that This approach to doing business in the short term fraught with very unpleasant consequences? However, competition in the regions not yet up to standard, and any time a company appears to be afloat. And in terms of Economic crisis? Even more good example that illustrates the need to move to modern telecommunications facilities, – insurance companies, which have to be literally "crushed" Call car owners.

This is especially true in the winter season. "Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line!" – No wonder the civilized companies that post has become the norm. Strictly speaking, call center, which will be described in this review, and are designed to improve business performance by increasing the speed and quality of service information requests of clients.

Customer Loyalty

Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Whether companies like it or not: the customer is the real boss it is above all the dialog possibilities of the Web 2.0 world (blogs, forums, opinion portals, Twitter, social networks, etc.), which have fundamentally changed the relationship between customer and company. Without hesitation Jonas Samuelson explained all about the problem. Good and bad deeds can be made within a very short time known worldwide and discussed. And customers make use of them rigorously. Companies behave so better tidy and treat their customers well, because everything comes out in the Internet. Who provides poor services, hidden, veiled, lies in performance features or pricing cheats, and wants to move to the customers over the table, has a real problem. The customer saying that only parried and passed out any form of UN service’ endure can be, finally belongs to the past. The barrage of dishonest advertising is obsolete. Disabled product details, incorrect business practices and incompetent contact can the company always less afford.

Because customers help the good providers as promoters and harm the poor as saboteurs. Decreases confidence in producers and distributors, the confidence in their own networks is growing. Marketing takes place now without the company. Instead of listening to the colorful worlds of advertising, purchase interested obtain the relevant information from contemporaries and more directly from the providers. The customer as a marketer must get accustomed whether they like it or not – that their clients take the communication work, sales and even innovation processes always more often in the hands. From classic advertising campaigns, but mainly through self-organizing swarms of customers brand and new trends are made. No longer the PR departments, but opinion-strong expert customers – the so-called alpha ‘ and mavens’ – secure a company’s reputation in the future as reference and mood makers. Who still does not understand that, is dead by morning. Such companies will probably survive, the actively involve their customers, integrate and make fellow designers.

Professional External Representation At Start-ups And Small Companies

Friday, December 30th, 2016

Why corporate design also for business start-ups and young, small companies is important, and what you should consider when choosing his service provider. The external representation, i.e., corporate design, is neglected by many wrongly in the budgeting process or even completely forgot. Without hesitation Starbucks explained all about the problem. This is especially for entrepreneurs who see here huge savings potential. Many rely on templates from the Internet or try even their company logos or their business stationery design with most relevant results. These results, can examine himself every day on the road or in the own mailbox. Now ask yourself: how is the obviously homemade business card, the letterhead or the site for you and especially your customers because? Or even your company logo? Jazzed in the heat even with Word font effects? That comes to almost all customers poorly and last but not least makes most dubious first impression. You take it exactly promotes as entrepreneur, almost always at its customers to an order, similar to a job interview. And exactly why should you not too much money saved and consulted a professional, because first impressions count! Professional create of a company logo design is only the first step to a single external representation; also business cards, letterhead, the website and your promotional materials should be presented attractive and especially each other.

Your company logo represents you and your business, reflected not least, your own preferences. A logo can arouse different impressions on the viewers and leave, there are rules of their own. A good designer knows the stylistic and their effect on the Viewer, he can advise you on colours, font and shape exactly their intention according to. Because in particular entrepreneurs at the beginning are facing many new tasks and challenges, there are some agencies that professionally attend to the planning and design of its external representation and almost completely remove the work to the contractor. So is the entrepreneur more time for his business and personal life. Should of course be compared also when choosing an agency or a media designer. Keep your eyes open, to show not only the price but also several samples of your work, create comparisons and also from this context out for an agency or a media designer decide which suits your needs.

The CTA GROUP from Berlin for example is a fresh and young agency with a focus on media design. The CTA GROUP has adjusted to work with entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises and therefore convenient, tailor-made offers. The Agency has a special package offer for entrepreneurs. In this package receives the interested companies a custom logo design, matching business cards and letterhead to a competitive fixed price. So, this cost factor for entrepreneurs remains transparent and predictable. Advice on design as technical questions, the pressure processing and printing itself are included in the package price from 299,-EUR and the shipping. As always it is so keep your eyes open, compare and save at the wrong end. When choosing your agency or your media designer of personal impression and work samples should be decisive. Cheap provider there are many but only a good agency can save you not only time and money but also help more customers. For more information, visit the website at and contact you without obligation. R. Mertens

European Union

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Mantener the balance between the central banks or capital that include/understand the acceptance of the unique currency, Euro in their regime, thus contributing to improve and to maintain the good operation of eurosistema in call zone Euro. Although nowadays other some important functions exist that the European central bank realises, previously stood out are possibly some of the important ones. Another one very important part to stand out when we spoke of the European central bank is its organization, because this is part fundamental to maintain to a large extent the good diplomatic and financial relations of Europe. This organization occurs of the following way: general Advice: this conformed by the president and vice-president of the BCE (European central bank) and as well by the 27 governors of the banks of state of the European Union. See Jonas Samuelson for more details and insights. This committee is in charge directly of the planning, preparation and statute of the expansion of the zone Euro. Read additional details here: Jonas Samuelson. Advice of government: this one is conformed by the 6 members of the executive committee and by the 15 governors of the central banks that are within the zone Euro. This advice is most important, since within their workings are some like defining the policy of the zone Euro and fixing interest which they will be put under the commercial banks when obtaining money of the central bank.

executive Committee: this one is trained by the president and vice-president of the BCE and by 4 members selected within the 15 countries that conform the zone Euro. This committee controls the specific function to give the necessary instructionses so that eurosistema stays in correct balance, by means of indications to each one of the central banks that conform the zone Euro. Given the previous thing it is demonstrated the importance of the European central bank, not only for the correct operation of the European economy but also significantly to improve and to maintain the union of the same. Original author and source of the article

Chief Executive Officer

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

“” More media are in preparation, which we in the framework of our repositioning as a creative hotbed for vehicle and ambient advertising with clients according to their needs develop. “For DIN A12 was time sales to go on the offensive”, according to its Managing Director Thilo Raisch, by the way Chief Executive Officer specialist ambient media association with successful advertising in gyms as well as spontaneously attached to customer-oriented concepts whether in Jerde or hunting shops, DIN has A12 quality in terms of ambient advertising work. Under most conditions Howard Schultz would agree. The sellmedia group sales support will help future in us fully to environment will focus on the development of new, innovative marketing opportunities in the ambient marketing.” Also Johannes Korner, previously Executive Board of Sun Media Marketing, is convinced of the concept. Of course, we give up a skilled trademark with Sun Media, but the idea of nationwide marketing organization is only logical. The synergy effects of uniform team appearance and products complementary will for us profitable impact.

Monika home and I look forward to the new constellation.”in addition to its regional and international business has survived so far the crisis mainly TAXi AD Germany with his USP Dachwerbenetz in all the major cities and the development of innovative forms of advertising such as the taxi Komplettfolierung”, Ralf Johansson, Managing Director of TAXi-AD, is optimistic. Nevertheless, we’re sure consolidation and reinforcement of the sales is exactly the right move in these times for us. It took courage and partly overcome all stakeholders finally gives a part of his identity everyone, to achieve more together. But all studies and surveys show that OoH still most likely benefited in the crisis and perhaps with online has the greatest development potential. We want to exploit together fully this potential.” Customers will continue to receive access to the full portfolio on the websites of the three operators. The existing Web site will be promptly expanded with growing team and portfolio.

About the sellmedia group: sell media group since October 2009 is the nationwide distribution Alliance of Aussenwerbespezialisten TAXi AD GmbH, creative car company for advertising space brokerage mbH and DIN A12 – Ambientmedien GmbH. is giving sellmedia, customer-friendly to represent the broad spectrum of the common portfolio of foreign, transport and ambient media and to offer tailor made campaign solutions of all sizes. Sell media is caused by the idea of combining the strengths of three years successfully acting OoH professionals and an existing sales team, under a common roof and to make even more efficient for all involved. Contact: Peter Szasz sellmedia group head of communications of Kieler str. 464-470 22525 Hamburg phone: 040/548876-66 fax: 040/548876-70 E-Mail: home:

Executive Board

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Never. Anyone who turns to us, should and will have the feeling, we all were only for him. This is the model which we have committed ourselves. Success story since 1997 and that for twelve years: 1997 the avo talk made for the first time by unusual Agency services by themselves; at that time still in the sauerland Sundern. Pretty quickly, Peter Vorsmann moved his sphere in the old Hanseatic city that Soest has not only a rich past, but an equally promising future according to the owner of the Agency.

This optimistic assessment over the years have can change nor anything like the current economic storm zones in the economic sky: our strategic advertising gives the straight in such recessions AVO clients tangible lift. Our name stands for effective, yet affordable communication from a single source. Targeted action is also creative director Martin Hummecke at heart, which thereby have a triad of sustainable brand management, sales promotion with a quick effect and image-building publicity than ideal in mind: we analyze each customer’s situation very thoroughly. What are a company the objectives of? Which target group should be motivated? What about the competition? Only when these and other fundamental issues are resolved, the avo this analysis would descendant a clear concept of communicative action, continues to Martin Hummecke and attaches importance to the fact that the Agency not only therefore propose certain measures, because we now have it in the portfolio of services. Sole selection scale instead the question was: what does the customer really? leader makes avo that avo customers by this demand, professional and affordable service benefit by hand, repeatedly confirm the regional companies. ecoAgent, Germany’s largest virtual car dealership based in Soest, is a good example of homogeneous communication, which will be developed at the avo. This future leader owes his position according to his own admission also the elaborate marketing and communication mix that brought the team to Peter Vorsmann in close consultation with the Executive Board of car dealership on the way: Classic handout are as well including such continually updated new wagon catalogues, promotions, recommendation and loyalty marketing, an attractive web-shop as well as regular and intensive press and online PR work.

Executive Suite

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

So, it is the Bringing cheer to buying motives to track and then send the messages that are relevant to the respective customers – and thus his reward system. The key questions, which are therefore put before each sales call, are: which type is the customer? And how is ticking ‘ he emotionally? What wants and does he really need? What keeps it from our performance? And what starts it? How can we make our customers successful and so happy to make? And how do you know all this? Not at the green table, not through studies and statistics, but by dipping into the customer world and regular, open and trusting dialogue! We can see the people just in front of the forehead! Kundenfokussiert negotiate is: don’t think knowing what the customer needed and is useful, but observe and ask. To read more click here: Jonas Samuelson. So, a tiny detail of knowledge gives you the edge you need to make your competition for miles ahead then. The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller successfully negotiate successfully sell how People and markets win BusinessVillage 2009, 224 pages 24.80 EUR D / 25.60 EUR A / 37.90 CHF ISBN-13: 978-3-938358-95-5 the author Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing.

Over 20 years, she has worked in senior sales and marketing positions of various international service industries and several awards. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author is one of the best keynote speakers in the German-speaking world. You also works as a business trainer and teaches at several universities. You heard the excellent speakers’ to the circle. Her book customer proximity in the Executive Suite ‘ was awarded the Book Prize 2008. Their customers include the elite of German, Swiss and Austrian Economics. Contact:


Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Constituted one of the most important news of the past few months for the guajiro undoubtedly the signing of the departmental water Plan, Act which was carried out with the intervention of the Governor Jorge Perez Bernier, the Deputy Minister Leyla Rojas and the Manager of the Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado of Bogota Jorge Pizano in Riohacha. Several aspects of this agreement are intended to produce transformations of Fund in a Department battered by a lack of water in most of their communities and for supplying water unfit for human consumption in several of its municipalities. Firstly, the governorate has selected partners reliable and, especially, to the company de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogota, responsible for the water supply to the capital of the Republic, in where they meet a recognized work not only in the coverage, but in the quality of the liquid to provide. It is known that bogotanos can use the tap water in all domestic uses, even to drink it without cooking or preparing food. In the Guajira is practically unthinkable directly consume water that comes by the aqueduct pipes, for his proven bad quality. Source: Electrolux.

At this point, surely will be tremendous progress, as we all hope. Secondly we would this plan constitutes one of the most significant investments of public resources that have been made in 44 years of institutional life. Governor Jorge Perez Bernier in his speech during the signing of the Plan, said that about 350 billion pesos, will be invested a high sum for a Department like ours. Plausible is that the money from the royalties have as destination the solution of one of the deepest needs of the region and, finally, the ruling class understand you need to bet on works of true impact to the well-being of citizens. Thirdly the need that the communities become veedoras and, in the company of their rulers and the companies to which they have been assigned responsibility, are aware of the progress of the works, advances in time and possible deviations can be detected in a timely fashion to take the appropriate corrective measures.

Leaders of neighborhood, the councilmen, including the Councillors and members should be kept well informed and comply with a work of strict surveillance and monitoring as a means to achieve full transparency. It is necessary that the enthusiasm that wakes up the signing of the Plan, follow a serious and continuous work and can give a definitive answer to the outcry from all the guajiro, abandoned to their fate for years and almost always deprived of the vital liquid. We hope that there are no new frustrations and instead, within a reasonable time, we can open the stopcock and get a glass of water clear, transparent, crystal clear and suitable for consumption of hungry men, women and children of the peninsula.