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3) Create a plain text and HTML-version of the article. Many (most) of article directories do not allow you to include HTML-tags in the post, so that all your articles are doomed to live their lives as normal text. However, you must try to introduce a simple version of HTML-code: simply add to the existing links anchor text, to make any URL in your article more 'alive'. 4) Do not forget the "spiders" of search engines, when you describe the article. Before leaving the description, take a few minutes to study the relevant keywords, and then make sure they are included in your article. This will not only help your article get a better status in search engines, but more importantly, will provide additional the relevance of links pointing to your site. 5) Pay attention to the signature and / or the conclusion of your article.

Make sure that it is a call to action. In many cases, the conclusion of the window – this is the only place where you have right to link to your website. Make sure that it will attract people's attention, and call on them to do things that you yourself would like to do. 6) Do not litter your articles to a bunch of links. Even if the directory is no explicit rules about how editors, to a large extent, will consider such items as spam, and less likely to use them. One or two references in the conclusion of the paper are reasonable and do not have a negative effect on the reader. 8) Do not be shy, in addition to article directories, use other sites on your subject matter for the placement of articles. If you know of a great player in your industry, follow him for some time (read his e- journals and compare them with your website) and then write an article specially for his needs.

Often you can simply send an email and ask about the placement of articles, if there is anything specific that you can write or to them, in exchange for a link back or two to your site in this article. Remember that if you want to get the most from the placement of articles, editors and publishers of directories of topical sites – our friends, but they – also maneuvers between your ideas and interests of readers. Anyone can throw a unique, but interesting article that will be forever buried in the catalog entries. But if you want to get, but not as important references for Indeed, more and high quality targeted traffic, you must provide svom readers quality content that is interesting to them. For more efficient placement of articles would recommend this free article directory, through which You can still earn good money.

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