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Everybody wants to contract optimum corrector of action. Everybody wants to buy of number one in sales. When you are ‘ ‘ optimum ‘ ‘ , the actual value does not matter. Contact information is here: Hull KR. You can fold the price of the competition (she sees Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche), etc. Now, here this the best part of history You really do not need to be ‘ ‘ optimum ‘ ‘ , because this is always relative therefore depends on the opinion of the others, the opinion of its customers, or the opinion of itself exactly! Now, the best way to vender themselves and to locate themselves as a valuable person for its customers is ‘ ‘ To give without waiting to be recompensado’ ‘.

E this means simply that you need to gratis give information for its white market. If I was you Joo, I would go to write some articles and reports with contents as: ‘ ‘ The 5 bigger errors that the people make when buy commercial rooms as investimento’ ‘. Or ‘ ‘ The Great Disclosed Secret – as to gain a richness renting rooms comerciais’ ‘ Elaborated articles, it submits them it the sites of specialized articles as: Artigonal, Only Articles, sites of information of its sector, etc. that will go to generate an incredible amount of readers (and optimum of everything is a gratis available tool in the Internet). Carrying, when they alquem to search for: real estate investment, purchase or rent of commercial rooms, offices, etc. the sites of search will go to list its announcements in the first places, supplying valuable information on, investment, purchase, sales and rent of commercial rooms. If I was to send a direct mail I saw post office for the potential customers, I I would not go to promote the prices of the commercial rooms, I would go to promote the advantages to invest in commercial rooms and to direct for published articles Good, I do not understand of the real estate market, but I know that the people are always to the search of information that will go to help them to take it the best decision of what they intend to make.

Joo if you will have a site or blog (vendendo its product) in the Internet and a page of capture (to get the name and the email of the visitor), you podera to direct the readers of its articles for the capture page being established a relationship with the contacts. As you Joo are the author of articles, and supplied information important and valuable the market – to apartir of this moment you if located as an important specialist in its branch. It was of this form that obtained in 1 year to leave of zero for an income of 5 monthly digits.

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