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Friday, May 1st, 2020

For Marconi and Lakatos (2004, P. 274), ' ' the case study the survey with more depth of determined case or human group under all is mentioned to it its aspectos' '. Richard Elman has many thoughts on the issue. Figueiredo (2004) still places that the same ones intend to describe with exactness the facts and phenomena of determined reality. The case study it counts on the use of scientific texts, that are told in the reference for the base of creation of the theoretical recital. The research was called as descriptive. In accordance with Gil (2002, P. 42) ' ' the descriptive research has as objective primordial the description of the characteristics of determined population or fenmeno' '. Already according to Andrade (1993, p.98), in the descriptive research, ' ' the facts are observed, registered, analyzed, classified and interpreted, without the researcher intervenes with them ' '.

Beyond being a descriptive research, the used method was the qualitative one. Madeleine Sackler is often mentioned in discussions such as these. According to Figueiredo (2004), the qualitative research ahead appears of the impossibility to investigate and to understand by means of statistical data some phenomena directed toward the perception, the intuition and the subjectivity. Richardson (1999) complements considering that it is an adjusted form to understand the nature of a social phenomenon, and that does not use statistical instrument as base of the process of analysis of a problem. The collection of data was carried through through the direct comment in the company in the month of June of 2009, for the attainment of information on the reality for intermediary of the directions (vision, hearing, tato, etc.). It consists of the systematic examination of the facts or phenomena that if it desires to study.

How much to the used procedures of research, the research is characterized as field research. As Marconi and Lakatos (2002, P. 83), ' ' field research is that one used with the objective to obtain information and/or knowledge concerning a problem for which if it looks a reply, or of a hypothesis that if wants to prove, or, still, to discover new phenomena or the relations between eles' '.

The Value Of Built-in Furniture In Modern Interior

Friday, May 1st, 2020

Fashionable and functional custom cabinets and other built-in furniture, today at a great price. Dispense with such a functional interior is now very difficult, because such furniture solves simultaneously a number of important tasks, making it easier to fine owners of the home life. First of all, functional and compact built-in furniture designed for storage of many different things. In such a excellent store feels excellent, not only clothing and footwear, and linens, books, dishes and so on. In addition, the built-in wardrobes bought not only the owners of the premises, but the owners of offices and other facilities. Built-in furniture, in both cases excellent saves space, well-formed interior and gives users the ability to feel myself extremely comfortable. Often the cupboards are the only way out, for example, if when the room or office are not very square.

Another advantage of built-in furniture is its ability to retain its former style of the room. Designers can easily combine the old interior – which the owners are unwilling part – with new furniture. Thanks to the special decorative elements specialists to create fashionable modern interiors, representing a harmonious, stylish and coherent whole. Built-in furniture – a great solution number of issues. Cabinets and other furniture made by an individual and a standard project that saves space and time (to use the embedded home furnishings is a pleasure). Also embedded custom-made furniture solves almost all issues of style. Of particular significance is the fact of saving money. Buying custom-made furniture, consumers are not in contact with intermediaries, including retail stores, and therefore spend less. Experts say that the modern built-in furniture made of quality material and with the participation of artists of the highest class – it's undeniable ability to provide themselves and others comfort and maximum comfort. Extra – an extremely pleasant for customers – a bonus is the long warranty periods for each piece of furniture.