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Physics Technique

Friday, January 31st, 2014

((feedback) e) storage of the information received, which could influence the mode of analyzing the stimuli that arise in the future. Experience of the individual (memory). LEARNING engine – theory of practice – condition Physics of the technique – technique of the tactical – technical skill in the real context of motor learning in sports games game: shall be taken into account at all times the process of information – perception, decision, implementation, feedback. MOTOR learning using models of adaptation: identifies: the more important that you must perform on each technique. Elaborates the technical model who wants to achieve in his mind. Test perform it executes responses receives information on the success achieved, either internal or external through the teacher through the feed back. (Feedback) He then decides based on the above if you need to modify or not what you are doing.

New test. To ensure that the exercises simulate a game situation in such a way to increase the transfer, coaches should consider the following factors when designing them: the positions of the players on the field of play. Their movements on the Court. Its orientation with regard to the network. The sequence of events and their duration stimuli to which the players adjusted to the reality of the game the natural completion of the ball in game should react (allow to the player or the team capitalize on the achievement of the above successful action) your relationship with phases of the motor Act: three systems (percepcion-decision – execution), the only visible and assessable from the outside is the Effector neuromuscular, and this explains the importance that is given, while it neglects the previous two (which in turn represent the invisible component of the movement) must take into account and analyze the situation of colleagues and adversaries so your action and decision is correct, and culminates with a successful and effective execution.Memory: to store the information received, which could influence the mode of analyzing the stimuli that arise in the future.

Unique Creations

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

I feel sorry for those people who create unique and unrepeatable beings. The truth is that we are not original or even in our own name. I couldn’t verify it after you have created the protagonist of a modest novel, the Executive. I called him Miguel Angel Astiz, because it seemed like a highly unlikely and plausible, euphonious name that coincide with any other real-life. Because I was wrong.

Months after the book on sale, got a call from the editorial: Hey: a Miguel Angel Astiz asked for you. How do you say? You’re kidding, I know that it sounds like a joke, but it is the pure truth. It was. Fortunately for me, the man didn’t have any nasty intention but, learned of the onomastics coincidence, only felt curiosity for the fact produced and wanted to know how was the eponymous character of the novel. Also the circumstance intrigued me and after a deep introspection I swear that my choice had not responded that it had known the name previously, neither any failed Act would say Freud, or other dark or hidden motivations, but simply to chance. Intrigued, however by the case, I got to dive over the Internet, which is a sort of secular Grail that all went today in search of illumination. To my surprise capital letter, I found five people with the same name: an important engineer of bridges, a now deceased navarro journalist, an auditor of the Court of Auditors Basque, an architect and until a bowls champion, I don’t even know what it is. Dumbfounded, I dared to enter my own name in the computer search engine.

Or tell them the amount of Enrique Arias that I found: Express us all at the same time copariamos the square. From that moment I experienced a forced lesson in humility. I’m not anyone special, I said, but someone interchangeable, therefore I already fear receiving a traffic ticket, subpoena or embargo which maybe is for another but, given that all equal, at worst me falls to me.

Canary Islands

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

During the bridge of the Constitution past, air traffic controllers have agreed for missing their jobs en masse, as rejection of the new decree of the Government in relation to its Convention, causing the total halt of all aviation activity in Spain, with the ensuing chaos that this generated. More than half a million passengers were trapped in Spanish, without being able to fly and enjoy the holidays that had planned airports. Some, the fastest, could do with a car rental to make your journey. And it is that, over the weekend proved difficult to find a rental car due to the high demand. On Saturday afternoon, few agencies of car rental in the capital had even vehicles to meet demand.

Something that also happened in the Islands, where the rental car Mallorca, for example, in Balearic or Ibiza grazed the collapse in some moments, due to the high demand for vehicles. The scene was repeated almost throughout Spanish, proving difficult to rent any vehicle. The high demand for other means of transport such as trains and buses, which were collapsed by the sudden and high demand for places, made that travelers opt to take advantage of the rent a car offers to take advantage of their vacation days. In this respect, Canary Islands car rental companies also noticed how the days of December bridge shot up the demand for their services.