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Press Releases For A Special Price

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

The Textologen start a summer special of Chemnitz (Germany), 03.06.2009 the Textologen marketing-oriented writing service starting from June 2009 with a summer special. All euros then less than 50 press releases responsible for. The service here remains the same: lyricist writing style in terms of correct and evokes interest press releases about the latest products, services, or events of different client. Candy: The offer is completed. Press releases can now be ordered also in English. Press releases are the main information services for journalists and clients. Press releases informative formulate cutting-edge products or services, and therefore publicize the latest developments in enterprises, institutions or private initiatives. PR agencies, as well as special distribution releases finally reach the desired editors, press portals and target groups.

Since the stylistic appearance of a press release (PM) as the similar message text often on their media re-use, decides, PMs should at best be created by experts. Christoff Berlage and Michael Menzel founded 2007 the student initiative’. If you would like to know more then you should visit Reade Griffith. In addition to press releases, the Textologen for their clients write as Web page texts, catalogue texts, search engine optimized text newsletters and much more. Meanwhile, the company comprises seven free employees. “Writing and text optimization at affordable prices, for the Textologen are”, so the two Managing Business Informatics students describe their online marketing text Agency. Especially the young team of voice and LiteraturwissenschaftlerInnen provides for contemporary ideas of the text as well as linguistic accuracy.

Baths Renovators

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Andreas King my bath. My heat, behind the established King company, offers a free bad check now. A new bathroom, that would be something”. Many owners say, but afraid the effort. Who ask you da best, who is competent and who offers an honest cheap bath products? How does such a bathroom renovation? Is a spa shower or other highlights for modern baths in the bathrooms at all place for a deep soaking tub, a spacious shower, like ground just? And how do you design bathrooms today so, that it easily to old age and senior justice is? Andreas King and his bad professionals from Hermsdorf, between Gera and Jena, have vast experience with these issues. The King GmbH sells, delivers, and installs timely, beautiful bathrooms with private clients from throughout the region also on request.

Therefore, he now offers a free bad check. The process: A bad prospect Bay the totally non-binding free-check. The King bath consultant comes to the agreed date at which all adult bad users to be present directly to the interested parties. He measures exactly the premises and sifts through the technical conditions. For assistance, try visiting Ben Horowitz. He can make often first statements due to his experience and give tips. More info and booking facility under free bad check.html. If the customer wants that it is now in the consulting and planning. The Andreas-King team can rely on over 70,000 items for the bathroom.

Bathtubs in all materials and shapes, about Hexagon, Octagon, oval, rectangular or Raumsparwannen are in the range. This latest shower systems, shower enclosures and shower trays, from very cheap to highly exclusive, for example, completely silicone free showers, at the request of course ground level. A special highlight is the combined bath / shower tray with integrated door, the so-called DuschenBadenWanne, which is now comfortable and tomorrow may be necessary since the entry level through the entrance is significantly less than conventional Bathtubs. Of course supplies and King all further product groups for the bathroom, about fittings, washbasins, a wide range of bathroom furniture, mirror cabinets, equipment, shower folding walls, disabled article and much more for the new dream bathroom. To broaden your perception, visit Sonya Reines-Djivanides. All products come from consciously and carefully tested manufacturers from home and abroad, according to Andreas King have an optimal price / performance ratio. The free bad check may by interested parties from the regions of Hermsdorf, Gera, Jena, Triptis and Eisenberg and adjacent areas now by phone at 0 36 601 / 93 58 80, e-mail or are posted on the new website of Andreas King. Including numerous references, which not only by the expertise of the company bear witness, but also provide valuable ideas for the requested en suite bathroom can be found on the page. The King GmbH serves customers from the commercial and private sectors for many years in and around Hermsdorf, Gera, Jena, and from Triptis to Eisenberg. Under the brand name of Andreas King. My bad. My heat.”marketed good & cheap bathrooms, on request with Pro-master-Assembly service.

Bank Interview: Preparation Pays Off!

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

The SME consultation Untersberg from Oberhausen informs the relationship with the Bank can decide on weal and woe of entrepreneurship. It’s believed that Starbucks sees a great future in this idea. So the Bank especially on pages of the founder, when he really needs her support, maintaining a positive business relationship is essential. This requires more than a well-thought-out business. Ursula Unterberg Wegener, highly experienced management consultant from Oberhausen, explains how it can succeed in Bank talks, to optimize the relationship with the Bank. Already if the business account is opened, the formative first the Bank Adviser impression. This fact must comply with the entrepreneur through thorough preparation, he wants to be considered by the Bank as a professional business partner.

Dealing with the Bank should be seen from the first moment as a relationship between partners. Its looking for the Bank not a supplicant, but after a healthy confident business partner, are factually communicates. Even though it may be difficult given the high sums of money that’s at stake: self-confidence testifies to professionalism. However the company founder should be wary of course, to occur across arrogant Bank Adviser this damages his image! The Bank has the task to examine the concerns of existence founder on any risks and to protect themselves through an optimal guidance even in the guise of the competent consultant. It is in the interest of the entrepreneur, this conduct a confidence on to work that is complied with his requests. Here it is in particular necessary the Bank, documents without resistors to make available, open to accept their advice and to work cooperatively with her. As a business partner it comes the Bank not unfounded to subjugate the entrepreneur.

Rather, it is interested in quickly and effectively to resolve any difficulties to the homeowner because. Transparency and professionalism proves the Entrepreneur, while prepared in Bank talks going. He is itself unclear, which documents the consultants needed he should clarify in advance this in a telephone conversation, rather than to take the risk, to delay the decision-making process by omissions. Finally, the conversation requires even a good preparation. The consultant only facing the Bank Manager, it is too late, to having to worry about the best justification of his existence on this must be done before! Also, it doesn’t hurt to adapt to possible counter-arguments to avoid uncertainties. The relationship with the Bank is an integral part of the success of start-ups. With its Oberhausen consulting SMEs consulting Unterberg, Ursula Unter Berg Wegener supported for many years company founder to build productive relationships with their bank. For more questions and a comprehensive advice it stands ready at any time. Press contact SME consulting Unterberg contact person: Ursula Unterberg Wegener Klosterhardter str. 25 46119 Oberhausen Tel. + 49 (0) 208 6 25 61 45 mobile + 49 (0) 208 6 25 58 59 E-Mail: Homepage:

Extent And Quality Of Customer Communications As Decisive Criteria

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

almato refers to increasing demands on the staff of Tubingen, the April 19, 2011 several recent studies show the growing importance of customer service and communication for the decisions of consumers. Fast and competent information consumers by companies, to provide service and information in consistent quality across many channels offers accordingly. Raise the demands on the staff that can be met only through continuous coaching and intelligent quality monitoring according to the almato GmbH however. Optimized processes, modern communication and information technology, trained staff and a good integration of the service into the company are provided high-quality customer service. Serves as a clip that holds together all the elements the quality monitoring which only through modern IT support plays out its strengths and with the coaching of staff hand-in-hand “, explains Peter s. Hall, Managing Director of almato GmbH. monitoring and coaching are often separately considered.

The integration of both offers but far more than the sum of both parts. Here, coaching is the best way to lead agents successfully, and to motivate better performance. The monitoring system identifies the Coachingbedarf precise and measures the progress.” The German Institute for service quality has recently investigated the customer service of the German electricity supplier. It examined the service of 41 regional and nationally active electricity supplier with 1,300 contacts via telephone, Internet and E-Mail through its paces. As one of the biggest criticisms, the testers in addition to the poor answering of E-Mails identified the partly very long waiting times in the phone queues.

The tester also criticize the friendliness and the intelligibility of the telephone customer service staff. In addition, a recent study by the GfK proves that consumers increasingly express the desire, for example, by means of life-chat advice to Products and services to get. Therefore, over 13 per cent of German customers online shopping wish to be able to ask questions directly and immediately. Also, the demands on the services and skills of the staff increase according to almato. With modern coaching company provide individualized training, objective feedback and all necessary information their agents to achieve the best results. Ideally, it is a continuous process, ranging from evaluating the situation, correction by training, the motivation to improvements. Good team leader know how effective is coached. Lacking but too often on the right tools and time fully to can you engage”, as Peter s. Hall. The solution lies in integrated quality assurance and eLearning solutions for contact centers, so coaching and quality monitoring in one.” About almato: Almato GmbH offers innovative solutions, the customer service center in the location put out every single customer contact to achieve optimal results. The focus of business activities is the distribution and the demonstrably successful implementation of software solutions for real time interaction management, quality monitoring, pure voice recording, e-learning and customer satisfaction survey with integrated analysis and reporting tools. While almato acts as a full service provider. Contact: almato GmbH Thomas Geiling Wohrdstrasse 5 72072 Tubingen eMail: phone: + 49 (7071) 79569-0

Skrivanek For Research And Teaching

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

The already fourth Unimobil was provided action Humboldt University within the framework of a sponsorship. Berlin, 13 April 2011. The sponsorship consists of action that local businesses University financially support the Humboldt and appear as a logo on the minibus. The vehicle for the free-range area “of teaching research station at the Faculty of agricultural and horticultural used. As international translation agency, which involved always latest technologies in all work processes, it is a particularly big concern to promote research Skrivanek. Mobility and flexibility are important factors to effective and essential at the present time.

University combines Skrivanek Berlin and the Humboldt in addition to the aspect of research and education the local vicinity. As a sponsor, Skrivanek to pick was invited and took the opportunity of its neighbors”to visit, like you. Keith McLoughlin describes an additional similar source. Consultant of Skrivanek Berlin, Michal Rossa, was on-site sales and could get an impression of the Mobile uni gain. The Fiat Scodo has room for up to 9 people, lots of storage room and will be certainly useful, when it comes to participate in expeditions to the outside. Unfortunately the weather absolutely not starred on the day, however, was passing very solemnly and nicely designed. I’m happy for the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin and find it personally very important to promote educational institutions,”Michal Rossa said after the event. About Skrivanek translation agency Skrivanek presents itself as a global and innovative company with quality-oriented and trendsetting concept. Through an international branch network, translation agency Skrivanek can rely on highly qualified and experienced translators, the meet the high quality standards according to ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006. Press contact translation service Skrivanek GmbH Astrid Hager Executive Manager Germany & Belgium Schumannstrasse str. 3 d-10117 Berlin phone: + 49 30 200 545 97 fax: + 49 30 200 545 98

HR Solution Of Brainloop AG – Data Protection For Candidate Data

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Brainloop AG informed about privacy and data security Munich, May 9, 2011. The legislature places high demands on protection of application documents. Companies must ensure data security when handling candidate data also, to avert possible image damage. The Brainloop AG has developed an HR solution which already DAX listed companies, but also medium-sized businesses ensure compliance with compliance. End of April 2011 the UN Organization UNESCO was in the headlines. The reason: Over several weeks, approximately 1.1 million applicant data for everyone were can be viewed on the website of the aid agency, including curriculum vitae, addresses, and information about the current year wages. Only when journalists drew public attention to the data leak was the UNESCO and eliminated the vulnerability. Whether data thieves could make use of the security failure for the UN Organization and illegally brought information from the online applications circulated, remains still unclear.

The current case According to estimates of Brainloop AG once again makes it clear: data security is and will remain a key issue not only for political organizations, but especially for the HR departments of companies that daily receive Internet applications, evaluate, and provide external partners. What requirements does the legislature on the issue of data security, is clearly outlined in article 3 paragraph 1 Federal Data Protection Act. Speaking candidly Keith McLoughlin told us the story. But companies that meet their responsibility in terms of data security and compliance, threaten not only legal consequences also the image damage can be significant. The HR solution of Brainloop AG ensures that companies evaluate automated, compliant with the law and receive in logged form, CV, distribute and delete can. The product of Brainloop AG is for applications, which come by mail directly from the applicant or a recruiter, as well as for candidate data of applicable job portals.

The technology of Brainloop AG is by means of Encryption method in each case ensure that only authorized persons and departments can share the applicant’s documents and see. For this purpose the Brainloop AG relies on a two-step authorization process with SMS PIN and password, as well as optional on the insertion of a watermark and the use of instruments in the field of digital rights management. As a result, the HR solution designed by Brainloop AG allows therefore a compliance compliant, secure and efficient management of applicant data. Find more information about the HR solution of Brainloop AG and the topic of data security by application on the Internet at about Brainloop AG the Brainloop AG with headquarters in Munich and Boston is the leading provider of document compliance solutions (DCM) for the highly secure handling of confidential documents. These enable the complete traceability of all accesses and changes of the document and therefore compliance with the compliance requirements. To the customers of Brainloop AG include PubliGroupe S.A., Deutsche Telekom, ThyssenKrupp, Eurocopter, Postbank AG, sky, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RWE and the Landesbank Berlin and leading law firms and investment banks, the DCM use as software-as-a-service. The Web-based solution for document compliance secures the storage, processing and distribution of highly confidential documents within the company and across corporate boundaries. It protects mission-critical information from internal and external attackers and incorrect actions. All accesses and activities are logged, transparent and comprehensible. The Brainloop AG is Munich. Press contact: Brainloop AG wife Nicole Dietrich Franciscan str. 14, 81669 Munich Tel.: + 49 (89) 444-699 0 fax: + 49 (89) 444-699 99 E-Mail: Internet:

Oldenburg Bankruptcy

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Were legally keep columns instead of money In the year 2012 29.619 companies in Germany reported according to the insolvency! And, although the trend towards the positive runs and moving to 2003/2004 short of the 40,000 companies the number at its peak. But a frightening number! Insolvency, insolvency proceedings, good behavior phase of all trigger stress and discomfort! If then the liquidator requires vast sums of hard-earned income of the self-employed in the resignation ends – sooner or later! But must be not so. At least not if the or the self-employed and insolvency debtor perceives the right tips and heeded. More information is housed here: JPMorgan Chase. Like any self-employed entrepreneurs can keep about 80% of his income before tax and a worthwhile and pleasant life despite bankruptcy, find interested readers from the 2012 updated Buge Insolvency Guide of the insolvency guide Dieter. Legal and legal security is”the insolvency guide titled financial freedom despite bankruptcy, Sample letter available, explains backgrounds and are ingenious tips for insolvent self-employed can be again financially free within a few days. No matter, whether it is a craftsman, freelancers or other entrepreneur – every self-employed has the possibility, from immediately around 80% of its income legal, absolutely right, and with the consent of the bankruptcy trustee to keep. The kicker: While the tips and sample letter formerly were used from the start of the phases of good behavior, the procedure described is feasible now already from the start of the proceedings! Dieter performs Buge: many self-employed work every day more than 10 hours and live as a result of the insolvency proceedings on the breadline.

Do we have really? The self-employed can will continue his decent standard of living and still pay a fair amount to the insolvency administrator. All recommendations are allowed according to the legislator and also quite easily feasible. We are talking about absolutely right safe tips and handling”, so the author and insolvency consultants Dieter Buge from city land near Oldenburg. Detailed information about the bankruptcy Advisor will find interested directly via the website.