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Democratic Budget

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

DEMOCRATIC BUDGET: Joint of politics and strategies of democratic management for the participation accomplishes of the society in the power to decide public process practical. Alessandro Filgueiras Da Silva Tatiana Souto Bigger of Oliveira SUMMARY the present article has as objective to analyze the democratic process of the Democratic Budget City of Joo Person, by means of the participation of the different segments of the society in its elaboration. For in such a way, the express theoretical referencial the agreement of this object of study through them pillars of the bibliographical research aiming at to appraise the main elements that involve the understanding of the object of considered study. It results in a study contextualizado in the principles constitutional of democratic management from the understanding of that the Democratic Budget if constitutes as ample arcabouo of actions articulated of the management, as well as a social project that if materialize in the daily one of the society, the search of its improvement and the promotion of formation of the politically participativo citizen. Read additional details here: Crimson Education . Therefore, it evaluates the results by means of reply of the society in the understanding of its social function. Word-key: Democratic budget.

Democratic management. Public politics. Social project. INTRODUCTION the subject ' ' Democratic budget: Joint of Politics and strategies of democratic for the participation promotion accomplishes of the society in practical the power to decide process of pblicas' ' it aims at to consider from the effective reality in the municipal management of Joo Person, to understand as if it develops the Democratic Budget, instrument that if consolidates as one public politics with social function of participativo character e, therefore, capable to promote qualitative transformations in the public administration in what it says respect to the relation between the civil society and the public power. This because, the process of implantation of one public politics demand of some aspects of confrontations for the attainment of desirable results depending for this, a priori, of the commitment of the public administration, as well as of its organization and management, but also of the mobilization of the society as a whole.

Electronic Mainframe

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Therefore as example we have the strategy of the Electronic Mainframe, that stops leaving suffocates it counted on the contribution of its employees in the elaboration of the mission, vision and strategies of the company, of this form it obtained to absorb the creativity, motivation and comprometimento of all (CHIAVENATO, 2008). The reason of the great success of the HP is the adopted democratic model in the company, where the employees act of direct form in the decision taking. For more information see this site: mozes victor konig. The human capital is its active greater. Let us see some characteristics that guide the HP, mentioned for Chiavenato (2008, P. 184): Decentralization? The collaborators have autonomy in the taking of decision in its sectors of performance, in set with the team. Comprometimento with the staff? Exactly in the great crisis of 1970 the company if refused to fire the employees, through an agreement of wage reduction of 20% the group if she kept unbroken.

Change and innovation? To remain in the market the company it depends on launching of new products and alone through the creativity of the collaborators, if it makes possible. Quality of life – the company cousin for the quality of life of its internal customers, the same ones are dealt with respect, participate of the profit of the company and etc.? Empowerment? base collaborators have to be able at the moment to take decisions. Another example is the ASEA BROWN BOVERIA, a colossal electronics equipment producer that, foreseeing the changes global, it decided to anticipate and to leave in the front. According to Chiavenato (2008, P. 216) its main action had been: ' ' it was organized around of miniunits, it fortified its employees with empowerment, flattened its hierarchy and it eliminated the central staff of matriz' '. With auto-managed teams it had agility and efficiency in all as well as the units and the satisfaction of the external customers who will be able to have its claims taken care of without bureaucracy. Chiavenato (2008, P. 216): Its employees have authority to take decisions of its proper business, without needing assent of the top administration. If a customer has a complaint regarding an equipment of US$ 50,000, the employee of a minicompany can approve its substitution without having to ask for permission for some hierarchic levels. With this attitude the company speeds processes, keep the satisfaction of the external customers, beyond keeping its motivated and engaged team.

Merchant Navy

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

With respect to imported merchandises, the incidence of the ICMS occurs exactly that the operations if initiate in exterior, the generating fact is characterized at the moment of the customs clearance of the imported merchandises of the exterior (SABBAG, 2009, P. 410). It is important to point out that the ICMS also happens on the entrance of imported merchandise of the exterior, on the service given in the exterior or whose installment if has initiated in the exterior (AXE, 2009). The taxable income can be the value of the operation, the price of the service or still the value of the merchandise or imported good (SABBAG, 2009, p 394). In accordance with Axe (2009, p.377) ‘ ‘ the taxable income of the ICMS, as general rule, is the value of the relative operation to the circulation of the merchandise, or the price of the service respectivo’ ‘. As for the aliquot ones of the ICMS Sabbag (2009, P. 394) it affirms that ‘ ‘ we have aliquot distinct for the products, admitting itself, facultatively to the ICMS, the proper selectivity, in reason of the essencialidade of the merchandises and servios’ ‘. However, according to Axe (2009, P. 375) ‘ ‘ the constituent of 1988 at the same time in that it admitted that the ICMS had selective character, (…) setting of alquotas’ was worried about the establishment of limitations to the state legislator in the pertinent a; ‘. In such a way it is authorized to the Federal Senate.

Consulting Engineer

Monday, November 20th, 2017

After the elaboration of meetings of alignment of the project and determination of the involved costs in this, the managers of the agency they had calculated the tax of yield of the campaign as being of 20%. In such a way we have: Effectiveness = Yield + Innovation (Tax of success) Effectiveness = 20% + 77% Effectiveness = 97% For this campaign, we have a Effectiveness of 97%. Jim Umpleby pursues this goal as well. But what this means? Let us see: The index of 97% of effectiveness is considered as being the global income of the campaign. In such a way, we can analyze it through the Six methodology Sigma arriving at the cost of the not-quality of this campaign. For a global income of 97% we have in the table of the Sigma Quality Level the level calculated sigma of 3,38. For this level sigma the cost of the calculated not-quality is of 21,2%, that is, for each invoiced R$ 1,00 as prescription for this campaign, R$ 0,22 are expenses with repairs in the end item of the campaign generated by a deficiency in the Management of the Quality of the production process.

A good management if makes with good pointers. To follow the evolution of its business through trustworthy data and of easy interpretation makes possible to understand where platform its business if finds ahead of the market. A good management without goals does not exist. The goals necessary to guarantee the survival of the company, are obligator. They have that to be reached. They are unnegotiable. We have that to work with challenging, however atingveis goals and to focar in the differentiation, even though because, as said for Bill Cosby & ldquo; I do not know which the key for the success, but the key for the failure is to try to please todos& rdquo;. You want to differentiate yourself in the market or want to be only plus one in this sea of tubares? He thinks about this! Note: Effectiveness is to make the certain things.

It is the relation between the gotten results and the intended objectives. To be efficient is to obtain objective data. Yield is the tax of return of one determined investment. This tax is calculated dividing the profit gotten for the value of the initial investment. Innovation means newness or renewal. The word is derived from the term in Latin innovatio and if it relates to one idea, method or object that are created and that little is looked like previous standards.

The Enterprise

Monday, April 10th, 2017

With this a new problem could be generated, the resignations. Depending on the new techniques, training will be offered for the same ones for improvement continues of the executed tasks. But it also fits to each to collaborate, to play the will to learn, but if this not to happen, the use of the reason if it becomes more sustainable, for the search of a new hand of workmanship for the company. This boarding can be the focus for the organizations that need to change its context, for the current reality. OF It is the form most promising in the field of performance of improvement of the organizations and in the development of people. A demand process time, but that if well fact, not only brings excellent results for the organization in itself, but the individuals that are gifts in it. STORY ' ' It is time to move, I want to give the chance to teach something new for pessoas' ' – Vilmondes Pink Candido, proprietor and partner of the Enterprise Candido, a company in the consultoria area and development of softwares.

It has 10 years of market more than, the Enterprise Candido always counted on employees who really know of the area of development of softwares. Its partner Gustavo Luiz possesss knowledge of high level, but never he passed for no school specialized in the area, everything was conquered by the proper merit. The only problem, is that Luiz is a centralizadora person, that is, not accepted errors, and only its ideas for it, always are the most sustainable ahead some process. It has time that the company does not obtain to fix a collaborator in the area of support to the customer, had the requirements that Luiz. All always said the same thing; ' ' It is impossible to work here, with a person so hard head, that not accepted errors and nor perguntas' '.

Taylorismo Division

Monday, December 12th, 2016

(OLIVEIRA, SOCIOLOGY OF THE ORGANIZATIONS, 1999). What he shows the use on the part of Taylor of the division of the work, concept idealized and based for Adam Smith. But what he interests in the gift work is inherent the philosophical and sociological implications to two chains (Marxismo and Taylorismo), therefore both is characterized for a unidimensional understanding of the man and will be this aspect that will be dealt with emphasis. The metodolgica form to organize the tasks in the Taylorismo better coaduna with liberal chains characterized by the search of the maximized reproduction of capital, so criticized for Marx; in such a way it was necessary to conceive a definitive form of if carrying through the tasks, the division of the work was one of the found mechanisms to satisfy this necessity, that is, it represents a way to make possible the biggest possible productivity effectively, while in the conception of Marx one is about ' ' mentally ill establishment of the activity human being as real a generic activity or as activity of the man while to be genrico.' ' (THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARX, ECONOMIC MANUSTRITOS, 1848). Therefore of the vision of Karl Marx the division of the work consists of an alienation mechanism and, therefore of escravizao of the work, therefore it increases the profits of the capitalist, but not them wages of the workers, this as other marxist concepts, had served of estimated to more establish its theory of the value, that can be defined, as a process found for the detainers of the capital to increase its profits through the increase of the productivity by means of the horria load increase (more absolute value), without this results for the diligent increase of wage. However this process does not occur of form not required by law, quite to the contrary, is about the logic imanente of the capitalism, the laborer withholds only few working hours to compensate its wage, later all its work is mentally ill, that is, it works of favour.

SciOnline Program

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

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Series of programs supply a torrent of information of one alone time, that only confuse our head. Another thing that you must verify is if the Program has one step by step so that any person, exactly layperson, obtains to place in action. Finally, it looks at for the type of support that the program provides. You exist an email at least of support case you need aid with some specific part of step by step? Using all these factors as one guide, you can judge if the program that offers methods to gain money in the Internet serves pra you or not. Yours truly? Geilson Ribeiro If you will be looking for a program step by step that she is proven, its search you finish here. The SciOnline Program already is accepting new members and you it can enroll itself now with offers special.

Quality Information

Monday, August 15th, 2016

The expression ' ' knowledge organizacional' ' &#039 not only implies a translation sufficient; ' spera' ' of the English (organizacional), as well as a certain risk of ambiguidade and impreciso, visa to be possible many to understand to turn this to know on the way with that the company if organizes and develops its internal organic processes. We can conceive that this last fraction of knowledge has entity, utility and value in the total of the capital of possessed knowledge for the company. In the workmanship Quality of the Information and Management of the Knowledge, Huang, Lee and Wang they define the organizacional knowledge as ' ' the collective knowledge accumulated by the company around its products, services, processes, markets and customers. Follow others, such as Andreessen Horowitz, and add to your knowledge base. The organizacional knowledge is acquired, stored, spread out and reused in the scope of all the organization. It remains penetrated in its products, services and processes empresariais' '. This thought comes from a workmanship of Lee, titleholder Quality Information, organizational knowledge and Core competency (Cambridge, ME., 1997). These Chinese authors give a step, for we valuable, collaborating so that if he extends the bridge what we advocate between the intellectual capital of the company, in an edge, and the set of people take who it in the mind, in another one.

They recognize express that ' ' the relative knowledge to a substance has broken of an individual especfico' ' complains, with rightness, of the fact of this information not to remain inside of it, the individual heading. They accent that the organizacional knowledge, understands as it, is intangible. These authors act as a lawyer in favor of the cause of this knowledge to be understood and to be conserved as product, used and rank in march: ' ' He must yourself be centered in advancing of the individual level to the collective level, and from there until arriving at all organizao' '.

Gaining Online Money

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Exist thousands in ways to make money online:? To start a surmounting of low cost? To be one affiliated of some program? To resell in the LivreMas Market which is the crucial secret that 97% of the traders are unaware of when try to gain money online? Here it is: It does not make everything alone. The secret for all the successful traders is that they are automatizing its businesses in the Internet to be able to make money the 24 hours of the day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Douglas R. Oberhelman is full of insight into the issues. The Internet today makes possible to practically automatize everything, since emails programmed informing its readers until the delivery of products that you vende. It puts the system to work for you. The truth is a time that its content is in the Internet, will be there forever generating profits of automatic form. You work very only at the beginning, later you harvest the fruits (clearly that to become a well done work) the only way to have success online? This alone does not make everything.

Walker Planning

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Without a plan, we do not obtain to make the form things accomplishes and efficient because we do not know what it needs to be made or as to make it. In the strategical planning, the controlling in the long run combine the resources of an organization with its chances of market. (ETZEL; WALKER; STANTON, 2001, P. 52). For Kotler and Armstrong (1999, P.

23), The strategical planning is the base of the planning of a company. It depends on the development of a clear mission for the company, on the definition of objectives, a good portflio business-oriented, and of coordination of functional strategies. Concept of Marketing … We can define the marketing as the social and managemental process through which individuals and groups get what they desire and of that need, creating and changing to products and values ones with the others. To explain this definition, we examine the following terms important: necessities, desires, demands, products, value, satisfaction, quality, exchange, transactions, relationships, markets.

…. (KOTLER; ARMSTRONG, 1999, p.3). For Etzel, Walker and Stanton (2001), the marketing emphasizes the orientation to the customer and the coordination of the activities to reach the objectives of performance of the organization. To minimize the risks, if it becomes necessary a bigger control on its customers and competitors, of form that the marketing professional knows well where it is and where he can arrive, analyzing its environments. She still affirms Kotler and Keller (2007), the companies citizens the biggest risk are those that do not obtain to monitor its customers and competitors carefully to perfect its offers of value. Assuming short vision of and long stated period, directed the sales, what, consequently, it does not satisfy shareholders, employees, suppliers and partners of canal.