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Without a plan, we do not obtain to make the form things accomplishes and efficient because we do not know what it needs to be made or as to make it. In the strategical planning, the controlling in the long run combine the resources of an organization with its chances of market. (ETZEL; WALKER; STANTON, 2001, P. 52). For Kotler and Armstrong (1999, P.

23), The strategical planning is the base of the planning of a company. It depends on the development of a clear mission for the company, on the definition of objectives, a good portflio business-oriented, and of coordination of functional strategies. Concept of Marketing … We can define the marketing as the social and managemental process through which individuals and groups get what they desire and of that need, creating and changing to products and values ones with the others. To explain this definition, we examine the following terms important: necessities, desires, demands, products, value, satisfaction, quality, exchange, transactions, relationships, markets.

…. (KOTLER; ARMSTRONG, 1999, p.3). For Etzel, Walker and Stanton (2001), the marketing emphasizes the orientation to the customer and the coordination of the activities to reach the objectives of performance of the organization. To minimize the risks, if it becomes necessary a bigger control on its customers and competitors, of form that the marketing professional knows well where it is and where he can arrive, analyzing its environments. She still affirms Kotler and Keller (2007), the companies citizens the biggest risk are those that do not obtain to monitor its customers and competitors carefully to perfect its offers of value. Assuming short vision of and long stated period, directed the sales, what, consequently, it does not satisfy shareholders, employees, suppliers and partners of canal.

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