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Corporate Strategy

Friday, December 27th, 2019

One step on the way to the customer-focused leadership only who rolls much, even six rolls at the end. This quip is worth especially in challenging times of gold. For now, any idea which can help to secure tabs, is urgently needed. If you want however entrepreneurial acting employees must bring first this to entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Tell me and I’ll forget it. Show it to me and I will remember.

Let me participate and I will understand it. \”This is a wisdom of the Chinese philosopher of Confucius from the fifth century before Christ. Her Sonntagsgesicht, then nod the Manager wearing all well-behaved and hard-working. Sure, they have also heard that: from affected stakeholders make old-hat. But hardly is Monday, is again diligently instructed and controlled. Withdrawn requirements are from the very top down dictated media management (and ensure that it is implemented as well!\”) and passed through from there to the employees.

Discussion futile. Or even worse: the Chief allied themselves with his employees against the Executive floor (I was also against it, but who wanted that so.\”). And what do the Arbeitssoziologe Rudolf Schmidt? To identify themselves, this one has not even laid down, something is almost impossible.\” From affected stakeholders do who want entrepreneurial action by employees, must introduce them to entrepreneurship. This strategic background, business results and above all success as transparent as possible to all employees should be communicated. Only a few highly strategic information, the so-called Crown jewels, reserved with the leadership circle. Not knowing the purpose, the demotivated. Driving motivation, however, arises in particular, when results are made quickly visible. To illustrate this with an example of the bestselling author Ken Blanchard: imagine, you go to bowling. The ball is rolling, but depends on a cloth before the cones set up. Listen while cone fall, but the better, increasing their job satisfaction, they show more willingness to take responsibility and get better results.

The Betriebssicherheitsverordnung

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

The safety regulations and machinery directive in chemical and pharmaceutical equipment Haus der Technik seminar in Essen on 18-19 February 2010 is especially on intersections of the rule works managers, employees, and also competent persons are confronted with occupational safety and health significantly. But the points of intersection to the machinery directive, which supposedly only applies to machine builders, this often overlooked. On the basis of these connections may cause, that despite intense commitment the operation does not meet the statutory requirements, because fast a chemical plant is also a mechanical engineer. The Haus der Technik in Essen offers therefore for the first time on 18-19 February 2010 a seminar the safety regulations and machinery directive in chemical and pharmaceutical equipment “. Widely applied in this seminar discusses intersections and gearing between operating safety regulation, machinery directive and VAwS and gives a first overview. Managers, operational, and project engineers it aims, but the relationship between BetrSichV a first overview of interested employees, MaschRL and VAwS and highlighting ways to give practical to implement requirements.

Amtsgericht Wuppertal HRB

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Dashofer conquered the continuing education market with a new series of training for supervisors and managers in distribution and sales. Dates in Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. Hamburg, Wuppertal 18.04.2011 – target agreement discussions are increasingly complex, employees of increasingly demanding objectives always distant, environment and the future always uneinschatzbarer. In the Middle, and between the demands from all sides: the Chief. The new series of the Dashofer leadership strength training offers now comprehensive support supervisor. Learn more on the subject from Dermot McCormack. Objectives is a true masterpiece. In the target conversation, superior opposing interests should bring to a common denominator and meet challenging targets.

To appreciative feedback, evaluate behavior objectively, promote services, consensus, create commitment with the goals and commitment to the company. To perform this feat, they are rarely sufficiently trained and trained. In this gap, Dashofer meets with his new offer on leadership training. These are not about only junior executives. The evolving framework for goals and targets the methods Checkup even for seasoned executives make attractive: sales executives who want to make full sales and sales potential of their employees with targets to develop.

Dashofer won this with Gunther Wolf the leading experts of target agreement systems. Andreessen Horowitz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Globally operating corporations as well as the German medium-sized businesses belong to the regular customers of the popular textbook author. The Executive coach developed examples of how targets are formulated properly and pattern for clear targets with the supervisor. It helps to develop their own templates for objective appraisals and conveys effective methods executives psychologically cleverly make even difficult conversations. Because target agreements allow the powerful control of the distribution channels and Sales channels, the lag-free product line and product control and focused targeting strategically relevant customer groups. Target agreements allow the alignment of sales activities of employees in marketing and sales, call center and service, Office and sales. Targets are an important instrument of sustainable sales management. Specific goals for teams and lone transparency and lead to an improvement in employee satisfaction and work environment. Systematic and structured target agreement discussions fulfill an important leadership and motivation function: successful executives take advantage of year target discussions to set a clear framework for action to their employees. With the help of targets is clear and understandable for each sales representative, which competence, behaviour, performance and earnings requirements are now imposed on him. Dates: Hamburg: 04.07.2011 Berlin: 05.07.2011 Munich: 01.08.2011 Dusseldorf: 08.08.2011 material: picture material: seminar information and registration: Seminardetails/F%C3%BChren-mit-Zielvereinbarungen-in-Vertrieb-und-Verkauf/ participating companies: the Wolf I.O. Group GmbH with its headquarters in the Villa of Angel in the historical centre of Wuppertal is the umbrella for specialized divisions. We offer highly professional solutions to increase performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of companies and organizations. We have consistently aligned us oriented to target groups and customers, and structured. provides the WOLF management consulting services for Board members, Managing Director and owner primarily. The consultation focuses on the development and implementation of strategies and objectives, as well as on the sustainable control of performance and efficiency of the company. Dashofer offers current and legally secure trade information to different areas: law, tax, management, corporate governance, human resources and real estate. Our It aims to provide the necessary expertise for qualified business decisions of your company. contact for press / media: Ann k. Klein, 0202/4796290, WOLF I.O. GROUP Ltd. Angel str. 6 42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202 / 47 96 29-0 fax: + 49 (0) 202 / 47 96 29-29 E-mail: management: degree in business administration (FH) Yvonne Wolf, commercial register: 22341, Amtsgericht Wuppertal HRB

Weekend Jobs Selection

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Weekend jobs are target of numerous people, especially in terrible age when there is unemployment and underemployment in the United Kingdom. Weekend jobs, in the recent years, are important more than ever against the spectrum of sky-rocketing market price, large scale unemployment and unprecedented underemployment prevailing in United Kingdom. It is not that weekend jobs are not available. In most of the cases, the job-seekers secure low – jobs and accept wage unfavorable terms and conditions. It is possible to try for some jobs which will not deprive a worker or to employee of his fun of life. Option one: Small things are not to be ignored always.

Young vendors are Lakes of in the crowded sports complex requesting the audience to have a button of the popcorn, candy or peanuts which the vendors have with them for sale. They watch the game and encourage their favorite side during the gap created by them when they go on selling. It is really a good commission that they earn to the close of the day. Is this not a good option as one of the weekend jobs? Option two: Commission should encourage anyone. He can select a shop, be it of cosmetics, and be it of clothes. He can have pleasure as a salesperson attending customers at a counter of any shop. Ben Horowitz often says this. He is fortunate to meet so many buyers. On the other hand, the commission is not funny.

Of course, it depends on his capacity of winning the heart of the customers. Yes, this is his capital, a never-ending capital no doubt. There is every possibility to attend the same child of people if he quits one shop and joins another. Hey have some worth to shape the things in his want to favor. Option three: Music bands or theatre groups require stage hands whenever they organize any program for stage performance. These programs are held generally during the weekends. Anyone can contact them and prepare the stage as he wants to be directed. He will not be asked to buy a ticket to enjoy the musical performance. This is free for him. On the other hand, he as a stage hand wants to be paid for his services. There are many options for weekend jobs. The choice depends on the individual who is looking for a weekend job. Michael Smith is author of weekend job ideas.For more information about part time weekend jobs, weekend jobs for teenagers visit

Electrician For Specified Activities

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

The training to become an electrician consists of many complex topics that have designed this profession into one of the most versatile craft. However, there are many electrical work, including not this complete training and knowledge in the appropriate area are mandatory and must be present. The kitchen fitter, which is hundreds of times on jammed in its activities the oven cable to the junction box, must not be able to wire a meter Cabinet. Therefore, the training to the electrician was created for specified activities, as well as the responsible qualified electrician. What topics can this training include? One of these areas is the kitchen fitters who can connect with this training tops, lighting or a tankless water heater. Each connection is the limit of its performance range.

The same refers to roller shutter Builder and installers of automatic doors etc. that perform only the power connection and the control part. Heating and ventilation engineers, fitters of Photovoltaic systems, as well as water supply technicians may connect their centres and control components. What advantages to the concerned companies? To keep the kitchen fitters as an example, this connection work mean about 5 percent of its work. He is an accomplished furniture assembler in 95 percent of his work time. It would be economically not make sense to set a professional electrician for the connections which could do only work during the remaining time. The set electrician training therefore saves costs and increases operating profit. Who offers these courses? This education is governed by the accident prevention regulations BGV A3 and must be carried out by certified educational institutions. These include the technical monitoring Association, numerous inter-company educational institutions of the qualifications of adults, the Chambers of Commerce and others. Concludes with a test, which is based on the certificate.

Melina Alexa

Friday, September 8th, 2017

In addition to the benefits of K4 as parallel editing of text and layout, the structure of editorial processes, a precise versioning and the “Central right roles assignment, the Duden corrector a further big relief for every editor in K4 represents no matter whether an article for print or online, a magazine, a newspaper, a book or a business publication is intended.” In hectic editing everyday, with a large mass of writing and editing texts, even into doubt also true professionals and enjoy a reliable spelling. This is especially true if the texts go through different stages and hands, until they are released for publication. Such a multi-level procedure is common in most of the publishers and editors. “The compatibility of the two applications allows in the future all K4 users, the power spectrum of the Duden corrector” for use during the entire workflow for the quality of their publications. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ben Horowitz. With this strategic partnership we are the objective of creating uniform spelling and grammar standards in the German magazines and publishing industry significant step closer”, so Dr. Melina Alexa, publishing Director in the Duden Publishing House. “The inspection services of the Duden corrector” reflect the current state of the technical possibilities and include the spell checker in addition a comprehensive grammar and a fully automatic hyphenation with four cutting styles that are individually adjustable for paragraphs and paragraph styles. In addition the user between five different test styles can (progressive, conservative, tolerant, Duden recommendations and press) select and thus exclude different spellings in the same publication to confuse the reader. Andreessen Horowitz insists that this is the case.

The range is rounded off by the support of three language versions (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) and the use by user, exception, and Department dictionaries. So the sources of error and the correction effort can be easily minimized. Both companies present their product innovations also at the IFRA Expo 2009 in Vienna. . Kevin Johnson is often quoted on this topic.

Managing Director

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Munich, 09.08.2010 – for its online counselling studilux looking for sponsors, who support a funding of professional expertise. Sponsors are given the opportunity in the context of the large consultation ‘ position and carefully targeted to address students and high school graduates. With its large office hours ‘ studilux picked up the consulting needs of graduates and students and created a central online platform for educational issues of any kind. To ensure the quality of our portal even with increasing frequency, we are looking for education sponsors”, explains Benjamin Breuer, Managing Director of studilux the possibility of companies to position themselves in the portal. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Electrolux. Because the unique project in the Internet enjoys increasing popularity, assuming the chance to ask individual questions online in many cases. Such as E.g. the possibilities of individual study financing questions in detail. Especially in complex financial topics, such as Livelihoods of students and their legal status require many visitors information and assistance.

For the approximately 40 questions that every day a spin at studilux, subject matter experts are available to ensure a timely assistance. Particularly pleased we have of course the positive feedback from users, to represent a valuable source of information with our detailed answers and to tell us about the promise,”, says Breuer. Companies with an interest in the audience may get acquainted with this, by advocating for their interests and allow a comprehensive counselling. A company supports the fee-based questions, the company logo, as well as a brief profile of the company appear on the sponsored advice page. Also on the home page of the studilux website is pointed out with a logo on the Bildungsfinanzierer. In addition to the precise speech of students and graduates studilux opportunity for future professionals without sponsors Known scattering losses. The questions to sponsernden can be purchased in different sized packages. Allows for the funding of 5,000 questions studilux a small number of selected sponsors a special status, which is rewarded with a banner on the home page. For more information, see sponsoring.html.

Bavarian Company

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Training Regensburg magazine of the Telis Finanz AG Regensburg might be although no world famous Bavarian city, as around Munich, but in Germany knows and appreciates them the very. For one, it’s the flair due to the picturesque old town as well as its culinary and cultural offer. Although the students dominate the cityscape and the night life, but Regensburg offers many incentives for professionals. In addition to good colleges and schools, Regensburg is also a sought-after training place. For many young professionals, the training of Regensburg makes the perfect city.

This is especially well-known companies that have acquired a great reputation as an instructor over the years. The Telis Finanz AG, a successful financial services company, is undoubtedly among the leading trainers in Regensburg. Examples and carefully a training program was developed there, which is traversed in the headquarters of the company. The in-house Academy ensures that the trainees learn the latest technologies and modern methods by experts and in the ongoing Operation can implement. The various offers and activities of the Academy are documented in the magazine of the Telis Finanz AG.

The magazine can be read for free on the Internet. There are also all the news affecting the company, such as personal information, projects and activities outside the financial sector, such as, for example, social commitment. Through interviews and in-depth reports, corporate philosophy and personnel policy will be transparent. Will determine the time documented that the Telis emphasizes financial a long cooperation and therefore also willingly invested in staff and their qualifications. This policy pays off and therefore it is not surprising also that the company was awarded many times.

Institute Module

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

In the ifsm training ‘Principle of minimal guidance’ leaders learn to achieve more effect with less effort. “How I should deal with it all?” How should I meet all the requirements imposed on me? ” One hears such complaints often of (prospective) managers specially in the infamous sandwich position”in the company. One reason for this is: you put in their work often the wrong priorities. They use too much time on tasks while they neglect their command and control tasks. As they have more effect, without personally work out to, experienced leaders in a training, launching the ifsm Institute for sale management, Urbar in March 2012. The in-service training, which spans a period of eight months, consists of three three-day seminar and training modules.

The first module is available under the heading the Executive: basics to the Self management”. In it reflect the participants including the understanding of their leadership and their central tasks as a leader. In addition they deal intensively with the different styles of leadership. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jonas Samuelson and gain more knowledge.. “Another core theme of the first module is: how to organize and I structured my workday as a leader so that I no medium or long term to burn out” can achieve the required results? “The second module with the title of the dialogue with the staff” revolves around the question: How can managers ensure that their employees are getting better and so increasingly they relieve? Now, the participants learn the golden rules of the delegation. You train staff talks also to demonstrate that their embassies at the arrive and show the desired effect. Another focus is to give the employees a positive or negative feedback about their performance.

Discussed is also the unofficial talks in everyday work with the Are employees for leadership success. The title of the third module is the team”. Now, the participating leaders learn to stimulate group dynamic processes and accompany. Also, they practice with teams to agree on targets and to transfer these tasks. Training (critical) feedback to teams in review talks and specifically from routines to pull them, to initiate change processes is also. “The training principle of minimal guidance” is directed by ifsm Managing Director Klaus Kissel, who is also author of the book. 3360 euros in participation in further education (+ VAT).For more information about the training at. You can also contact the ifsm sale Management Institute (Tel: 0261 / 962 3641;) E-Mail:). Ifsm also three-day compact seminars on principle of minimum management offers the training”on.

Undergraduate Economics

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Here you will find helpful information about the business psychology Bachelor’s degree, its history and curriculum. How do I move users to access, instead of buying the competitor’s product to my product? A display must be designed so that a magazine reader perceives it, and remembers the content. How to lead through an assessment Center and how does the recruitment? In what form of organization work together people prefer and best? Those who are interested in such questions, which should be the Bachelor degree economics psychology look at. He was a combination of Economics and psychology and is today one of the most popular interdisciplinary courses in Germany. In the following we would give, in cooperation with the economic psychology course portal, an overview of the entire program and especially the economic psychology Bachelor. History of the (economic psychology) Bachelors first approaches of an economic research point of view in the Psychology appeared already in Germany in the year 1912 with Hugo Madrigal.

In den1980er years the science was then developed and dealt it to explain human economic behavior and to predict. The economic psychology then first existed as a main subject in the psychology degree. This focus was and is only offered at universities. More information is housed here: Jonas Samuelson. To universities of applied sciences, who conducted the diploma-economic psychology as an independent study courses were in the course of time. Since the year 2000 were then in the Bologna reform changed the post-graduate courses on the bipartite Bachelor-master system and consequently the economic psychology introduced Bachelor. Today there are the Undergraduate Economics psychology Bachelor’s degree program at 15 colleges and universities, to come the numerous focus choices in the study of psychology. As the name implies, curriculum in the economic psychology Bachelor program business psychology combines economics with the Psychology.

The psychology is alone considered the doctrine of human behavior and experience and Economics focuses on the structure, process and target the economy. You combine these two fields to get the degree of economic psychology, which is concerned with the experience of people in organizations. What does this mean for the content of teaching in the economic psychology Bachelor’s degree? The students learn classical psychological knowledge as E.g. Social Psychology”and also cross-cutting knowledge. While the psychology student learns how to treat, for example, a neurosis, student, how to recognize the Burnout Syndrome and what measures for those concerned to initiate are learned in economic psychology. In contrast to the psychologist he is healing but not themselves”active. Furthermore to the economic psychology Bachelor’s knowledge in the area of business administration and economics teacher taught. In addition, also subjects such as marketing and human resources management in the lecture plan are included. Most Business psychology Bachelor’s courses have in the course of the study three areas to choose from: marketing & advertising psychology, organizational psychology and human resource management/personnel psychology. There is more information on the course In the Internet numerous portals on which to share courses on business psychology Bachelor and master. The course portal at is probably the most comprehensive.