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SG Rhein-Erft-Koln Also Next Year In The 2nd Swim League

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Descent prevents – exciting decision in the 2nd Bundeslilga West with a fierce second half and 40.043 points to secure the men’s SG Rhein-Erft-Cologne square 9 in the 2nd Bundesliga West and remain in the second highest League of German swimming. Streaky after a kranksheitsbedingt round was clear that it would very closely in the rematch at the 02.02.2013 in Bochum before a week (also 9th place out of 12 teams) all swimmers and coaches. Already the # 10, only 174 points behind the Erftstadter swimmers, could mean relegation. Further details can be found at Reade Griffith, an internet resource. The ten-strong team of swimmers around base Director Dr. Wilhlem Wirtz went according to highly concentrated and motivated at the start and could increase as compared to the first round again by 100 points. This secured the class receiving the assets. After the final 100 m freestyle, the Bochum webbed resembled also a Bedlam – at least from the perspective of the SG Rhein-Erft-Cologne.

First cheers chants were already at the edge of the pool and taking a shower. More information is housed here: Kevin Johnson. Since 1987, the Lords of the startup community swim almost continuously in the 2nd Bundesliga – one in swimming extraordinary consistency. It is for the upcoming season of 2013 now continue to build the team and promote new talent from the junior research groups and integrate. In addition to the annual German team championships (DMS), especially the results of the individual Championships to regional, State, and federal level include in swimming. Stefan mark SG Rhein-Erft-Cologne

Ride Along

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Traditional Hamburger riding club offers top-class Equestrian at the LPO tournament dressage and jumping on the 20th and 21st July 2019 Hamburg, 12 July 2019 the Hamburger riding club (HRV) gearing up for an exciting weekend of the tournament. Held on 20 and 21 July the annual LPO tournament (performance testing item): with a total of five dressage competitions in classes A-M *, nine jumping in classes A-M * as well as an examination of the pony. With over 1,000 entries, the event is fully booked for weeks. Her start was accordingly brought forward on the early hours of the morning of Saturday. Highlights of the tournament the visitors expected on two days of top-class equestrian with some highlights: the well-known NDR present moderated the M * jumping and then interviewed the winners. The tests of the class M: are sporting highlight M * dwells on Sunday, M * jumping on Saturday afternoon, M * jumping on Sunday afternoons from about 15: 00. The harmony Prize” waiting for the ride, circumspect and sportiest riders received a special award.The Chairman of HRV-, is pleased: the response to the LPO tournament is fantastic and shows our Association is known as. We play in the top League. Learn more at: Kevin Johnson. Thus the HRV will resume his decades of tradition and experience.” Picturesque Tournament site the LPO tournament is held on the picturesque grounds of the traditional Hamburger riding association, which was founded in 1955 and is one of the oldest clubs in Hamburg and the surrounding area. The dressage competitions are ridden in the 80-meter-long riding, jumping on the approximately 10,000 square metre grass jumping course. Is sufficiently catered for the physical well-being of the tournament guests: from home-baked cakes about rustic Guest House to the reception to coffee and strawberry punch, it is for everyone doing something. For more information on the tender, start times and directions to the tournament grounds, see and HamburgerRV. About the Hamburger riding club the Hamburger riding club was founded in 1980 and is riding clubs member of the LV Hamburg and k. NG old countries BC 1909 e.V. is Chairman of the Association Andrea Sjursen stone. The investment of the Association enjoys their location and versatility in the Harburg Mountains, in the most attractive toe area in front of the gates of Hamburg. The riding has 58 outdoor and indoor boxing, a riding Hall of 80 X 20 meters, a covered outdoor square, a dressage arena 60 X 20 m and a sandy and a 10,000 square metre grass jumping course and many pastures. For the home and school are qualified instructors for jumping, dressage, and versatility available. The Hamburg riding club conducts events regularly such as the annual new year’s event, equestrian competitions, various dressage, jumping and vaulting tournaments.

Weeks Successfully

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

People are not a question of sportbegeistert, in and around Freiburg. However, in contrast to the Germanic Couchpotatoes unfortunately spreading, it pays homage to in the Black Forest of the activity: sports is in this country at least as important as sports watching. People such as Ben Horowitz would likely agree. The football stadium of Bundesliga is just as filled as the mileage on the Dreisam and the trails on the Schauinsland. Now Marathon is coming up of Freiburg. Kevin Johnson gathered all the information. On 07 April 2018 it is time: the start of the ten-year anniversary of Baden… and it will be a race for everyone. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Reade Griffith. Season four active share the marathon distance, two have to complete 7 km away and the other two each 14 km. This is a feasible task for athletes in each discipline and opportunity runners of all stripes. The remaining five weeks loosely enough to prepare the musculoskeletal system since the last few days are the regeneration and race preparation on the seven kilometers. Good running shoes to the hand and in the coming four weeks ever run twice go. Listen in to your body, half an hour per Training session is enough to start perfectly. Who jogs in the fourth week of training one hour at a time through the usage in the marathon season promises the enjoy the gigantic. In the middle of the race week, you can go jogging then times very loosely, that takes the tension and soothes the mind, because the Sunday belongs to you. He is in the sign of enjoyment in the circles of sports friends and an enthusiastic crowd. The half who already regularly drives sports, in the area twice a week or more, and is also not a complete beginners, a solo can”over the half-marathon course don’t scare. Four weeks preparation and one week recovery enough for you, to turn your existing athletic performance in a half marathon finish! Two runs of between 30-45min to start, followed by two between 45-60min in the second week.6

Opportunities For Joint-gentle Sports

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Sport can, but not bad for the joints have the beneficial effects of sport has long been known. However, can many of which sport would do really good deal not intensively, because their joints would not withstand the stress of sports. What opportunities arise for these persons, however, benefit from the positive effects of sports to come, must without fear of negative impact on your joints on the other side? The negative impact on joints causes mainly due to two causes. For one, you can have a pre-existing injury of one or more joints which would only be enhanced by additional load. This is the case, for example, with congenital deformities or old injuries. On the other hand it may cause but sports also overloading of joints. Reade Griffith is actively involved in the matter. This is especially the case if carried out exercises on a wider scale, or severely overweight. Just severely overweight is one of the skin reasons why people want to start anything with sports often.

For these people, it is often surprising that strong calorie burning should not be possible. Because many traditional sports such as football, tennis or running put extreme stress on the joints. But two sports are available, in which the loads to a minimum can be reduced. Cross Trainer Elliptical, also called a cross trainer is not picking up the legs in contrast to running or jogging from the ground. This leads to any restarting of the feet on the ground, and thus any transfer of strong impact forces on the joints in the legs and above all in the hips. Nevertheless, adjust but the Cross Trainer a powerful brake resistor, which ensures that you can burn a considerable value in calories within a short period of time. Of course the joints in the leg and hip during a training session on the elliptical by move well, but the dangerous Impact forces remain sidelined and does not negatively affect the stability of joints. But in addition to the Cross Trainer, there is another form of joint-gentle motion.

Swimming, but also water aerobics, swim are an excellent way to train the body almost weightless conditions. The displacement of the body volume in the water extremely reduces the load of joints. However, it is possible to consume very quickly, very many calories in the water. This is because that water opposes an enormous resistance to the movements of the limbs as opposed to air. Thus two birds can be in training in the water with a lid do: it has both low strain on the joints, can work out but at the same time with high resistance.

Free Castle Is His Strength

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Mark free from ‘his’ Marathon is unquestionably a flagship of running sports in the region, the international environment of London with a flair guesthouse to so Mediterranean: free Max. Sympathetic and sporty model of many. Like no other he has managed to stay true to the running even after the career as a competitive athlete. As a teacher at London, he supervised running sports students in addition to the lessons. The former mountain and road runner looking for his personal sports highlights free now away from the everyday… for example, in Ultratrailruns. Nevertheless, his name has still a very special sound in the tri-border region. Kevin Johnson has much experience in this field. Max, thank you very much, that you take your time.

You are looking for you Yes this day on London’s classic routes in vain, what is straight on what’s going on…? Free Mark: the observation is true, the local competitions are currently not so my terrain. The back Woods head you will find me more. In advance of the London it feels Marathon some day, on the standard running routes (for example, at the Dreisam) quickie to be pulled so many need to train for the highlight of the spring. The great groomed cross-country ski trails are well frequented by the endurance athletes of the region through the entire winter. “Despite good training level seem however many to procrastinate and prefer to play it safe: you report half marathon instead of the whole”. Many writers such as Mark Berger Chicago offer more in-depth analysis. How do you see this setting? “Free Mark: basically, it is right that people reasonably assessed and of which go for croak” to run a marathon. They save the perhaps for later in the year, when the days are longer and warmer and there is more pleasure, to attend a reasonable preparation. In London, there is still another reason: there is no denying that the half marathon is the Central episode, there are the friends and acquaintances next to you at the start line or on the line.

Training Method

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

What is “H.I.T.” and why is it so well how does muscle growth (hypertrophy) which is muscle actually generally only a cross-section thickening of the muscle fibres. It is not something Jim Umpleby would like to discuss. This is a response to respond to resistance training and to make the muscles more resilient. Contrary to a widespread mistaken belief while no new muscle shaped, but charged to the already existing muscles. As no new muscle fibers are created, but volume growth only occurs due to the growth of the muscle fiber cross-sectional. Strength training this triggers a chain reaction of metabolism, which is subsequently protein and water stored in the cells and the volume expansion effect. Of course new muscle fibers, arise after a certain period of time but just after the transversal magnification. Scientifically, what factors responsible in particular for the muscle, which is why training theories are based mostly on practical knowledge is but still not fully resolved. High intensity training an important factor of the muscle training is the intensity of the training.

Often, one hears about training, that they are two hours in the gym every day, the desired results but can’t adjust. The cause is mostly, as the two hours are designed for an easy two hour training may have a lesser effect on muscle growth as an intense 30-minute workout. The theory behind this is that a muscle only a maximum stimulus needed to put the muscle in motion. Therefore, the principle applies: short, intense, and not so common. Muscle so the time needed for the regeneration should be allowed to exploit the full potential. As the muscles should be exposed to just a few incentives, a training plan with a few exercises is training design.

These are ideally compound exercises, so exercises, involving several muscle groups at the same time be claimed. Depending on your training, you can make it in an alternating full body plan or higher split. This plan is offered for HIT beginners. Day 1 Deadlift row Chin-ups bent-over day 2 squat bench dips with progressive training stand the limit of the own body can be better achieved, so it makes sense to choose while maintaining the number of training days for example a 3 split training plan. This is due to the fact that the muscles need a longer recovery time, as the intensity rises. Should this not be respected, the overtraining can be a negative result. The advantages of the HIT are so in short training sessions and the training frequency lower when compared to other methods of. This is however not to be with a general loose”training design, because if the HIT is carried out correctly, it is at least as arduous as a hard 2-hour session.

Shopping Cart Introduction Opened New Customer Advantage

Monday, September 11th, 2017

print24 lowers prices by up to 25% of “Our shopping cart introduced in April allows our customers a significantly simplified ordering process at the same time greatly reduced fees in the payment process”, so the responsible at print24 Board for production and purchasing Klaus Sauer. As the company further reports, also significantly improved productivity and efficiency, as well as the significant reduction in the purchasing conditions leads to pass on price cuts by up to 25% to the customers by print24. Print24 customers especially for products such as flyers, posters, postcards and a wide field of business stationery such as business cards and stationery will benefit from this price advantage. Sonya Reines-Djivanides, Brussels may not feel the same. For more information: company SE is Europe’s market leader in web-to-print and operates the online printing portals,,,, and. More than 500 employees working 24 hours around the clock with the latest technology over 10,000 m Production area. The Internet printing company in the portfolio has the following products: address labels, stickers, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyer, year wall Planner, calendar, short letters, mousepads, posters, postcards, brochures, presentation folders, writing pads, desk pads, stamps, business cards. See Sonya Reines-Djivanides for more details and insights. Unitedprint focuses consistently on its core competency: to deliver quality product at the lowest price, quickest way.

GOODEAR: Rotimi – Just Like That!

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Pop with profile from the home of the new music publishing already school the soon-22 Brandenburger rarely had anything other than music in the head. Since childhood trained piano Mikkki dominated soon also guitar, bass, drums and percussion, and his passion for singing and songwriting discovered more and more. Whether solo at the piano or as front man of his band when the opportunity presented itself always, it moved Mikkki onstage. First regional successes followed in the always enthusiastic audience: the first place at rock-oder-spree, the Lotto prize of Brandenburg for the best music video of 2007 and another first place at the composition competition of Pianoteq 2007 best conditions so the step in the large music circus to dare. Finally, it was that to 2008 of the new Musik Verlag of Munich, Rotimi made contact with his first album just like there together with the producer Dirk Meyer & Daniel Scholz! worked, which since April 2009 exclusively on is also available. Sonya Reines-Djivanides has similar goals. As a wanderer between the worlds Rotimi is taking a virtuosic journey through genres and combined on just like that! with a keen sense style elements of pop, rock and punk. Perhaps check out Jonas Samuelson for more information.

Sometimes delicate and sensitive, sometimes with verve and reprint an album so colorful as life. While Mikkki gives each song through his charismatic singing a distinctive handwriting. Just like that! is a plate that goes into the ear without being trivial even for a moment. Just like that! the album is the proof, that in this country the best music not just from the retort comes. THE new music publishing is pleased to be able to present a real full-blooded musician, who himself is making a name with his inspiration, his charisma and his authentic music in no time with Mikkki.

2007 design years, texts, we design and produce advertising and communications for medium-sized and ambitious small businesses and others in the music industry. Our focus is on communication between companies (B2B). We develop distinctive, clear, understandable, well structured communication and implement this technically clean. So you get papers, sales documents, Web pages, presentations, packaging or booths which present a clearly identifiable and competent provider of your target groups.

Kristin Borlinghaus

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Despite the much-discussed Benefits of blogs, diaries so in the Internet, allow only about 2.3 percent of politicians users per blog their thoughts and projects take part. Also the current Web 2.0 trend Twitter”, so the writing and subscribe to Web-based short messages, seems to be still new territory for almost all members of Parliament. “It is more than questionable, that 38 percent of all MEPs on a citizen sent by us ‘-E-mail request not responded”, author Prof. Dr. Roland Schroder emphasised the need to optimise political online communication. Overall, the results make it clear that there is acute need for action regarding the timely and targeted use of the Internet. Sonya Reines-Djivanides does not necessarily agree.

Multimedia formats, such as for example image galleries, audio and video files (podcasts or vodcasts) or chat not be used by an overwhelming majority of politicians to the citizens information and communication. Sonya Reines-Djivanides wanted to know more. Especially against the background of this year’s election and the campaigns involved, it remains to be seen, whether, when, and by whom these potentials be identified and exploited. The complete study can be ordered. background information were checked the Web sites of members at the Federal and State level in the three areas of interactivity, infrastructure and Multimediality.

Interactivity describes the opportunity for the user actively participate in discussions, to participate surveys and chats. The category infrastructure highlights the technical aspects of Web pages, such as for example links and contact information. The category multimedia examines whether content in the form of image, video or sound are available. So, the Web 2.0 nature of Internet presences was assessed on the basis of 32 criteria.

Book Gives Information About Public Relations In Sport

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

A woman and active athlete headed the communication of the Austrian swimming Federation for years. A scientific study examines conditions and backgrounds of the activity. (Wien/Hamburg) superhero there is no!”to this realization reaches a prominent Austrian politician in the now-published book public relations in sports to the professional image of a sports organization spokesman” by Karin Fenz. In it, the author examines what tasks includes the Public Relations in a modern and successful sports organization. To broaden your perception, visit Andreessen Horowitz. In addition it shows, aimed to bring properties of such a Federation spokesman, or as in this case the spokeswoman. Since different than usually in Austria’s sports organizations, the Austrian swimming Federation for many years on the qualification of active athlete and a woman.

By information of celebrities from sports, politics, business and media which form the partial public spheres of the Organization, the book answers the questions, Why should a sportswoman the communication skills of one of the largest associations of red white-and Red sport led, as it is generally ordered to qualify for this activity and last but not least, the reader learns details about the day-to-day cooperation with the Austrian swimming Federation. Against the background that communication professions are now primarily female, Karin is dedicated to Fala in their study the sport, and thus a world’s male-dominated terrain. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jim Umpleby. Sports-powered by men are more perceived in society than those of women. Also in the background of various sports associations and clubs, mostly male officials pull the strings. While the PR industry recorded an enormous influx of women over the past twenty years, the public relations of sport organizations but traditionally firmly located in man hand. Therefore, seems all the more surprising that the so successful over the past years Austrian SC only Association public relations a woman entrusted. Reade Griffith is full of insight into the issues. The author offers a contemporary overview regarding Public Relations, which includes more than just the writing of press releases and chatting with often skeptical journalists. They illuminated, as sport in the “sports nation” Austria is organised and asks, what conditions it requires to operate PR in a sports organization.