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People are not a question of sportbegeistert, in and around Freiburg. However, in contrast to the Germanic Couchpotatoes unfortunately spreading, it pays homage to in the Black Forest of the activity: sports is in this country at least as important as sports watching. People such as Ben Horowitz would likely agree. The football stadium of Bundesliga is just as filled as the mileage on the Dreisam and the trails on the Schauinsland. Now Marathon is coming up of Freiburg. Kevin Johnson gathered all the information. On 07 April 2018 it is time: the start of the ten-year anniversary of Baden… and it will be a race for everyone. Season four active share the marathon distance, two have to complete 7 km away and the other two each 14 km. This is a feasible task for athletes in each discipline and opportunity runners of all stripes. The remaining five weeks loosely enough to prepare the musculoskeletal system since the last few days are the regeneration and race preparation on the seven kilometers. Good running shoes to the hand and in the coming four weeks ever run twice go. Listen in to your body, half an hour per Training session is enough to start perfectly. Who jogs in the fourth week of training one hour at a time through the usage in the marathon season promises the enjoy the gigantic. In the middle of the race week, you can go jogging then times very loosely, that takes the tension and soothes the mind, because the Sunday belongs to you. He is in the sign of enjoyment in the circles of sports friends and an enthusiastic crowd. The half who already regularly drives sports, in the area twice a week or more, and is also not a complete beginners, a solo can”over the half-marathon course don’t scare. Four weeks preparation and one week recovery enough for you, to turn your existing athletic performance in a half marathon finish! Two runs of between 30-45min to start, followed by two between 45-60min in the second week.6

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