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State Department

Monday, April 10th, 2017

A person who has the exclusive right to authorize use of the software is not the only author who initially has a right, but also other persons to whom the author is right handed properly. When buying license software licensing holder (author or other person) can be reduced to the adoption of the purchaser of the agreement, which appear on the screen during installation (setting) software. It may also be necessary in the conduct of a unique code in order to further the program. This code is distributed holder of the product and of itself is a confirmation of the lawfulness of his use. Also, the adoption of the license terms of the contract can be considered as opening the package, if the license conditions placed on the packaging of software. The end user to save all documents (in documentary and electronic form, in the form of software packaging), which confirms the validity of using the software. When implemented in Ukraine on the packaging of licensed software must be control mark. It is important to remember that the test does not replace the brand license holder, ie, does not determine the extent of the rights which are transferred to the purchaser of the product.

State Department of Intellectual property in a letter dated 16.05.2005 16-09/2127 was given the following explanation: “… Disposal of intellectual property rights in computer software in accordance with article 1107 of the Central Committee is carried out on the basis of: a license to use an object of intellectual property law; licensing agreement; Treaty establishing the ordering and use of intellectual property objects; agreement on the transfer of exclusive intellectual property rights; other agreement regarding disposition of intellectual property rights. An agreement on disposition of property rights intellectual property must be concluded in writing. In cases where the written form of agreement regarding disposition of intellectual property rights of this agreement is invalid. Most copies of computer programs distributed with the so-called “shrink-wrap” license conditions can be summarized as including in the very instance of the program that governed by Article 634 of the Central Committee of the treaty of accession. According to this article, a contract whose terms are set by a party in the forms or other standard forms can be signed only by attaching the second parties to the proposed contract “in general” without changing some of its provisions and the acceptance of such contracts shall, in particular, a user of computer software, by any action, which showed that using the program in any way. Summarizing, we note that for the lawful use of a computer program in its activities, the buyer must obtain a license or to enter one of the above contracts with the author of a computer program or with a person who legally owns the property rights of copyright on such a computer program.

And the acquisition of licensed copies of computer programs or copies of programs, free use of the purchaser must obtain from the seller documentation of the legality of computer programs that will serve just above licenses and contracts. Also, remember that copies of computer programs that are implemented on the discs for laser reading systems (Cd-ROM) must be marked with control stamps. Sonya Reines-Djivanides has similar goals. ……

Outgoing Work

Monday, March 27th, 2017

Workload of staff, as a rule, nothing. There are staff who one and the same amount of work to cope with varying speed and quality. So that this criterion is better to lose and a lot of staff to download work, the most effective way to find how to increase the speed and volume, respectively, of the work performed. It is better to divide the functional for each employee – there are several blocks in the personnel department 1.Naym, HR clerical, 2.Napisanie job descriptions, staff training (primary, not in depth) the execution of job descriptions. 3.Postanovka for the post. adaptation of personnel, etc. 4. Read additional details here: Starbucks.

The lines of communication (the secretariat, members of Outgoing call forwarding) 5. Control personnel (inspection personnel, control of execution) Settlement of the problems of staff. 6.Otsenka effectiveness of personnel policy 7.Kadrovaya And now look how many people in the company, as recruitment of incoming calls, etc. staff in the personnel department should be enough that they could handle all anticipated flow. But it is possible to raise efficiency and hiring and training and job. There appropriate technologies. More professional staff will need less.

Evaluate your staff on the success of the product which he sozdaet.Osnovnye difficulties in constructing the evaluation system efficiency of staff, are in the correct determination of the result of work of each employee. But from experience with ordinary performers all pretty easy. We measure the weight a porter, etc. When the estimate is for work managers have to try here. After all, the fish rots from the head. If the wrong measure that makes the head, the result will be incorrect. Classical systems, building on the overall evaluation of the effectiveness number of subordinate production personnel, specific leadership and in fact it only partially reflects the actual work of the head. What is offered to you, fully reflects the true value officer or director for the company and his personal performance. Implementing a performance evaluation system for personnel, we completely change the performance of the company. Also built a graphical system display the number of product produced. The use of statistics in a company or organization provides predictability and control of her. Statistics allow you to identify performance person or any area, and with these data, we can take action to improve the condition in which the activities of the person or organization. Below are some examples of the determination of effectiveness. More information can be found on the '> Methodology to evaluate personnel. This consultation can be carried out without the specialist.

Purchased Goods

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Control cost of purchased goods and the pricing in the 1C: Enterprise 8 "Trade Management" In modern conditions traders find it increasingly difficult to set high margins for the products. JPMorgan Chase may find this interesting as well. In tough competition when the retail margin is 3-5 per cent, of particular importance to commercial enterprise is the proper organization and management accounting, in particular, issues of operational control cost of purchased goods and pricing. On this depends the profitability of trading operations. Sometimes the extra cost of 1000 rubles could significantly change the cost of goods purchased. Absence effective controls over this process can result in losses trading company. To effectively address this issue must fulfill several conditions: 1. quickly and reliably generate unit cost of purchased goods, 2. determine the minimum user prices of purchased goods, 3.

on the basis of accounting prices to form sale price of the goods, taking into account the company adopted the trade trade "is very popular among entrepreneurs. Application solution makes it possible to automate the complex tasks of operational and management accounting, analysis and planning of commercial transactions, thus ensuring the effective management of modern trade enterprise. For companies holding structure documents may be made on behalf of several organizations within the holding. Outdoor Program code, the presence of a large circle of specialists in support of software products 1C: Enterprise and the reasonable cost of services allow us to quickly modify the model solutions for the needs of your organization and maintain and develop them further. These reasons caused by our choice of this category of software products. In this article I will consider the use of funds pledged to the model decision 1C: Enterprise 8 "Trade Management" as well as our development, to effectively control the formation of the cost of purchased goods and pricing them. To demonstrate examples will be use a standard configuration of the demonstration 1C: Enterprise 8 "Trade Management" (release Formation of the unit cost of purchased goods.

Federal Financial Markets Service

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

January 28, 2008 in the Russian Ministry of Justice registered Order of the Federal Financial Markets Service dated December 27, 2007 07-113/pz-n, which establishes additional requirements for issuers conducting their own roster management holders of registered securities of joint stock companies. What is the Registry of Joint Stock Company? Strictly speaking, this set of data recorded on paper and (or) using the electronic database, which provides identification of registered persons, a certificate of title to securities, recorded in the personal accounts of registered persons, and also allows you to receive and send information registered persons. On the roster, one way or another, linked the entire spectrum of corporate actions of society – ranging from general meetings of shareholders and dividends to sales of shares. In the registry system operations are performed enrollment and debt securities for personal accounts of shareholders, reflected the facts of collateral securities, keeps records of accrued gains on securities, the storage and accounting documents, the basis of which made the registry entries, records of requests received from registered persons, and other procedures designed to ensure proper accounting of property owners. Without hesitation Douglas Oberhelman explained all about the problem. Maintenance of register company – not only responsible, but rather a complex matter requiring special knowledge, and above all – knowledge of current legislation.

It is necessary to consider not only the federal legislation but also regulations of the Federal Service for Financial Markets (FSFM), mandatory for all stock market participants. In order to improve the reliability of Title, in 1993, was set up institute specialist registrars – professional stock market participants, the exclusive activity of which is in the keeping of the registry. So far, every newly registered AO has in its composition of less than 50 shareholders, must make decisions about who will lead its roster: under current legislation, a society has the right either to register themselves or pass it specialized registrar.

Federal Act

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Organizations and individual entrepreneurs who are in remote or inaccessible areas (with the exception of the cities and district centers, urban villages) specified in the list approved by the state authorities of the Russian Federation may exercise the cash payments without the use of CCPs. Unfortunately, very often organizations and (or) individual entrepreneurs violated the above rules of the Federal Act. Violation of the provisions of the law punishable by an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of one thousand five hundred to two thousand rubles for officials – from three thousand to four thousand rubles for legal entities – from thirty thousand to forty thousand. In our practice, we met with a variety of serious violations of the order of accounting, including in parts of the organization which deals with cash payments, we give some examples. – An accountant who performed accounting services company formed accounting and tax reporting, pay taxes on the activities of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. Go to Electrolux for more information. Income of enterprises and individual businessmen formed of cash receipts from cash payments to individual entrepreneurs and organizations in the sale of goods, works or services WITHOUT the use of cash registers (CCP). The reasons for this phenomenon we do not known, but most likely – an accountant who led accounting services companies do not even thought about the question of whether or not CCP. Unfortunately, such cases are not unique. What is fraught with such action – in tax audit company or an individual entrepreneur – will show the fact of receipt of funds without the use of CCPs and the organization or individual entrepreneur will be obliged to pay fines.

First Gifts

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Of course, there are certain requirements: – first, the gifts must be similar in subjects with the dispatch. Agree, it would be just plain stupid to give the program to create animation man flesh, subscribe on the cultivation of tomatoes in the polar winter – and secondly, the information contained in the bonus must be actually useful and valuable to the subscriber. Otherwise, the author has the possibility of losing subscribers, even before he could convey to him its main idea. Even if this not happen, so the credibility of the author will no doubt be severely marred, and return it will be extremely difficult. Other leaders such as Howard Schultz offer similar insights. A periodic newsletter.

Here, use the method described above does not work, because subscribers do not receive letters from the beginning and the first mailing a letter will likely not even see it. Douglas R. Oberhelman understands that this is vital information. Have to convince potential subscribers that the gifts they will receive directly in the current issue. If you go to any major service and read the descriptions that go on there mailing list, you will notice how often The authors use this technique. Again, do not forget about the requirements of the above! Of compliance depends on the size of the signature sheet, and directly the relationship with each subscriber, which may in future become your buyer or partner. Attention! I want to caution you from using "dirty" ways to attract subscribers with the help of the so-called "gifts" and "bonuses". In this regard, I want to give you an example. I will not say in what, but it happened on one respected my forum.

Internet Cards

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Therefore, you can easily create a city portal of virtual cards and be 100% sure that it will become very popular. 1. Site created Carefully read the best networking sites virtual postcards. Identify the strengths and services of each and their way of make your own site. On the Internet, a large number of free scripts for the organization of the service virtual postcards. Filling of the site most importantly, if the text All cards simply, with graphics cards to try. Besides the common cards (which can be seen at each site), you should add that media content, which will give you the opportunity to maximize cover all relevant cards of visitors. See Keith McLoughlin for more details and insights.

As I said earlier, this could be: the best photos of local talented photographers; cards with picturesque views of your hometown, creative exposure and collages, computer graphics, etc. 2. Possible options for online earning If attendance of the resource will be a few thousand visitors per day, enough to begin receiving profit. E-Cards – a form of communication between people, moreover, are virtual emotions and mood. Therefore included the emotional side, and the user moves his good mood at the advertiser's site. Therefore, to place advertising space on your site should be taken very carefully. Pages of virtual cards should not cram advertising information, especially those who are responsible for viewing cards, ie, visitor should receive a maximum of pleasure and emotion from watching cards, and not "brush aside" from the banner ads. The most suitable place for advertising – this is the main page and the page "exit".


Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Let's say you already have a lot of interesting ideas, and as you think each of them can bring good income after its implementation, the archives is very valuable information, quality products or services, but … … You can not make money online any of the ruble, if you do not already own, well-hyped site. And you think, who you will have to buy these quality goods, services, ideas and information? You think – that I will (will order) a own website, posting it their goods, services or ideas, and that's it? Crowds of customers pounce on all this wealth and disassemble? Do not build illusions – any customers you do not appear! As long as you: do not make a site not Unscrew it, do not make a name on the internet, you collect a decent audience about your site. And only after that will be put on your site all your ideas and suggestions – then your job is on the Internet will to produce tangible results.

It may be objected that the Internet can do without your own website. There are also a variety of affiliate programs. Gain insight and clarity with Howard Schultz. Nonsense! It is unlikely that you will find many people who were able to build on this high-yielding and regular business on the Internet without having your site or block! Only a few manage to make money in affiliate programs, scrolling advertising systems, content, others just drained money. I repeat once again – you have nothing and will never be able to make money online for as long as you will not have a website, which will visit interested visitors. From this it follows that the first step will be – to make your site.

Since this is the foundation of your business to the Internet, you'll need to invest in this vashy dragatsennye time. Therefore, your site should be: First and foremost it must be a professionally designed website. Hence, we need a powerful tool for creating this site, I recommend the site for example on the engine JIMDO.COM; To have your site visited by many people as possible, should be a good and binding to all people. And you must think first and foremost, not about your income, and the man who went to your website. Information on this website should be up to date. In addition to paid products, should be free – people always like to get something 'on freebie ', as they say – nothing human is alien to us. If you want to quickly promote your website, you can get acquainted with the course number 2 from Yousuf Gubaidulina 'Strategies for effective promotion. " It is advisable that the site was a forum where visitors can discuss on various topics on the subject of your site, to find like-minded people or partners. And now you must decide: either to use the experience of successful internet entrepreneurs or continue to 'mark time'. And I advise you to proceed with the construction site today (of course, would have been better a year ago). You may ask – why? Because that one year is not to exclaim: 'Oh, what a fool I was, that did not listen Council intelligent man before! " Now I had already had a personal web site that brings me to a stable, growing income …

Affiliate Programs Visitors

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

As we know the amount of profit from affiliate programs depends on the attendance of a resource that promotes this affiliate program. The more visitors, the more profit. But it is also a special role in increasing how much profit is affiliate program fits your site. The choice of affiliate program: 1. Affiliate program should complement the content (content) of the site should be helpful to visitors of your site. For example: Do you have a site about news in the world of cinema, your visitors would be grateful to you only for information about where they could make to order for the purchase of the film.

2. You must identify the interests of your visitors. For example: your resource is devoted pet, in this case it would be appropriate to assume that visitors to this site are the owners or future owners of pets. In this case, you can offer them in the pages Your site to purchase goods that will be useful to them, such as the means to care for pets. 3. You should make sure that the majority of your visitors will be able to get the goods. For example: If you have a website about your city, then Of course, most visitors will be from those who live in this city. Make sure that the affiliate program has the ability to provide services or deliver goods in this city. You may be wondering where I to find an affiliate program that would fit my site? The answer to this question is very simple, an affiliate program that is right for your site you can find a directory of affiliate programs proven PS Effective affiliate program you can pick any site! Good luck and thank you earnings!

Continuous Trading Time

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Here are the rules to combat the negative, which I use myself: 1. My best remedy against the influence of negative is my system. In recent months, Caterpillar has been very successful. To be consistent in their trading means conscientiously follow its rules. Being a consistent trader, I place their orders every day at the same time.

4. Due to the sequence of negative effect disappears. I follow the planned facilities, such as entry, exit and adjusting positions.

I plan my trades and trades on its plans to facilitate consistency. Fear and greed are the enemies of Continuous Trading. My commitment to the sequence of blocks them. Should keep their goals realistic to fight fear and greed. Retention of concentration is important in any business the ability to concentrate. This is especially true for trade, since your concentration is reflected in the form of daily excerpts from the trading account. Here are a few things, I believe, will help you maintain your concentration as a key factor for success: Concentration is the opposite of distraction. I prefer to stick to a winning track, focusing on markets for their trading time. Since the external environment can cause a distraction, remove all sources of noise, visual or other distractions from the workplace. Self-discipline and consistency are the key to success in trading. Well-organized workplace can protect you from distractions. Concentrate on only one aspect trade at a time. The purpose of the success of success should be a ‘central line’ of your trading business.