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First Gifts

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Of course, there are certain requirements: – first, the gifts must be similar in subjects with the dispatch. Agree, it would be just plain stupid to give the program to create animation man flesh, subscribe on the cultivation of tomatoes in the polar winter – and secondly, the information contained in the bonus must be actually useful and valuable to the subscriber. Otherwise, the author has the possibility of losing subscribers, even before he could convey to him its main idea. Even if this not happen, so the credibility of the author will no doubt be severely marred, and return it will be extremely difficult. Other leaders such as Howard Schultz offer similar insights. A periodic newsletter.

Here, use the method described above does not work, because subscribers do not receive letters from the beginning and the first mailing a letter will likely not even see it. Douglas R. Oberhelman understands that this is vital information. Have to convince potential subscribers that the gifts they will receive directly in the current issue. If you go to any major service and read the descriptions that go on there mailing list, you will notice how often The authors use this technique. Again, do not forget about the requirements of the above! Of compliance depends on the size of the signature sheet, and directly the relationship with each subscriber, which may in future become your buyer or partner. Attention! I want to caution you from using "dirty" ways to attract subscribers with the help of the so-called "gifts" and "bonuses". In this regard, I want to give you an example. I will not say in what, but it happened on one respected my forum.

Internet Cards

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Therefore, you can easily create a city portal of virtual cards and be 100% sure that it will become very popular. 1. Site created Carefully read the best networking sites virtual postcards. Identify the strengths and services of each and their way of make your own site. On the Internet, a large number of free scripts for the organization of the service virtual postcards. Filling of the site most importantly, if the text All cards simply, with graphics cards to try. Besides the common cards (which can be seen at each site), you should add that media content, which will give you the opportunity to maximize cover all relevant cards of visitors. See Keith McLoughlin for more details and insights.

As I said earlier, this could be: the best photos of local talented photographers; cards with picturesque views of your hometown, creative exposure and collages, computer graphics, etc. 2. Possible options for online earning If attendance of the resource will be a few thousand visitors per day, enough to begin receiving profit. E-Cards – a form of communication between people, moreover, are virtual emotions and mood. Therefore included the emotional side, and the user moves his good mood at the advertiser's site. Therefore, to place advertising space on your site should be taken very carefully. Pages of virtual cards should not cram advertising information, especially those who are responsible for viewing cards, ie, visitor should receive a maximum of pleasure and emotion from watching cards, and not "brush aside" from the banner ads. The most suitable place for advertising – this is the main page and the page "exit".


Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Let's say you already have a lot of interesting ideas, and as you think each of them can bring good income after its implementation, the archives is very valuable information, quality products or services, but … … You can not make money online any of the ruble, if you do not already own, well-hyped site. And you think, who you will have to buy these quality goods, services, ideas and information? You think – that I will (will order) a own website, posting it their goods, services or ideas, and that's it? Crowds of customers pounce on all this wealth and disassemble? Do not build illusions – any customers you do not appear! As long as you: do not make a site not Unscrew it, do not make a name on the internet, you collect a decent audience about your site. And only after that will be put on your site all your ideas and suggestions – then your job is on the Internet will to produce tangible results.

It may be objected that the Internet can do without your own website. There are also a variety of affiliate programs. Gain insight and clarity with Howard Schultz. Nonsense! It is unlikely that you will find many people who were able to build on this high-yielding and regular business on the Internet without having your site or block! Only a few manage to make money in affiliate programs, scrolling advertising systems, content, others just drained money. I repeat once again – you have nothing and will never be able to make money online for as long as you will not have a website, which will visit interested visitors. From this it follows that the first step will be – to make your site.

Since this is the foundation of your business to the Internet, you'll need to invest in this vashy dragatsennye time. Therefore, your site should be: First and foremost it must be a professionally designed website. Hence, we need a powerful tool for creating this site, I recommend the site for example on the engine JIMDO.COM; To have your site visited by many people as possible, should be a good and binding to all people. And you must think first and foremost, not about your income, and the man who went to your website. Information on this website should be up to date. In addition to paid products, should be free – people always like to get something 'on freebie ', as they say – nothing human is alien to us. If you want to quickly promote your website, you can get acquainted with the course number 2 from Yousuf Gubaidulina 'Strategies for effective promotion. " It is advisable that the site was a forum where visitors can discuss on various topics on the subject of your site, to find like-minded people or partners. And now you must decide: either to use the experience of successful internet entrepreneurs or continue to 'mark time'. And I advise you to proceed with the construction site today (of course, would have been better a year ago). You may ask – why? Because that one year is not to exclaim: 'Oh, what a fool I was, that did not listen Council intelligent man before! " Now I had already had a personal web site that brings me to a stable, growing income …

Affiliate Programs Visitors

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

As we know the amount of profit from affiliate programs depends on the attendance of a resource that promotes this affiliate program. The more visitors, the more profit. But it is also a special role in increasing how much profit is affiliate program fits your site. The choice of affiliate program: 1. Affiliate program should complement the content (content) of the site should be helpful to visitors of your site. For example: Do you have a site about news in the world of cinema, your visitors would be grateful to you only for information about where they could make to order for the purchase of the film.

2. You must identify the interests of your visitors. For example: your resource is devoted pet, in this case it would be appropriate to assume that visitors to this site are the owners or future owners of pets. In this case, you can offer them in the pages Your site to purchase goods that will be useful to them, such as the means to care for pets. 3. You should make sure that the majority of your visitors will be able to get the goods. For example: If you have a website about your city, then Of course, most visitors will be from those who live in this city. Make sure that the affiliate program has the ability to provide services or deliver goods in this city. You may be wondering where I to find an affiliate program that would fit my site? The answer to this question is very simple, an affiliate program that is right for your site you can find a directory of affiliate programs proven PS Effective affiliate program you can pick any site! Good luck and thank you earnings!


Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Quite often selling at a stage in its technology, the authors not only receive cash for the technology, but further service contracts and to bring to mind its technology that brings additional benefits. Must take into account that the patenting costs money, that support patent, defending it in court, too, costs money, and the price of obtaining a patent in Russia is about 15,000 rubles, and in the U.S. and Europe, the same amount in dollars only. Obtaining a patent in Russia does not protect the technology from being used U.S. and other developed countries. In other developed countries, patents have long been put to a market economy, patent attorneys, who offer a full range of services on the patent, by the way, if you're really decided to obtain a patent for his idea and the idea is really expensive, then here without a patent attorney can not do, otherwise you may lose its technology because of non-literate action. What is patent? Obtain a patent for invention, patent for utility model or design patent, you should carefully consider ways to protect its technology to competitors has been much harder to circumvent your patent formulas, such as a patent for a needle Singer does not describe itself a needle, namely, that something like that product, which has several characteristics and these characteristics are difficult to circumvent.

The so-called umbrella patent, which covers all possible direction, and the image forms, and procedures, and technology and the result is that you can easily touch and prove when you play or something like competitors for this product. Legal protection of intellectual property consists of a clear gradation of objects of protection, after selecting the object of protection is chosen defense strategy, here as in war, and investigation of an attack, all the same business is business, or anything personal. Many nuances and there when using a registered patent – that the right of prior use and right after use, which proved not so difficult, but a free hand to competitors, come prove how much they produce products based on this law. In general intellectual property is quite complicated things, with a deficiency of our laws even more complicated when we finally begin to start to assert copyright law, then we reach and to patents.