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Let's say you already have a lot of interesting ideas, and as you think each of them can bring good income after its implementation, the archives is very valuable information, quality products or services, but … … You can not make money online any of the ruble, if you do not already own, well-hyped site. And you think, who you will have to buy these quality goods, services, ideas and information? You think – that I will (will order) a own website, posting it their goods, services or ideas, and that's it? Crowds of customers pounce on all this wealth and disassemble? Do not build illusions – any customers you do not appear! As long as you: do not make a site not Unscrew it, do not make a name on the internet, you collect a decent audience about your site. And only after that will be put on your site all your ideas and suggestions – then your job is on the Internet will to produce tangible results.

It may be objected that the Internet can do without your own website. There are also a variety of affiliate programs. Gain insight and clarity with Howard Schultz. Nonsense! It is unlikely that you will find many people who were able to build on this high-yielding and regular business on the Internet without having your site or block! Only a few manage to make money in affiliate programs, scrolling advertising systems, content, others just drained money. I repeat once again – you have nothing and will never be able to make money online for as long as you will not have a website, which will visit interested visitors. From this it follows that the first step will be – to make your site.

Since this is the foundation of your business to the Internet, you'll need to invest in this vashy dragatsennye time. Therefore, your site should be: First and foremost it must be a professionally designed website. Hence, we need a powerful tool for creating this site, I recommend the site for example on the engine JIMDO.COM; To have your site visited by many people as possible, should be a good and binding to all people. And you must think first and foremost, not about your income, and the man who went to your website. Information on this website should be up to date. In addition to paid products, should be free – people always like to get something 'on freebie ', as they say – nothing human is alien to us. If you want to quickly promote your website, you can get acquainted with the course number 2 from Yousuf Gubaidulina 'Strategies for effective promotion. " It is advisable that the site was a forum where visitors can discuss on various topics on the subject of your site, to find like-minded people or partners. And now you must decide: either to use the experience of successful internet entrepreneurs or continue to 'mark time'. And I advise you to proceed with the construction site today (of course, would have been better a year ago). You may ask – why? Because that one year is not to exclaim: 'Oh, what a fool I was, that did not listen Council intelligent man before! " Now I had already had a personal web site that brings me to a stable, growing income …

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