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Jonathan Livingston

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Looking at the work of “idiots”, we are immersed in their original, indestructible interest at the time of death, there was something alive, but the spirit of it and flew away, but still beautiful … So if you love birds, but do not want them to see how you dissect the Christmas goose, and your household can not stand their singing and tweet, you can buy yourself a gift dead bird in a cage made of glass. If the cell is broken, feathered fly into the yard, to the sparrows will not. Rabbit’s head embroidered on the ears must re-book, for this instance has already bought a gift noble niderlandskomu krolikovodu. Swan with the human heart shows in the display case with walnut frame. This poor little Bambi-prebedny after Death is the nickname of “No comment”.

At its perpetuation went scarecrow height of 40 cm and “blood” crystals – crystals. And this is – a seagull named Jonathan Livingston. The same one on which the life of the film and written a book – a book about self-improvement and self-sacrifice. Squirrel in a jacket hung on a hook in the hallway. It pleases the guests and hosts closer to nature. She recalls – if it got cold in the street, it is necessary to put on something warm. Excellent, by the way, creative gift domestic alcoholic, in case if he decides to “tie”.

You once tried to pet the skunk? True, they stink? Skunk from the firm “Idiots” has no smell and it can be ironed even iron. Everything can be best man to talk to each two-colored old dead parrot, you may have heard of the strange headphone firms such and such. And here’s the last time a work of “idiots” – a dead cat, which tried to steal food from myself, but got trapped. Or is it a cat? The sculptural group is simply called – “Whiskas”. This is not advertising. Help: Idiots – the deepest level of mental retardation, characterized by an almost complete lack of speech and thought. Idiots unavailable meaningful activities. Idiots pronounce only a few inarticulate sounds and words, often do not understand the speech of others, does not distinguish relatives from strangers .

When The Hull Is Not CASCO

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

The price range for casco insurance is not small. According to insurance brokers, insurance costs hull of near identical conditions can vary by more than 2 times. In such a situation should be detailed study the conditions of insurance. Only careful analysis and comparison of proposals to help insurance companies to determine exactly how much insurance product options are consistent with its price, and any "surprises" can be expect from an insurance company. In this exercise you can care to formal features – if the rules are printed in small type hull with gray lettering on a white background, is already thinking about how insurance works company. Surely this little readable text hidden any unpleasant conditions for the insured. One of the signals to the validity, can serve such words in the agreement as "not the insurance event of damage, which were obtained as a result of the accident, which occurred through the fault of the insured. Contact information is here: Jim Umpleby.

" A snag here's the – casco insurance usually covers all damages in any case – the client is guilty insurance company or was injured. Of course, the possible denial of payment, but only in the case of extremely grave violations of traffic rules – if the someone rammed or . After all, this is already not a random event, and intent. Another "flaw" that may come across in insurance regulations – is the aggregate sum insured. During this confusing for the average term means diminishing the sum insured when applying to an insurance company in case of re-insurance case. That is, when large losses once again expect to compensation should not be – an insurance company fails, and will be based It is at this point.

Another important issue in the choice of hull insurance is included in the policy of both the insurance risks – theft and theft. Ideally, of course, find an insurance company, which recorded both of these risks, but you can easier to do – to insure against theft. The reason is that if your car theft, the professional case will be brought under Article 158 – the theft. But if you take out an insurance risk "Theft" and payment can not be obtained by since you have the decision about the professional case is written that you were stealing. There are plenty of tricks insurance companies to protect themselves from which can only be the only way – to read carefully all the conditions contract, to explain them to the insurance company representative and choose what is best for you.

William Shakespeare

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

The author offers his translation of these lines of "Hamlet", as in the original William Shakespeare wrote not just about what constitutes the essence of the human soul in general, but also gave his own concrete example of its manifestation, citing his great predecessor far. What is man, Kohl measures the price of his life eating and sleeping? Animal, not more. I am sure he is us creating carefully consider what was "before" and is "after" and not for this ability has given us and godlike reason To us they rusted to no use. That is, the ability to see the connection to time, the ability to link time – this is ability to precisely and only the soul. "The soul remembers the past, sees the present, foresees the future" (Cicero). That people, in which "merged" the soul and mind, searched among the people and readers of Hamlet and Shakespeare. As soon as my spirit (original, soul – soul) has to choose freely and to distinguish people, his election marked thee, thou man, who also suffers in the sufferings of not and with equal gratitude Wrath accept gifts and destiny blessed, Whose blood and mind so gratifying merged, that he did not pipe in his fingers from Fortune, to play it.

Whether a person is not a slave of passion – and I closed him in the middle of the heart, the heart of the heart. (III, 2, translation Lozinskii) and was never found, and do not find so far, and now not only among his contemporaries and countrymen. Naturally, the statement of the relevance of the headline statement requires special proof. Simply and quickly, that is, without overloading this note with quotations from the works of Shakespeare and a great many other authors, it can be given as follows. Every intelligent and educated person knows that in every being and of being Mige people EVER coexist elements of the past, present and future are inextricably, as three generations of people involved. "The present is burdened past and the future is fraught with" (Leibniz). So.

The soul of this man makes it to draw from this situation necessary for the practice of people (as specifically noted W. Shakespeare) emerging findings and, accordingly, "to distinguish between people," and causes them to follow. Mind of this man allows him to make these findings, allows them to understand scientific and regularity, then there is the inevitability of consequences of their misunderstanding and not following them. That is, once again, in fact, "to distinguish between people" can only be a man with a soul, that is, understands the relationship that was "before" and is "after." And the author of this article nothing more than like, how to find people with whom he could apologize for suggesting that not one of them all has been said in the previous two paragraphs. In conclusion, perhaps we should say the following. There is no doubt that sure there are people who will say, though the headline theme still does not rise just because everyone followed the popular rule: "Smart would say, a fool will not understand." But all agree with this statement should then (D. Merezhkovsky: "Having the base, it does not take and conclusions.") agree that all is still something has been written about Shakespeare's people still have not written or said about him the most important thing He was a true Man.

Communism And Fascism

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

“It should not be a petty bourgeois Hitler’s Nazi party of” Joseph Goebbels, January 24, 1926 The first of its writers – many respected researchers, including Sergei Kara-Murza, Alexander Tarasov, Alexander Shubin. Second, in It presents different views on the matter under consideration. Here and A. Kolpakidi opinion which considers that the Social Democrats were the true culprits of the arrival of the Nazis to power in European countries, and the position of A. North, who considers The SPD and the KPD cooperation impossible because of too large a number of figures near the German Communists to the Nazis. Under most conditions Starbucks would agree. Third, most of the articles written by academic style, but even the journalistic work of the collection is very informative. It is worth noting that many of the materials cover issues that are not very familiar to a wide audience – say, the relationship of various right-wing parties in the same country or different fascist regimes with each other. Distrust of the leaders of the fascist states to each other and even to movements whose activists sincerely believe themselves and their followers.

Harsh repression, which the representatives of the various right-wing movements in many countries subjected to “associates” – an interesting topic for discussion. Actually, it would be better to rearrange the order of the “heroes” of the book, calling it “fascism and communism: brothers or enemies,” because “brown” is devoted almost 80% materials. The book is divided into three parts. The first and biggest – “Fascism and Nazism” – devoted to right-wing movements in interwar Europe.

All Contracts At The Victoria Insurance Cancelled

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

The file is six inches thick Lotex Germany. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ben Horowitz. /. Victoria insurance which 2007 018 L is Z, we carry the number. The file is six inches thick Lotex Germany. /. Victoria insurance which 2007 018 L is Z, we carry the number. Like many companies, we opted for insurance of various kinds, such as building – liability -, weather-related damage, insurance and more.

Since 2005 the Lotex have built companies in Germany as well as in Poland, an almost friendly relationship to the insurance intermediaries. Accordingly, contracts, of various kinds, were closed at the Victoria, always with the objective to generate appropriate discounts by many treaties. Our employees, forwarded to non-binding requests for general insurance questions, pause talks to these intermediaries. Now, on December 29, 2008, the above was called file, after completing a nonsensical litigation before the Hoyerswerda District Court under case No. 1 C.

608/06, archived. \”But even with insurance, the principle of umbrellas seems give and retract umbrellas when it rains\” to apply. The file location has been tested together by the Lotex Germany Executive Board and the lotex24 companies. In an internal memo to the receptionists, the note came today: all insurance intermediaries and representative officer of the Victoria insurance get a restraining order. On late in the evening of December 23, 2008, that decided the Executive Board in a meeting at the end of the year. On the Monday morning, the December 29, 2008, this was announced by the distribution point of the business lines in the memo to all employees. In an open letter to the insurance company, this decision had gone to also the intermediaries directly. I was no longer associated with the business line\”, the recruiters from Zielona Gora said to me in a telephone conversation today. I don’t understand that at all. I didn’t do anything wrong\”, the agent explained.

Florida To The Discoverers Award – Lufthansa & Car – Only For A Short Time To Book

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

with Lufthansa to Miami, Orlando or Tampa incl. Official site: Andreessen Horowitz. car fly & drive spontaneously in January at a bargain price booked – for a holiday in February and March 2009 cheap and inexpensive to America under this motto the GlobeTrotter and specialist offers Florida for tourism, Olaf Diroll from immediately cheap air travel after. Flown with Lufthansa from Frankfurt is nonstop after Miami in Florida. Here the car is available already at the airport, filled, good insurance and the ride on well-signposted roads in Florida can start with a dose of spirit. Is cited as an example of price: 2 weeks fly & drive for 2 persons starting from 499,-per person including scheduled flights from Frankfurt, all taxes, rental car and additional charges.

The car has automatic and air conditioning. A drive on the turn, Pike (Highway) between Miami and Orlando can be done in about 4 hours, then 2-3 stay days in Orlando, Disney World and the Ecpot Center look to drive along the coastal road back to Miami or ft. Lauderdale. Offers here is a stop for a swim in the sea or relax on. With the Miami Seaquarium and Dolphin Harbour should be visited or even a baseball game at the Florida Marlins. Maybe buy to the favorable dollar exchange rate in a shopping mall? Incidentally, Diroll tourism recommends also a German wedding on the beach of Miami Beach, transport of guests booked hotel and ocean drive in the Stretch limousine for 10 people.

Weekend key West, the southernmost point of the United States, is announced, with fire-eaters and jugglers on the beach at sunset, a ride with the catamaran incl. Sundowner cocktail or wild parties at the pool. About the different regions and landscapes, as well as also seaside resorts in Florida like to personally informed the Florida expert Olaf Diroll and gives information about the planned Florida vacation competently and comprehensively. But also an individual holiday in a caravan or a motorcycle, the Harley Davidson are possible in Florida. The Lufthansa special can be booked only between 14.01 20.01.09, travel speed is therefore needed between 16.Dec and March 2009 – Connecting flights from all GermanAirports are free just the taxes and security fees increase. Indulge in it from Florida’s charm, like the orange in this Sunshine State – your Olaf Diroll sweet Lake – and long-haul travel specialist since 1978 in business administration and business management for specialist website: E-mail:

Fumes With Immediate Shipping

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Decides the price, must and should we accept the compromise. Lotex sold gloves with studs as a Distributor. Work gloves with studs with us are handled daily to thousands. Questions on your part after up to 400% are easy and fast inexpensive gloves, but sometimes unpleasant odour, answered. That is sold by our clients in the trading of 1.50 to 2.30 on consumer pair of work gloves with studs. Here, the gloves are usually already installed and vented. As a Distributor, we receive our work gloves in containers. A packaging includes 720 pair of work gloves in-bound plastic NET bags.

The gloves are packed immediately after production and spent in the container. This is an air, or the final completion of the chemical process when applying the rubber nubs * not yet completed. The nubs are though, but inside still processes run, where among other things water vapour in low quantities is released. This water may be due to the packaging not to 100 % evaporate. Together with the contained in the fabric material, organic substances, smallest quantities of gases are formed.

This smell unpleasant for some “noses”. After an appropriate period of airing this smell but has evaporated. There remain no not dermatologically or otherwise any hazardous residue in the gloves. Because we buy gloves as a Distributor and Internet commerce “just in time” and at the same time passed the shipping, we reduce costs and can offer dots gloves at an unbeatable price. Unfortunately then no time to ventilate the gloves remain. Customers should leave with sensitive noses, air so these gloves 3 to 7 days. But who (gross) more child look at our price of under 0.40 and pair of gloves like a spent and vented, also can purchase these in our online shop for the normal retail price. The Lotex companies are among the major retailers for work gloves with studs in all colors. The specially designed for paver developed glove, is also used in other industries like. Construction companies, logistics companies, movers and Packers also like to use dots gloves. For more information on this topic, please contact our quality management. Evaluation report to the chemical processes: * the rubber pads consist of so-called Duopoliurthan. When producing two hydrocarbon compounds are brought together in a chemical reaction. This gives rise to the rubber and in small quantities of water. This reaction is normally very slowly. Therefore still catalysts are added when the blending of two components, which accelerate the process up to the mechanical strength. The entire process requires approximately 20 days. Press Department Thomas Reichelt: Lotex24 / Germany consumer telephone: 03562 / 69 34 30 fax: 03562 / 69 25 69 business to business customer: lotex24 / Poland phone: + 48 (0) 68 / 3 75 67 26 fax: + 48 (0) 68 3 62 56 12


Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

And all these lines of the sonnet is just a "military tricks" by William Shakespeare, "a smokescreen" maneuver, distracting readers of the original This sonnet, and his translator from the "axis of main attack." As a result, readers of the original and the translators themselves in a character's role remarkable Armenian proverb: "All the cunning fox tricks just for chicken." AND the most remarkable thing about her is that it is her sense of the word convey Hamlet "… crafty speech sleeps in a foolish ear." It is also interesting that the meaning given in the epigraph coincides with the proverbial sense of words Jester in the comedy "Twelfth Night": "… To be an honest man and a good master is not worse than being branded a great scholar," and this is the meaning contained in the above translation. God forbid someone from the readers of this column might think that the author admits the possibility of Dating of Shakespeare with these sayings. But here is a devil still pushes the author to suggest that William Shakespeare was familiar with the words in the song Vakhilida Kleoptolemu Thessalian: Each has its own honor: Neisschetny human virtues, but one between them – the first: Right that is in your hands, right putevodstvovatsya thoughts. Translation by Gasparov point here in the fact that only these words fully clarify the confusing situation in sonnet 25.

Of course, the original readers of this sonnet, and readers of the original "Hamlet" is not stupid. It's just as the Russian proverb, "The curve of Natalia everyone rascals." Accordingly, not all translators are stupid these works Shakespeare in Russian, and all members of the department of English philology St. Petersburg State University, and all other universities. But all these people do not have the slightest idea that there is some "first", "highest" honor, and, of course, not know what it is and can be expressed. And those who do not know, never understand Shakespeare in any of his works, be they British, leading the family tree of King Lear, though philologists who studied English language with the same time. The attention of readers who understand this, I would like to draw the following. Sonnet in which the essence of the "highest" honor of Shakespeare or any other person in general expressed his more What is clear and definite, is immediately after sonnet 25. This fact suggests that the publication was done sonnets yet not without the participation of the Shakespeare.

And not only him. After all, Shakespeare's sonnets are some digest of his works. Almost all the important things in his works, is in his sonnets, and vice versa. But in no other of Shakespeare did not say what he said in sonnets 25 and 26. And, it seems that so William Shakespeare necessarily had to publish them. However, the author has repeatedly admitted that he not only learned, but not Shakespeare and certainly not a poet.