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Looking at the work of “idiots”, we are immersed in their original, indestructible interest at the time of death, there was something alive, but the spirit of it and flew away, but still beautiful … So if you love birds, but do not want them to see how you dissect the Christmas goose, and your household can not stand their singing and tweet, you can buy yourself a gift dead bird in a cage made of glass. If the cell is broken, feathered fly into the yard, to the sparrows will not. Rabbit’s head embroidered on the ears must re-book, for this instance has already bought a gift noble niderlandskomu krolikovodu. Swan with the human heart shows in the display case with walnut frame. This poor little Bambi-prebedny after Death is the nickname of “No comment”.

At its perpetuation went scarecrow height of 40 cm and “blood” crystals – crystals. And this is – a seagull named Jonathan Livingston. The same one on which the life of the film and written a book – a book about self-improvement and self-sacrifice. Squirrel in a jacket hung on a hook in the hallway. It pleases the guests and hosts closer to nature. She recalls – if it got cold in the street, it is necessary to put on something warm. Excellent, by the way, creative gift domestic alcoholic, in case if he decides to “tie”.

You once tried to pet the skunk? True, they stink? Skunk from the firm “Idiots” has no smell and it can be ironed even iron. Everything can be best man to talk to each two-colored old dead parrot, you may have heard of the strange headphone firms such and such. And here’s the last time a work of “idiots” – a dead cat, which tried to steal food from myself, but got trapped. Or is it a cat? The sculptural group is simply called – “Whiskas”. This is not advertising. Help: Idiots – the deepest level of mental retardation, characterized by an almost complete lack of speech and thought. Idiots unavailable meaningful activities. Idiots pronounce only a few inarticulate sounds and words, often do not understand the speech of others, does not distinguish relatives from strangers .

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