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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

In the end, returned the joy of the process of achieving the goal. Yet often we avoid to be disciplined. This causes internal conflict and tension. What hinders the creative impulse or even stop our inner impulse in the beginning? I think the answer is that the concept of discipline for a person creativity is often in opposition to the most creative. This is what he is not comfortable with what he is fighting in every way. When we are struggling with resistance in itself, we confuse dissatisfaction with the pursuit of excellence. We wallow in own expectations and concentrates on the results.

And at this very moment we lose the joy of creation here and now. Discipline, which was supposed to bring good luck, brings only frustration and fatigue. Exactly because the concept of discipline causes tension in the creative process, I prefer to use the term 'concentration'. Jim Umpleby spoke with conviction. A focus can be nurtured with patience. It does not take much time, but brings generous fruit. State concentration weakens our strength and gives a creative joy. Here's how it works: Usually, when we set ourselves the goal, immediately comes resistance.

The mind is not prepared to accept the fact that we have zatiskivat themselves to the rules and framework to achieve the desired result, and he sends us signals. We call this state 'awareness of the mind'. Now we have to imagine that we seem to observe corner Internal view of their resistance. We simply note that it exists within us. As during meditation. Conscious mind accepts resistance without fighting and watching him. We seemed to give in, agree accept their resistance. At this point it begins to melt. Slowly we translate our attention back to the tasks, while allowing our resistance continue to melt. If you often practice this process, we note that the resistance itself becomes more mobile and soft. It ceases to be annoying a daemon that controls us and hinders our creativity. Conflict, stress and tension disappear with him. Setting goals and their implementation are becoming more natural rhythm of the creative process. We are beginning to recover lost flashes of inspiration in moments of morning awakening. We are becoming more actively and gradually joining in the stream. And we learn to dictate its own conditions of our creative career. If we remain faithful to this practice, one day we will discover that discipline is associated with setting goals, has ceased to be annoyed. A transformed … into focus.

Filling Surveys

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

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Half Men

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

But it yourself, yourself watching a movie, I did not dare spoil the experience. And if you have already seen, that without me you know what might surprise Gordon Gekko. So start debriefing. In 23 years we have a chance to see the world through the eyes of famous characters. See old friends and learn about the fate of those who remembered us in the first part of the film. The most striking impression – this is a chance meeting with Bud Fox. – Gordon, looking good! – My God, Bud Fox. Wow, a hundred years have not seen.

For me it was a complete surprise. Cool is cool surprise prepared for us by Oliver Stone! That is just know I'm in Bade another character Charlie Sheen – Charlie Harper from the television show "Two and a Half Men (Two and a Half Men). The fast life, women, alcohol – in my opinion, this is the result of a destructive life. While, Bud Fox is to it and tried. He wanted to make and throw money out of this business. Gekko is the same – that's why I respect him. Please note that the main hero of this movie, Jacob Moore, in contrast to Bud Fox, most other life guidance.

Does not enrich that made it a little nicer to me. But in the end he even liked me, because I was in the movie with a little apprehension – as this character fits into the world of Transformers, the big finance. Fit well. And it does not show us the poor trader, a man who is well arranged in life. I am glad that the film has not been used stamp "from rags to riches." Just do not die and the other "stupid pupil – a wise mentor." It is also worth noting that in the film kitsch, which is inherent in the first film. While this is understandable: now anyone can afford a computer, game console, flat screen TV, a new cell phone. And then, in the 80s, few can afford new electronics. All shouting that the gap between rich and poor increases, and I think that now distinguishes the poor from the rich only brand product. But still, the money in the movie is not important. Sometimes it seems that the film's hero – a New York City. On Compared with the first film types was even more, but without the towers biliznetsov once lonely stand swarms of buildings. Many places are known to us as their own 33 square meters. It is also striking great visuals. Charts against the urban landscape – it is something! We're seeing every day, such a picture – a little bit of imagination and the city skyline into a feed. Some frames can be safely used in the article about cyberpunk: In Finally, I want to say I liked the film. Together with the first part he makes a great tandem. The title of "Best Film on the financial theme," confirmed a second time. PS: Tomorrow will introduce you to interesting facts about the movie. For example, did you know that the fictional bank Churchill Schwartz is under a real prototype in the form of investment bank Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Or the fact that Oliver Stone was in frame three times in the movie! I'll show you this in the screenshots.