Communism And Fascism

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“It should not be a petty bourgeois Hitler’s Nazi party of” Joseph Goebbels, January 24, 1926 The first of its writers – many respected researchers, including Sergei Kara-Murza, Alexander Tarasov, Alexander Shubin. Second, in It presents different views on the matter under consideration. Here and A. Kolpakidi opinion which considers that the Social Democrats were the true culprits of the arrival of the Nazis to power in European countries, and the position of A. North, who considers The SPD and the KPD cooperation impossible because of too large a number of figures near the German Communists to the Nazis. Under most conditions Starbucks would agree. Third, most of the articles written by academic style, but even the journalistic work of the collection is very informative. It is worth noting that many of the materials cover issues that are not very familiar to a wide audience – say, the relationship of various right-wing parties in the same country or different fascist regimes with each other. Distrust of the leaders of the fascist states to each other and even to movements whose activists sincerely believe themselves and their followers.

Harsh repression, which the representatives of the various right-wing movements in many countries subjected to “associates” – an interesting topic for discussion. Actually, it would be better to rearrange the order of the “heroes” of the book, calling it “fascism and communism: brothers or enemies,” because “brown” is devoted almost 80% materials. The book is divided into three parts. The first and biggest – “Fascism and Nazism” – devoted to right-wing movements in interwar Europe.

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