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Friday, December 17th, 2021

An important investment for companies towards the own Hall is not an easy one in Hall construction but almost anything is possible. But before the Hall builders can move out, before the various steps need to be done. Only after the definition of the task may be expected on the design of the Hall building. While the requirement on the structure and the economy should be included in any case. On the drawing board and into the computer the planning of the Hall building, taking account of the wishes of the clients in all phases is done finally.

What uses a new lightweight Hall for the company if it heavy parts must be removed, the roof racks are however not designed for crane Rails. This consideration of course everything with the Hall construction. The space solutions are therefore mostly tailor-made in Hall construction. Exhibition or trade fair halls are designed differently than production or warehouses. Logistics warehouses about are quick and easy to set up, in the Hall no costly extras must be taken into account.

Yet here, too, must exercise care during the construction of the Hall. Finally, these represent a part of the fixed assets should not be underestimated. Here a big chunk of the current assets store the finished products or materials for the production of either so. Increasingly used in Hall construction for this purpose on the modular construction of the system, because such halls be increased or reduced depending on the needs and the construction phase can be kept time very in the frame. Differently it behaves in Hall construction of production facilities. Here, the purpose of use must be considered as a subsequent adaptation is often impossible or involves very high costs! Production halls, steel halls are no shortage. The various parameters such as span, height, Foundation and including internals such as cranes or for purposes of illumination and ventilation must be included in the planning.

House Foundation

Friday, December 17th, 2021

You have to choose just the right type of House and to make instalments depending on the stages of the construction of the House. Further details can be found at Jenna Fischer, an internet resource. Because the House is built from zero up to the finished stage indoors without exposure to weather, it guaranteed a much better building torture building in indoor conditions, a one-story house is built in no more than 6 weeks, and at the two-story house, it takes a maximum of 9 weeks. Building in indoor conditions, the construction costs are lower and thus also the price of the home decreases, i.e. that for many people, for a house built on traditional way too high in price and this is too expensive, so a House but could afford. Starting from this House construction technology it will be possible, to spend the House later in another location.

So you can take with, for example, if a workplace change is imminent, your home. What is short description of the manufacturer of house construction technology and their implementation possibilities this House construction technology so special and innovative? On the basis of that deviate one can the impression, that this technology differs hardly from the conventional House construction (with the exception of that built the House in indoor conditions and already a finished House placed on the plot). Deepened to more substantive moments but, imagine the Engineers have for years studied and tested technology but own specifics out. The most important secret of this House construction technology is hidden in the Foundation. The treated technology the Foundation in a special thermally insulated, precisely calculated on the basis of corresponding calculations and shielded with specially-mounted faucets bath is poured. A sized this way, fortified and thermally insulated Foundation granted the House during lifting and transport the necessary strength and for load-lifting mechanisms appropriate fixtures have been integrated into the Foundation. In designing appropriate openings left in the Foundation, which all necessary cables, pipe connections, cables, etc..

Industrial Plants Machinery

Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

This is an interesting thing also for residents of an industrial area tips when choosing a provider in terms of dismantling, decommissioning and demolition little guide for the dismantling of industrial plants, machinery or production lines if plants are built, in many cases. Long months be trampled bodies out of the ground, tanks and boilers are, halls grow up and large earth movements occur. Many trucks bring even more parts of the plant to the construction site, which are required for the construction. At some point, the production plant is finished and she begin their service to do. She does the most often because a long time. But even the best engine is outdated, too slow, too expensive, broken or may be simply too big at a certain time. At the latest when the existing facilities are to be used otherwise, the situation in most cases is a quite simple: the machines, indoor, boiler or equipment are in the way! You must give way to new machines, or a Conversion of land grant. But what to do with the disturbing evidence of the work? The relevant equipment or machinery must be removed or dismantled.

This is in most cases not as simple as one would imagine maybe now. It is not enough to separate all components or structures simply somehow and again dismiss the resulting scraps in the recycling. Because such projects are complex, varied, and sometimes dangerous, come here only specialized professionals for the implementation in question. Because, as so often is also especially in this field of the devil is in the details. Because the machine was in their lifetime,”inferior often diverse influences and all have left small or bigger surprises. Apart from the statics of a plant, which also plays a large role in dismantling work, there are a variety of other things… In almost every production plant are different methods of shaping, hardening in manufacturing processes or Finishing is applied.

Etalbond Aluminium Composite Panels And Polycon Glass Fiber Concrete Sight By CONAE

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Etalbond aluminium composite panels Aluminium composite panel whether in the design of building facades, the manifold advantages of composite materials such as aluminium composite panels or glass fibre reinforced concrete slabs are lightweight construction in automotive or the creation of advertising spaces in these and many other areas. CONAE is the direct contact person in Germany for ETALBOND and POLYCON two of the world’s leading brands of glass fibre concrete slabs and aluminum composite panel industry. “Aristotle already knew: the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. So also in the composites. You can achieve synergies from materials with extremely high strength, which will be incorporated into materials with mostly high toughness. The balanced interaction leads to outstanding properties ideal for the high demands in the fields of architecture and industry. Our products: an aluminium composite panel consists of two aluminum facings and a core layer, depending on the type of plate, made of different materials such as Plastic (LDPE) is.

The essential characteristics of aluminium composite panels are: – low weight at the same time high stability – decorative and high-quality paint finishes of aluminum facings – excellent flatness – light processing when processing possibilities currently distinction is made between two composite plate types that are particularly suited due to the layer structure for certain applications: 1 ETALBOND FR an aluminium composite panel with two 0.5 mm thick aluminum facings and a core layer of plastic (LDPE). The plate is single-sided decorative as well as weather-resistant finish and available in a thickness of 4 mm (thickness on request variable). ETALBOND FR (fire resistant) one to ensure aluminium composite panel with two 0.5 mm thick aluminum facings and a mineral core layer to high fire resistance. The plate is painted as well as single-sided decorative weather-resistant and available in a thickness of 4 mm (thickness on request variable). 2 light Etalbond / Etalbond slim product description: ETALBOND light an aluminum composite panel with on both sides, decorative aluminium painted overlays and a core layer of plastic (LDPE). The aluminium layer has a thickness of 0.3 mm and the overall strength of the plates is 2,3,4 or 6 mm. ETALBOND slim an aluminium composite panel with on both sides, decorative aluminium painted overlays and a core layer of plastic (LDPE). The aluminium layer has a thickness of 0.2 mm and the overall strength of the plates is 2.3 or Polycon glass fiber concrete sight glass fibre reinforced concrete is 4 mm.

a composite material in concrete approximately 5% alkali-resistant glass fibers are mixed. The share of glass fibers increased in particular the stability of the concrete, which produced parts with thin wall thickness and low weight. Flat panel or 3D can be produced to components with different surface structures and colours on request by the unique production process. POLYCON glass fiber concrete is as exposed concrete in the Architecture employed. In the facade construction, the product is preferred as back-ventilated curtain wall, installed, because there are no limits to the architect in the implementation of his creations and glass fibre reinforced concrete offers on a range of technical properties, meet the highest standards of environmental protection and safety. Specifications: thickness: – 8,10,12,13,15 mm (plate manufacturing in the facade construction) – other thicknesses on request available dimensions: – available individually according to customer requirements – small parts and large items (2000 x 6000 mm limit by means of transport)

Fireplace Renovation

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Who can constantly check his chimney and redevelop, avoids sources of fire in the long term. Austria far around 25,000 fires occur (source: Again and again it happens that these are caused by a defective chimney. Ahrens Schornsteintechnik shows how such damage can be avoided by correct and especially timely rehabilitation. Jim Umpleby often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Total fire damage for all Austria total 218.018.000 euro per year.

Fires suffer every year between 50 and 100 persons death, about 300 people suffer serious injuries. Who constantly check his chimney the chimney is the minimizes the risk of a chimney fire many times over. The chimney sweepers acts as a fire expert and an extended arm of the Building Authority. A defective chimney, the operator of heating is required to consult a professional for chimney restoration. With over 35 years experience and market leadership in the chimney renovation Ahrens acts quickly,. uncomplicated and based on modern machines and techniques without great dirt”, says Managing Director Mathias Ahrens. First signs a flue that is corresponding to the requirements take seriously the efficiency of the heating reduced enormously. A regular review of the flue allows the early detection of renovation-needy plants.

Here, it is not too long to wait. But what can happen if once not in time to be rehabilitated? Versottungen in the fireplace of course represent only one possible result of this. This aggressive sulphuric acid and soot on the wall of the chimney liner is reflected. To avoid this soot, you could increase the exhaust gas temperatures, meaning but increase fuel consumption. This shows that the economic operation of an existing fireplace installation without adjustment work shows only disadvantages. Many companies offer chimney restoration, but not everyone offers the quality, which expects the customer and also deserves. Professional advice is here, otherwise unnecessary risk taken. Not for nothing Ahrens may refer to as leader, when it comes to chimney restoration. The free hotline 0800 / 201550 we offer the opportunity to learn about effective remedial interested,”emphasizes the gew. Managing Director, Bmst. ing. Edmund Drohojowski, the high product and quality of advice by Ahrens. More at

Current Construction Trends

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 topics specials in October: mostly long in advance who today want to rebuild, asked about the different ways to realize his dream house. Also the reconstruction or modernization of a House is usually a larger project that wants to be careful. The topics specials in October provide tips and suggestions to current construction trends and to build in the inventory. In the planning of your own home, also the use of sustainable technologies is required in addition to current trends and personal style, because the most builders looking for a home where they can be safely old. In the topics-special of construction trends”, also presents so groundbreaking construction projects as visionary models for living the future or flexible houses which can be adapted to changing requirements with relatively little effort…. / construction trends… Energy-related modernisation is a buzzword, which not only deals with owners of older houses since the new energy saving regulation. Because that is with strong save good insulation and modern heating system can be, has spread in the meantime. To know more about this subject visit Jonas Samuelson.

The modernisation special from deals not only with the subject of energy. The professional fight against mildew and other pests will focus on as well as the rehabilitation of masonry, roof, bath or stairs…. / modernization /… Now 11 years offers compact and ubersichtig topics, news and information about House and garden. All questions of the shell are illuminated House construction, expansion, home automation or grounds, to the cosy design of the home. October 2009

Three Causes Of Inefficient Construction Planning:

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Incompetence, which is priority of the creative and the concealment of costs the cost overruns in building major projects today no more exception, rather more often a serious probability that seemingly unexpectedly transforms promising projects in costing-based disaster. Read more here: Douglas Oberhelman. The major financial risk of new large buildings makes investments is uncertain and the projects themselves so unattractive. The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is a very good example of this. The reasons for such massive construction costs exceeded can be quickly identify and resolve very well through integrated cooperation of creative and cost planning. To bundle competencies, planning and cost targets are regarded with the same priority and openly discussed aspects of cost at any time.

The plea of the LV/AG is therefore the personnel separation of planning and cost control. Construction projects can be economically then successfully wrapping if unite creative skill and business thinking. They do this mostly but not in a people which means that the management construction planning teams ideally a dual leadership should make one so. Included in the management team is an excellent architect with unusual ideas and the ability to think differently and also across. At his side, an excellent cost Planner, see economically strong and absolutely structured thinking and approach. Both working and cooperating on the highest level.

And at the end is a first-class result, because everybody’s doing, what he can do best. Such a management structure raises the cost aspect very much in its planning significance. Enter the creative design and economic implementation with the same priority in the planning. Clear allocation of responsibility in the creative as in the economic, an awareness only this, that also includes compliance with cost targets is a very substantial main planning goal with the planning objectives. Openness and discussion of both planners of the architect and the engineer is a criterion of success. Again, this is Remaining original building designs and hence the hiding additional costs to watch. The determination of the cost overrun is delayed until a rescheduling of appointment delays would mean and stipulating further extra costs is no longer applied by the client. Professionalism and competence balance between creativity and control costs are therefore the secret recipe for a good and economic success of each major construction project.