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Subsequent Heating

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Renovation of old buildings – radiator against a floor heating to be replaced. In the renovation of old buildings, often the desire to change also the heating surfaces and to replace the existing radiators to under-floor. Meanwhile, there is underfloor heating systems with low construction height that can be installed without major structural work. Today, many billion euros are invested in the refurbishment of old buildings. The high prices for the fossil fuels of gas and oil, allow here hardly an alternative. It is for such renovations but not only to save energy, often also the existing real estate to be spiced up a bit visually. The still State of the art in the seventies of the last century plate radiators have long lost their attractiveness and are an eye-catcher even when they are mounted in a corresponding radiator niche more dust collection and less. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jim Umpleby.

There must be a way but to retrofit a surface heating. Now have several manufacturers on the adjusted trend and offer Products for the subsequent installation of underfloor heating in the building on. Mostly in the thin-bed method set underfloor heating elements it need only a few millimetres in height and are so often without great press work to retrofit. The often high at old heating system temperatures are another problem. Underfloor heating can not operate with flow temperatures of 70 degrees or more.

Also there are solutions on the market. Small compact control stations that allow you to connect of several heating circuits usually and in all required control equipment, mixers and pumps are already fitted. The control stations you can in the old radiator niches nicely fit and connect directly to the existing pipe network. The mixer in the control stations provide it in other rooms to continue the operation of the old radiator, because certainly you will equip all rooms with underfloor heating. Living rooms and bathrooms, the pleasant are particularly obese Heat from the ground offers a special feeling of wellbeing in the bathroom. In addition to the underfloor heating can be found but also radiant heating systems such as the heating of the wall or the ceiling. Just the ceiling had a rather bad image that transforms itself but slowly in recent years. At design temperatures that were formerly common of 70 degrees or more, the heat was felt from above, as a rather unpleasant. Author Berthold Zumbrink Ingenieurburo comb Edmunds

Fireplace Renovation

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Who can constantly check his chimney and redevelop, avoids sources of fire in the long term. Austria far around 25,000 fires occur (source: Again and again it happens that these are caused by a defective chimney. Ahrens Schornsteintechnik shows how such damage can be avoided by correct and especially timely rehabilitation. Jim Umpleby often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Total fire damage for all Austria total 218.018.000 euro per year.

Fires suffer every year between 50 and 100 persons death, about 300 people suffer serious injuries. Who constantly check his chimney the chimney is the minimizes the risk of a chimney fire many times over. The chimney sweepers acts as a fire expert and an extended arm of the Building Authority. A defective chimney, the operator of heating is required to consult a professional for chimney restoration. With over 35 years experience and market leadership in the chimney renovation Ahrens acts quickly,. uncomplicated and based on modern machines and techniques without great dirt”, says Managing Director Mathias Ahrens. First signs a flue that is corresponding to the requirements take seriously the efficiency of the heating reduced enormously. A regular review of the flue allows the early detection of renovation-needy plants.

Here, it is not too long to wait. But what can happen if once not in time to be rehabilitated? Versottungen in the fireplace of course represent only one possible result of this. This aggressive sulphuric acid and soot on the wall of the chimney liner is reflected. To avoid this soot, you could increase the exhaust gas temperatures, meaning but increase fuel consumption. This shows that the economic operation of an existing fireplace installation without adjustment work shows only disadvantages. Many companies offer chimney restoration, but not everyone offers the quality, which expects the customer and also deserves. Professional advice is here, otherwise unnecessary risk taken. Not for nothing Ahrens may refer to as leader, when it comes to chimney restoration. The free hotline 0800 / 201550 we offer the opportunity to learn about effective remedial interested,”emphasizes the gew. Managing Director, Bmst. ing. Edmund Drohojowski, the high product and quality of advice by Ahrens. More at

Current Construction Trends

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 topics specials in October: mostly long in advance who today want to rebuild, asked about the different ways to realize his dream house. Also the reconstruction or modernization of a House is usually a larger project that wants to be careful. The topics specials in October provide tips and suggestions to current construction trends and to build in the inventory. In the planning of your own home, also the use of sustainable technologies is required in addition to current trends and personal style, because the most builders looking for a home where they can be safely old. In the topics-special of construction trends”, also presents so groundbreaking construction projects as visionary models for living the future or flexible houses which can be adapted to changing requirements with relatively little effort…. / construction trends… Energy-related modernisation is a buzzword, which not only deals with owners of older houses since the new energy saving regulation. Because that is with strong save good insulation and modern heating system can be, has spread in the meantime. To know more about this subject visit Jonas Samuelson.

The modernisation special from deals not only with the subject of energy. The professional fight against mildew and other pests will focus on as well as the rehabilitation of masonry, roof, bath or stairs…. / modernization /… Now 11 years offers compact and ubersichtig topics, news and information about House and garden. All questions of the shell are illuminated House construction, expansion, home automation or grounds, to the cosy design of the home. October 2009

Three Causes Of Inefficient Construction Planning:

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Incompetence, which is priority of the creative and the concealment of costs the cost overruns in building major projects today no more exception, rather more often a serious probability that seemingly unexpectedly transforms promising projects in costing-based disaster. Read more here: Douglas Oberhelman. The major financial risk of new large buildings makes investments is uncertain and the projects themselves so unattractive. The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is a very good example of this. The reasons for such massive construction costs exceeded can be quickly identify and resolve very well through integrated cooperation of creative and cost planning. To bundle competencies, planning and cost targets are regarded with the same priority and openly discussed aspects of cost at any time.

The plea of the LV/AG is therefore the personnel separation of planning and cost control. Construction projects can be economically then successfully wrapping if unite creative skill and business thinking. They do this mostly but not in a people which means that the management construction planning teams ideally a dual leadership should make one so. Included in the management team is an excellent architect with unusual ideas and the ability to think differently and also across. At his side, an excellent cost Planner, see economically strong and absolutely structured thinking and approach. Both working and cooperating on the highest level.

And at the end is a first-class result, because everybody’s doing, what he can do best. Such a management structure raises the cost aspect very much in its planning significance. Enter the creative design and economic implementation with the same priority in the planning. Clear allocation of responsibility in the creative as in the economic, an awareness only this, that also includes compliance with cost targets is a very substantial main planning goal with the planning objectives. Openness and discussion of both planners of the architect and the engineer is a criterion of success. Again, this is Remaining original building designs and hence the hiding additional costs to watch. The determination of the cost overrun is delayed until a rescheduling of appointment delays would mean and stipulating further extra costs is no longer applied by the client. Professionalism and competence balance between creativity and control costs are therefore the secret recipe for a good and economic success of each major construction project.

Cologne AquTechnics

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

The Maintenance effort decreases significantly, a big plus especially for holiday homes that do not often can be serviced. It is also possible to combine the electrolysis plants, which are electronically controlled and automatically adjusts chlorine production needs depending on the environmental conditions (temperature, sunlight and bathing) with automatic control systems. Also a better comfort while swimming for the electrolysis technology speaks of hygiene and maintenance. The weakly saline pool water has only about 1/10 of the salinity of sea water, contains valuable minerals and trace elements and is very pleasing to eyes and skin. Weak salt water not leaching off your skin.

It is a soothing skin and connective tissue firming effect. After bathing salt particles are rubbed by the drying in the skin, which promote blood circulation. The result: Your skin feels velvety and delicate. Salt Water electrolysis – a gentle process that you can apply in your swimming pool. The environment and your health will be pleased. The different series of salt electrolysis equipment and more information see here: address AquTechnics Europe GmbH Engert Lindenstrasse 14 85667-Oberpframmern + 49 (0) 8093 2028 is sister company of Australian AquTechnics Ltd company description the founded in 1988, AquTechnics Europe GmbH based near Munich and aqua de-light special manufacturer for innovative and multiple patented swimming pool lighting systems of the brand also is the exclusive representative of the Australian monarch pool systems and the English Bowman group for low-temperature special heat exchangers in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. There are still strategic business partnerships with the Slovenian ASTEL d.o.o.. for the joint development, production and marketing of innovative and sustainable pool products.