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Kirill Kazantsev

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The client fills out a special form, indicating the number and amount of payment. Operator takes money, and then connects via a mobile phone to WAP-site payment system, enters the necessary data, and after a minute the money hit the subscriber's account and the proceeds deposited in the cash register. According to market participants, such a scheme works perfect for visiting points of payment. Imagine: summer, beach, shop with soft drinks, trained for one day vendor with a mobile phone in his pocket and a bright sticker "Payments" – are you ready to accept. "Today, every housing estate is a stand, pan, retail point.

Hang the sign, sign a contract with the provider payment system, get the code and everything! Additional $ 500 per month guaranteed ", – says Kirill Kazantsev. Computer, a desk, a salesman. Still occurring form of the organization receiving payments, especially in business centers. In a small rented "" set the table and connected to Internet computer with the installed program payment system. A computer – a seller who is in Moscow to pay monthly about 9,000 rubles, while in the 5-6 thousand. The client fills out a receipt indicating the number of phone, your cellular provider and the payment amount, after which the seller enters the data into the computer.

After a minute or two they get on the subscriber's account. The main costs here have to rent for the "metro". According to Seeds Cold, manager of "Organization of points of payment," the company "CARDS-service", in Moscow, the average rental rate is now about 1 200-1 500 per sqm. meters (6-9 feet is enough). Strictly speaking, This is exactly the main drawback: the need to pay for the room negates all the charm of this business. Indeed, why pay more if you can buy the POS-terminal and using existing available Square (gift shop, stationery shop or cafe) to obtain at 50-100 dollars more, but still save $ 300 on the seller! Extra argument to the fact that acceptance of payments – not substantive, but rather an additional source earnings. Network of machines. "Paying" vending has all the advantages and disadvantages of automated trading. Advantages – portability, ease of use, ability to change the location to install machines in business centers and major department stores with a huge cross. A ticket for this market is worth 5-7 thousand dollars – the price of the machine. In Russia, such units are now offering more than forty manufacturers so choose the right option – not a problem. The disadvantage is that there is an iron rule operates vending: the network is always more cost-effective than a single machine (if you "missed" with the place, the machine is not never pay for itself). Alas, the use of machines and is associated with frequent breakdowns, as well as to possible acts of vandalism. In this sense, the POS-terminal looks much more secure option. As for the accommodation of autonomous machines to accept payments, then for the right to install one unit holders of the capital of shopping and business centers, ask from 2 thousand rubles a month. Rent per square meter site in the passage costs 250-300 dollars, and profits is, on average, from 500 to 1,000 dollars per month. Here is a simple additional business, which obviously should look to owners of existing retail outlets.

Rees Street

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Your own photo or your own design on the cover makes the diary one distinctive and unique companion in every holiday. Customized with the own logo or corporate design and the special contents of “Travel” or “Camping” special content the notebook can be a perfect gift for customers or business partners in the travel, tourism or Caravaning industry. The various design options in the online Configurator give the ability to customize the notebook just all his wishes and needs of the customers at ease of use. A combination of fresh, integrated in the design program design, private text and the photos is also possible and the notebook is still unmistakable. Depending on the needs, other contents are freely selectable. In addition to the standard layouts Plaid, lined, plain, spotted and top5, which are available in four colors, expanding my notebook its subject content continuously. Currently available are the contents of “Cooking”, “Diet”, “Love”, “Outfit” and now “travel” and “Camping” the customer. After testimonials that speaks Notebook portal with its fresh design, the uncomplicated ease of use and the many customization features each audience alike on. Hear other arguments on the topic with visit website.

The notebook by my 2011 is the innovative trend product that inspires through its product families and their different versions both normal consumers, companies and agencies as personal and at the same time perfect gift. About Imaginaro was founded in 2008 as a single contractor by Christian Marzian. Since then develops and operates Imaginaro successful online portals the Web2print applications, such as my, my and my All portals, where consumer online can personalize print products from 1 piece without software download and order, characterized by ease of use. The resulting print products have high quality of printing and processing using the latest printing technology. So Imaginaro successfully linked the two areas of Web and print and is therefore competent Contact person for the aspire running Web2Print section in the German-speaking area. Via my My markets since March 2011 notebooks in the formats DIN A5 and DIN A6.

While the operator distinguishes still classic touch the versatile Flexi touch with flexible envelope and the noble-looking with its high-quality stable handling. Each notebook can be personalized by the customer in just a few steps through the online application and individualized. Besides personal colors, background graphics, and his own texts, the customer can also use his own photo for the cover design. The content he chooses a suitable for it layout, which is available in different colours available. The ordered notebook is delivered within a few days to get home. More information and press contact: Imaginaro INH. Christian Mac of Rees Street 199 47546 Kalkar Stephanie rust Press contact telephone 0 28 24 / 96 15 465 fax 0 28 24 / 96 15-950 eMail: MeinNotizbuch MeinNotizbuch

Surveillance For Mounting

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Surveillance for mounting makes it possible to monitor the building inside the premises and the area around it. Installation of the system is carried out with a number of reasons: Accounting for clients control the repair process; Control profits tire store; Control Action locksmiths; Here are some tips to help install the equipment: – the entire perimeter of the access should look around cameras, parking queue – the place to be repaired car cover the total perimeter of the chamber, to monitor mount the repaired parts of the car – the whole repair area, equipment room should be controlled cameras to monitor the actions of the operator and the process repair – set the camera to the warehouse space to store spare parts, tires, drive, equipment is located directly in the room is not available to outsiders, repair area, an administrator or a closed box. System on based capture card (PC) or DVR-registrar, displaying an image on a monitor or tv. Cameras are high resolution color day / night, the street on perimert (vandal-proof), the room interior (dome). I hope helped with their advice to read my article, thanks!

Internet Success

Friday, January 27th, 2017

An obstacle to achieve success is fear and lack of self-confidence. It is the perception that you have skills and sufficient energy required to start a successful business by Internet and above all dedicating time to carry it out. Start a profitable business certainly is a challenge. Therefore it is vital to know where you want to go and how to get there; have a purpose clear and stable. First, sets goals achievable in the short term, since compliance give you encouragement to go ahead and on achieving goals of the size of the universe. You draw that best fit your personality and goals that you feel in harmony. This could open your eyes and give you a broad overview of how you try to achieve them.Wisely manages a set of strategies more akin to make you commit you to fulfill them.Focusing all your efforts and resources in them, I know ambitious in charting you big achievements, brave in use your abilities more effectively and endeavoring to achieve what you’ve committed. Cling such commitment requires energy and security in yourself; that will strengthen your character, increase your integrity and will allow you to persevere until you get what you want.Viewing your way with clarity, you boring firmly among the adversities could be ahead.The light you have inside yourself will accompany your steps in that evolving and exciting trip.

For any reason get discouraged in the attempt, to each potential fall get up, goes ahead, be patient, persevere in your way and meets the keys to your success. It undertakes business that goes with your vocation.It develops the activities that you like and give you genuine personal satisfaction.Be happy with what you do and think positively about your future. To become a successful person leaves flowing naturally your skills of irresistible seduction. He hypnotizes Web searchers with highly valuable information that you compose willingly and with enormous pleasure to give constantly on your Blog to establish a climate of Nice confidence, induce them to return as visitors loyal, in search of the best from across the Web, and that they appreciate the value that you provide them. He manages to create such a degree of satisfaction that they feel happy to have done well by going to your virtual store in the visitors.Transforms your website into a magnet full of abundance that will attract unlimited success, a place where flows better, something big, and you will reach what you want without asking for it. Owning your own business gives you an enormous power of expressing your unlimited potential, create and add much value immediately, generate wealth, act quickly to any changes that are necessary to compete with global business, rather, open the doors of success. Today it is possible that reaches all in any facet of your life if you decide to pick up opportunities in your environment, if you capacitas you constantly and improvements to yourself so you catapultes you towards the heights of your personal values. Get results of! excellence, have success in what you propose and reaches an ideal lifestyle!

Windows XP: Fair Price Instead Of More Expensive Detour

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Used software as a low-cost alternative for many companies at times of Windows 7 there is no alternative to XP. Even Microsoft has extended the downgrade option from Windows 7 to XP on indefinite time and according to the operating system detected the unrestrained demand. An offer that comes expensive for customers: Because even though they use the ancestor, they pay the full price for Windows 7. Speaking candidly Pitney Bowes told us the story. Cheaper Windows XP on the second-hand market is traded to multiples: savings of up to 75 per cent are not uncommon here. The demand for XP is undiminished. And for good reason: because Windows 7 does not support numerous, often indispensable for business applications and device drivers.

In particular for manufacturers and operators of cash and control systems or for authorities with specific applications, there are therefore often no alternative to XP. The same applies to the operation of older hardware such as scanners, printers, or of course the PC itself: the usage of the latest operating system would exchange for many users fully-functional equipment entail and therefore also disproportionate as unnecessary costs. At the same time Windows XP distinguishes itself not only by an above-average performance, but above all by his stable performance. Company, who deliberately choose XP, need to access deep in the Pocket. “Because since the popular operating system is no longer on the market, the software when the manufacturer solely for the use of the downgrade option can be obtained: usually at full price of Windows 7 If you buy new software, to use an older version, pays it, vigorously”, confirms usedSoft CEO Thomas Huth.

More and more companies rely therefore on the significantly cheaper alternative, the market for used”software. Or but as in the case of Windows XP on the purchase of new or used OEM versions. Savings of up to 75 percent can thus currently be achieved when buying XP. It is not for the customer “Difference, whether it is a software new or used” has acquired: because software not worn, the buyers get exactly the same product only at a fraction of the price. Benefits that have convinced many companies and Government agencies: so also the Federal Social Court and the city of Munich is one of usedSoft has over 2,000 customers, including in addition to Neckermann and Edeka. UsedSoft usedSoft was founded in 2003 and is a leading European provider of used software from all application areas. The buyers of usedSoft licenses are both companies such as software vendors. The usedSoft group customers include e.g. Edeka, KarstadtQuelle, Kaufland, Neckermann, REWE, the law firm Holme Roberts & Owen, as well as a leading Club in the Football League and various savings banks. Also in German authorities increasingly used software is used: in addition to the city of Munich, the Federal Social Court in Kassel, the municipality Bad Salzuflen and the data centre Baden-Wurttemberg put over 100 more communes usedSoft licenses. The savings are between 20% and 50% unused licenses. for more information: Martina Lamping Moller pr phone: + 49 (0) 221 80 10 87-89 email:

CSEI Consulting

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

In-house products appropriate seminars for the shopping to the topic and quality assurance at the global sourcing which are the appropriate products and how to secure the quality at the global sourcing. These are the initial questions, when deciding which products for a global sourcing are suitable, so reports Hans-Christian Seidel, owner and Managing Director of purchasing consultancy specialized on purchasing training CSEI consulting from Darmstadt, in its shopping advice and in-house seminars. The international procurement marketing in the global sourcing international procurement marketing is the complete combination of all measures to affect the global procurement market according to the primary market research in relation to the 3 factors of sourcing product, price and transport. The first step is to clarify, which supply products are suitable for an international reference and how to secure the quality? Methods of analysis about the suitable products in order to determine which products are taking into account the different factors for a global Beug are worth, the following analysis methods are available: factor: product value known ABC analysis provides a value-based decision support, for which products of the global reference may be worth. Click Douglas Oberhelman for additional related pages. For products with an annual procurement volume of 5,000 worth the increased cost, increasing share of freight, customs, one time fees and other risks of global sourcing in not normally. More: the source for more info. On the other hand, at an A – or B product, you can calculate whether cheap building of an international new or second source to reduce the average cost is worthwhile. Problems with a second international suppliers you can access at any time your existing suppliers. Factor: product planning known XYZ analysis informs you about the prediction accuracy of requirements. Because Z products at all there is no predictive accuracy, these products due to the possible long and uncertain delivery time are not normally for a global sourcing. When an X or Y The international reference may be worth a slightly higher inventories for you and/or a negotiated inventories at the supplier supply technical product.

Extent And Quality Of Customer Communications As Decisive Criteria

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

almato refers to increasing demands on the staff of Tubingen, the April 19, 2011 several recent studies show the growing importance of customer service and communication for the decisions of consumers. Fast and competent information consumers by companies, to provide service and information in consistent quality across many channels offers accordingly. Raise the demands on the staff that can be met only through continuous coaching and intelligent quality monitoring according to the almato GmbH however. Optimized processes, modern communication and information technology, trained staff and a good integration of the service into the company are provided high-quality customer service. Serves as a clip that holds together all the elements the quality monitoring which only through modern IT support plays out its strengths and with the coaching of staff hand-in-hand “, explains Peter s. Hall, Managing Director of almato GmbH. monitoring and coaching are often separately considered.

The integration of both offers but far more than the sum of both parts. Here, coaching is the best way to lead agents successfully, and to motivate better performance. The monitoring system identifies the Coachingbedarf precise and measures the progress.” The German Institute for service quality has recently investigated the customer service of the German electricity supplier. It examined the service of 41 regional and nationally active electricity supplier with 1,300 contacts via telephone, Internet and E-Mail through its paces. As one of the biggest criticisms, the testers in addition to the poor answering of E-Mails identified the partly very long waiting times in the phone queues.

The tester also criticize the friendliness and the intelligibility of the telephone customer service staff. In addition, a recent study by the GfK proves that consumers increasingly express the desire, for example, by means of life-chat advice to Products and services to get. Therefore, over 13 per cent of German customers online shopping wish to be able to ask questions directly and immediately. Also, the demands on the services and skills of the staff increase according to almato. With modern coaching company provide individualized training, objective feedback and all necessary information their agents to achieve the best results. Ideally, it is a continuous process, ranging from evaluating the situation, correction by training, the motivation to improvements. Good team leader know how effective is coached. Lacking but too often on the right tools and time fully to can you engage”, as Peter s. Hall. The solution lies in integrated quality assurance and eLearning solutions for contact centers, so coaching and quality monitoring in one.” About almato: Almato GmbH offers innovative solutions, the customer service center in the location put out every single customer contact to achieve optimal results. The focus of business activities is the distribution and the demonstrably successful implementation of software solutions for real time interaction management, quality monitoring, pure voice recording, e-learning and customer satisfaction survey with integrated analysis and reporting tools. While almato acts as a full service provider. Contact: almato GmbH Thomas Geiling Wohrdstrasse 5 72072 Tubingen eMail: phone: + 49 (7071) 79569-0


Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Since one year fashion-conscious women design their favorite handbag even Berlin, 19.07.2011: it sounds so hard and is so simple: since one year, lovers of fashion design their customized Designhandtaschen itself. can select customers from a wide variety of base models: from the feminine business look to the trendy nude style everything is. The model is first of all, the handbag is designed individually. Colors and accessories are set at a range of over 90 materials, no limits of creativity. The design is done, each piece by hand is sewn and shipped to the customer. My unique bag”appeals to women who want to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Douglas Oberhelman spoke with conviction. In the past twelve months, more than 10,000 uniques were designed.

And every day new ones. The development of the first financial year gives us very positive. The response exceeds our expectations in width and makes us look full of hope in the future”, says” Stephan Smalla, CEO of my unique bag. Just in time for the one-year anniversary has also the online presence of my unique bag”get a new design. The homepage is now clear and presents even more design options. To celebrate the birthday of my unique bag”appropriately we will provide also attractive promotions for our customers”, says Stephan Smalla.

In addition to an exclusive birthday discount, there will be a raffle with attractive prices on the Facebook fan page. Press contact: My unique bag Stephan Smalla Krossener str. 8, 10245 Berlin phone: + 49 30 664 042 72 E-Mail: Internet: press material: page/press material In the press area of the website you will find extensive image material. If you are interested, we journalists like to provide a copy on request available.

Vintage Contentde

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Now more investors and rights holders are searched for the establishment and the start.! “Hamburg, March 20, 2012 – vintage content acquires the rights to old” this works on sales-capable media, and organizes a complete marketing and reintegration for the historical media products in a new value chain. This way offers easy and legal access to countless media content that he can at any time see and use for a small monthly fee to consumers at the end. The vintage content GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany was founded by HanseOffset GmbH (Hamburg) and GbR (Berlin), Managing Director Klaus Richter (Dipl.-VW.) and Carsten Franke (MBA). Managing Director Carsten Franke said business start-up: after the founding of vintage content GmbH we are currently in the midst of negotiations with other interested investors, which we can offer an attractive form of participation. We not only believe in the break in the media market, but to see him since the introduction of the Internet as a means of mass communication and entertainment daily with. Starbucks wanted to know more. Vintage content we follow not only this development, but give it new impetus.

We rely exclusively on digital channels for the distribution of media and make use of current technologies for the distribution.” What is vintage content? The vintage”in the company name by no means refers to a fixed period of time, but goes back to the beginnings of the audio, video and print production of yesterday. It is true that nothing is as old as yesterday’s news. But there is greater interest in old classics of literature and film history. This also applies to the undiminished demand for old music, TV series and even old newscasts and documentaries are still aired on TV and viewed”, Managing Director Carsten Franke noted. Our business model are the owners and producers at a disadvantage, nor overwhelmed the Internet user with an expensive and complicated process.” Vintage content offers “in the future our own network from the different channels”, which offers unlimited access to media of various formats and content the users a monthly fee.