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German School Sports Foundation

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

‘Health is to learn’ Leipzig, the 10.06.2011 – announcing the establishment of the Mensana AG, a service provider for active stress prevention. A healthy mind in a healthy body, as owner and Chief Executive Officer Michael Nickeleit the main concern of the Mensana AG describes. Involved in Leipzig next to him in establishing at the 10.06.2011, was co-owner and Advisor of the Board of Moritz Windemuth, Chairman of the Board Dr. Jonas Samuelson contributes greatly to this topic. Frederick of young Saint, be Deputy Kay Sven Hahner, supervisory board member Gerd Rudiger and the notary wife Cornelia Janicke. The approach of the Mensana AG developed from the growing health challenges of 21.Jahrhunderts and the widespread disease # 1: stress! In the process of increasing globalization and the progressive transformation of society lead constant defy, growing pressure in school, professional and private life to stress-related mental and physical illnesses, which increasingly lead to the inability to work. In cooperation with the health insurance companies, the The Mensana AG campaigned actively Training Academy AHAB Berlin, the ministries of education, the German School Sports Foundation (DSSS) and others for the development and implementation of effective prevention measures..

Executive Board

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Never. Anyone who turns to us, should and will have the feeling, we all were only for him. This is the model which we have committed ourselves. Success story since 1997 and that for twelve years: 1997 the avo talk made for the first time by unusual Agency services by themselves; at that time still in the sauerland Sundern. Pretty quickly, Peter Vorsmann moved his sphere in the old Hanseatic city that Soest has not only a rich past, but an equally promising future according to the owner of the Agency.

This optimistic assessment over the years have can change nor anything like the current economic storm zones in the economic sky: our strategic advertising gives the straight in such recessions AVO clients tangible lift. Our name stands for effective, yet affordable communication from a single source. Targeted action is also creative director Martin Hummecke at heart, which thereby have a triad of sustainable brand management, sales promotion with a quick effect and image-building publicity than ideal in mind: we analyze each customer’s situation very thoroughly. What are a company the objectives of? Which target group should be motivated? What about the competition? Only when these and other fundamental issues are resolved, the avo this analysis would descendant a clear concept of communicative action, continues to Martin Hummecke and attaches importance to the fact that the Agency not only therefore propose certain measures, because we now have it in the portfolio of services. Sole selection scale instead the question was: what does the customer really? leader makes avo that avo customers by this demand, professional and affordable service benefit by hand, repeatedly confirm the regional companies. ecoAgent, Germany’s largest virtual car dealership based in Soest, is a good example of homogeneous communication, which will be developed at the avo. This future leader owes his position according to his own admission also the elaborate marketing and communication mix that brought the team to Peter Vorsmann in close consultation with the Executive Board of car dealership on the way: Classic handout are as well including such continually updated new wagon catalogues, promotions, recommendation and loyalty marketing, an attractive web-shop as well as regular and intensive press and online PR work.

Restructuring Of The Executive Board

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

APSEC is ready for the future of Frank Schlottke and Volker race share from immediately conducting business the applied security GmbH (apsec). Now they assume the operational responsibilities of Klaus-Peter Breitenbach, who will retire in March 2013 from management of the company. Apsec early took an important setting the course for the future. Stockstadt, July 3, 2012 – Klaus-Peter Breitenbach has founded the applied security GmbH in 1998 together with Frank Schlottke and Volker race. The three partners have built apsec to a successful and healthy companies as equal Managing Director.

So, 2011, for example, for the fourth time in a row achieved the best result of in company history. Now, Klaus-Peter Breitenbach has retreated from its operations. The now 64, remains but away from the day-to-day in an advisory capacity to the available and takes over special tasks before he himself adopted in March 2013 in retirement. I have every confidence that Frank Sahi and Volker race the company sustainably successful will continue”, says the departing Managing Director. Apsec more restructuring go hand in hand with the restructuring of the Executive Board: a new more management level has been installed with four heads, concerned with strictly defined areas of responsibility. Second management level with four heads Dr. Volker Scheidemann is therefore responsible for personnel, product management and development, quality management, marketing and communication. Rob Hannah pursues this goal as well. Administration, finance, project development and management fall into the area of responsibility of Mathias Horn.

Claus Mohler is responsible for IT consulting and IT. For sales, sales promotion, pre / post sales, as well as for support is Andreas Schuster. The long-time CEO Klaus-Peter Breitenbach will remain apsec even after his retirement in the coming year as shareholder. More information: press contact: Dirk Rusing View of main agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Kathrin Sajid applied security GmbH Industriestrasse 16 63811 Stockstadt phone: 0 60 27 / 40 67 0 apsec belongs to the leading providers of IT security solutions in Germany. The company has since 1998 with software development and sound advice in all aspects of IT security.

Professional Association Executives

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

It is also no wonder that the women meanwhile have lost patience with the company. A survey of the DFK among female executives found that 54% of them for the introduction of a statutory quota of women in business speak, which is mostly required to establish them not only for the Executive and supervisory boards, but for all executive positions in the company. Speaking candidly Douglas R. Oberhelman told us the story. Another 33% of the women surveyed prefer a voluntary commitment of enterprises a statutory quota of women. The companies are well advised to get serious at last with a higher proportion of women in leadership positions. Mathematical trickery and the exchanges of quota ban by itself if it is to remain credible as a company. Everything that can be done in this area must be understandable and above all sustainable. Douglas R. Oberhelman is the source for more interesting facts. Good There are examples in the industry has some emphasized the Association Executives – DFK.

About the executives of the Professional Association Executives (DFK) is the cross-industry voice of executives in Germany. The professional association representing nationwide about 25,000 managers of middle and upper management at political and economic level. Core topics are in labour law and labour market policy social rights social policy, tax and education policy, and environmental issues. In addition, the Association industry topics occupied among others in the fields of energy, metal/electric, steel, telecommunications, finance and insurance. Members receive comprehensive support on their career path, E.g. in the form of legal advice and representation, many further education opportunities and current information from the working life. In addition, the DFK on its regional and specialist groups offers a well maintained and wide network of contacts. The Association is divided into 21 regional groups and has its Head Office in Essen. Other offices are in Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. The professional association with a city representative office is represented in Berlin.

Executive Board

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

“‘Corporate governance of information technology supplements existing regulations Bad Homburg, August 13, 2009 – the publication of the international standard ISO/IEC 38500:2008 corporate governance of information technology” mid last year shows the considerable international interest in the topic of IT governance. Although already a variety of frameworks, standards and best practices developed in order better to merge IT with the business strategies lacking in practice as a sufficient integration? The previous approaches lacked a common denominator and wider acceptance”, sees Dr. Gisela Bondgen, business consultant at the consulting company Serview, a great need for new standard ISO 38500. Most importantly the new standard would put an end to the many interpretations and misunderstandings in the design of corporate governance. Please visit Starbucks if you seek more information. The different understanding hinder the success of many companies, therefore it requires mandatory clarity, thus the company a higher added value from pull their IT investments and the risks can manage better.” “” Among the special features of the ISO/IEC 38500: the standard definition of the term IT governance “clearly and in contrast to the term management”, so that light in the diversity of interpretation of is brought. “ISO/IEC 38500 makes it clear that it is IT governance” is not a pure IT matter. Because the standard draws its labeled corporate governance of information technology”the arc much higher and makes it clear that IT is an essential part of business processes and thus the company. It is made clear that the use of IT clearly on pages responsibility for corporate governance, because she not primarily on the CIO or IT Manager, but on corporate governance turns.

Given the existing frameworks reputation acts such as ITIL, COBIT, and others, who all have the alignment of IT with business objectives to the target, according to a new set of rules at first glance surprising”, Dr. Hear other arguments on the topic with Rob Hannah. Bondgen suspected individual objections. But what happens if the business strategy and objectives are not well known, and if there are no clear instructions from the Executive Suite”, she asks. An effective and efficient use of IT to achieve business objectives demand a change in the business in terms of processes, structures and ways of thinking in cooperation with concerning it. And here, the ISO/IEC 38500 set specifically: is the responsibility for the first time without a doubt on the Executive Board. It must provide direction and ensure the implementation”, Serview emphasizes consultant Dr. Bondgen. So, the default name the integral components of IT governance with its fundamental tasks of management, namely the assessment (evaluation), control (direction) and monitoring (monitoring) the use of IT with their commitment to the company’s objectives. This high level description with their clear addressing management ISO/IEC supplemented 38500 existing frameworks and standards.” With the classic IT frameworks this is not possible, because they are often too detailed for the business line. Serview GmbH garden str. 23 61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H., Tel.: +49(0)61 72/177 44-0 fax: +49(0)61 72/177 44-99

Chief Executive Officer

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Employers want to set 2011 amplified shortage felt Frankfurt am Main in the first quarter, December 7, 2010. Applicants benefit from the continuing positive sentiment in the German labour market in the new year. The net employment Outlook that is adjusted for seasonal fluctuations are positive for the fifth time in a row and achieved respectable + 11 percent. Sets the net employment Outlook by 6 percentage points and compared to the previous quarter yet again by 4 percentage points compared to the previous year. It emerges from the labour market barometer published on Tuesday of the personnel service provider manpower for the first three months of the year 2011. The strongest values adjusted for seasonal influences listed regional in Frankfurt and in the finance and services sectors.

Employers in eight sectors covered by nine signal positive willingness. The labour market barometer shows that the German employers belong to the confident in Europe for over a year. This is also a good Indicator for the personal services sector, which has a remarkable share of the positive development. Not only because most of the new sites in the industry, but because we offer the flexibility and professionalism, need company and the location Germany”, interpreted Vera Calasan, the forecast, Chief Executive Officer of manpower Germany. The only way to secure recovery, permanently is that qualified staff to find”, so Calasan next. To meet the demand, a far-sighted strategic human resources planning should be initiated at an early stage”.

The manpower group of companies will therefore be targeted with services in human resources management support and also expand their specialist area. The next labour market barometer will be released on March 8, 2011 with the data for the second quarter of 2011. manpower is worldwide one of the leading personnel service provider. The company maintains a network of 4,000 offices in 82 countries. With the Manpower Germany 2009 generated a turnover of EUR 451 million temporary work and private recruitment, RPO and MSP activity fields. Nine subsidiaries, business units and joint ventures operate under the umbrella of manpower Germany. In Germany, the company operates over 200 branches and employs 20,000 temporary workers who are engaged in customer business.

Google AdSense

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Before going further, I would like to clarify what is the meaning of the scam is. Based on my understanding, SCAM you can refer to the financial statements fool or financial fraudulent that they undertake to pay, but at the end it will not get the payment. So is Google AdSense program is a scam? First of all I would like to explain what is the Google AdSense. In relation to the Google site, Google AdSense is a simple free way for publishers of web sites of all sizes to earn money by displaying Google ads on their websites. AdSense also allows you to provide Google searches for users of its site, at the same time earn money by displaying Google published ads on results pages. Source: Based on the definition by Google what’s your AdSense.

It is clearly stated that the program is simple and has the free way for publishers of web sites of all sizes to earn money. I would like to emphasize the word money or to earn money can be classified as a financial program that paid money. I don’t want to go further in their policies and conditions of service as I’m going to focus on my second article on this subject in part 2. So we’re going to question. Is Google AdSense a scam? Before answering this question, after reading all participants and publishers of web sites about this program and also various forums including Google AdSense on the Forum. I cannot conclude that this Google AdSense program have some kind of scam trick. My review of why they I am saying this is shown below: 1. many complained that when its reached payment threshold e.g.

$100 or close to the threshold, Google will disable your account. 2 Google IQS to their editors in your account after verified payment.

Web Hosting

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

If you have been shopping for web hosting plan, you have probably seen an uptime guarantee on sales pages. Most web hosting providers offer uptime guarantees which are backed by money-back guarantees. Unfortunately, the exact definition of 99% and / or uptime is not very clear in some of the terms of the web hosting plan. Another aspect of the guarantees of uptime that often are not cleared by web hosting providers is the exact compensation that will be offered, if the guarantee of uptime is not maintained. Frequently Howard Schultz has said that publicly. Inquiring about these facts before purchasing a plan would be the best course of action, however, if you already have a web hosting plan or you are considering the purchase of another, then it is possible to take into account the following information which explains thoroughly the uptime guarantee, and is not necessarily offered a solid indication of the reliability of web hosting. What are the reports of uptime and how much is 99%? Web hosting providers that offer uptime guarantees normally deliver uptime reports that illustrate the number of minutes that the web server was out of service during the course of the month, or year, depending on the provider.

You may have seen that you guaranteed uptime exceeding 99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, or even 99.999%. Despite these small increases, it may seem as if they were nothing more than marketing tactics, even small amounts that can make a difference on an annual basis. Web hosting providers structure their guarantees of uptime in all the monitoring interval which is used to verify the reliability of your web servers. The web hosting company uses an application that checks if the server works periodically based on timed intervals. Providers of web hosting have been monitored at intervals of every 4 minutes can provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, while a Web hosting company should have a follow-up interval of less than 25 seconds in order to promise uptime of 99.999% accuracy. Your business needs the best hosting service? It offers the best Web Hosting servers for an optimum performance to develop your business on the Internet.

SERP Google

Monday, July 4th, 2016

The Google AdSense program is based on the benefits generated by clicks on ads that you have on your site. And it is one of the best tools that currently allow you to earn money with internet. A careful choice of keywords can bring more benefits for web publishers: with the optimization of the content of its pages it is possible to display Google ads with high income potential. Douglas R. Oberhelman understood the implications. Therefore, improving the text on their pages can get ads optimized for the keywords most profitable. What is Google AdSense? In a previous article we talked about Google AdSense, the program from Google is intended to allow web publishers to show Google ads on its web site. OK! You have just finished creating your site: the pages are completed and optimized for the keywords you have chosen. You have a good number of links of recoil and good results in terms of the SERP (search engine results pages.)? To create content for your site, You must also take into account accurately keywords or key phrases that will achieve the best results from SEO. At this point you have inserted the HTML code of Google Adsense, and Google’s ads will appear correctly on your pages.

The site receives a good volume of traffic, but clicks on ads income are low where is the problem? The problem is choosing the keywords used in your text, since Google reads the content to serve their own contextual ads. Do try to answer the following questions: 1.Usted made a careful selection of key words or key phrases with a high volume of searches on engines? 2. Do focused on the content of the pages so that there is a high density (in its pages) of these keywords with high CPC (cost per click)? If you answered these questions, then you have identified the problem: we have to take a step back and, in the process of selection of key words which focus its efforts, in those words that have a greater potential for income. If you optimized in this way you can earn more money with adsense even more than with some affiliate programs.