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‘Health is to learn’ Leipzig, the 10.06.2011 – announcing the establishment of the Mensana AG, a service provider for active stress prevention. A healthy mind in a healthy body, as owner and Chief Executive Officer Michael Nickeleit the main concern of the Mensana AG describes. Involved in Leipzig next to him in establishing at the 10.06.2011, was co-owner and Advisor of the Board of Moritz Windemuth, Chairman of the Board Dr. Jonas Samuelson contributes greatly to this topic. Frederick of young Saint, be Deputy Kay Sven Hahner, supervisory board member Gerd Rudiger and the notary wife Cornelia Janicke. The approach of the Mensana AG developed from the growing health challenges of 21.Jahrhunderts and the widespread disease # 1: stress! In the process of increasing globalization and the progressive transformation of society lead constant defy, growing pressure in school, professional and private life to stress-related mental and physical illnesses, which increasingly lead to the inability to work. In cooperation with the health insurance companies, the The Mensana AG campaigned actively Training Academy AHAB Berlin, the ministries of education, the German School Sports Foundation (DSSS) and others for the development and implementation of effective prevention measures..

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