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Republic Historical

Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Coronelismo, democracy, citizenship and social participation the present text has with objective to answer the following questions: which the concepts of coronelismo, democracy and citizenship? which the historical context of construction of the coronelismo? which had been the mechanisms used for the maintenance of the majority of the population far from palco politician and of the great decisions? which elements contribuiram for the growth of the social participation? Inside of the historical perspective, to understand the coronelismo concept, she is necessary to come back to the time and to analyze the context where it appears, as well as the elements that had favored its ascension. In this direction, the construction of a society tied with bases in the latifundium agricultural production, since the times of the Colony, could count as one of the responsible historical facts for the appearance of the call ' ' coronel' '. In the Regencial period, the incidence of you raise and revolts against the new order instituted politics granted a magnifying of being able in hands of the land proprietors. Thus the primary concept that if has of Coronelismo is a typical experience of the first years of the Brazilian republic, process of long duration that involves cultural, economic aspects, social politicians and of Brazil. For assistance, try visiting Simon Baker. In the vision of Loyal, the coronelismo appears in the confluence of a fact politician with a economic conjuncture. The fact politician is the federalism implanted for the Republic in substitution to the imperial centralism. To know more about this subject visit raphael sternberg.

The federalism created a new ample actor politician with being able, the state governor. The old president of Province, during the Empire, was a man reliable of the Ministry, did not have to be able proper, could at any time be removed, did not have conditions to construct its bases of being able in the Province which was, many times, other people’s. In the maximum, he could prepare its proper election for member of the house of representatives or senator.

Social Historians

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

The sharing of the concept of sort for the social historians supplied subsidies necessary to fight the biological determinismo regarding slight knowledge of feminine masculine and, but some of the obstacles had still remained, mentioning the sort boarding to it reduced, that is, privileging only the experience of life of the women. Although the reorientation of the history of women taken the effect with the incorporation of the category sort has contributed to point out these personages in history as distinct social groups, socially constructed and not naturalized, however, it is observed that many of the works that had adopted the partner-historical perspective of sort with the pretension to reject causal the analyses reducionistas, had only continued limited to the study of the women and considering the social transformations in terms of relations between classroom and sex (BURITI, 2009). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Antonov on most websites. Buriti (2009) tells that ‘ ‘ these studies had privileged the comparative and descriptive dimension of the experiences of the sorts and not it use of the concept of sort under an ample look that if effective of Inter-relationary form and according to projects of significao that conducts each context of historicidade’ ‘. History as professional work pointed out the beginning of the study of these relations as a form of interaction subsidized for determined collective interests, with the conflicts imbricados in the laborial field in the plants. In terms economic politicians and, the historical research still remains in silence, however we notice a small current effort in the change of this picture, with intention to leave of if only atrelarem in the ethnic and racial 0 variable, leaving for other approaches. .

So Paulo

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

It had a crucial paper in the validation of the environmentalist State during the period of government of Juscelino Kubitscheck. The ISEB was extinct after the Military Blow of 1964. 4 ‘ ‘ So that the revolution walked in a progressive direction, it would have the necessity of the Communists to support the small-bourgeois revolution, the victory of the industrialismo. Thus we would be producing a progressive movement that would dislocate the oligarchy agrarian of the power, placing in its place the industrials, through the smallone; ‘ (PANSARDI, 2002:95), of form that, in a relation dialectic, the development of the productive forces would bring I obtain the growth of proletarian conscience. 5 Usamos the term ‘ ‘ ortodoxos’ ‘ , in this in case that, for those marxists who make a reading ‘ ‘ escapologist’ ‘ of the work of Karl Marx, accepting without critical the results of the marxianos studies. The term, thus understood, is only configured as an instrument of language of common sense.

Farroupilha Revolution

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

For the necessity of the workmanship hand, in 1822, in the transistion of the process of release of the independence of Brazil, D. Peter offered tickets, 78 annual hectares of land, one hundred and sixty kings and certain amount of oxen, cows, horses, pigs and hens for each person of each family of the Europe interested in the Brazilian settling. In 18 of July of 1824, the first one arrived takes of 39 Germans the Porto Alegre and in day 25 in the River of the Bells. Of 1824 the 1830 had arrived at Brazil 5350 Germans; ten a thousand of 1844 the 1850, ten a thousand of 1860 the 1889, year of the announcement of the Republic and one year after the abolition of the slavery, and 17 a thousand of 1890 the 1914, perfazendo a total of 42389 Germans. Barclays Investment Group can aid you in your search for knowledge. To be moved away from the Farroupilha Revolution, in 1830, although Otto Heise, Samuel Kerst and Caspar Stephanovsky, to have participated of the ideology to substitute the monarchy for the republic, in Porto Alegre, the Germans if had dislocated for Saint Maria and after that they had been exhausted, they created in the valleys of the rivers Taquari, Pardo and Pardinho the colonies of Santa Cruz of the South, Saint ngelo and Santa Maria of the New World. In the Lagoon of the Ducks, they had created the colony of Are Loureno of the South. they had initiated the production of shoes, textile and cotton, in Santa Catarina, Paran and Rio Grande Do Sul. Proclaimed the Republic in Brazil, the government of the Rio Grande Do Sul stimulated the particular settling and the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul was transformed into colonial zone, having they crossed the River Uruguay and migrado for Santa Catarina and Paran, after having servant, in the century XX Iju, Santa Rosa and others in the north of Argentina and Paraguay.

Certeau Past

Friday, October 23rd, 2020

History does not reconstruct the past and yes it reconstitutes the facts of likely form. Michel de Certeau? in citation of Chartier Demonstrou as the writing of the history, that assumes the chronological order, the closing of the text and the filling of the interstices, it inverts the procedure of the inquiry, that has left of the gift, that could not have end and that it is collated without ceasing with the gaps of the documentation. (P. 15) Chartier cites the indicirio paradigm of Ginzburg and that history, according to Certeau, produces &#039 declared; ' cientficos' ' that convokes the past, shows the ability of the historian with the sources and tries to convince the reader. The historical speech part of the gift, where its object already if does not find, and goes constructing teias of information to contextualizar the facts. In the historical institution, Chartier looks for to show as history functions in its meandros.

It says that the historical institution allows only one type of production and forbids others. Loccus of historiogrfica production that before was the palaces and monasteries, today one meets in the universities where much is produced? in some cases alone in search of titulao of the historian? is this encastelada production still in the academies. Chartier cites the case of Philippe Aries that was seen with diffidence for being a history academic and also does not speak of the preconceptions and the subjetividades of the historian. Citing Ricoer the author speaks of the joint of the three phases of the historiogrfica operation and the reconstruction of the past as gift in the memory. He has the relations in the past between history and memory and the relations in the gift between history and fiction. We do not have to tergiversate the literary registers and of other forms of art? in special the scenic ones? but we must extract what of likely such workmanships they present without taking them as really scientific registers.

Francs Society

Monday, October 19th, 2020

This system was characterized for the spalling of the power politician in the feudals, for the existence of a superior entity with the monopoly of the knowledge based on the revelation – the Church – that is expressed the predominance of religious on all the society. In the carolngia dynasty, Carlos Great, king of Francs assumed the throne and governed up to 814, where he carried through many conquests, expanding the borders of the empire. With this Great Carlos with the support of the Church, he guaranteed the dependence between being able central and the nobility. Because it has left of conquered lands they were donated to the aristocracy that in turn had a commitment of loyalty for the king-susserano. The victories of Great Carlos had not only expanded its territory, but also the faith catholic on the other religions.

The church exerted the monopoly of the ideology, controlled education and the domain on the written workmanships. The schools belonged to the parish and its professors were the clergymen who taught through a vision that placed God as base of everything. He in such a way exerted the power on the subjects politicians as the subjects of the society, thus launching hand of some instruments of intimidation to impose its authority. Michael Antonov is actively involved in the matter. One of the main used instruments for the Church was known as the inquisition. In the end of the high Average Age, from century X several factors had appeared: the end of the barbarous invasions and the wars, allies the technological innovations in agriculture, had propitiated a great demographic development and the urban and commercial renaissance.

Other problems had appeared: wars, the use of inadequate agricultural techniques, illnesses, as the black plague, the hunger and with them a great loss of life. It had reduction of the hand of workmanship for agriculture and the production fell still more. The effect of this crisis if had extended for all the society, therefore, agriculture were to the base of the economy, of the relations social politics and.

Available Time

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

– Available Time for the accomplishment of the research work. In the choice of the subject we have that to take in consideration the amount of activities that we will have that to fulfill to execute the work and mediz it with the time of the works that we have that to fulfill in our daily, unrelated one to the research. – The limit of the capacities of the researcher in relation to the intended subject. She is necessary that the researcher has conscience of its limitation of knowledge not to enter in a subject is of its area. If my area is of sciences the human beings, abide must me by the subjects related to this area. 5.1.2 – External factors – the academic and social significao of the chosen subject, its newness, its chance and its values. In the choice of the subject we must take care not to execute a work that will not interest nobody.

If the work deserves to be made that it has an importance any for people, groups of people or for the society in general. – The limit of available time for conclusion of the work. When the institution determines a stated period for the delivery of the final report of the research, cannot enveredar in them for subjects that will not allow in to fulfill them this stated period. The chosen subject must be delimited inside of the possible time for the conclusion of the work. – Material of necessary consultation and data to the researcher One another problem in the choice of the subject is the availability of material for consultation. Many times the chosen subject little is worked by other authors and secondary sources for consultation do not exist. The lack of these sources compels to the researcher to search sources primary who needs a bigger time for the accomplishment of the work.

The Disposal

Sunday, July 19th, 2020

The activities given in classroom, the ordered research had been carried through with success on the part of the learning, were still created, very strong an affective bow, fact that provided the success in the process of teach-learning as well as the recognition of the work, persistence and professionalism of the trainees. In the first day always of the one ' ' cold in barriga' ' , the looks as who say: ' ' there already it comes these faces to change tudo' ' , it scares a little the customary pupils already with the didactics of the professor and the dynamics of the given lessons, in the following days with the applied introduction of the subjects and dynamic the pupils had been liking consequently it differentiated skill to pass the lessons and learning the substance. In the posterior lessons one noticed the explicit interest and the interaction ' ' rolava' ' each better time, the pupils if offered to help the professors of the always very prestativa room, likeable and if he always placed the disposal to cure any problem or doubts that were appearing, moreover, all the professionals of the school were to the disposal and whenever requested they had taken care of very of gentile form, are doormans, caretakers, merendeiras, directors, secretaries at last all were inserted in this process of teach-learning. In addition, the merendeiras more caprichavam each time in merenda and to each day it was a delicious surprise, cream of hen biscuit candy watermelon and others; Hum! It gave water in the mouth, the climate between professors and trainees in the canteen and the room of the friendlier and glad professors were each time. 4 – PRESENTATIONS OF the RESULTS Analyzing the Period of training Supervised II, by means of its stages, since the comment of the school passing for the co-participation, regency until its culminncia, verified complex quo and full of for minors it is its consumption, as the bureaucratic part of the papers (documents), the planejamentos and it are of it, plain daily, plain of action, everything this becomes one complicated one in such a way. .


Monday, May 9th, 2016

To the elaboration and production of these virtual objects of learning we can use some platforms or programs as text publishers, spread sheet, drawing, videos and among others. However these must be elaborated having the care with the metodolgicos procedures as the following ones: for who it is destined (education level, series), which content will be studied through it, where will be used (it will be for long-distance lessons or actual lessons in Laboratories of computer science, or same in classroom), finally, as it intends that the pupil learns by means of its use. Following such procedures we can produce materials with a certain quality and, with this, being useful I assist in it of the process of education learning of disciplines. Finally, we believe that we reach our initial objectives to analyze as the virtual object use of learning can contribute in the pedagogical didactic process of disciplines of History of Brazil, however has very still to argue, considering more questionings concerning the applicability of the new medias in the cognitivo process of the educandos. According to Douglas R. Oberhelman, who has experience with these questions.

Jlio Prestes

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

The secretary of the Province. Estevo Bonrraul.&#039 Lion; ' The Church was raised to the Clientele for provincial law n 35 of 6 of April of 1872. The Church possesss all the accessorier paramentos and for the Celebration of the Sacrifcio Saint of the Mass. It is very common in this period to have the parochial jurisdiction. In such a way the Capella de Ribeira in 1887, is again subordinated the Clientele of the Apiahy. The concern of the bishop of So Paulo Gives to Lino Deodato Rodrigues de Carvalho, is sufficiently clear in relation to the notations in such a way of the baptisms, marriages, deaths that are all registering in proper books of this Clientele, as well as registering in the Book of the Tumble of the Capella this officio and it would carry that it will be forwarded to it by the secretariat of the bispado one, and as well as copy of the Writing of Patrimony, and the notes on the limits of the District in the transmittio form of what me. It would carry of the S.

Former to Mr. Bispo Diocesan in 31 of January of 1887. The Church Catholic has as beauty to help to preserve history. In this way, it launches all the history lived and observed for the priests in a book called Book Tumble, who register important details of the life of the people and the institution. As one of the researchers and being priest (Calil), I had access with bigger easiness to these documents in sight of digitalizar them for better preserves them. CHAPTER II. THE REVOLUTIONS OF 1930 AND 1932 THE 1930 REVOLUTION. It was an armed movement, initiated in day 3 of October of 1930 and under the civil leadership of Getlio Vargas and under it commands to militate of lieutenant-colonel Peter Aurlio de Gis Hunter, with the immediate objective to knock down the government of Washington Luis and to hinder the ownership of Jlio Prestes, elect president of the Republic in 1 of previous March.