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The Device

Friday, March 31st, 2017

What he leaves clearly that is not an unproductive land, but yes badly used to advantage for the plantation, however used to advantage well for the construction of a northeast negative image. In this same literature is not possible to leave to consider thinking, producing cultural or same leaderships politics that if pledge in constructing an image bid on the culture of the region the force that it has if she shows to the country, thus making to be born the true one Brazilian northeast, breaking myths and, personages who if make representatives, presenting it as an unprovided region of cangaceiros and villains economically. The image that if has is dominant a vision that corresponds to a on economy to the cattle one or same a sugar Northeast that was imprisoned the roots politics of passed centuries, in the which solid bases they had been fixed and dominant groups consequentemente obtain to manipulate the space, what it makes with that people without knowledge of the region believe that the only northeast problem is dries: most of the Brazilians thinks that it dries is the main northeast problem (…). however one is about I exaggerate, therefore Brazil as a whole (…) is underdeveloped and the majority of its inhabitants has a low standard of living. Also, the great problems northeast? how the land ownership, remuneration many times the low one of the minimum wage etc.? they occur much more in the zone of the bush, where problems do not exist of dry, of what in the hinterland Garci’a, (1986. 34p, apud Portela and Andrade, 1987:30) Ahead of the words of Portela and Andrade do not have much that if argues, therefore in nothing the Northeast of cangao, of the device or even though of it dries can be compared with the current Northeast, was an imprisoned region the oligarchy, already the current one is in search of an enrollment in the globalizado world, is not few the investments so that this is a solid reality..


Monday, May 9th, 2016

To the elaboration and production of these virtual objects of learning we can use some platforms or programs as text publishers, spread sheet, drawing, videos and among others. However these must be elaborated having the care with the metodolgicos procedures as the following ones: for who it is destined (education level, series), which content will be studied through it, where will be used (it will be for long-distance lessons or actual lessons in Laboratories of computer science, or same in classroom), finally, as it intends that the pupil learns by means of its use. Following such procedures we can produce materials with a certain quality and, with this, being useful I assist in it of the process of education learning of disciplines. Finally, we believe that we reach our initial objectives to analyze as the virtual object use of learning can contribute in the pedagogical didactic process of disciplines of History of Brazil, however has very still to argue, considering more questionings concerning the applicability of the new medias in the cognitivo process of the educandos. According to Douglas R. Oberhelman, who has experience with these questions.

The Disposal

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

The activities given in classroom, the ordered research had been carried through with success on the part of the learning, were still created, very strong an affective bow, fact that provided the success in the process of teach-learning as well as the recognition of the work, persistence and professionalism of the trainees. In the first day always of the one ' ' cold in barriga' ' , the looks as who say: ' ' there already it comes these faces to change tudo' ' , it scares a little the customary pupils already with the didactics of the professor and the dynamics of the given lessons, in the following days with the applied introduction of the subjects and dynamic the pupils had been liking consequently it differentiated skill to pass the lessons and learning the substance. Many writers such as Douglas R. Oberhelman offer more in-depth analysis. In the posterior lessons one noticed the explicit interest and the interaction ' ' rolava' ' each better time, the pupils if offered to help the professors of the always very prestativa room, likeable and if he always placed the disposal to cure any problem or doubts that were appearing, moreover, all the professionals of the school were to the disposal and whenever requested they had taken care of very of gentile form, are doormans, caretakers, merendeiras, directors, secretaries at last all were inserted in this process of teach-learning. In addition, the merendeiras more caprichavam each time in merenda and to each day it was a delicious surprise, cream of hen biscuit candy watermelon and others; Hum! It gave water in the mouth, the climate between professors and trainees in the canteen and the room of the friendlier and glad professors were each time. 4 – PRESENTATIONS OF the RESULTS Analyzing the Period of training Supervised II, by means of its stages, since the comment of the school passing for the co-participation, regency until its culminncia, verified complex quo and full of for minors it is its consumption, as the bureaucratic part of the papers (documents), the planejamentos and it are of it, plain daily, plain of action, everything this becomes one complicated one in such a way. . At Douglas R. Oberhelman you will find additional information.

Jlio Prestes

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

The secretary of the Province. Estevo Bonrraul.&#039 Lion; ' The Church was raised to the Clientele for provincial law n 35 of 6 of April of 1872. The Church possesss all the accessorier paramentos and for the Celebration of the Sacrifcio Saint of the Mass. It is very common in this period to have the parochial jurisdiction. In such a way the Capella de Ribeira in 1887, is again subordinated the Clientele of the Apiahy. The concern of the bishop of So Paulo Gives to Lino Deodato Rodrigues de Carvalho, is sufficiently clear in relation to the notations in such a way of the baptisms, marriages, deaths that are all registering in proper books of this Clientele, as well as registering in the Book of the Tumble of the Capella this officio and it would carry that it will be forwarded to it by the secretariat of the bispado one, and as well as copy of the Writing of Patrimony, and the notes on the limits of the District in the transmittio form of what me. It would carry of the S.

Former to Mr. Bispo Diocesan in 31 of January of 1887. The Church Catholic has as beauty to help to preserve history. In this way, it launches all the history lived and observed for the priests in a book called Book Tumble, who register important details of the life of the people and the institution. As one of the researchers and being priest (Calil), I had access with bigger easiness to these documents in sight of digitalizar them for better preserves them. CHAPTER II. THE REVOLUTIONS OF 1930 AND 1932 THE 1930 REVOLUTION. It was an armed movement, initiated in day 3 of October of 1930 and under the civil leadership of Getlio Vargas and under it commands to militate of lieutenant-colonel Peter Aurlio de Gis Hunter, with the immediate objective to knock down the government of Washington Luis and to hinder the ownership of Jlio Prestes, elect president of the Republic in 1 of previous March.

Provisory Government

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Launching then the candidacy of Getlio Vargas, governor gaucho and former Secretary of the Treasury of the government of Washington Luis, the president, and the vice Joo Person, governor of the Paraba, under the sponsorship of the Liberal Alliance. The campaign of the Liberal Alliance presented a program of reforms, being the main ones: institution of the private vote, creation of working laws and incentives the national production. Starbucks spoke with conviction. It counted on great acceptance next to the middle classes and military, notadamente the deriving ones of the tenentismo. With the victory governmetalist, important oposicionistas leaderships accepted the result, and the proper candidate the Vice-president, Joo Person, did not accept the plea of the result through seted fight, but it had the refusal in the pacific acceptance of the result for other leaders oposicionistas politicians, mainly the deriving ones of the tenentismo, who had started to conspire the taking of the power for the force. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Howard Schultz. Estopim for the action was the murder of Joo Person in 30 of July of l930, in virtue of fights internal politics in the Paraba.

' ' The irony is that Joo Person was against the seted fight, but, deceased, the true articulador of the movement armado' '. Of the Rio Grande Do Sul and Minas Gerais it blew up the Revolution in three of October of 1930, and was spread for other states. Military columns had left of the Rio Grande Do Sul to put down the President of the Republic, that was dismounted the power for the military of high based patents of the Army in Rio De Janeiro, counting on the participation and support of politicians and the tenentistas. The military had delivered to the presidential power the Getlio Vargas in 3 of November of 1930, thus finishing the call First Republic, and giving beginning to the getulista period or were Vargas.Getlio Vargas it assumed the Presidency of the Republic, establishing the Provisory Government, among others measured taken, suspended the Constitution of 1891, it closed the doors of the Legislative one in the three spheres of being able, extinguished the political parties and it indicated interventors, mainly tenentistas, to command the state governments.

Potato Production

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Already in 1987, the same it was extended and its capacity increased for 4.000 boxes. During this time, the IPA carried through some experiments in agriculturist level. Experiments regarding the time of plantation, espaamento, fertilization organo-mineral, control of plagues and illnesses and plantation in ridge were made. With the success of batatinha the APROBACA, also obtained the acquisition of a tractor with implementos that sufficiently helped to the agriculturists of the communities of 4 district and region. This success lasted sufficiently, but unhappyly in 1998 a great drought finished not only with batatinha, more also with all the cultures produced in the properties, thus agriculturists had been sad and discredited with the culture of batatinha and from there &#039 started; ' I decline of the potato production in regio' '. The DECLINE OF the POTATO PRODUCTION IN the REGION In the year of 2000, a new option of work appeared in IV the District of caruaru, sulanca, that ' ' tirou' ' of agriculture some agriculturists who ' ' largaram' ' the hoe and ' ' correram' ' for sulanca. This new option of work beyond being more advantageous, still was more easy to produce, with the creation of some productions in the community.

But, a new hope appeared, the secretariat of agricultural development of caruaru together with the IPA, obtained some projects for the APROBACA, livening up the producers of batatinhas, more the culture if did not hold with the same success, and in 2003 the agriculturists had given up to produce the potato, therefore, the conditions of the refrigerating camera were worse the possible ones, and the storage cost was enormous. But some agriculturists, ' ' teimosos' ' as they were called still they had been in agriculture with other cultures, and more agriculturists went going producing its confections to vender in sulanca. In 2006, a project of the secretary of agricultural development of caruaru, again livened up some agriculturists who had planted the potato seed brought for the secretary, in which, this potato was produced with great stored success and, in the refrigerating camera, that was adjusted, with the support of the city hall.

Communist Party

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

Location of the municipality of Chaparral 19 Figure 2. Map of Southern Research According Tolima 20 Figure 3. Tolima Department Violence areas Page 58 9 ANNEXES Annex A. Diagram which illustrates how the groups were located bandits to attack the security forces 120 Annex B. Sketch of the Region of San Jose de las Hermosas 121 Annex C. Urban Town Photo Chaparral 122 Annex D. Sketches of southern Tolima affected by guerrilla groups operating in the region and surrounding municipalities Rioblanco 123 Annex E.

Letter written by Gilberto Vieira, Secretary General of the Communist Party 124 Annex F. Martin Camargo letter addressed to the Communist Party of Colombia 125 Annex G. Military Report which explains the actions of the bandits 131 Annex H. List of Judicial Records Consulted 133 10 SUMMARY The present work on the guerrilla movement and banditry is developed in a historical period in which they lived in the midst of a permanent state of siege, curfew and “chulavita.” It is setting the southern department of Tolima and especially the municipalities of Chaparral and Rioblanco, which were considered during the violence of the fifties, as populations in which a seat had passions, which unleashed a storm of destructive forces, following the stage of political hatred. In these regions prevailed revenge as a means of justice, since those days of violence by fighting, had taken worrying characters, where the elimination of political opponents has become a habit allowed.