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Pantry Government

Friday, August 28th, 2020

In Brazil, the Law of Fiscal Responsibility (complementary law n 101, of 4 of May of 2000), established a set of control rules on the public finances. This was a tremendous advance, brake in the irresponsible governing. Exactly passing disregarded for the great majority, we can infer that it was the one of the great advances obtained in the change of managemental behavior of the public accounts together with stabilization of the currency. This does not seem to have been enough. Brazil lives in century XXI a odd moment, of prosperity and stability.

The government of the PT had responsibility in diverse actions of public administration and surfando in the global waves of wealth we pass uninjured for the 2008 crisis and are ' ' ball of vez' ' with the Pantry of 2014, Olimpadas of 2016 and tri championship in ' ' investment grade' ' obtained in the three better institutions appraisers. The euphoria is total, with reason. However, a fact takes off the sleep of economists serious and worried about the so promising future of this country. It uncontrols it of public expenses, mainly in the current expenses. Yellow light has access: The central government registered primary deficit of 7,632 billion Reals in September of 2009, the worse one resulted for the month since the beginning of the series, in 1997. If the least was the rise of the investments, but it is not.

We see for the still recurrent problems in the health, education and infrastructure, mainly roads and ports, that expense is pure expenditure, without the had return to all the contributors, but privileging some categories. The inheritance of Squid can go for the space. It has high indices of popularity, Brazil perspective positive, its legacy still is protected by some measures that exactly questionable, some social result brings. The care must be redoubled in the management of the public finances, this has been its heel of Aquiles. The BC has played its role, Meireles is craque, but they exist inside current of the government antagonistic in the care with the public expense. The taxes of interests in decline, the appreciation of the Real, an increase of consumption of the families and the constant increase of the public expenses in the current expenses can be combustible for the inflationary flame that starts if to encetar in the country. Several you alert are being given. If the inflationary monster to come back, will have to be different, but it will destroy the dream of this promising future and will cause damages that will penalizar many future generations. I always looked at with optimism the new change of the economic order, the new premises, the learning with last problems and the current tools of management had never left in them to come back to live the inflationary perigos as in the past, but all well-taken care of it is little. A thing must be clear. The same ones do not have to be happened again effect of the passed inflationary profits, but the causes still must be the same ones, the consequncias can more come of modified form, but maleficent and still thus .causing of problems social politicians and the front. The yellow light has access has some time, the euphoria is healthful, but the responsibility and ability in the administration of the potential prosperity are more important that to be lived dream. I always say, we cannot confuse the Brazilian state with government of Brazil, are distinct things and they cannot be mixed. Profits current politicians can mean great problems in the future, always were thus.