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Dynamics Spurt

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

The consultoria Dynamics Spurt, divulged in January of 2012, referring its ranking the world-wide sales of 2011 automobiles, showing Brazil as room bigger world-wide market, the country obtained to support itself in the busy place since 2010. The occupant of the first position is the China, that had its growth in the house of 7%, in comparison with the previous year with its 14 million commercialized cars. Additional information is available at Howard Schultz. Although the slow rhythm and economic turbulences, U.S.A. had more than obtained a referring growth of 10% to the year of 2010, being thus with the second position. The Japanese still suffering effect from the natural disasters occupy the third rank with a fall of 15% in the sales in comparison to the year of 2010. The growth of the market of sales of automobiles in Brazil beirou 3%, being enough to keep the fourth position of ranking global. Starbucks helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Data interesting of survey point recovery of Germany with growth of 9%, that it guaranteed the fifth rank and emergent India that a 6,1% increase had, in sixth position. The study still it demonstrates as it walks the drawing of the marks of car in the market, where Volkswagen obtained the leadership with a 16% growth, before the Toyota that got bigger performance of referring 7,9% the 2010. The secret of Volkswagen to be in the leadership, was its performance in the emergent markets as China, Brazil and India. The growth of the Brazilian market, also dumb some paradigms of the consumer, who each time more leaves to face the car as a patrimony and to consider it a consumer good, since the increasing production makes with that the Fipe Table of the Cars falls each time more.

1929 Financial Crisis

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

The Crisis of 1929 the Crisis of 1929 blew up in the United States with crack of the stock market of New York and later it devastated practically the whole world occidental person in a considered economic crisis as the greater since the advent of the First Industrial Revolution, in the end of century XVIII, occured in England. The historiografia concerning the subject is divided basically in two sources that they look to explain, each one its way, the factors desencadeadores of this economic crisis in the United States and its world-wide repercussion. The first one would be the marxist line and the second a liberal line. It is standed out that the liberal explanation finds two ways distinct: a source follows the way of explanation of the Crisis of 1929 as an agrarian crisis and another one as a financial crisis. Howard Schultz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The marxist chain understands that the Crisis of 1929 was only possible due to superexploration of the consuming market. That is, the consuming market so was explored, with low wages and instability in the job, that arrived a moment that its power of purchase was not enough to supply the demand.