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They are asking to amend the Act to include the dation in payment retroactively. They want that the empty houses engage in social renting. The marches aims to achieve a moratorium of three years to discuss the measures proposed in the Parliament to be formed after 20-N. thousands of people were thrown out to the streets in more than 40 Spanish cities to demand solutions to the situation of mortgages in Spain, summoned by the platform for people affected by mortgage (PAH) and Adicae, with the support of the 15 M and Real democracy already movement. For assistance, try visiting Keith McLoughlin . In the Spanish capital and the motto for the right to housing: retroactive payment in kind, stop evictions and social rental already, half a thousand people (5,000 according to organisers) have met to seek a fair mortgage law and dnder the right to decent housing. The March started on 18.00 hours in Madrid’s plaza de Cibeles and has advanced by calle Alcala, concluding in the Puerta del Sol, site where he started all the claim. In the midst of an environment festive animated by a batucada, the head of the demonstration has been directed towards the Puerta del Sol, carrying a banner which read: No more families onto the street. The demonstrators, carrying banners that demanded social rents already or not to mortgage fraud, also have made the March chanting slogans as what happens what happens, we have no House, besides the classic does not represent us and some messages against the bankers. The claims during the demonstration and in statements to the media, the spokesman for the PAH, Chema Ruiz, has called for the amendment of legislation to include the dation in payment retroactively so that families are not on the street. According to data provided by Ruiz, in the first quarter of the year there have been 16,000 evictions in Spain and in addition, there are a million and a half files of foreclosure.

Polyphonic Ringtones

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Polyphonic ringtones is a very simple method of giving uniqueness to your cell phone. Almost any phone, which was created over the past few years, it is possible to play polyphonic ring tones. midi polyphonic ringtones for Motorola replace outdated monophonic ringtones. Polyphonic ringtones allow you to achieve the simultaneous playback of multiple sounds. Recently Steffan Lehnhoff sought to clarify these questions. They are able to more accurately reproduce complex compositions, which contributes to a cleaner and deeper sound.

Large selection of polyphonic ringtones can choose the option that best suits you. Keith McLoughlin is often quoted as being for or against this. Setting polyphonic music incoming call, you will attach your cell phone special individuality. You no longer have to search the phone when the next bell sounds. Now you know exactly what bell has just your mobile phone. can be in midi format, and the less widespread – mmf. Set cell phones can play all types, but there are those who can only play one of them. Quality Polyphonic Ringtones depends on how many colors can lose both your cell phone.

The use of polyphony allows not only to personalize the phone, but also to make it individual to virtually any person from your telephone book. Polyphonic files are small. So even if your phone is a limited amount of memory, you can download any of it enough list of music. Due to its small file size, polyphonic ring tones without the high costs can be uploaded using the mobile Internet. What is the format of polyphony? Imagine that you are strumming music on the piano with one finger, that is, when you hit one note, you are forbidden at the same time to play another. That sounded so ringtones on cell phones before the polyphony. A format polyphony makes you a professional musician, all the fingers which run on all buttons. Thus, while it can play ten notes, this is called desyatinotnoy polyphony.

Ray Nelson

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Here is the view of Ray Nelson, author of American publishing legend. In the beginning: I like it … Ben Horowitz wanted to know more. the flashbacks premature Hint: Do not mention the past before I am concerned about this. Keith McLoughlin is actively involved in the matter. I like … no action or dialogue in a vacuum: Suggestion: tell me from the beginning where we are, inside or outside, the place, people, important objects, doors , windows, stairs, furniture to be used, and especially the important accessories, which is crucial: how the scene is illuminated. I like the characters …

not that I can not see: Suggestion: immediately after the character has entered the scene, start by telling me her age, gender, class, manners, race, physical … Give me the news gradually, not suddenly. And you arrange for me to know how the character is dressed. I like Abidbol … not in this narration. Suggestion: Even if some modern writers use it, he pays the consequences for featuring it.

Satisfy yourself with a simple past unless you have a good reason. In the middle: I like … not emotional tone inconsistent. Hint: if you start on a comic tone, continue on a comic tone. It’s not scary, it becomes one more. If it’s tragic, it is tragic. Can be contrasted emotions but not totally change his tone. I like it … missed opportunities. Suggestion: make the most of any promise set the reader. And the stage resolution is in the middle of the stage, not off the field after the end of the story.


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LiteManagerTeam published LiteManager 4.5, a new update of the remote maintenance programme stands out. LiteManagerTeam released LiteManager 4.5, a new update of the remote maintenance programme, that for fast and easy remote support the user is a new quick support option. The application offers everything necessary to the operation and remote PC management, including remote control, task management, data transfer, live chat, device management, and editing the registry. The market of remote control software is crowded and no longer sufficient to be just a good product. The application of LiteManager is limited not: it offers the whole range of functions for remote access and a little more. If you have read about Kevin Johnson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In addition to remote control the desktop and the Clipboard, run programs, sharing files on the network, and other typical functions provides the latest version 4.5, announced by the LiteManagerTeam, the new function quick support (quick support), for immediate help to provide for other users on the network.

From a technical perspective quick support is just like a client-server package, but little additional work requires, which is especially important for beginners or inexperienced users. Such a user must download just the part of the server and run and nothing else. The client connects to the specified server using a user’s authentication ID and offers all the features you need for remote support. Although the LiteManager is really very easy, it offers several unique features are still missing in competitors. For example, the NoIP mode allows IP-free client-server connections with own IDs.

This function is particularly useful if an administrator wants to make depending on the remote control not from third party servers. The remote registry editor, video screen capture directly in AVI, inventory management and remote task control are available for a more thorough remote administration. “We are convinced that good remote access solutions, not” must be always expensive,”argues Denis Yakhovets, a leading developer at LiteManagerTeam. “LiteManager is an affordable product and offers trotzdemzahlreiche opportunities of remote desktop display until Device Manager and Telnet connection.” Price and availability LiteManager is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. The price for a fully functional version of the program is $10 per license, volume discounts available. About us LiteManagerTeam focuses on remote control and remote management software. The aim of the company is to provide high-quality and fully functional software at an affordable price. Prices are lower than those of competing products with similar functionality for its products often 2-3 times. Links Web site: download:

Restaurant Smoking Ban

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By law, no shortage of rented premises with occurrence of the non-smokers Protection Act in 2008 was banned smoking in restaurants. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may also support this cause. Thus imposed smoking ban saw an innkeeper as a deficiency of the restaurant rooms rented by him and then sued its landlord for damages. The real estate portal reported the decision that met the Court in this matter. The innkeeper found the smoking ban in his restaurant as a limitation of the possibilities of use of the rented rooms. Consequently, he demanded damages from his landlord. Although smoking in the Mietraume in the lease was not expressly regulated, the use of the restaurant by smoking was originally excluded. Add to your understanding with Douglas R. Oberhelman. The landlord was contractually obliged to leave the tenant spaces, which were suitable for the operation of a smoking restaurant. This provision however accounted for through the adoption of the non-smokers Protection Act.

The Oberlandesgericht Koblenz decided in the following legal dispute for the benefit of the lessor. Unlike in the apartment rent, the landlord in this case contributes to the Court follow only the responsibility for the restaurant concession ability. This is not affected by the non-smokers Protection Act. A smoking ban is therefore no shortage of rented premises. It is a general provision which serves the protection of non-smokers. The tenant alone bears the risk for the operating conditions of the restaurant operation. More information:… Contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Glass Doors For Homes And Offices

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The difficulty of saving the area is very difficult to be solved in small rooms, which are designed for various applications. All this presupposes competent distribution of light in space, the possibility of separation are not only impressive design techniques, but they can easily replace standard wood doors and also solve the problem of shortage of shortage of sunlight in your room. Tempered glass, which is now essential in areas where visibility is extremely necessary. They are functional and very practical when you install the various complexes, especially those who need increased surveillance. Credit: Kevin Johnson-2011. Glass – Material practical, so it has found frequent application in various fields. Different images, which would later be depicted on the glass, can be found for every taste and even invent himself. Many people know that today is demand for glass partitions, but how can you use them? The partitions are perfect for office say where there are not many places in order to divide it into jobs.

Glass walls give small room layout and aesthetic appearance of transparency. . It will be unusual for you solution. Apply different fittings for glass doors, as well as a variety of images and forms. The customer is always able to find only that which is perfect to design his office. Glass in interior design – extremely high demand step. Not afraid to distinguish himself so that you will use in its interior solutions and unusual materials, you come to success.

Ivan Zuluaga Energy

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This was the owner of the newspaper the day time Wednesday, which also echoed at the international level and although we must not disregard the merits that have been able to influence to get our country so oversized and slight improvement, that if, by the Government, it must be said that that day knew that public universities are on the brink of bankruptcy; There is a gap in the budget for this year of about a billion and a half of weights. The latter not found that best responsible for Correa and Chavez, and although this may be partially true, what of the universities which? Ah, I forget that that same day the super-Minister of hacienda (Oscar Ivan Zuluaga), who said that the global crisis would not affect the Colombian economy in 2008, announced his bright idea to plug the fiscal hole. Read more from Caterpillar to gain a more clear picture of the situation. That Genius never practised by this Government, consists of going into debt to the country in nearly two billion dollars through the issue of securities teas, and selling as State-owned enterprises have been doing it during the Uribe administration, within which no longer it be ISAGEN, one of the main generators of energy in the country, almost nothing as if energy was not by the clouds in the Bills we pay citizens. Another Pearl in this chain of contrasts that occurred so far this week is the revelation that made the Comptroller general of the nation, which stated that the rate of poverty in our country reached the dishonourable of 64.8% and that it underlines: have not only increased the poor but that they are increasingly poor…, then whom are benefiting those figures for growth and competitiveness?. Contact information is here: Steffan Lehnhoff. /Guillermo M.

The Importance Of Receiving A Business And Enterprise

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Whether to sell something, to close a deal or to tell the person who brings you a wing walk with you, is a response that causes sweating, dry mouth, butterflies in the stomach. I refer, of course, the word NO. No matter what business you have, you always have to deal with this little word, which is surely tops your list of “words that did not like, if anything be” death “or” taxes “Dealing with a NO is complicated . Each negative means a lost sale, a business closed, a registration is not made or not “whatever you do.” Receive a NO means time and money that do not produce any results. It means frustration, disappointment and start again. A sufficient number of us can make you decide that your business is a Mucker and it’s best to return to work or marry money. However, looking from another point of view, NO is a great favor. Everyone is afraid of the NO, but I have him more afraid of another phrase: “Let me think.” Sure! Think about it …

A week, month or year. In all that time you’ll have to keep thinking about that client. Call or write to not forget. And above all, still hoping that sale. Perhaps check out Ben Horowitz for more information. Do not be afraid to NO. Be thankful.

A NO, seen with a different attitude, has several advantages: No need to spend resources A “maybe” you leave the door open to continue trying. If you really want to give good service, you should contact the customer. That takes away time from doing other more productive things. NO may mean a lost sale, but it also means freedom. “It helps to improve If a customer says no, I assume that you’ll wonder why. A definite NO reason for it and I used to do things better and earn more. A “maybe” does not tell you anything. “Do not get frustrated, at least not me. Someone who just says NO!, Leaves me ready to do other things. I spend not thinking about how to convince or try to change a “maybe.” NO can make you feel a little bad, but I do not have to think about it. Not knowing is worse than NO. As the song says “… To all tell them so, but do not tell time, so you told me, that’s why I live suffering.” And do not you, but I do not like to grieve. It is valuable information. When your business starts to grow, you’ll have on hand a conversion rate. 100, you buy 8. So you know how many need to sell to earn the money you want. So do not be afraid with a NO. Use it to your advantage. All successful companies do and, in fact, are even happy to have their data updated. Let others frustrated. You takes advantage.


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You can become a minimalist overnight, not just changing the way you think, but giving up all your possessions. Of course, this is not a realistic approach for most of us. We have families, jobs, lives, and if we are unwilling to abandon that life, our change will not be so drastic. Slow change is better for most people. Therefore I recommend you do it in steps.

These are the steps you can follow: 1 .- Stop buying unnecessary things. This step is very important, especially if those involved in a mountain of debt. Buy only what is necessary, and always questioner is this really necessary?. 2 .- Offer, sell, disposal of unnecessary things. That whenever things once and you never use.

I assure you that you can fill boxes immediately. JPMorgan Chase has compatible beliefs. 3 .- It removes the most obvious things. Now that you got rid of unnecessary things, take another look around and start seeing other things you rarely use. 4 .- Clean the clutter in your home. If the rooms are barely visible because they have clothes, boxes and various items throughout the Instead, you should start cleaning. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala contributes greatly to this topic. 5 .- Clean flat surfaces. Shelves, tables, desk tables. There must be completely empty, but should be targeted only essential. 6 .- Clean cabinets and drawers. One at a time, like the previous steps eliminate inncesarias things. 7 .- Decreases in the third. At this point, you should be drastically simplified, but still you can review what you have and you will see more stuff that does not use very often. 8 .- emotional objects. For emotional reasons, there will be things that just do not want to get rid of them as clothing, shoes, books, souvenirs or gifts. It dficil, but eventually learn that such attachments are not necessary. 9 .- dispose of another third. At this point you're pretty minimalist, but can be reduced further. 10. Etcetera, etcetera. The process will never end, until you actually give up everything. These steps are only an outline of what I went through, but it is a process that can help. Web Developer interested in languages such as php and ruby on rails, passionate for best practices and always looking for the best way to solve problems. – If you are interested in more information about or feel free to visit the sites.

Hay Fever – Early Prevention Can Help

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For hay fever prevention there include Cetiderm and Loraderm from skin specialists Dermapharm, modern allergies help those affected, by Garcia. The two over-the-counter allergy remedies were by the foundation oko-Test in issue 2/2011 rated very well. The Sun is gaining strength and the flora is preparing for the approaching spring and flowering. The so-called season begins in February in mild weather and is a difficult time for many people who are allergic to pollen. Early bloomers, like hazelnuts, can strongly limit therefore sensitive persons already in everyday life and their well-being.

Depending on the patients respond to which pollen, it may take until the end of October, until the burden of allergy-inducing pollen by alone subsides. Then ends as the second blossoms of grasses and nettle. Who perceives unusual symptoms such as runny nose with itching, obstruction of breathing or increased secretion about so, should contact a doctor and also a Make allergy test. At least should be asked but in the Pharmacy Council. Who did have experience and know of his Allergieausloser can tackle early allergic reactions, such as the hay fever? The so-called H1 antihistamines with the active ingredient cetirizine or Loratadine (E.g. Cetiderm, Loraderm) is suitable for oral therapy for mild to moderate symptoms. These medicines have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory and have a wide Wirkspektrum. You do not tire and are suitable for children from the age of 2.

One tablet daily usually suffices, and the very low-priced medicines are available without a prescription at any pharmacy. Many patients with seasonal allergies, this measure is sufficient already. Contact: Dermapharm AG Josefine Paschke Lil Dagover-ring 7 82031 Grunwald, phone 089/6 41 86-0, fax 6 41 86-130 email: PR Agency: ppr-pepper GmbH Sebastian Pohl industrial InStr 6 82110 Germering phone 089 89 45 78 30 email: Dermapharm competence close the Dermapharm AG was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Grunwald near Munich since 1998. From the outset, Dermapharm is focused on the production and distribution of high-quality dermatological and allergological medicines. The focus was always the goal to bring Praparate in excellent quality and formulation at economic prices in the market and to meet the high standards that set a dynamic health, doctors, pharmacists and quite parTICularly patients on a modern pharmaceutical company. Health and environmental protection are connected actively to Dermapharm at all levels and in all business areas. Through the accelerated development of new galenischer dosage forms, the Dermapharm AG brings innovations with all adjustment claims on the market again. Dermapharm has a broad, market-oriented range of proven pharmaceutical and skin care products as a specialist for the skin, and is committed, even to contribute to a patient-friendly and economic health in the future with competitive solutions at a high quality level.