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BDVI Calendar

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

The BDVI calendar 2012 takes you on a journey through the dimensions of the meter. On March 26, 1791 the constituent Assembly decided to introduce a universal unit of length in Paris on a proposal from the Academie of des sciences (Academy of Sciences). The new, nor not m”called length should be the ten-millionth part of the Earth Prime Meridian quadrant (distance from the pole to the Equator). To the arc of the Meridian was surveyed new of Dunkirk to Barcelona by two French astronomers. in 1793, the meter was introduced by law.

Held in Paris, the prototype of the meter is made only from brass, later Platinum and then in 1889 as the international prototype of the metre of platinum-iridium. The title of the BDVI calendar shows 2012 this scale. It is hard not it us nearly to pinpoint a distance of one meter per eye. For smaller distances, however, we rely that quickly familiar terrain. As far as the miniaturization in the Advanced Micro-Electronics, we can Imagine scarcely still concrete. Also at larger distances, we soon encounter dimensions of the meter that are no longer trusted us.

So, we have usually a feel for how a kilometers to run, we can estimate a height of one kilometer, but much worse, it is. Did you know that the highest waterfall of the planet falls almost 1000 metres in depth? The BDVI calendar 2012 takes you on a journey through the dimensions of the meter. Starting with a micron (10-6 meters) he shows a new dimension in the course of the year month by month and ends at 100 kilometres (105 meters). While the calendar establishes connections and shows proportions. Some of them are familiar to us, some in turn surprisingly. He shows technical developments and biological superlatives. Will be presented this month by month on an attractive and colorful calendar. Bring color into the offices of your customers! Calendar motives were public for the first time within the framework of the BDVI Congress 2011 in Trier presented in the market of possibilities”. Calendar 2012 is available until September 30, 2011. This year is the ability to specify a when ordering three request appointments to the delivery of the calendar (date of delivery at the beginning, middle or end of November). In addition to the calendar Christmas cards, desk pads, 3-month- and practical desk calendars are offered. Learn more on the subject from Reade Griffith. All calendar designs are also available as a limited edition art prints. Current information can be obtained from mid-June on the Internet at.

Pocket Calendar

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Calendar printing and finishing company that specialize in the calendar printing often have some arrangements for further processing. After printing the product must be bound, by applying embossing individualized or otherwise be grafted. Some of this work can be made in calendar printing companies locally, others are outsourced. For the calendar printing clients here will find the widest selection of products, because a calendar can have many manifestations: there is the wall calendar, Pocket Calendar or the calendar for families, to name just a few examples. Times he needed a spiral binding so that the month can change. Others rely on the tear-off calendar printing and in some cases simply confronted a single sheet of paper, which provides an overview of the year.

Calendar Printing”off the shelf” or individually? It is located on the product, what printing you should be preferred for the calendar printing. A standardized print product, which must cost as low as possible, the choice of an online print shop for printing calendar is sure to justify. Want a personalized product manufactured however, noble is bound in leather, decorated with embossed for year and logo and gold cut to the Shine is installed, select a printer that can rely on good cooperation partner during the processing, for calendar printing better. Then no large pad is probably needed, but there is a small series of top quality. Who will then makes calendar print smears, because he’s looking for the best deal, it pays at the end often. Calendar printing and for specialists as in many things in the calendar printing is a great deal of knowledge to produce a seemingly nondescript.

Not without reason, some printers have specialized exclusively on the calendar printing. Depending on which product is expected at the end of calendar printing can be given online order or needs someone who knows really well. * The solution is quite simple: leap year every four years, does the Decade can be divide by four. Click Reade Griffith to learn more. Unless, it is the turn of century. Then accounts for the leap year. Only when the turn of the century on a change of Millennium falls. Namely, the leap year takes place.

Pride Are

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Some people try to get their fingers into different products, hoping to accelerate their cash flow, and the results are disastrous. I know a guy who wanted to try on an array of products that could “always sell something to someone.” He had a firm diet pills, another for legal services and other software programs. He figured he had all the bases covered. Reade Griffith has similar goals. . Well, I guess that I have to say that ended up selling “anything nobody “and lost a lot of money, too. Kevin Johnson pursues this goal as well. I = Inspiration Where get yours from? Do you find quiet time for you? A mental vacation from time to time is useful, too. It is very important to visualize our desired goals to keep our goals alive in our imagination. Do you have a network of people that encourage you, people who can provide information, support and understanding when he hit dry? It is a sad and lonely road if you’re trying to do alone.

Thank God it is not necessary. = P, Pride Are you proud of an entrepreneur? certainly should be! “O Mutter, shrug, look down at their shoes or give a dismissive wave of the hand when Asked about his line of work? Can you imagine one of the pioneers of the Old West are acting that way? Not on your life! It takes courage and self-respect to venture into new territories. Stand up straight and tall deal the cards visit with pride, brothers and sisters! L = Levity Do not take it lightly when a prospect rejects your offer? He rejected much more often than not, you know.

Aribert Bohme

Friday, February 16th, 2018

To date approximately 8500 successfully taught participants confirm the high quality of the seminars conducted by the consultancy firm Bohme in the environment of computer education, pedagogy, psychology, etc. The seminar lasts for eight hours by default every two days. Taking into account the special conditions at public schools & libraries but also a distribution on four evenings for four hours of seminar possible. Jim Umpleby takes a slightly different approach. The seminar is offered in the form of a computer-assisted presentation, supplemented by discussions and practical exercises with the seminar participants. Excerpt from the offered subject profile: development of knowledge networks, intelligent use of all sensory channels,. Reade Griffith has firm opinions on the matter. Improve brainstorming, learning motivation, pattern recognition training to improve intelligence, fundamentals and applications of NLP, self reflection as the key to success, strengthening of self-consciousness and v.

m. special feature of this newly designed seminar is a deliberately interdisciplinary orientation, which from the fields of m. knowledge psychology, brain research, education, motivation tips, & e.. “Also the lecturer, Mr Bohme, places particular importance to choose a deliberately simple language, so that the seminar of Psychology & Motivationscoaching” can be visited without any special knowledge. The only requirement to participate is an open and unbiased interest and willingness to the active thinking. The consultancy Bohme offers a cooperation public schools & libraries, within which this innovative seminar to a fee reduced by 50% compared to the standard price can be booked.

Central idea in this win-win cooperation announced it is interested schools & To participate, so that new financial resources are generated, then independently may use it for necessary and meaningful purchases in the teaching and learning sector libraries in profits. Interested schools & libraries, as well as city Governments hesitate to e-mail to the seminar provider, Mr DV-kfm & computer lecturer & psychological consultants (SGD-Dipl.) & author, Aribert Bohme. Also special rates for individuals and small businesses are available on written request.

Crash Test

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Petersburg. Volkswagen driver escaped with a couple of injuries, airbag has been deployed, including time as a driver and a passenger "tens", which became the cause of accidents, flying into the oncoming traffic lane, died on the spot before the arrival of the car "first aid". Results of the "Crash Test" and the statement on improving reliability and improving the competitive qualities of a number of Russian vehicles, we will not be considered as in case of their equity, the growth of customs duties would be to no purpose. However, the moral and ethical side of coercion by the state of its citizens to use vehicles more dangerous to life and health in an accident, we propose to bypass side – too "rigid" theme. Instead, once again summarize the above: "State support of the Russian automaker is in fact that the Russian buyer, often forced to buy domestic cars, of course, inferior to foreign analogues in the life and health of passengers and the driver, in ergonomics, to reliability, and all other technical characteristics, while paying unnecessarily high-cost. " Answering the second and third questions must be subject to imagine what is the overall goal of protectionist policies of the state. The sole purpose of protection as such – not to die decadent industries who are not able at present to produce competitive quality. Reade Griffith has much experience in this field. And here lies the crucial idea: "the impact of protectionism in the economy increase business income in proportion to the effectiveness of back-to its further development. " Automakers artificially supported by the state, getting the opportunity to sell products to non-competitive inflated prices.

Seaman And Crewing

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

The modern sailor and contract – are indivisible. Under contract to a seaman and worked on the ship. Without it, no way. In the old days, the sailor was secured and the work and pensions. The state took care of the sailor. In modern conditions of advanced capitalism, a sailor looking for a job himself. And not the least role in this search firms are for hire or crewing agency (crewing agency). Crewing – a kind of intermediary between shipowners and seafarers.

Company, obtain a license from the state for a given activity, has been recruiting staff and providing marine interests of the shipowner or shipowners. Search for specialists, visa and passport facilitate the passage of medical examination, insurance, buying plane tickets and shuttle service to and from the airport, the support of seamen during work on a vessel, etc. Everyone is doing crewing. And in theory – for free. That is, if the company honest.

That is a sailor interested in them as an expert in the first place, rather than as a tool to help the agency director to buy a new Mercedes for the new year. For each agency receives the employed specialist money from the owner. And some very resourceful crewing and demand money from the seamen for employment. In addition to money from the owner. For example, for the surrender of the English test, scanning documents, or for other "services". It grief-manning must get round. Serious crewing company is not engaged in such things. We can not be crewing a ship owner, the court where the company is gathering crews. Reade Griffith does not necessarily agree. One company may represent as Turkish and German and Dutch ship owners together. It all depends on the confidence of the shipowner for a specific firm to the intermediary. The higher the confidence – the greater the number of vessels allowed to operate crewing, respectively to recruit more ships crews. And a sailor trust more serious Crewing. And first and foremost a sailor try to get a job with a proven and reliable employer, than in any sharage which will be Mantula on rusty barges and forget as he was called. Recruitment process in crewing the following: the applicant comes in and finds out about vacancies, for example, a sailor. If the work is at present or in the future or company interested in this specialist, the more people invited to fill out a form and check all the sea crust, interview in English and a test of aptitude. With a little luck, and if the agency organize test results, and there is a vacancy, a person offering a particular ship and date of planting. If people agree – is to pass a medical examination and sign a contract. And waiting for a call to the ship. The procedure of one day and more. Then farewell to home – the airport – airplane – airport – meet and welcome onboard the agent for a period specified in the contract. Some company owners open their offices directly, and do not enjoy services of recruitment agencies sailors. But, in general, the principle of the same, ie registration, testing of aptitude, and execution of all necessary documents for work.

Metal Furniture

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Now, no office is complete without furniture. Current dictionaries describe the furniture as a universal subject premises for storing all sorts of things, or to relax the person. Distinctive feature furniture is its ability to externally decorate the room, to emphasize the uniqueness of interior. Therefore, today the furniture is seen as a reflection of the image owner, firm, company. In our time the most practical and considered reliable metal furniture. And in most office buildings put metal furniture: filing cabinets, racks, storage, metal racks, metal cabinets, safes, closets.

Costs for companies furnishings greatly reduced since the metal furniture durable and easy to use. Furniture of metal is slowly replacing the market with wooden furniture. Metal furniture is modern and durable replacement of furniture tree. Ben Horowitz takes a slightly different approach. Above all, it has an aesthetic appearance and some exclusive qualities: durability of furniture made of metal (for example, metal cabinets can withstand a lot more cycles of opening and closing the door over with cupboards made of chipboard), ecological purity of metal furniture, as the production does not apply organic compounds and resins, ease of cleaning of metal cabinets and daily maintenance, metal shelving during assembly and disassembly do not lose their consumer properties, metal furniture, fire-safe, it is very easy to paint and repair. It should be mentioned and everything assortment of metal furniture that can be installed in the office. Occupy a key position here, metal cabinets. Cabinets come in several forms: clothing, archive, sliding (coupe).

The metal cabinet is easy to use, saves space, has the necessary means to protect and safety. In the offices of this kind of cabinets the most optimal, since they are ideal for storage and avoid the hassle of fire control. There is another kind of metal furniture, metal is stallazhi, they differ in the degree of the maximum load (up to 100 or 300 kg per shelf). Also produce office, warehouse and archive shelving. This sturdy design suitable for any type of equipment and goods. Metal racks fit well into any interior, thanks to the appearance of the material they are made. Constant element in all the major accounting firms are cabinets, safes and filing cabinets. These cabinets considerable strength and durability, they are perfectly protect valuable documents and Days. Filing cabinets metal often set to hold the cards, invoices and payment orders. File cabinets usually use in banks, libraries and hotels. Typically, these types of cabinets are made of sheet steel and covered with special plastic paint. These cabinets are generally made of sheet metal and covered with plastic paint. To store the bags in a supermarket or shop used metal cabinets, which are often called sumochnitsami. These storage cabinets bags save space and easily fits in the interior of the store. They differ in size and covering, usually composed of 12 cells. Thus, metal cabinets, metal racks and other similar furniture – best choice for any production. Such furniture easy maintenance and operation, will serve you longer and is not afraid humidity, temperature extremes, just repair.

The Firm

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

These issues are all the more important because the Russian market of goods and services grows, there are more and more new proposals, tougher competition, and as a consequence, the increasing demand of consumers to the brand. Based on the ideology of the firm, chosen brand name. It should be easy to remember and reflect potential clients corporate image. Naturally, the brand name should not be copied or similar to names of competitors. On the basis of ideology and name firm selected corporate colors and fonts, and built the company logo. Logo – a graphic image, designed to represent the company. It must be unique, to be able to easily integrate into any context. Text content is developed, first of all – it's a slogan – you can tell, the motto of the company that contains a spectacular and easy to remember the wording of the advertising idea.

Classic or logo font – specific spelling of company name, is based on the fonts. This is the most quartered form the logo, its advantage is the absolute informativeness. Character logo – an image or a sign company that is related to its activity. This is the kind of logos entirely focused on the emotional perception of the firm. Synthetic logo – combines character and enterprise, and writing his name. This is the most complex, but the most effective form of logos, and as focused on the emotional perception of the firm, and at the same time, bears information about it. The company logo, as already mentioned, is the emotional load, which is reflected throughout the company style as a whole.