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The BDVI calendar 2012 takes you on a journey through the dimensions of the meter. On March 26, 1791 the constituent Assembly decided to introduce a universal unit of length in Paris on a proposal from the Academie of des sciences (Academy of Sciences). The new, nor not m”called length should be the ten-millionth part of the Earth Prime Meridian quadrant (distance from the pole to the Equator). To the arc of the Meridian was surveyed new of Dunkirk to Barcelona by two French astronomers. in 1793, the meter was introduced by law.

Held in Paris, the prototype of the meter is made only from brass, later Platinum and then in 1889 as the international prototype of the metre of platinum-iridium. The title of the BDVI calendar shows 2012 this scale. It is hard not it us nearly to pinpoint a distance of one meter per eye. For smaller distances, however, we rely that quickly familiar terrain. As far as the miniaturization in the Advanced Micro-Electronics, we can Imagine scarcely still concrete. Also at larger distances, we soon encounter dimensions of the meter that are no longer trusted us.

So, we have usually a feel for how a kilometers to run, we can estimate a height of one kilometer, but much worse, it is. Did you know that the highest waterfall of the planet falls almost 1000 metres in depth? The BDVI calendar 2012 takes you on a journey through the dimensions of the meter. Starting with a micron (10-6 meters) he shows a new dimension in the course of the year month by month and ends at 100 kilometres (105 meters). While the calendar establishes connections and shows proportions. Some of them are familiar to us, some in turn surprisingly. He shows technical developments and biological superlatives. Will be presented this month by month on an attractive and colorful calendar. Bring color into the offices of your customers! Calendar motives were public for the first time within the framework of the BDVI Congress 2011 in Trier presented in the market of possibilities”. Calendar 2012 is available until September 30, 2011. This year is the ability to specify a when ordering three request appointments to the delivery of the calendar (date of delivery at the beginning, middle or end of November). In addition to the calendar Christmas cards, desk pads, 3-month- and practical desk calendars are offered. All calendar designs are also available as a limited edition art prints. Current information can be obtained from mid-June on the Internet at.

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