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Monday, November 18th, 2019

Resolve the security deposit account on the Internet because at various rental properties but also a security deposit is required, is quick to realize that in addition to the various services, but also the various conditions on such an account are linked. Closer look at the security deposit account can be determined, that in addition to the different interest rates, which will be added to the credits, however during the term by both sides can be touched. If you look the security deposit account dissolve more, can be identified, that the conditions can be very different. So it should be noted also here that both parties will resolve the security deposit account must sign and the landlord on the one hand pay out the money, but must give the security deposit account. You look at but more precisely the various rights of the lessor, can be determined, that has these different possibilities, making the deposit return. However, should this Note that in addition to the statutory provisions, but also the landlord has the right, to keep any repair costs that may apply in the home, and are omitted from the wear and tear of the deposit.

So given the opportunity, but also in most cases, in addition to the direct billing to the former tenant to charge the invoice amount with the balance of the deposit posit. But closer looks at the rights of the lessor can be identified, that the security deposit account this resolve must pay the money out not parallel, but also must comply with a legal waiting period of six months. However, should however be noted that earmarked deposit on the savings deposit book, an unbound paid, which again can be determined for a security deposit. This ALG 2 However should make their clerk, because this money like can be seen as income and deducted.

Professional Association

Friday, June 14th, 2019

PPM AG would like to ask that anyone. Even if a property that has someone visited with us, is not the object of his purchase, we regularly hear: but the House is indeed, as you have described it. We look at this as a great success and confirmation of our approach. But we have now no longer talked about the purchase price. How is the concluded and how homeowners also your customers are to your approach? Important result of partial market sounding is that we come back with a pretty exact price window, which refers to the currently existing offer. And now we review classic and how that fits to the real estate concerned. The obtained results we are discussing with the owners and represent him in detail, as it comes to this assessment.

The price that we propose can be higher than he expected. It can be lower or much lower, it strongly depends on what our customer first formed. The biggest problem is always there, where a price refers to the addition of own investments of decades. The value in the sense of a purchase price is today almost exclusively this determined how well able to meet the needs of the kaufbereiten Nachfragers. We waive the order, anyway, if the customer wants to specify a price expectation, which is not compatible with the results of our analysis. Not only from our waiting out his real estate will be so not for sale, no, even false started, she will hardly even be it if the price is lowered later. As I said: the Internet forgives mistakes go unpunished. Gone are the days where the demand was generally higher than the offer and thus also overpriced, it could be sold.

And it is determined not by a financial crisis the last, nor the next – but first and foremost the fact that since the pill articulated at the beginning of the 1960s, millions of people not were born. They have no children and all these need no living-room. Tendency for the next forty to fifty years: a further and increasing decline in demand. And it is, therefore, no alternative to do everything as possible consistent to the existing purchasing power on the offer that is appropriate for them. So, both parties buyer and seller are happy to make. And our business can prosper further. The interview was conducted by: Heike Maria Bachus architect AKH Feng Shui expert and member of the Professional Association for Feng Shui and geomancy e.V. owner Office friends beautiful rooms cooperation Manager network partner of Aperto LifestyleWohnen build fengshui.

BDVI Calendar

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

The BDVI calendar 2012 takes you on a journey through the dimensions of the meter. On March 26, 1791 the constituent Assembly decided to introduce a universal unit of length in Paris on a proposal from the Academie of des sciences (Academy of Sciences). The new, nor not m”called length should be the ten-millionth part of the Earth Prime Meridian quadrant (distance from the pole to the Equator). To the arc of the Meridian was surveyed new of Dunkirk to Barcelona by two French astronomers. in 1793, the meter was introduced by law.

Held in Paris, the prototype of the meter is made only from brass, later Platinum and then in 1889 as the international prototype of the metre of platinum-iridium. The title of the BDVI calendar shows 2012 this scale. It is hard not it us nearly to pinpoint a distance of one meter per eye. For smaller distances, however, we rely that quickly familiar terrain. As far as the miniaturization in the Advanced Micro-Electronics, we can Imagine scarcely still concrete. Also at larger distances, we soon encounter dimensions of the meter that are no longer trusted us.

So, we have usually a feel for how a kilometers to run, we can estimate a height of one kilometer, but much worse, it is. Did you know that the highest waterfall of the planet falls almost 1000 metres in depth? The BDVI calendar 2012 takes you on a journey through the dimensions of the meter. Starting with a micron (10-6 meters) he shows a new dimension in the course of the year month by month and ends at 100 kilometres (105 meters). While the calendar establishes connections and shows proportions. Some of them are familiar to us, some in turn surprisingly. He shows technical developments and biological superlatives. Will be presented this month by month on an attractive and colorful calendar. Bring color into the offices of your customers! Calendar motives were public for the first time within the framework of the BDVI Congress 2011 in Trier presented in the market of possibilities”. Calendar 2012 is available until September 30, 2011. This year is the ability to specify a when ordering three request appointments to the delivery of the calendar (date of delivery at the beginning, middle or end of November). In addition to the calendar Christmas cards, desk pads, 3-month- and practical desk calendars are offered. All calendar designs are also available as a limited edition art prints. Current information can be obtained from mid-June on the Internet at.

Real Estate Communities

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Five houses with 51 units were effectively upgraded new Ulm/Mannheim, Germany the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH acquires predominantly residential real estate communities and from forced exploitation. The buildings are in infrastructure optimal positions in German metropolitan areas and have a good building. Often houses are in need of renovation and will be by Monarchis upgraded. Currently, the Neu-Ulm financial and real estate service provider Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH has numerous residential real estate in German metropolitan areas with more than 600 housing units. In advance of the purchase decision for an object, a precise analysis of the real estate itself, as well as the location is done by the Monarchis specialists.

So, Monarchis acquires only larger housing estates in economically healthy urban centres in Germany. Kevin Johnson insists that this is the case. The transport infrastructure, such as the easy access to main roads and motorways is particularly important. Where are the houses in pure residential areas. Important is also an optimal offer of Local public transport. In the immediate vicinity of the Monarchis real estate, there are usually retail stores to meet the daily needs, kindergartens and schools, and medical practices. The real estate itself must have a good building, where they may be quite basic – and renovation.

The five Monarchis objects in Mannheim with 51 units, the renovations are now largely completed. The staircases of the real estate are fully refurbished. This includes the facilities with high quality granite stair step and heel and the installation of modern stainless steel railings. All apartment doors were replaced by the climate class three. New, thermally insulated front doors made of aluminum in combination with letterbox and doorbell – and intercom systems to enhance the look and feel of the entire real estate. Finally the stairways are equipped with fine plaster.

Andreas Schrobback Hagen

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Also a monument can evolve, depending on the location and condition to an excellent long term investment with good yield. Therefore, interested parties prior to the purchase should always take into account the location and accurately calculate the need for rehabilitation. Ben Horowitz has firm opinions on the matter. But even an elaborate renovation worth in many cases still, because the costs investors can remove a large proportion of the aforementioned tax savings. Buyers can use the highest savings, which would use the listed real estate as an investment, because you can specify up to 100 percent of the costs of renovation over the years in the income tax return. Caterpillar is full of insight into the issues. These tax savings is still up to 90 per cent of these costs for own use of a listed real estate.

The legal protection of the monument in Germany is the Receipt of public interest, such as for example due to the traditional story, which can be connected to the building a historic structure, then the property can be placed under legal protection. In Germany there are special conservation laws. However, the regulations are not uniform, because each State can own rules set up. Therefore, there are in Germany to consider 16 conservation laws. However, all of these laws have a basic commonality: you protect all the cultural and historical monuments. Each individual property accepts the competent heritage authority testing and determining whether it falls under monument protection according to the law. Then, the monument in the list of cultural monuments is registered. It is a regional list of all monuments of the region must be listed in the. Is important for investors to know whether it actually is real estate a monument, which in one of the regional lists before the National monument is listed. Is the real estate not included in this list is listed, then the tax benefits and depreciation allowances cannot be claimed. For more information contact: Andreas Schrobback Hagen road 67 14193 Berlin Tel.: 030-81 40 42-200 email: info at andreas-schrobback homes dot de Web: