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PPM AG would like to ask that anyone. Even if a property that has someone visited with us, is not the object of his purchase, we regularly hear: but the House is indeed, as you have described it. We look at this as a great success and confirmation of our approach. But we have now no longer talked about the purchase price. How is the concluded and how homeowners also your customers are to your approach? Important result of partial market sounding is that we come back with a pretty exact price window, which refers to the currently existing offer. And now we review classic and how that fits to the real estate concerned. The obtained results we are discussing with the owners and represent him in detail, as it comes to this assessment.

The price that we propose can be higher than he expected. It can be lower or much lower, it strongly depends on what our customer first formed. The biggest problem is always there, where a price refers to the addition of own investments of decades. The value in the sense of a purchase price is today almost exclusively this determined how well able to meet the needs of the kaufbereiten Nachfragers. We waive the order, anyway, if the customer wants to specify a price expectation, which is not compatible with the results of our analysis. Not only from our waiting out his real estate will be so not for sale, no, even false started, she will hardly even be it if the price is lowered later. As I said: the Internet forgives mistakes go unpunished. Gone are the days where the demand was generally higher than the offer and thus also overpriced, it could be sold.

And it is determined not by a financial crisis the last, nor the next – but first and foremost the fact that since the pill articulated at the beginning of the 1960s, millions of people not were born. They have no children and all these need no living-room. Tendency for the next forty to fifty years: a further and increasing decline in demand. And it is, therefore, no alternative to do everything as possible consistent to the existing purchasing power on the offer that is appropriate for them. So, both parties buyer and seller are happy to make. And our business can prosper further. The interview was conducted by: Heike Maria Bachus architect AKH Feng Shui expert and member of the Professional Association for Feng Shui and geomancy e.V. owner Office friends beautiful rooms cooperation Manager network partner of Aperto LifestyleWohnen build fengshui.

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