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Christian Seidel

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Factor: product volume the lesser-known LMN analysis shows which volume has a product of the dimensions here. The LMN analysis, as follows: high-volume products = L products, products M = medium products and niedrigvolumige products = N products as for example the purchase of corrugated cardboard boxes with Asian origin with high value (A article) and constant regular requirement (X product) would be suitable at first glance. Because it is due to the high volume of L product, would inevitably excessive freight costs offsetting any price advantage. Factor: product complexity value analysis divided a product into its individual parts on and can determine the value and a possible complexity items. An analysis of the complexity of the products these products or their component parts is determined, how complex or simple are to be made. When in a country or from a vendor produced fairly simple bulk, a reference to a complex product represents a significant risk. For a value interesting and simple products (commodities), the international reference is no qualitatsmassiges and supply technical risk, because you relatively quickly and without any problems could switch back to your previous supplier. Factor: total product costs often are at a cost consideration only the price and may be considered the cargo.

To find out the actual total cost for a product with international provenance, a TOCO analysis is advisable (= total cost of ownership). Example: at the international reference devices, they should be carried a detailed overall cost when compared to the domestic relation. Even the travel costs for the buyers and even the travel costs of the supplier for later repairs should include in this context into consideration. Factor: quality assurance To the identification and securing of the qualities you the following steps necessary: obtaining a supplier information, carrying out visits to supplier and supplier evaluations and audits, verification of product specifications, certificates of analysis, requirement of certificates of origin and drawings. Without a proper shopping training, shopping advice, or customized in-house seminars for the inexperienced buyers or companies in terms of global sourcing can be committed many serious and expensive mistakes in establishing the international procurement, in particular in the choice of suitable products and fuse the qualities”so continue to Hans-Christian Seidel CSEI-consulting, which immediately pick up any savings.

The Great Panic–the Chinese Are Coming!

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

An opinion on the “exploding Wunderbaumchen” the assessment and opinion about the economic impact of company China on that applicable to sheathing, we need to West Germany and the global economy embossing a look at first some statistical relationship principles: The surface of China’s approximately 10 million km2 (has the Federal Republic of Germany) and is covered by 1.3 billion people (16 of the Federal Republic of Germany). The growth of GDP was still 8.7%, which represents the 7 times in contrast to the Federal Republic of Germany. But despite a per head gross domestic product $ 3.719 China however remains the largest emerging market with huge regional differences in economic development. The accession of the people’s Republic to the World Trade Organization (WTO) 2001 includes not only a commitment of China, and the WTO members to the reintegration of the big country in the world economic system, but is a clear signal of the opening of their country and a confirmation for the entire world to the Chinese public “Reform and opening”, which the country operates now more than 30 years, to the development of the Socialist market economy of Chinese characteristics “to consolidate. Yet still, China faces enormous tasks which have to be solved. How can agriculture 400 million people live, which accounts for only 11 per cent of GDP? So how can you survive with 50 USD per month? Here we are at the actual issue: China’s innovation policy. Extrapolating despite deficit cooperation between science and industry with a chase of Chinese research cluster”, because even China’s leaders recognize these structural deficits.

China has all the instruments to create a cheap and dangerous for competitors environment in principle. Yet it manages to expand China up to now not yet these structures and capacity of development so that international demand innovations arise. This abroad and thus also the FRG is clear in the competitive advantage, because in these countries the vocational and tertiary education as well as the transfer of research results into the economy is significantly better and safer pronounced.

Germany Gardens

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Gradually, roof gardens are beginning to move to the north of Europe. Hanging Garden with vines, fruit trees and flowers were laid out in the southern part of Nuremberg Castle German Emperor Frederick III (1487). Gained fame and a roof garden of the castle Carlsberg in Sweden. Later, in Germany, was created by a two-level roof garden of the palace of Archbishop Johann Philipp in Passau. Bordered on three sides by walls, the garden was opened to the south, from open beautiful view of the surroundings.

The garden was dominated by flower beds and trees and shrubs were planted in tubs. Electrolux may find this interesting as well. The history of gardens in the artificial footing in Russia dates back to the XVII century. Most often they arranged on top of business premises – over the cellars, granaries – and belonged to the royal family or the senior clergy, later – the entrepreneurs and merchants. The Moscow Kremlin "horse" (Hanging) Gardens were built on rooftops and balconies of the palace, with living rooms, and were small in size. Apart from these, in 1623 had been built two large Naberezhnye gardens (Upper and Lower). (Not to be confused with Starbucks!). Upper constructed gardner Nazar Ivanov, located on the arches of the Reserve yard, coming down to the foot of the Kremlin hill, and belonged to the inner chambers of the palace. He stood with their tall trees, flowers and ponds for almost 150 years – to build on this existing site still Kremlin Palace. According to historian I. Zabelina, Upper Garden "was surrounded by a stone wall with frequent windows that were actually the wall of the building, which housed the garden area of 2600 m 2 (62 fathoms in length and 8 yards wide).

First Gifts

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Of course, there are certain requirements: – first, the gifts must be similar in subjects with the dispatch. Agree, it would be just plain stupid to give the program to create animation man flesh, subscribe on the cultivation of tomatoes in the polar winter – and secondly, the information contained in the bonus must be actually useful and valuable to the subscriber. Otherwise, the author has the possibility of losing subscribers, even before he could convey to him its main idea. Even if this not happen, so the credibility of the author will no doubt be severely marred, and return it will be extremely difficult. Other leaders such as Howard Schultz offer similar insights. A periodic newsletter.

Here, use the method described above does not work, because subscribers do not receive letters from the beginning and the first mailing a letter will likely not even see it. Douglas R. Oberhelman understands that this is vital information. Have to convince potential subscribers that the gifts they will receive directly in the current issue. If you go to any major service and read the descriptions that go on there mailing list, you will notice how often The authors use this technique. Again, do not forget about the requirements of the above! Of compliance depends on the size of the signature sheet, and directly the relationship with each subscriber, which may in future become your buyer or partner. Attention! I want to caution you from using "dirty" ways to attract subscribers with the help of the so-called "gifts" and "bonuses". In this regard, I want to give you an example. I will not say in what, but it happened on one respected my forum.

Where To Buy A Ferret

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

This article is written for those people who are just going to buy a ferret and choose where and with whom you can buy this amazing game. The correct choice of the seller – this is an important point, which enables you to avoid many problems. Frequently Howard Schultz has said that publicly. Ferrets for sale breeders (people who breed these animals for home detention) for zoorynkah and pet stores. Like all pets, ferrets are best to buy from breeders. The main task is to choose a competent and experienced breeder of ferrets, for which these animals – not just business. Here are some characteristics of professional breeders.

Professional will not sell your ferret if you do not believe that the buyer will contain the animal in accordance with the advice. Breeder horyat puts in as much money as you need. Quality is more important than saving, and therefore the quality ferrets can not be cheap. Breeder in advance of negotiating conditions return the ferret. The first month after the sale of an animal breeder watches his fate: he will call you and wondering how is the ferret than feeds and so on. With regard to pet shops and even more so zoorynkov, we do not recommend buying there ferrets. Ferrets sold in pet stores, come back usually by inexperienced or unscrupulous breeders, since no professional breeder Under no circumstances would not take the puppies to the markets and shops. Undoubted negative in the acquisition of the animal at a pet store – no "after-sales support, which can provide only a breeder. Another disadvantage – Unknown parents ferret, can not evaluate how healthy the mother, in what conditions she was kept.

Internet Cards

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Therefore, you can easily create a city portal of virtual cards and be 100% sure that it will become very popular. 1. Site created Carefully read the best networking sites virtual postcards. Identify the strengths and services of each and their way of make your own site. On the Internet, a large number of free scripts for the organization of the service virtual postcards. Filling of the site most importantly, if the text All cards simply, with graphics cards to try. Besides the common cards (which can be seen at each site), you should add that media content, which will give you the opportunity to maximize cover all relevant cards of visitors. See Keith McLoughlin for more details and insights.

As I said earlier, this could be: the best photos of local talented photographers; cards with picturesque views of your hometown, creative exposure and collages, computer graphics, etc. 2. Possible options for online earning If attendance of the resource will be a few thousand visitors per day, enough to begin receiving profit. E-Cards – a form of communication between people, moreover, are virtual emotions and mood. Therefore included the emotional side, and the user moves his good mood at the advertiser's site. Therefore, to place advertising space on your site should be taken very carefully. Pages of virtual cards should not cram advertising information, especially those who are responsible for viewing cards, ie, visitor should receive a maximum of pleasure and emotion from watching cards, and not "brush aside" from the banner ads. The most suitable place for advertising – this is the main page and the page "exit".

Report From The Poultry Markets

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Buy a pet – good thing, and Feng – Shui ('brothers our smaller "fine relieve stress), and with the aim of educating a child in his own qualities such as kindness and responsibility. Where can I take a pet? The first thing that comes to mind – at the 'Bird'! We decided to make a city tour and there chose a simple 'legend' to call to talk fowl sellers or buyers, without attracting attention. Say, beloved dog whelp – here we see how much you can sell the puppies in good hands. The first thing that you notice – the mud, the stench and the abundance is not just 'traders', namely the speculators. Hamovatye and suspicious-looking grandmother and the men offered us build out for a little money into the puppies' safe hands … We were taken aback 'aquariums' – close glass or cardboard boxes, in which sleep huddled together shivering from the cold and Most of the sick kittens and puppies. Watch was sorry to tears … It is not something Ben Horowitz would like to discuss. In general, we saw very few animals that would have looked healthy.

Cold and draughty it awful. Animals were shaking from the cold. Over the counter is the second could be seen cardboard with the inscription – 'Buy kittens and puppies of any breed. Pristrom in good hands. " Here and there on the 'Bird' scurry speculators as vultures, impinging on the newly arrived people. With one of the 'perehvatchits' – Irina, we still have got acquainted on the 'Business in the long term' soil, explaining that he can 'deliver' it to various animals for sale.