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Therefore, you can easily create a city portal of virtual cards and be 100% sure that it will become very popular. 1. Site created Carefully read the best networking sites virtual postcards. Identify the strengths and services of each and their way of make your own site. On the Internet, a large number of free scripts for the organization of the service virtual postcards. Filling of the site most importantly, if the text All cards simply, with graphics cards to try. Besides the common cards (which can be seen at each site), you should add that media content, which will give you the opportunity to maximize cover all relevant cards of visitors. See Keith McLoughlin for more details and insights.

As I said earlier, this could be: the best photos of local talented photographers; cards with picturesque views of your hometown, creative exposure and collages, computer graphics, etc. 2. Possible options for online earning If attendance of the resource will be a few thousand visitors per day, enough to begin receiving profit. E-Cards – a form of communication between people, moreover, are virtual emotions and mood. Therefore included the emotional side, and the user moves his good mood at the advertiser's site. Therefore, to place advertising space on your site should be taken very carefully. Pages of virtual cards should not cram advertising information, especially those who are responsible for viewing cards, ie, visitor should receive a maximum of pleasure and emotion from watching cards, and not "brush aside" from the banner ads. The most suitable place for advertising – this is the main page and the page "exit".

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