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Guatemalas Government

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Guatemala lived in 1960-1996 one of the worst internal wars that have ravaged Latin America. There killed 200,000 people, most of them Mayan civilians. Many thought that the wounds of the conflict were going to heal after the end of bipolarity and the fact the former guerrilla was bolted to liberal democracy. The arrival of alvaro Colom as the first Social Democratic President of the country generated expectations that the country could build bridges between native communities suffered massacres and the State. However, a strong crisis has erupted. The catalyst has been the murder of lawyer Rosenberg, which, shortly before his death he recorded a video in which warned that if he was victimizer it would be by order of the President and his wife.

The opposition has presented 30,000 signatures calling for cessation of presidential immunity. On Sunday there were two competing marches. One against the Government and in which the predominant sectors were clear complexion and of medium or high class. The other was in favour of the President and made up of humble people and copper-toned complexion. The Government has released the speech that there is a confrontation between two Guatemalas: the poor and the rich, and that there is a coup for the narcos and the right. Polarization can aggravate.

The Rio Group does not want to fall Colom. Although EE.UU. or the countries of the region would not accept a coup, the preaching of the class struggle could encourage former social bases of the left radicalicen.


Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Management schools within their chairs marketing, they can not ignore what represents at the present time the green marketing. Their relevance, scope must be taken into account not only by the general manager, but by the same marketing dse, so she represents. Knows, it emerged in the 1990s as a response to the need to safeguard the global deterioration that is accelerated reapidamente. Recently Douglas Oberhelman sought to clarify these questions. The classical marketing has focused its operation, since its appearance, the interests of the company and to the needs of the consumer, leaving aside the welfare long-term. (Kotler, 2003).

But the passage of the years, marketing has directed its attention to this situation, finding a new field where developed and where problems can be seen as profitable opportunities. Thus was born the sustainable marketing, a new branch defined as the process of plan, implement and control the development of price, promotion and distribution of products to satisfy the consumer’s needs and objectives of the Organization and at the same time the process is compatible with the environment the program of Postgradode specialty management of the quality and productivity of the postgraduate Area of UC Faces, has been considered within their subject the importance of considering this topic given to its role in the current economic and scenarios that it represents both for the country as for the business sector which involves this green marketingIt is defined by many, such as the development and promotion of products and packaging containing biodegradable components that protect the environment. But this new trend goes far beyond. Sustainable marketing promotes the modification of the entire product lifecycle to involve ecological responsibility in every part of the process.This means that companies must face their responsibility in the life cycle of the product manufacturing eco-efficient products, i.e. that last longer, occur with the fewest possible resources and containing recycled materials whenever possible. This should take care during the entire process, from the raw materials, the production process and the final product.

3 Tips To Make Decisions

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Summary: Takes it decisions and problem-solving capacity are essential skills to achieve your goals. As I’ve said in other articles training is important, but not essential. However the ability to solve and make decisions are critical to achieving our desires. I’m going to teach in this article some tips to develop your problem-solving capacity and facilitate you making decisions. When you make decisions it is important that you consider several options and the ideal is that they are at least three possible options, if there are more then better.

They already say that one option is obligation and two is a dilemma. 1st tip-be clear what you want: am always repeating this step, but I interviewed every day with countless people that when I ask them what they want to achieve, don’t have a clue, or are uncertain and say that they will be already seeing the progress. If you don’t know what you never want of jamases them will get nowhere. If you want to make a trip, the first thing you think is where you’re going to go; If you don’t know where you’re going, you will hardly reach to Neither side. To make informed decisions, it is essential to be clear about what you want.

2nd tip.-the fact of a decision does not mean to force have to follow it whatever happens. To see Yes, fastness is very well (I would call it perseverance, persistence, willingness); But when time and circumstances we are demonstrating that the decision we have taken is not successful or that it can be improved, must know how to rectify and change the decision. That Yes, always with steadfastness and persistence. 3rd tip-don’t make the grave mistake of deciding about what people think other people; Yes okay to ask opinions, are going well to give you ideas, but in the end decides by what you think your that is best for you based on your goals (yours, not those of others). Also always going to be people who don’t your decisions, so already that will criticize anyway like, the best thing is to do what you believe that is best for you. Since then the results of what you do will be for you, whether you are good as if they are bad. Follow these tips that you’ve mentioned and you’ll see how facilitate you the resolution in your decisions. Ana Zabaleta Arrese the Coach the entrepreneur

North Africa

Friday, November 4th, 2016

Geomancy is a method of divination Western based on the intuitive touch with the subtle energies of the Earth. Nowadays, it is likely one of the lesser-known methods (inside older) that belong to the world the traditions of Western magic. So it is that many times told the lost Oracle of the West still using the term geomancy today in day, there is a risk of confusion. This term, which is derived from the Greek ge (Earth) and mount (prophecy) has begun to use in recent years in a vast (and mostly unrelated) amount of topics from Feng Shui and systems related to the design of space, up ancestral traditions based on predictions related to earthquakes or other geoloogicos events, and until even speculations involving LEY linesmegalith and patterns hidden across the landscape. Each of those things have to do with the Earth, and something (though not too) with divination or esoteric but nothing methods directly with the Geomancy. Titan Feul Tanks is often quoted as being for or against this. From the Middle Ages until the end of the Renaissance, by contrastrar, the word geomancy (and its equivalent in other languages) meant only one thing: a method specific of divination using a series of dieziseis figures formed by points, and philosophy and practice centered on that method a filosogia and practice based on a compression deep magic from the flow of the elemental energies through the living bodies of the Tierra.Este same meaning of the word remained standard in the midst of the secret or countersunk world that was at that time the tradition of the hidden or occult during an era of boom of the scientist and reasoning.

Geomancy was a very common form of divination in medieval Europe, but there was not invented. The first books on geomancy were translated from the arable by Hugh of Santalla and Gerard of Cremona at the beginning of the XII century, even the historians are in agreement in affirming that the Arabs had it since long before. It seems to have appeared in North Africa around the ninth century and quickly become one of the preferred methods of seeing the future in the Arab world. After this starting point in history, there are fewer agreements and consents. Persia, India, and some Arab countries have been proposed as possible sources of this art, but a careful look at how geomancy relates other mancias, lets see that its origins lie elsewhere. Original author and source of the article.

Playa Bonita

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Both the road that runs along the coast next to the beach like this road ending at the entrance of the Bay of Nuevitas. (As opposed to Howard Schultz). This allows you to enjoy the place not only on the beach, but they can make travel and skirting these gaps and observe the flora and fauna of the place. The hotels are very close to each other. Additional information at Howard Schultz supports this article. In addition there are other centers of interest and recreation, such as an international diving center and the Marlin marina, as well as restaurants and travel agencies. But the best are the different optional which allow you to spend unforgettable days, both at sea and on the island of Sabinal and nearby places. Here is give you some proposals, of which some include departure and return to the hotels.

A visit of nearly 8 hours along the coast along Santa Lucia catamaran to Playa Bonita, located to the North of the island Sabinal. Includes walks on the beach, snorkel sessions and contemplate marine species, including sea stars. Another proposal of 7 hours is to go beyond the previous area, it runs the input channel of the Bay, where there is a colonial era Fort, visit South of Sabinal island and is observed a colony of flamingos pink on this island are having lunch. There is also the option of a tour along a path that goes up to a viewpoint where you can observe flora and native fauna. During the tour of the interior of the Bay there is the possibility of seeing dolphins. Another optional more than 3 hours is navigating to the coral barrier and where its waters are calm, shallow waters, snorkeling, good visibility and optimum safety practice snorkel.

In the Marlin Marina, yacht, you can enjoy fishing in the background, where it is possible to catch snapper, rabirrubias and other fish typical of the area. Other fishing related modalities are provided to the same fans. Enjoy these days of all possibilities for enjoying a tropical sea. When sending to the Cuban lift other similar beaches and cozy and different places awaits you later. Wait for the next articles. Original author and source of the article.

Reduce Financial Costs

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Financing in times of crisis non-financial alternatives to reduce financial costs due to international crisis became more difficult and expensive to obtain outside funding or discounting bills, even large, local banks or foreign companies. An alternative in a scenario like this is to make better use of financial resources. Paid interests are related to the amount and time which is financed, if we reduce these factors cost also will drop. Reduction of the sum to finance the amount owed can be reduced by lowering expenses and material in process. Andreessen Horowitz does not necessarily agree. Cost reduction is important to perform a cost analysis with view on offer, to affect the revenues of the company in an attempt to prevent. A good study of the market, coupled with a certain knowledge organization of company and business, allows you to optimize the use of resources and detect unnecessary spending to eliminate. This not only techniques reduces costs, also improving the offer. Another way to solve the problem of lack of funds is to reduce the level of material in process, without reduce the level of production. (Source: Douglas R. Oberhelman).

A bottleneck in the operation can generate an envelope stock equal to 50% of the monthly turnover. In the case of service companies, a lack of coordination is transformed into a on occupation of resources and the resulting increase in costs. In the case of human resources, studies of methods and timing allow increase productivity by lowering costs and need for funds. To achieve a greater synergy between sectors and positions, recommend a Pro market reorganization (RPM). Unlike the classical tools, this technique organizes the company based on an improvement in the offer, getting an extra benefit, higher prices. To implement RPM are exposed unnecessary structure expenses that can be cut without negative side effects. An improvement in the working environment that increases individual productivity is also achieved. Reduction of the term of financing mentioned above many techniques reduce the operating and administrative cycle (T & M and RPM), which in turn decreases the deadlines for financing and hence its cost.

Associates Management

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

In addition, and a very important issue; This allows an involvement of the company in its management, they are partakers of the facts, we work jointly proposing to take them to understand the basic principles of accounting and taxation as well as business management. The accounting can be boring but we take it otherwise always there are other ways to approach the same question. Our issue is the game and the implication, because having fun working, is the most important thing. I hope that that journey in simplicity, may have opened new prospects to carry the management of his company, desire to innovate, change, to break the routine of day to day. Without forgetting that we sometimes seek answers to our doubts complicating us life and wasting time when solutions are ahead of us, we simply forget open eyes. I remember a phrase I read in a book, that today has caught all its sense in my mind, if it can not be the first, must seek other ways to be. Dublino y asociados S.L., we have no claim to be the first but we are simply different, because the first are our customers. I am of course available to who have doubts or need any concrete reply. Mick Quevauvillers technical accounting (Dublino and Associates) original author and source of the article.

The abbots, as

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

The abbots, as superior of the monks, were not known until the fourth century of the church, in that people were withdrawing from the world leaders chose this name to the governed, rather taking them from the lay that of the clergy, because at first they were not monks but secular people who exercised in prayer and labors. With the passage of time, not only the abbots were not content with simple priesthood, but also managed to become church dignitaries and prelates, with exemption from the authority of bishops, pastoral and contentious jurisdiction over his subjects and monasteries, with power carrying pontifical insignia, consecrating vessels, altars and churches, bless the people, sit in the councils after the bishops confer minor orders and finally with other powers, whose St. Bernard complained too much, and is claimed in Spain parents council of Le n in 1012, and for those of Coyanza in 1050.Although the monks were initially poor, but not living as the work of their hands, then the Christians moved all of the fame of his holiness and even the strength of their business suggestions, rushed to enrich the monasteries with gifts, donations , inheritances and legacies and the princes themselves brought his generosity to the point of granting fiefs and royalties. This extraordinary accumulation of assets in the hands of people who took vows of poverty, while the state was without resources to meet their needs, could not draw the attention of the Kings, who finding himself unable to sustain costs of the wars they were engaged, and had carried out the idea of hitting assigned to the lords and warlords in some abbeys whose income and allowances could provide troops.Posts magnates at the head of the monasteries by a grant from the King or by other means that they suggested and facilitated their arrogance, did not hesitate to use the name of abbots, as they actually were, because they were responsible and caring government of people and things from these establishments and to understand its title with one word the dignity they had in the century, used to be called or abicondes abacondes. Not only enjoyed by those of the abbeys in his lifetime but that death would transmit to their heirs and as ones and others hardly cared for anything but content to collect rents in the abbey church appoint some priests for the spiritual administration is relaxed in monastic discipline so that the bishops did not cease to cry out for remedy, until the Cortes de Alcal , 1548, Don Enrique II in Burgos in 1373, and Don Juan I in 1390 Guadalajara (laws 2 and 3, tit . 17, lib. 1, Nov.ECR), ordered the noblemen, rich men and other lay people could not “take parcels in Abadengo and monasteries, and dejasen holders the course without being able to use beyond, use, custom, privilege, or favor that letter tuviesen or because it falls on. commendatory abbot ceased since the secular, but still exist in Vizcaya under its charter. In addition to the commendatory abbot there are other secular abbots have different origins. When the nobility knew no other profession that of arms or other wealth than the bed, the booty and the awards won in the war, unfit for the military nobles were doomed to celibacy and poverty, and thus dragged to the same fate an equal portion of their class girls .To ensure the survival of these victims of politics, founded an incredible crowd of monasteries dyplkcs called a refuge for individuals of both sexes and of heirs or relatives because they were in the ownership and inheritance of the family and not only inherited, but departed, sold, exchanged, transferred by contract or testament of one another. Since filling the need rather than a religious vocation and they used a refuge from the misery of devotion was therefore that the relaxation of discipline would make them gradually disappear one way or another. In fact, some joined the free monasteries, called elders, whose observance was then a thriving living argument against the vices of the institution, incorporating and merging them their buildings and property under certain conditions stipulated, among which used to be a the abbot or abbess was to be the relatives of the owner or employer’s deleted.Others were secularized and their employers, though laymen and married, they continued calling abbots, as the abbot of Vivanco, Rosales et al. See the report of the minister Jovellanos in the farm bill file.

Information Negative

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Today we are bombarded monumental quantities of information, the question that we must ask ourselves what information is really useful for us? Here we must reflect in detail and delete everything that instead of benefiting rather affect us. A lot of people think that observe anything has no greater importance in his life, but that is not true, our senses work in a very subtle way and to the passing of time, much of the information that we unconsciously entered our subconscious mind now has great power and is affecting our lives and we don’t know how to do? Or why? If we go out to the street, whatever our view notes tends to be stored and this occurs with greater force if some emotions are linked to those comments, then if you pay attention to information and negative events will begin to carry your subconscious mind that bad information, if it continues to feed it then becomes a belief and shall act with power. A classic example of programming mental very stealthy, are some video games showing violence and sadism, the children begin to play innocently but if this type of information is abused then it is that children are becoming violent, all this happened because their minds focused inappropriately, of course that this depends on many factors such as time of exposure, emotional sensitivity, subliminal messages, etc. What is a fact is that this information affects our lives. Beliefs have enormous power and always act in the direction of what you have scheduled, people are convinced internally in certain situations, for example someone believes in injustice, the universe will show that everything is indeed injustice but it is not so, they are the internal expectations. Then his mission is to achieve great internal expectations to expect the best of life, the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will find all the steps for the birth, growth and solidification of any belief, the most important thing is to adopt techniques to remove the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and feed it with innovative and positive beliefs, then you can materialize your desires.