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German Companies Little Targeted At Social Media

Monday, August 8th, 2022

Be improved as public relations on the Web 2.0 can Aachen, June 28th 2011 – most companies have already recognised the importance of social networks for a successful public relations. A targeted strategy for Facebook, Twitter and co however still often lack. Because the field is very complex legal, organisational and technical issues need to be taken into account. The elaura service phone-it can help to use social media in a targeted and organized. Expensive advertising campaigns ade: according to U.S. groups now also German companies discover that social media allow a previously unknown customer loyalty. Create just a corporate page or from time to time, Twitter will not bring the desired results.

A clear objective and thoughtful planning is essential – and right here lacking still. “Many companies have still no clear picture of the possibilities of the networks – and hence no strategy for social media,” said Thomas Sterath, Chief of the Agency Group, Ogilvy & Mather, the Handelsblatt. The main problems: Social networks are a very recent phenomenon, empirical values and guidelines are missing in many companies. Also, the topic of “Social Media” is very complex and cannot be treated by a Department in its own. SAP Manager Marcus Rubsam advises companies to address the issue so comprehensively, by the Executive Director of the organization. Because be avoided should, that there are only a few individuals independently post. Rather the company should occur to the customer as a coherent whole, to ensure a highest possible identification and to offer him a central focal point for criticism, questions, and suggestions.

Elaura phone-it in social networks start it is questionable just how much is the (cost) required for such an undertaking. Elke spiral-Lander, head of Central Informatics of Messe Munchen, opposite the German periodical Computerwoche said that a medium-sized company such as Messe Munchen alone could cope with it. Wants company, “a service offer specific strategies in accordance with to the use of this media.” Elaura phone-it with the social media service, German companies have now the chance to take advantage of social networks targeted and organized. Internal experts gain permission, a phone call to blogging, to tweet and post. Also exists the possibility to correct these contributions, to control and to control the various networks. So companies can determine in advance precisely what ends up where in the network. Short profile phone-it: phone-it is a social media service of elaura GmbH. With it, companies can use social networks for viral marketing more efficient: instead of individual departments, the entire company for a successful public relations cooperates. A decentralised communication system allows to include a variety of experts in the communication. Social networks are not ends in themselves. Who becomes the distributor of messages in Twitter and Facebook, reaches people, to which he had no contact so far. Microenterprises, SMEs or group: the future success say interaction is 2.0 successful communication, with buyers and friends on the Web

Online Business

Thursday, July 7th, 2022

No matter how many so called gurus know want to make to you. There is no magic button you must press on the to get rich overnight. First, you should know that there is no magic button you can press to get rich overnight. No matter how many so called gurus know want to make to you. To be able to survive online, you will need to invest some work a good strategy as well as the will and endurance in your online business.

Yes, you did read correctly: work! But don’t worry, there are ways to automate your business. CLX Communications is often quoted as being for or against this. I mean, that you once need to employ some time and work, to bear the fruits of it over a very long period of time. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Lulu Simon and gain more knowledge.. Once in gear set with autopilot everything and all you have to do is something to give support when times a customer needs some help. OK, so far so good, but what kind of business are you these opportunities? There was a Web hosting. I had started at that time. There are tens Billion sites out there on the World Wide Web and every day thousands of new domains are registered. And what need to be switched live to the domains? Just Web hosting! Can you imagine how big is this market? Why are you trying to get even a piece of this huge pie? That sounds well and good everything, but I have no idea about Web hosting, you will tell you, right? Let you be told that it is no problem. Many Web hosts offer reseller hosting.

This means that you sell their Web hosting under your name, and worry about the whole server technology. The only thing you have to do is to find a reliable Web host. There are many ways to search, such as Google or eBay. I personally started was with Their support is around the clock, even on Christmas day, with a very short response time, even with live chat. Only drawback, which sit in the States and only speak English. But it should be for us represent no problem. I recommend no unfortunately German Web hosts. With the Yanks, I did only the best experiences. When you have found a suitable web host, then opened a reseller account and start to offer Web hosting. Most of us already have an ebay account, and it offers eBay to start at to promote your new business. Maybe you’ve noticed already the big competition on eBay in the hosting business. No fear! This is only one indication that people want to already earn money and also a piece of the pie. Try to stand out from the crowd just on price to sell or let you invade a nice marketing gimmick. Offer your business at all common eBay country platforms at: United States, UK, Canada, Australia etc. After a while, the first sales will certainly come in. WOW, what a great feeling! Most customers who have opted for you will continue with you. If you offered monthly plans, you get each month money inside. And it will always be more time, as you get more customers. Just try it out. You have nothing to lose and you can only win. This article was written by Frank Breinling

Up Mailer

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

250-800 euro. 8 linking options, high-quality links, despite the required targeted messages, some good links should be considered. You should be wary but, similar to procedures, such as when a search engine optimization, and others after the Google rules and regulations for the optimization of Web sites. Some good links on the landing page serve only one further interest of the reader (curiosity), less a search engine optimization. By the same author: Barclays Investment Bank. 9 provision of email autoresponders so that your prospects can obtain your offer is after the registration via E-Mail, we need an E-Mail autoresponders. This is from two points useful and important: to comply the required in Germany double opt-in procedure for the storage of E-Mail addresses and prevent sending procedure. (A valuable related resource: mozes konig). At the same time you pave the way for a further customer communication in the mail process thus. A good developer manages to integrate an email Respondersystem at a cost of up to 2 hours in your landing page.

At this point, calculate cost between 150 to 250 euros. Here are two providers for automation: Follow-Up autoresponder, rent cost monthly between 13.00 and 40.00, depending on requirements. Follow-Up Mailer cost unique, standard 15.50 and professionally 36.00 10 publication when you create the landing page design (layout, colors, pictures), merged the text as well as the technological components (forms, tracking, application logic, etc.). If you have a good Web Designer at hand, it should cope with in about six hours this task. 11 advertising, advertising platforms, social media are after completion of the landing page to determine appropriate advertising. Here, there are a number of providers, be it pure advertising portals, Mailtauscher, Newsletteranbieter, social bookmarks, free small indicators, media with Twitter, Facebook and other advertising opportunities socially on the Web are offered free of charge. Some programs offer in addition paid advertisements, like Facebook, XING. “Who wants to have success with advertising, must be advertise until the doctor” comes.

Search Engine Keywords

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

If the customer acquisition via the Internet fails: the two worst mistakes search engine keywords Ingolstadt, August 23, 2010 – the most common way, as new prospects on a particular website become aware, leads namely through the search engines. While every entrepreneur should be aware of: the prospective buyer enters a search term to search for a particular offer. And only the homepage, which contains the correct keyword is also found and has the chance to create new sales. Stuart Solomon might disagree with that approach. 98% of all Internet users search engines such as Google & co, to find what you are looking for – namely information to solve a problem or to achieve a goal. Here Google in Germany plays a special role: most surfers using this search engine, Bing and Yahoo end up down on the seats 3 and 2. The first Cardinal mistake: Companies using those keywords, by which they accept, that also will be sought often quite arbitrary. See more detailed opinions by reading what John O. Utendahl offers on the topic.. You risk doing so, that the main flow of visitors on the Internet at their Web site pass, because they simply are not found. The second cardinal sin: Companies often not consistently optimize their website for a particular keyword.

Because Google & co. very meticulously sift a website and check whether the contained content in regard to a searched keyword is relevant. How to get these two tasks in the handle, has now investigated Monika Thoma and for the selection and use of the most profitable search terms developed a systematic concept of 7-stage success of the results. The suggestions of the level 1 3 are as follows: 1 make a systematic brainstorming and you use the following sources of the idea, nor to evaluate without your ideas: evaluate the results of the free controlling tools Google Analytics and find out under what keywords you are already found values, select the ‘ search ‘ box on your homepage: what is entered there? Evaluate your own press releases, brochures, offering texts to find more keywords. After this first step, you should definitely 100 or more keywords on a list, you have Edit with Excel & co.. 2. Select a keyword tool and use it properly: for example or KeywordsTool.

That will help you to find out who actually entered the keywords by Internet users. Surprise calm yourself, because completely different results could show himself, as you might expect! 3. look what the competition is so! Tip: Don’t go on the website of one of your competitors and read what’s in the title, so the top line in your Internet screen. If you find words like “Home” or meaningless words, that no keywords are there, then you know, that little has been optimized. In return, you will find there valuable information on important keywords in the title bar of the home page at pages that are placed on Google.

Hearing Protection Manufacturer

Monday, March 16th, 2020

The Erlanger Web specialists from: doorway have completely redesigned their website of hearing protection hearing Lynx and a solid technical basis. The Erlanger Web specialists from: doorway have completely redesigned their website of hearing protection hearing Lynx and a solid technical basis. The new design is based on HTML5 and CSS3 and is completely “liquid”. In the sense of responsive design, different breakpoints are used with media queries, adapted to offer structured views different devices such as Smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The Web pages are more than ready for the mobile Internet.

Responsive design mobile first layout is flexible in width that looks the site on all types of devices – and not only on selected devices such as the iPad or the iPhone.Die resolution of the device plays no role any more, that the content always clean shows. In addition it ensures liquid Web design, that the CSS of each media Queries minimal. The design speaks with a clear style and determined with plane and space, the new layout of the hearing protection specialists completely freed from waste frippery. All topics of the website were reordered and grouped together in a sleek navigation. The new Web design presents the products of the company at the Center. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Utendahl. Large pictures and text airy set, hold the frame. The technology behind the Web design of the backbone of the new website is that in-House open source software pulse, which developing is largely driven by the Erlanger Agency. The CSS of the site dispenses with pixels as an indication of the size and relies completely on dimensions in “em” and percent that is extremely responsive also the typography with little CSS.

Dynamic graphs for the hearing protector based on HTML5 and jQuery ease maintenance of the site. CSS3 round off the responsive Web design animations and Web fonts of the “Univers condensed” House font. Consistent GZip compression, asynchronous JavScript integration and Far future Exipiration ensures optimal performance and a good user experience. Minifiziertes CSS and JavScript, as well as lightweight HTML for quick page set up on mobile devices help the page also felt to keep “responsive” (quick adjustment when replacing the orientation). The new hearing Lynx website after the relaunch: A current, contemporary presentation – from the desktop of tablet to the Smartphone. True to the: gateway motto “100% web”.


Friday, June 14th, 2019

They are of cultural interest Strengthening children and young people and show them that language is not boring, but a field to express the own creativity. The LitCam works with sponsors to finance the campaign. One partner is the content and licensing agency mo’content. Internet presence of litcam on with video-on demand has been fully by mo’content and their technology partners, the Storz media GmbH, set up and constantly maintained and expanded. Also the production of videos and their involvement on the site are tasks, the mo’content along with the Storz Medienfabrik free of charge takes over. For even more analysis, hear from mozes victor konig. The work of LitCam is extremely important. Illiteracy, as well as reading and writing weakness of children and young people are problems for which I wish more attention”, explained mo’content – Managing Director Morris Hille be commitment.

It looks similar to the Director of the campaign, Karin Plotz, and added: I am very happy in mo’content an energetic and professional savvy promoters found to have. ” “As the self-evident handling of modern information and communication media is a target of LitCam in Germany, to study the project with modern media: for this reason we have taken over the design of the website and fill them not only with text, but include also streaming video through video-on-demand technology”, so Morris Hille. For more information, see and. About mo ‘content service provider is independent as mo’ content company specializing in the licensing and production of high-quality media content such as movies/blockbuster, (chart) music, games/software and books to promote sales of branded products, magazines and to the increase in sales of advertising-driving. In the reference find brand names like Calgonit, Deutsche Telekom, Hasseroder, but also media such as PCgo, myself and HomeVision.

Mo’content has a broad, constantly updated and growing catalogue of own and third party licenses, whose Special rights have been already examined or exclusive to mo’content are. For many years, the company collaborates with leading national and international licensors. Since 2007, has mo’content as a supplement built on the video on demand unit Screencon.

Real Estate

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

Germany real estate portals in the comparison at the largest real estate portal of in Germany have undergone a comprehensive test of, the independent comparison portal on the Internet. With the note very well, was overall winner of this comparison with clear distance in front of its competitors thanks to a very easy to use online presence, user-oriented additional services and convincing customer orientation. The discussion of the test results, which are available under, it says: Immonet does everything right: the website is open and offers the currently best real estate marketplace on the net for visitors who are looking for an apartment, as well as for providers of real estate. Real estate portals have been extensively tested and evaluated. Kevin Johnson is often quoted as being for or against this. This focused on the comfort for webpage, the insertion process for private landlords and sellers as well as Servicangebote and customer orientation. Many additional offers of go well beyond the usual in the market. So of the section setting up certified magazine character true on and the after sales area earned top ratings at the service. Respond to customer inquiries, achieved very good results. This extremely positive review by online Experts reaffirms our quality approach, after Germany’s Internet users already in 2009 to the best and most popular real estate portal have selected, Axel Konjack, Managing Director of Immonet explains.

Category Shop

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Relaunch implemented the relaunch of its website and the online shop using the content management system Typo3 and the webshop system Magento with integrated exorbyte commerce search for full-text and product search the Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG (WMF). Several vendors were compared when choosing a powerful search function for the newly designed shop. The Swabian company has decided for exorbyte commerce search, allowing a complete adaptation to the needs of the shop operator was possible. Clarity, usability, and smooth functionality of the shop search are of great importance. A pronounced reliability in terms of speed and the fault tolerance of the search suggestions are equally important for WMF. By vague terms, spelling or typing errors, searches can result in the blank.

exorbyte commerce search absorbs these failed attempts by sophisticated algorithms and achieve the desired result in a fraction of a second. Thousands of data will be in milliseconds hochperformant searches. For WMF project team was also important in selecting the right search technology that the layout of the search can perfectly be adapted on the Web page. The company has websites in a total of nine countries, which should also gradually be incorporated into the new design. Therefore, it was also necessary that the search in multiple languages can be offered. An important criterion for the appropriate search was that it searches not only the product dataset, but also the entire page contents using a full-text search. For this purpose two auto-suggest features had to be integrated into two systems: the product data is stored in the webshop system Magento, full-text search uses entries in the CMS Typo3, in particular also on PDFs. The results in three sections are divided into the auto-suggest: products, shop categories and general information. Products product proposals with price information be made partly also with optical highlighting of an offer price. At the “” Category selection is narrow the search for the keyword based on the categories of online stores, for example, in the kitchen”, coffee ‘or services’.

Pocket Calendar

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Easy design directly on the online portal directly to the beginning of the year the IT service provider expands its online portal my modules. So far, you could choose between blue, pink, yellow, orange, green and grey. Now completes the trend colour purple and long red missed the color palette of the calendars. Anyone who believes that would be the only highlight of the Pocket Calendar from the Rhine, which is wrong. Checking article sources yields Jonas Samuelson as a relevant resource throughout. Make it yourself is the motto, because when the cover of the appointment scheduler of users in the design of background and text can unleash his imagination. Over 130,000 combinations of background, text, and graphics are possible here and wake up in each play. Selectable day and week modules on the calendar pages, and different annexes are both fun and useful. The customer can start month choose also what makes interesting and attractive within the current calendar year pocket calendar for specific professions, such as, for example, teachers. Just the individual compilation makes the daily companion to the unmistakable unique piece and a product, the both old as young speaks. My


Saturday, May 13th, 2017

crestfinanz GmbH: launch of innovative partner portal now it has come. The crestfinanz GmbH sets new standards in relation to partner support and services around the products of construction financing and rate credit in the German market. So, the company in cooperation with the parent company, ACCEDO AG developed a new partner portal to support sales. With the help of the new portal, the sales partner of crestfinanz GmbH of now even easier and faster cars can create and determine conditions. The crestfinanz GmbH has emphasis emphasis in the implementation on an easy and self-explanatory user guidance. Moreover, the new partner portal reflects a holistic approach to care.

Partner of crestfinanz GmbH in the partner portal, find everything for the personal success and optimum customer care is necessary: simple request tools, straightforward calculation tools, white-label capability, access to current market and bank information, online training, case – and Commission overview, overview of the current conditions and much, much more. Now, use the opportunity to greater success with the crestfinanz GmbH as your professional partner around the subjects of mortgages and installment loan. But the service will still continue in crestfinanz and ACCEDO. The company currently developing an interest rate comparison transparent for the end customer products mortgages, installment loan and allowance accounts. This unique service will be soon for the customer under available. The crestfinanz GmbH and the parent company ACCEDO AG count since inception in 1998 to the largest German online brokers in the field of construction financing. The success secret of crestfinanz: Independence and a competent and personal consulting with top conditions. Numerous prestigious awards and satisfied partners confirm this success.