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The Foundations

Friday, December 17th, 2021

That he is with it that we want to ripen, to create a family and to age. Because although the differences, of different defect and points of view, exists love and the ambiguidades are surpassed because it is to such. Eduardo Saverin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. As it says the song: she' s the one, it is to such and during some time we are happy. Everything is prettier, the world gains a new color and us we desire that these moments if become perpetual. However, the gnio does not appear and we wait without knowing that this our desire is not so simple as the others, therefore we are dependent of ours karma and of what he is written in our Book of the Life. Yves Bissouma insists that this is the case. But one day the dumb wind and the wheel start to turn in contrary direction, are a movement that goes increasing gradually and there the things move.

We start to question us without understanding that all dumb one and that nothing in the life he is perpetual. We need to reorganize the foundations so that everything does not fall for land. As soon as we perceive this, parts that had left ours puzzle and some that we did not obtain to place, enter now incasing perfectly. However, we only understand as we are blessed, when that one our love if it multiplies and God in them sends a son. This son is a gift, it is the fruit of our love therefore is generated with the love that two adult and mature beings feel one for the other.

Seated to the table, I see puzzle that I have come to construct and is enormous, pretty! It is the map of my life, I all see in it the passage in covered it. Some spaces are complete, full of beauty, color and joy. They are full of sun, light and rainbow.


Friday, December 17th, 2021

An important investment for companies towards the own Hall is not an easy one in Hall construction but almost anything is possible. But before the Hall builders can move out, before the various steps need to be done. Only after the definition of the task may be expected on the design of the Hall building. While the requirement on the structure and the economy should be included in any case. On the drawing board and into the computer the planning of the Hall building, taking account of the wishes of the clients in all phases is done finally.

What uses a new lightweight Hall for the company if it heavy parts must be removed, the roof racks are however not designed for crane Rails. This consideration of course everything with the Hall construction. The space solutions are therefore mostly tailor-made in Hall construction. Exhibition or trade fair halls are designed differently than production or warehouses. Logistics warehouses about are quick and easy to set up, in the Hall no costly extras must be taken into account.

Yet here, too, must exercise care during the construction of the Hall. Finally, these represent a part of the fixed assets should not be underestimated. Here a big chunk of the current assets store the finished products or materials for the production of either so. Increasingly used in Hall construction for this purpose on the modular construction of the system, because such halls be increased or reduced depending on the needs and the construction phase can be kept time very in the frame. Differently it behaves in Hall construction of production facilities. Here, the purpose of use must be considered as a subsequent adaptation is often impossible or involves very high costs! Production halls, steel halls are no shortage. The various parameters such as span, height, Foundation and including internals such as cranes or for purposes of illumination and ventilation must be included in the planning.

House Foundation

Friday, December 17th, 2021

You have to choose just the right type of House and to make instalments depending on the stages of the construction of the House. Further details can be found at Jenna Fischer, an internet resource. Because the House is built from zero up to the finished stage indoors without exposure to weather, it guaranteed a much better building torture building in indoor conditions, a one-story house is built in no more than 6 weeks, and at the two-story house, it takes a maximum of 9 weeks. Building in indoor conditions, the construction costs are lower and thus also the price of the home decreases, i.e. that for many people, for a house built on traditional way too high in price and this is too expensive, so a House but could afford. Starting from this House construction technology it will be possible, to spend the House later in another location.

So you can take with, for example, if a workplace change is imminent, your home. What is short description of the manufacturer of house construction technology and their implementation possibilities this House construction technology so special and innovative? On the basis of that deviate one can the impression, that this technology differs hardly from the conventional House construction (with the exception of that built the House in indoor conditions and already a finished House placed on the plot). Deepened to more substantive moments but, imagine the Engineers have for years studied and tested technology but own specifics out. The most important secret of this House construction technology is hidden in the Foundation. The treated technology the Foundation in a special thermally insulated, precisely calculated on the basis of corresponding calculations and shielded with specially-mounted faucets bath is poured. A sized this way, fortified and thermally insulated Foundation granted the House during lifting and transport the necessary strength and for load-lifting mechanisms appropriate fixtures have been integrated into the Foundation. In designing appropriate openings left in the Foundation, which all necessary cables, pipe connections, cables, etc..

Doris Day Animal Foundation

Friday, December 17th, 2021

Friends and fans of Doris Day’s friends sign up to speak and fans of Doris Day expressing their concern about the extent of negative reports about the actress and singer Doris Day, released due to recent books about them. This refers in particular to the recent publication of photos in a paparazzi-style and the accompanying headlines and comments that suggest that she was suffering and marked by sorrow. Can not officially speaking on behalf of Doris Day, but many of us know them personally and we say that any distress, she may (or may not), can probably only and resulted solely from the fact that you lead her own life without that you will be ambushed by photographers and used stories about them in the world. Many of your friends, that they know and are in regular contact with you, know that this kind of reporting without any basis. Doris Day is an exuberant, amiable and intelligent woman and the highest award for citizens of the United States, as well as the Grammy Award for your life’s work recently received the Presidential Medal of freedom award,. It is dedicated to her present-day life the animal welfare as well as their friends with the Doris Day Animal Foundation ( and the Doris Day Animal League ( and is no hermit who collects animals stray around, as has happened to read. Doris Day is revered all over the world and appreciated and we, her friends, ask the media to prove she deserve the respect of and them and us to suspend no longer reports this way. We are of the opinion that the truth about Doris Day, both in terms of your career as well as their present lives, a more interesting story that follows and we ask the media to limit if at all they must be reported. Doris Day and friends about the real Doris Day on behalf of friends and fans of Doris Day the Doris Day Web Forum doris day concern..

Windows Communication Foundation

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

After the successful launch of training for Java developers based on Apache Axis2 can now also.NET developers gain BiPRO programming support. Nettetal, September 7, 2009 three and a half years after the founding of BiPRO e. V. (industry initiative process optimization) the Club has more than 115 members and the norms established in the insurance industry. The application of BiPRO standards is challenging, however, they are based on the most advanced professional and technical concepts. As a result, they are very powerful, but also diverse and complex. For the illustration of the technical requirements, BiPRO uses numerous international technical standards such as the W3C or OASIS.

However, many development tools do not fully support these standards. For the programmer, which manifests itself in the result that cause also common frameworks such as .net / WCF here and there hurdles. It is non-trivial and architecturally not usually recommended from BiPRO interface descriptions of program code generators, to generate. Frameworks show weaknesses here. And regulations supported mostly poorly in the form of policies”, says Markus Heussen, Managing Director of b-tix GmbH and Deputy Chairman of the Standardization Committee of BiPRO e. V. Often lengthy analyses and extensive research, which can take just several weeks for beginners follow the issues.

trained b-tix GmbH.NET developers the b-tix GmbH is a company with core competence BiPRO. As a network of experts, it bundles Know-How around the standards of BiPRO e. V., provides specialized services and support services, and develops software for BiPRO standards. With the training BiPRO service clients with .NET, the company has now developed a training program that is tailored specifically to the needs of service consumers. In the intro, software developers learn the basics you need to know for the connection of BiPRO business services. Based on Microsoft.NET technologies such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and MSXML they work that out BiPRO programming. The whole thing is done under expert guidance and accompaniment by a BiPRO experts and.NET specialists. The training particularly suited for broker with in-house application development, distributors, manufacturer of administrative or compare programs, as well as pools, the often.NET technologies want to set up and connect the BiPRO interfaces of the insurer. A pre-made project environment with source code and a qualified programming instructions started fast in the news-oriented BiPRO programming in .net. At the end of the training, an executable BiPRO service client is available. For more information on the Internet at. About b-tix GmbH, the b-tix GmbH is a company with core competence BiPRO. As a network of experts, it bundles Know-How around the standards of BiPRO e. V., provides specialized services and support services, and develops software for BiPRO standards. The company was founded by Markus Heussen, co-founder of BiPRO initiative, Deputy Chairman of the Standardization Committee of BiPRO e. V., and author of many Standards. More information about the company on the Internet at. About BiPRO BiPRO (industry initiative process optimization) E.v. is a registered charity based in Dusseldorf, which promotes as a neutral organization designed the cross-company business processes in the insurance industry with the help of professional and technical standards, and optimized. In the BiPRO e. V., insurers, brokers, distributors, broker pools, manufacturer of estate agent software, price comparator, and service providers work together.

Sanitation Foundation

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

Sanitary equipment design for your brand s reputation safety and integrity of your products is at the very heart of your brand’s reputation. If hygiene management is insufficient, bacteria may build up on the equipment and be transferred onto the product being weighed. When this occurs, scrupulous sanitation must occur to eliminate potential hazards. Industry and the areas are difficult working to prevent bacterial like listeria occurring in foods and growing and spreading through facilities where food is processed. Get more background information with materials from Jenna Fischer. Scales are potential sources for the growth of pathogens. The design, construction (in terms of scope for cleaning) and the materials used are the main factors to take into account when buying a scale for use in the food processing industry. Sanitary scales METTLER TOLEDO works on the basis of the valid hygiene design guidelines of the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and the EHEDG (European hygienic engineering and design group). Our scales English very intensive cleaning procedures, such as submersion in water (IP68) and high pressure cleaning (IP69k). Profit from hygienically designed scales allowing thoroughly and efficient cleaning!

International Foundation

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

It is the first time I attend a spiritual retreat and the experience was unforgettable to contact myself, listen to the birds, rain, while meditated, feel that rapprochement with nature, was wonderful in those moments we practice the spiritual intelligence, work the ability to be happy with the help of meditation. Spiritual intelligence is characterized by being inclusive, since it allows students to integrate knowledge for the solution of their own problems, has keep an open mind to change, thus achieving a balance in his life in all aspect so much material, emotional and spiritual. . .

Foundation Luis Goytisolo

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

LUIS GOYTISOLO mankind has known times more gloomy, so silly, possibly not. Luis Goytisolo. If you would like to know more about Jenna Fischer, then click here. THE voice of a writer committed within the Group of social realism has had prominent place Luis Goytisolo, though his recent work has taken very different paths. To deepen your understanding Yves Bissouma is the source. Writer committed with time living and the time in which he lives. Luis Goytisolo Gay was born in Barcelona on March 17, 1935, brother of writers Jose Agustin and Juan Goytisolo. Being a child loses his mother, victim of a Francoist bombing on the city of Barcelona in 1938.

His propensity for reading and writing began very soon and began writing two novels at the age of eleven, thereafter was his uncle Louis, who introduced him in the hobby to the American narrative. He graduated in law. He won in 1956 Sesame stories. In 1994 he was elected academician of the Royal Spanish Academy to fill the vacancy of poet Luis Rosales. Currently there is the Foundation Luis Goytisolo, located in the city of El Puerto de Santa Maria in the Villarreal’s Palace and Purullena. His first novels, the suburbs (1958), premio Biblioteca Breve, and the same words (1962), are influenced by the realistic Objectivism of the moment, with special emphasis on dialogue, the absence of a central character and characterised by a structural dispersion and the plurality of perspectives with interlaced and juxtaposed actions. This structural complexity is exacerbated in their known Antagonia tetralogy for some one of the pinnacles of the Spanish narrative of recent years, where the reader is immersed in an endless tangle of thoughts, feelings, stories and discursive sequences: count (1973), sort of generational autobiography of a reflective nature, the Greens may to the Sea (1976), the wrath of Achilles (1979) and theory of knowledge (1981). The whole review many facets of human life, combining narration and speech, analyzing especially the memories of childhood and adolescence in a bourgeois society and relations sentimental and erotic; particular attention the author engaged in the confrontation of the writer with the writing and the Act of creation, even resorting to metaliterature-in the third uses the mechanism of the novel within the novel.

The language becomes redundant, meticulous, ideological and discursive. In the later novels repeats the theme of double and it is disappearing more and more the importance of the argument: the edict of Milan (1979), trail of fire that moves (1984), awarded the prize of critique, research and guesswork out of Claudio Mendoza (1985), the paradox of migratory bird (1987) and statue with pigeons (1992), premio Nacional de Narrativa en 1993. Eyes, circles, owls (1970), included in Fables (1988) with Devoraciones (1976), are experimental prose. Among his latest novels, we quote: licuante pleasure (1997), stairway to Heaven (1999), Journal of 360 (2000), Liberation (2003) and ear tuned to the birds (2006). He has also published the essay the future of the word (2002), compilation of articles published in the press. Luis Goytisolo occasionally collaborates in several newspapers, especially in the country, and is the author of television documentary series: Indian and Mediterranean. From his first works that reflect an atmosphere typical of the prevailing social realism then Luis Goytisolo unabated evolve towards a more complex style, multiple perspectivism and concurrent plots. And as the catalan writer said: power tends today to exercise simultaneously from the people, with the people and against the people.

International Foundation

Monday, December 13th, 2021

From the holistic education the universal spiritual foundation arise genuine human values tied to a post-conventional morality i.e. a moral not dependent on specific cultural formation, a moral spiritual and transcendent. Human values are perennial and universal, a natural expression of the internal order. The values are in the Centre of the educational process, a trust is necessary for its flourishing, a feeling in children and youth that are in an environment where he can trust, do the right thing is perceived as something inherent to the basic nature of human beings. Do the right thing satisfies the spiritual yearning and produces coherence, empty creative and spiritual love. Values constitute the nature of truth, beyond of social reality, are attributes of the spirit that nourish us, give life and well-being, are in direct relation with the order of consciousness, without order inmate can flourish. Human values are something everyday, any subject can promote this learning, it cannot be something artificial that is vintage from the outside to daily activities, the most important spiritual values in holistic education are: peace, confidence, cooperation, responsibility, freedom, compassion, humility, brotherhood, kindness and love. I cannot conclude that this knowledge acquired in this magnificent work of Dr.

Ramon Gallegos nava, I used to understand the human being, in all its dimensions, respect all living beings that inhabit the planet, the environment with freedom with responsibility, consciousness, spirituality, love, peace, compassion, with sustainability, humility, brotherhood, kindness.

Flora Rocha Foundation

Monday, December 13th, 2021

Our ancestors knew that they would find the answers they needed to lift his eyes, now it is our turn to recover the wisdom of the universe. Every step, every journey is a teaching and test of the infinity of the universe and God. Our walk is a continuous advance toward a place that many believe ignore, but which has a great and divine purpose. Find this meaning is possible only by taking into account keys that our environment gives us every step. To perceive them we will be able to distinguish sometime what actually is our path. Above all, we know where our life is going and, therefore, is our mission.

These keys are in everything that surrounds us, are symbols that for every being has a unique and definitive meaning for our existence. This keys are in an infinite number of elements and are intended to participate in such aid that will guide you to follow the correct path of our mission. One of those elements are the beautiful clouds. The clouds are manifested in the sky with your neverending gait and movement, creating an unlimited number of symbols and shapes that have a special meaning for each person. In reality they always are showing us a key more than it will help way conscious or unconscious to distinguish at what point or State we are on that path. Or perhaps just looking to fill us with hope and faith with love that the manifestation of its beauty produces in us to see them. It is only necessary to dwell a little to give rise to a point of connection with the sublime and, if we are able to appreciate that beauty so pure, we will succeed then one step closer toward the truth of our being and our spirit. One step that may be decisive for the course of our lives and decision-making, an element that will define where take us our way.

We seek your guide always heaven has filled us guides with the Sun, stars, comets, clouds, rain, all they bring us gifts which unfortunately always pass unnoticed and ignored. Few people realize that these elements of nature leave us symbols which, if they were taken with the heart, would help us to answer what does not have a response, feel what refuse us to believe, to live with the security of our passage. Why should remember that such and as our wise ancestors brothers left him writing: the answer all our existence lies in the sky with its infinite manifestations should not forget that if we believe we find lost or with uncertainty of where our life is going, you just need to lift up his eyes to this immense sky that with through keys and reflected in its clouds symbolsSun, Moon or stars us tries to remember that Infinity exists. They are the reminder that we are part of him. It is very important not to forget it because this will help us also to open the doors of our hearts, which saves all the wisdom.