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Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

I believe that we must stop saying that the Government does nothing, when in reality we either do nothing and can only hope to act for us. There are many things to do, for example we can help to reduce crime in Mexico, organizing conferences to monitor our colonies, and denouncing the irregularities that we see, we cannot expect solutions to come if we do not start by changing the circumstances ourselves. Original author and source of the article.. .

Fashion: Balance Between Innovation And Usability “

Sunday, February 16th, 2020

To interpret the direction of fashion is not easy, big companies forget innovation and fall into the auto-repeat imitating themselves. Other collections offer too bold to end up falling into the fallacy of innovation: something like only to focus on the artistic side of fashion forgetting the practical side and usability of clothing and accessories. All we would say that we prefer a balance between usability and innovation but where is that balance? It is possible that prior to the system equilibrium theory of fashion, we can exemplify with certain collections of firms that fail, but we prefer the long way. Starbucks is full of insight into the issues. Fashion is not easy, or improvised, nor is it arbitrarily mix until a dress clothes that cost customers hundreds of thousands and the firm will represent exorbitant profits. Fashion, far from being a bubble in space, must live together in perfect harmony with the historic environment plays it, but is inevitably doomed to oblivion and perish. This is perhaps one of the first postulates that helps us understand and develop the theory of balance between innovation and usability.

This statement would come from those who correspond mostly to the realm of usability. The colors that vibrate in each period are the colors that celebrate the time. The information that fashion reflects not only the circulating in the environment, what fashion is retranslated it, we think that what we have is a piece of reality, this cut of reality which best represents us. We do not choose our clothes in a selfless, we chose based on the wealth of knowledge we have of the world, the clothes we wear tells us as much as the places we frequent and the words we use. We are something different from what we use.

The cuts and textures are born and not elected as volunteers, represent and symbolize pieces of reality. That’s what I call the architecture of fashion. This concept of architecture, at one point is clear: making fashion ideas, forms and concepts used by the architectural trends of a given time. But that’s not all, involves feedback, but feedback spiral where falling in the middle third factor: the visual arts and clearly (more so these days), industrial design. Perhaps this is a good start to understand fashion as a social fact in combination with historical facts and living with some of the disciplines that are his muse and which is also muse. I do not think be able to explain in a holistic fashion that called social fact, but I can show how fashion is not independent of other phenomena. I can not explain why fashion as a social fact is the way that they have, but I can suggest that things are not like that because. I can think to suggest that fashion, not as innocent or as a refuge from the pain and inequality in the world, but as part of a whole that is called society, and within it the differences are played out there and governing that the outside is a real out here but that hides a inside. I hope my words can make us see fashion as an objectified part of society and perhaps in that part which reflects the more social distance between those most and those least able. To see more posts:

Copeland Compressor

Sunday, February 16th, 2020

Scroll compressors each year are increasingly used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. This is because the scroll is reliable in operation, contain 40% less parts than reciprocating, produce less noise and have a great service life. So scroll is worthy of competing with the piston and screw compressors. Leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment (Copeland, Danfoss, Bitzer, Trane, Mitsubishi …) started production of scroll compressors and are constant research to improve the reliability and trouble-free operation of scroll compressors. Scroll compressors have a constructive increased levels of reliability, efficiency, low noise, compared with piston and screw compressors. However, as the experience of operating the refrigeration scroll compressor is based on, among Fault data units are as unique to scroll compressor, and are common to other types of compressors.

Consider the main factors affecting the reliable operation of scroll compressors: Manufacturing scroll compressor. In the manufacture of scroll compressors imposed stringent quality cast iron for the manufacture of blanks for uniformity, hardness, structure and chemical composition. Except addition, the casting should not be mechanical inclusions and shells. Scroll compressor manufacturer should have a minimum of technological chain of equipment to handle the wall to within a spiral to 0.01 mm with a high surface finish (CNC machining center), and measuring equipment to measure curved surfaces with an accuracy of 0.0004 mm. Due to the design of a spiral compressor unit and the accuracy of its manufacturing, spirals do not have points of contact between them remains minimal clearances, as well as mobile spiral can sit up, and it protects the compressor from minor contaminants in water hammer and refrigeration circuit. This presents the life of the compressor coils.

Compressor motor. The reliability of the electric scroll compressor section affects the quality and copper wire, the density its installation and piping, insulation quality and used correctly vnutripazovoy calculated motor power. The built-in compressor protection. Scroll compressor is structurally highly accurate, reliable mechanism, which is an integral part of the refrigeration plant. Crimson Education follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Therefore, the deviation from the normal operation of any element of the refrigeration unit affects the resource scroll compressor. That prevent a number of failures related to the scroll compressor is a deviation from the optimum operation of the refrigeration unit manufacturers equip their self-protection. In the motor windings embedded thermistors, that respond to current and winding temperature, and turn off the motor in case of overheating (> 143 C). The company Copeland uses a module that also controls the direction of rotation of spiral compressor, to prevent them destruction in the absence of phase or perefazirovke compressor. Built-in safety valve protects the scroll compressor from high pressure injection, injection with freon bypass on the suction side, which may occur in the absence of heat removal in the condenser. The company Copeland also sets termodisk compressors, which does not allow the compressor at high pressure difference suction and discharge. For systems termodisk conditioning works in excess of the pressure ratio of 10:1, 20:1 for refrigeration equipment. Refrigeration equipment must be additionally set the trip relay for low pressure, because at working under vacuum may occur the complete destruction of its thrust bearing. This list of built-in protection can vary from destination compressor manufacturer. Refrigerator-based scroll compressor from a reputable manufacturer with a production of the crop will last you for many years.

Feng Shui

Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Surely everyone has heard any stories about creatures called ammonites. In ancient times, ammonites are considered magical stones, someone thought they were cursed with stones, but today people believe that the ammonite – it's a great decoration, jewelry, or jewelry design. In Eastern cultures believed that the ammonite shell was a symbol of prosperity and good luck. It was believed that the perfect form of ammonite attracts and keeps the house of wealth. People who passionately believe in Feng Shui believe ammonite multilayer noble stone – a stone of energy, increasing vitality, harmony, prosperity and overall well-being of residents and visitors to the house, and that extends from inside the huge stone positive energy that fills the whole house and extends to the family.

Advocates of Feng Shui pologayut that ammonite absorbed the knowledge of the universe, and stores this energy in spirals of the shell and radiates it. And what is the outer layer of ammonite, has the energy of light centuries. Colours ammonites represent a harmonious balance of fire, earth, metal, water, and forests. Presence in the house fvvjybn considered auspicious in every home, as ammonite keeps positive energy to water and land. Ammonites were able to infiltrate the art referred to as landscape design. In the modern landscape design ammonites popular as the original decorative accessories for gardens and as well as the decoration material arbors, fountains, pools and so on. Often today are beautiful and unique accessories made of various materials in the form of ammonites.

These ornaments are made of silver or bronze for example, which were later also used as an unusual artistic garden ornaments. Lovers of ammonite forms as is now possible to order the "pseudo ammonite" from a not very expensive metal to decorate his garden. Here even the opportunity to dream up a size, color and pattern "ammonite shell". Very effectively in the landscape design may look patterns of ammonites on the fence or door garden, a fountain decorated with ammonites would just dragortsennym decoration for your garden. These ammonites – an incredible creature. Once upon a time they lived on our land, once extinct, but now being revived with the help of designers, making real luxury and beauty in our interior.

Intelligent Space Units

Friday, February 14th, 2020

Peace be with you, people of Earth! You are all now living on planet Earth, are witnesses letting your entire solar system, and even in the spiritual evolution of our Galaxy. If you speak the language of your notions of space-time continuum, we can say this: in 2013 (commonly accepted in most nations of the Earth time-calculation) humanity of the Earth along with all other sentient beings in your Solar System and the Galaxy will make a unique in its importance quantum leap, not like one of those with a strict periodicity occurred in the universe before. Mankind has come close to the end of the time period in 26.000 earth years, which completely covers one of the next cycle of large-scale dynamic space-based system called 'constellation Pleiades – the sun – the planet Earth. Read more here: Andreessen Horowitz. " Currently, your Sun or as we call it 'Solar Ring' revolves around Alcyone, the central stars in the constellation Pleiades. The uniqueness of the upcoming evolutionary quantum leap is that of the Pleiades constellation, which includes solar and your system, and is about to end his stay in orbit around the galactic center, where Constellation was on the last 230,000,000 years (according to your time-calculation). Add to your understanding with Kevin Johnson.

In addition, our entire galaxy has already come to the end point infinitely longer by the length of the period of his stay in orbit rotation around the Great Central Sun of All That Is. All three of these cycles – Galaxy (on its evolutionary level) – Constellation of the Pleiades (in its level) – Your solar system (with all its planets, including Earth) – to be completed almost simultaneously, synchronously, in order not to disturb the dynamic equilibrium of the entire system. Once this happens, immediately begin a new, far more complex and higher for each of the components of this system of Intelligent Space Units evolutionary cycle. This event will happen (or rather, in the timeless continuum, it has already happened) to you, earthlings, in 2013: at the same time and simultaneously begin the next cycle of evolutionary development of the Earth's length of 26.000 years and start to unwind at the new level the next round of the great cosmic spiral galaxy around the Great Central Sun of All That Is. And nothing can stop this grandiose in scale space quantum leap.

After all, we're not just talking about the fate of your planet, but the fate of billions other planets and systems, which are also members of this unique and wonderful transition in their spiritual evolution. As our Brother Oris has an indirect relation to the evolution of the constellation Orion, it will demonstrate just said on the example of the system of the Stars. So when the Pleiades Constellation completes the passage from the orbit of its present spiral, the position of this system with respect to Orion at the root of change, leading to global disasters at all sites of Orion. On the outer language, this means the karmic and spiritual cleansing that is associated with the invasion of this system Stars about 300.000 years ago, invaders from the constellation Lyra, which obstructed access to the Galactic Gate. To prepare for movement to a new evolutionary spiral, the entire Milky Way with all its systems have already entered a period of cleansing the karmic patterns of the past. Next ….

ISO Products

Friday, February 14th, 2020

The TEMAC product range includes a wide variety of industrial seals, such as: sealing, rubber plates, sheets and expanded graphite gaskets and PTFE chiseled and SWG (packing spiral wound), metal seals and special items sealing, compression rings, cords insulating insulating plates, coated seals, PTFE products, just that referred to some components. “With the signing of the agreement has achieved a leading European manufacturer of sealing material distributes a wide variety of its products in Germany,” said Frank Funke, director of sales of the company Dr. Muller GmbH. Initially, the German company Dr. Mueller will focus on the range of asbestos-free joints in the Czech company. Essentially will focus on selected distributors to market and cutting business. “The advantage of TEMAC products is that having a large number of certificates,” said Daniel Moc, TEMAC sales manager.

Examples are following: DVGW (gas), KTW (water) and BAM (oxygen). Some companies are known worldwide use sa TEMAC products as examples within the petrochemical industry, we can mention Esso and Bayer, and in the automotive industry, the Volkswagen subsidiary Skoda and French companies Valeo and Faurecia. With the signing of this agreement, the materials provide better value for money. For this reason companies TEMAC Dr. Mueller and are sure that they can earn a significant share in the German market. About Dr. Mueller GmbH: Dr. Muller GmbH Ahlhorn (Lower Saxony) is a leading provider of electro-electronics industry since 1967.

Its focus is on the development and implementation of technical solutions adapted to production processes of each client. Dr. Muller GmbH is one of the world’s largest suppliers of electrical insulation materials, thermally conductive products, boards and laminates. In addition to the company based in northern Germany, also has a branch located in Brazil and a sales office based in England. Its main clients are from the electrical and electronics industries, automotive and agricultural sector, medical and telecommunications. Dr. Muller GmbH develops and applies not only technical solutions but also develops, and implements logistics solutions and packaging. Hereby undertakes to ensure the quality of their products and services, the company regularly carry out the certification under ISO 9001:2000. About TEMAC, AS: TEMAC sa is a leading producer in Central Europe and a distributor of industrial seals. Its products are used mainly in electrical engineering, chemicals, gas, oil and within the petrochemical industry. It develops, produces and sells one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the sealing industry. Through the use of new technologies and international quality certification, TEMAC supplies its products to the Unipetrol Group (a subsidiary of Orlen Group) Slovnaft, Shell, Volkswagen and Avia Daewoo Group, among others. The Czech company is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO / TS 16949.

Dendrobium Bouquet

Friday, February 14th, 2020

Choosing a bridal bouquet, pay attention not only on color and floral bouquet of your future, but also on its shape or style. The form bridal bouquet should be proportional to the parameters of physique and growth of the bride. Traditional types of wedding bouquets bridal bouquet Round Round bouquet or a bouquet of Biedermeier. This type of bouquet was named after its creator, the famous German designer Biedermeier. He is considered the most traditional bridal bouquet among the modern bride. Round wedding bouquet is going to portbuketnitse and may consist of one or more varieties of flowers. Buds bouquet sufficiently snug to each other and form hemispherical shape. This bouquet is the perfect choice for brides having a curvy shape and undersized for the bride.

Cascade wedding bouquet cascade wedding bouquet is going to portbuketnitse, creating a waterfall effect. For this type used by the bride's bouquet flowers on long stalks and flowing Falling greens. The length of the bunch may vary depending on the growth of the bride. This bridal bouquet is one of the most popular types of modern wedding floral design. It is ideally accentuate the dignity of the figure tall and graceful bride.

A bouquet on their own stems simple, elegant, traditional bridal bouquet. It is a choice of classic fans style. Flowers in a bouquet is assembled in a spiral and are decorated with organza or satin ribbon. Because of the possibility of varying the size of the bouquet, this style is versatile and suitable for brides any body type. Bouquet in hand bride's bouquet or presentation of course it's retro style. Traditionally, for such a wedding bouquet florists using flowers on long stems, such as calla lilies, gladiolus, delphinium or Dendrobium orchid. At Alphabet Inc. you will find additional information. Bouquet Presentation is usually placed on the dorsum of the forearm bride. Unconventional types of bridal bouquets bouquet or balloon bouquet balloon as it is called 'zatselovanny ball' is very popular in the west. Flower stems in this variety of the bride's bouquet is securely attached to the spherical floristic basis. This bouquet is hung on the bride's wrist with tape, harmony with the color of your wedding dress. This genuine alternative to the traditional bride's bouquet and a perfect choice for a wedding ceremony held in glamorous style. Bouquet Bowl would be a good choice for fragile and miniature bride. A bouquet Luxurious and sophisticated kind of wedding bouquet. A bouquet – a kind of laconic masterpiece of floral art. He's going out of hundreds of individual petals, thereby simulating a large blossomed bud of a single flower. Manufacturing takes a lot of time and requires a high level of professionalism of the florist, so these wedding bouquets have always been expensive. Surely it choice of bride, who is not accustomed myself to something to deny. Brides Bouquet Wedding Bouquet Clutch Clutch is perfect for a wedding, which takes place during the winter. This is the original selection of contemporary and practical bride! Bouquet This type of fan bride wedding bouquet will be appropriate for a wedding ceremony conducted in the style of the Victorian era or vintage style. Bridal bouquet fan is intended to emphasize the elegant and mysterious image of the bride.

The Management

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

The reciprocity reigns in this relation I and YOU, and in this meeting of convivncia, if it detaches the valuation of autoestima, the mutual care and the communitarian life, some of many aspects referenciados for Sousa, Miguel and Lima (2010). It is in the convivialidade that we can establish a genuine and reciprocal relation, with possibilities to establish a care and affection relation. Changes will only happen from the moment where to recognize the child and the adolescent in its contexts and necessities. Freire (1996) observes that the educator must have respect for educating as well as would have obtains proper. adds The respect to the autonomy and the dignity of each one is an ethical imperative and a favor that we can or not to grant ones to the others. … The professor whom the curiosity of educating, its aesthetic taste, its inquietude, its language disrespects, more necessarily, its syntax and its prosdia; the professor who ironiza the pupil, minimizes who it, that he orders that ‘ ‘ it if puts in its lugar’ ‘ to the most tenuous signal of its legitimate revolt, as much how much the professor who if exempts of the fulfilment of its duty to consider limits to the freedom of the pupil, who if steals to the duty to teach, to be respectfully present to the formadora experience of educating, transgresses basically ethical principles of our existence.

(FREIRE, 1996, P. 66, grifo of the author) The Management of the Well-taken care of preza for an overcoming of the violncias, stimulating a democracy accomplishes. A convivncia that is solidary from the construction of a peace culture where all the actors must be involved. Get all the facts and insights with Crimson Education , another great source of information. This new to think directs about them to the autocrtica, making to rethink our attitudes. A school that it protects requires that its management is of care, that the people if find and if they feel stimulated to express its conflituosos points of view, its ideas regarding what they know and they believe, so that the divergences are dealt with respect and consolidate the relevance of the diversity in a group of with-experience..

SOLAR Purchase Now Trade

Monday, February 10th, 2020

Roofing specialist Saeed roof from now member of the photovoltaic network of the SGBDD FRANKFURT / HOUSELEEK that July 2013 SOLAR purchase photovoltaic brand of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany (SGBDD) has their network continues to widen. Since the beginning of the year, customers can find the range of photovoltaic system in the locations of the Schafer roof GmbH, which also belongs to the Association of enterprises of SGBDD than pure roofing stores. With 14 locations and over 145 employees Saeed is one of the market leaders in the roofing trade in Central Germany. Above all roofing and carpentry enterprises among the customers of the roof construction specialist. At three sites of the Schafer roof GmbH customers on the subject can have since January 2013 advise power generation by solar energy, as well as project planning and implementation. There are two trained staff for all questions regarding photovoltaics at the disposal in the headquarters of the Saeed roof GmbH in the Hessian Neuhof Houseleek as well as in the offices of the Thuringian Isseroda and Gottingen. In addition, larger project requests are managed by two market managers. Additional information is available at Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ. The first projects are already in the implementation.

Apart from Saeed roof GmbH, also the roofing specialist Anton Gallhofer is roof and facade GmbH part of the purchase of the SOLAR network. SOLAR purchase offers the complete range of photovoltaic of solar under construction, solar modules up to the energy storage in all markets. With the locations of the Schafer roof GmbH, the network of SOLAR purchase 70 locations increases nationwide. We have closed a gap in the solar purchase branch network in Central Germany with three new locations.

Military Police

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

The personal motivation for the elaboration of this article a valuation of the canine job for the Military Policy consonant with doutrinade management of crisis in Brazil and to foment in the half academic to policialmilitar to potiguar a culture of work with dogs. The objective of this article to demonstrar the viability of> job of the dog next to team of critical tactical assault noponto assuring the constitucional law of the life of the hostage and provocadordo critical event. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Co.Gerenciamento de Crise. JPMorgan: the source for more info. Military policy.

ABSTRACT: This text is the job of the Dog in Occurrence of High Risk with hostageLocated. We used the method of literature review and addressed in theoreticalway, the uses of the dog by the Military Police in Brazil, the job of the dog inthe occurrence of critical event with hostage located in the country, the dogintervention tactics and uses of dog assault in the MPRN. The personalmotivation will be writing this article is the enhancement of employment by theMilitary Police canine according you the doctrine of crisis management in Braziland promote the academic policeman to potiguar culture of working with dogs. Theaim of this paper is you demonstrate the viability of using the dog with atactical assault team in point critic ensuring the constitutional right of lifeof the hostage and the hostage to taker. Continue to learn more with: Kevin Johnson. Keywords: Dogs. Crisis Management. Police Military. INTRODUCTION the present comomais article presents dog one tactical alternative for the police solution of the crisis when decisodo tactical assault is irreversible when in accordance with increases the risk of life for all the osenvolvidos in the crisis Brazilian doctrine of management decrise, the guarantees constitutional in Brazil and the politics of rights humanosno country that assure the life of the hostage..