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Sunday, October 8th, 2023

They can congregate to be obtained, more ten men of the lineage of the GAL. Towers of Melo, Felix Maier and all the analysts on politicians to the army, to write thousand of lines, dispatch by post evidential documents and nothing of this it will make difference. A word of ' ' father of pobres' ' it will knock down everything in one to blink of eyes and this enlightening weapon will start to shoot fire friend. The hypnosis generated for the easy profit, will not be broken. We are as the legs; we have optimum, but the hen does not speak to the language of the people says to everybody what this making or finished to make, to the shouts. What has left of the people will read what this being written? But what already it has knowledge of the danger and them true intentions of corja.

Much worse is that the house poison this inside, in the nursery and of this if only can wait tragedy. I come putting this in mine blogs and commentaries have four years. The Generals of the EB, soon will be the dribbles that will take the children of the generals of the MST to the school. Accepted of critical, poke of ears or any another thing, but, if it charges not to come back to smoke or the ounce to leave the forest to drink water in plateaus, all sacrifice will have been goes. The native land breathes treason. all are livings creature, knowing and accepting. History will judge!

Military Police

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

The personal motivation for the elaboration of this article a valuation of the canine job for the Military Policy consonant with doutrinade management of crisis in Brazil and to foment in the half academic to policialmilitar to potiguar a culture of work with dogs. The objective of this article to demonstrar the viability of> job of the dog next to team of critical tactical assault noponto assuring the constitucional law of the life of the hostage and provocadordo critical event. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Co.Gerenciamento de Crise. JPMorgan: the source for more info. Military policy.

ABSTRACT: This text is the job of the Dog in Occurrence of High Risk with hostageLocated. We used the method of literature review and addressed in theoreticalway, the uses of the dog by the Military Police in Brazil, the job of the dog inthe occurrence of critical event with hostage located in the country, the dogintervention tactics and uses of dog assault in the MPRN. The personalmotivation will be writing this article is the enhancement of employment by theMilitary Police canine according you the doctrine of crisis management in Braziland promote the academic policeman to potiguar culture of working with dogs. Theaim of this paper is you demonstrate the viability of using the dog with atactical assault team in point critic ensuring the constitutional right of lifeof the hostage and the hostage to taker. Continue to learn more with: Kevin Johnson. Keywords: Dogs. Crisis Management. Police Military. INTRODUCTION the present comomais article presents dog one tactical alternative for the police solution of the crisis when decisodo tactical assault is irreversible when in accordance with increases the risk of life for all the osenvolvidos in the crisis Brazilian doctrine of management decrise, the guarantees constitutional in Brazil and the politics of rights humanosno country that assure the life of the hostage..

Armed Forces

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

But they had perpetuated themselves in the power per 21 years. They had been unhappy, even so colonel Jarbas Passarinho has insisted for the permanence of the Military Regimen. What it is an unhappy attitude of its part. The error of some does not justify that all come to pay for its errors. Today we have that to think about modernizing the thought of our Armed Forces so that they they always defend the Democratic State of Direito.Tambm if it makes necessary to think about modernizing our Armed Forces in armament, since Colombia, Chile and Venezuela see acquiring Russian and American airplanes, tanks and metal rings. The Cold War already finished makes time.

But our neighbors are if seting until teeth. our Armed Forces need to buy new and modern equipment to balance the situation in Latin America. the modernization of the Venezuelan Armed Forces unbalancing dominant forces in the South America as Brazil that not yet acquired its new supersonic huntings is a preoccupying factor. Therefore, it is enough to look culprits in the past. We have that to look at the future so that the new generations can live safe in its homes.

In interview to the Brazil Agency, the secretary affirmed that country must have pride of the Armed Forces. In entando, it defended the punishment for torturadores and estupradores that had committed crimes during the dictatorship. According to Vannuchi, president Lula it will decide the impasse. The military commanders complain because, according to them, the decree excluded from new inquiries the crimes committed for the militant ones of left. This affirmation of the Secretary of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic does not decide the question that is hanging. The revocation of the decree for the president of the Republic will only pacify the Armed Forces. Is necessary coherence and good sense so that the problem does not generate an institucional crisis. The delivery of the positions for the military heads and the Minister of the Defense Nelson Jobim created estopim for the crisis. But president Lula who is old monkey and is experienced did not accept. According to it the decision on the subject will have to be for April. Because April I do not know. Perhaps it wants to gain time to decide the imbrglio. We go to wait to see in what it goes to give. With certainty Squid it will decide this pendency with the Armed Forces and the Brazilian left with altivez and responsibility that is what all civil society organized and the people wants.