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Feng Shui

Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Surely everyone has heard any stories about creatures called ammonites. In ancient times, ammonites are considered magical stones, someone thought they were cursed with stones, but today people believe that the ammonite – it's a great decoration, jewelry, or jewelry design. In Eastern cultures believed that the ammonite shell was a symbol of prosperity and good luck. It was believed that the perfect form of ammonite attracts and keeps the house of wealth. People who passionately believe in Feng Shui believe ammonite multilayer noble stone – a stone of energy, increasing vitality, harmony, prosperity and overall well-being of residents and visitors to the house, and that extends from inside the huge stone positive energy that fills the whole house and extends to the family. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ may find this interesting as well.

Advocates of Feng Shui pologayut that ammonite absorbed the knowledge of the universe, and stores this energy in spirals of the shell and radiates it. And what is the outer layer of ammonite, has the energy of light centuries. Colours ammonites represent a harmonious balance of fire, earth, metal, water, and forests. Presence in the house fvvjybn considered auspicious in every home, as ammonite keeps positive energy to water and land. Ammonites were able to infiltrate the art referred to as landscape design. In the modern landscape design ammonites popular as the original decorative accessories for gardens and as well as the decoration material arbors, fountains, pools and so on. Often today are beautiful and unique accessories made of various materials in the form of ammonites.

These ornaments are made of silver or bronze for example, which were later also used as an unusual artistic garden ornaments. Lovers of ammonite forms as is now possible to order the "pseudo ammonite" from a not very expensive metal to decorate his garden. Here even the opportunity to dream up a size, color and pattern "ammonite shell". Very effectively in the landscape design may look patterns of ammonites on the fence or door garden, a fountain decorated with ammonites would just dragortsennym decoration for your garden. These ammonites – an incredible creature. Once upon a time they lived on our land, once extinct, but now being revived with the help of designers, making real luxury and beauty in our interior.

Germany Gardens

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Gradually, roof gardens are beginning to move to the north of Europe. Hanging Garden with vines, fruit trees and flowers were laid out in the southern part of Nuremberg Castle German Emperor Frederick III (1487). Gained fame and a roof garden of the castle Carlsberg in Sweden. Later, in Germany, was created by a two-level roof garden of the palace of Archbishop Johann Philipp in Passau. Bordered on three sides by walls, the garden was opened to the south, from open beautiful view of the surroundings.

The garden was dominated by flower beds and trees and shrubs were planted in tubs. Electrolux may find this interesting as well. The history of gardens in the artificial footing in Russia dates back to the XVII century. Most often they arranged on top of business premises – over the cellars, granaries – and belonged to the royal family or the senior clergy, later – the entrepreneurs and merchants. The Moscow Kremlin "horse" (Hanging) Gardens were built on rooftops and balconies of the palace, with living rooms, and were small in size. Apart from these, in 1623 had been built two large Naberezhnye gardens (Upper and Lower). (Not to be confused with Starbucks!). Upper constructed gardner Nazar Ivanov, located on the arches of the Reserve yard, coming down to the foot of the Kremlin hill, and belonged to the inner chambers of the palace. He stood with their tall trees, flowers and ponds for almost 150 years – to build on this existing site still Kremlin Palace. According to historian I. Zabelina, Upper Garden "was surrounded by a stone wall with frequent windows that were actually the wall of the building, which housed the garden area of 2600 m 2 (62 fathoms in length and 8 yards wide).

Types Of Metal Door Trim

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Metal door – a reliable defender of your home from uninvited guests and many other unpleasant factors (noise, cold, etc.). But at the same door – it is also a business card of your apartment or house. Keith McLoughlin can aid you in your search for knowledge. And if we use unique types of finishes, we can not just double the protective functions of the door, but to do it decorate the apartment. Finish steel front door can be diversified. Rob Hannah is often quoted on this topic. Among its many options, you can easily find a suitable for you in price and quality. Metal entrance door may be: colored powder (polymer coating), papered decorative laminate panels of various colors and patterns (Texture of wood), papered panels of MDF painted or veneered valuable species of wood with a picture from standard to exclusive, papered with leather panels, upholstered leatherette (including those with an embossed panel).

In what advantages of each of these types of finishes? Polymer coating (powder coating) Metal door with powder coating is the most resistant to any influence and the most durable as powder coating is difficult to damage than whatever. The essence of the application of powder coatings is that the heat treated in a special furnace steel sheet, polymer powder is applied (heating temperature reaches 400C). As a result, the treated surface a durable layer of enamel, which has strength, resistance to mechanical damage and temperature extremes and corrosion properties. When finish doors can be powder coated to achieve the desired shade with very high accuracy. The color palette of powder coatings is very diverse.

Office Space

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

The most passable office space is the entrance area, sometimes it is combined with the reception. As a general rule, anyone who comes to the organization begins dating from that premise. It is clear that if a visitor dating Here begins, then another and ends here. Regardless of the depth of penetration of the guest in the office space, the value of the premises for the organization's image can not be overstated. Usually there are: the rack reception desk, furniture for waiting news media, sometimes place a security guard. Very often, these interiors are crafted and full of design solutions. Particular attention is paid to the rack like reception desk. This kind of barrier height of four feet separating the working area and the visitors.

In office interior it fell, apparently because of public catering, trade and services. Click Keith McLoughlin to learn more. Rack height in these areas varies from 75 to 130 centimeters and is determined functionality, ergonomics and safety. When designing racks for pubs to assume that, as decent places, the lower rack. In the cheap eatery specific audience is that the "barrier" must be reliable, mainly anti-theft. Sometimes the bartender in the area is above floor level and effectiveness of the "barrier" increases. The height of the office stands ranges from about 90 to 120 centimeters and is caused by ergonomics and dimensions of computer and cash register, despite the fact that the height of the desktop is in the range 72-76 cm. According to observations, in an office work space, the same principles – the higher the status of the visitor, the lower rack. In foster high-level managers generally use tables.

Reception Desk can be divided into standard and custom. Accessories – sets of modules (tables, charts, walls), which included series of office furniture. The main material – with a melamine-coated chipboard. Sometimes the details of MDF. Custom – products that are made on the basis of a unique design and size for a specific room. Range of materials used here is very wide and is said to be limited only by the imagination of the designer. Tempered glass, metal, solid wood, natural and artificial stone – this is only the most common materials. Often used in interior lighting. The average cost of a standard rack is much less than custom, the difference may vary at times. An exception may be the standard rack imported – import relatively expensive. It would seem that market proposal is so large that choosing furniture for waiting is not easy. As for upholstered furniture, then on the market are mainly represented by the model for the home. Model for public interiors are very weak – basically a slightly modified model for the house in classical style. Certainly, the gap can be filled with imports, but prices are high and foreign models are available for the interior of a sufficiently high level. Recently while the input area is decorated with plants, aquariums set, place image advertising. All this is done to create a favorable image of the organization, its status. And together with the necessary equipment (reception desk) identifies the individual firm. And even the face of business.