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Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

It so happened, our Slavic mentality, that each of us, regardless of profession, position, social status and affiliation, live from holiday to holiday. Confirmation of this cruise are the phrases taken root in our society: 'Friday-slag' or 'Monday – the day of heavy …'. Managers and politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, careerists, and loafers – all to lust after looking at the red days on the calendar, counting working days. Have you ever wondered why the flip on the date calendar days are colored in black, mourning color? That's right, 'from the work horses die …', as they say: 'He who can not rest, he can not work. More info: Starbucks. " Fortunately, Holidays abound among the Slavs: public, professional, religious and, of course, personal. Throughout adult life, we are constantly perfecting them as guests, and when most have take friends and family on their own celebration, certainly want to make it worse. But what to say! We climb out of their way, trying to make a holiday better than the last! Often grieve, as a result we get the opposite effect – despite all the efforts of a celebration, which promises to be fun and dynamic, converted into ordinary sittings. Undismayed, not good cheer, without dropping the hands, after a memorable date we are new forces and ideas preparing for the next one. Failed in this year's corporate or birthday – nothing, we will assume that rehearsal, we take into account all the flaws and carry a high level in the next! And so – for life! Our pride will never allow us to recognize your own holiday failed.

Redwell Infrared Heating

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

The popular cooking show on VOX was rotated in the showroom in Hamburg. The Redwell infrared heating systems have made themselves a name in recent years not only in Germany. So it is not surprising that the media increasingly to take note of the infrared heater and back reports about this type of heating in the focus on the consumer. Hobby chef Christian Ohle, who together with his wife Katja is owner of the company Redwell Germany (North) and main dealers for Redwell infrared heating systems in the German postal code area 0-5, has the perfect dinner a few weeks ago in the popular German cooking show”took part on VOX and emerged as a winner of mid-week of cooking. So, the finale was filmed for this reason in the showroom in Hamburg at the end of cooking week of the perfect dinner. To watch the broadcast at VOX was the 03.09.2010.

The advantage of infrared heaters while conventional radiators heat only the room air, and promote so that dust and draughts, infrared heaters heat the masonry or the surfaces of objects. The walls Save the heat much longer than the air and return them in the living room. Moisture on the walls is thus excluded and eliminates also the dispersion of bacteria and house dust. The Redwell heating ensures optimum wellness feeling heat with minimal expenditure of energy. An alternative to the increasingly sharp calculator, as well as sophisticated and forward-looking consumer access. Conventional heaters are overrun, the fuels that will be even more expensive in the future. Heating systems, which produce optimum heat with a minimum of energy are needed. Thanks to sophisticated technology, the Redwell is at the absolute top energy saving heaters infrared heating. The Redwell Germany (North) company based in Hamburg, Germany is now one of more than 400 satisfied homeowners in the German postal code area 0-5, that heat solely with the Redwell system. Almost 10,000 units were sold by the company in recent years.

Becker Site

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Planning instrument that can guarantee an increase in knowledge and sound decisions first whatever for the site itself the way pointed to a site record with 500 steps is not always easy, but can be quite steep at some points and stony. To know more about this subject visit Ben Horowitz. He is consistently followed, he produces but with high Erfolgssicherheit to a valuable communication, reporting, and planning instrument. There are a variety of possible site issues and questions. Alone with their listing, you could fill whole volumes. This variety and diversity (up to the otherness) is one reason that it is them so far only with a specific, possibly sektorialen (industry-oriented, segment-wise), is approaching much too often but only arbitrary approach. That is, according to one of the countless problems and site questions to set up the views and analysis on some aspects, picked out, all other outer leaves or leaves it to others Parallel investigations,-gutachten and programs. The rationale and justification for this sound always equal or similar to: other procedures are too complicated, not feasible, too costly, unworkable, etc.

With these restrictions due to a sharply narrowing angle to include however already intellectually is in a confined space. Last but not least with the risk to get to none or in extreme cases to wrong decisions and measures. CF. Becker, Jorg: Surveying the sites, ISBN 9783837067248 cf. Becker, Jorg: strategic potential-check of the location, ISBN 9783837049787 even if one has established itself domestically in the familiar and himself shies away, to enter the (apparent) risk of new: when is the locations, including the competing increasingly to make in their verbal presentations and websites, they lose at the same time and options, in the market and competition as a location brand with high recognition value and great attraction to position. In terms of contemporary, i.e.

forward-looking and conscious strategy site development must find ways to break out of this already from the base of her tight corset. For this, it is necessary to leave even retracted (possibly as easily perceived) tracks.

Udo Nadolski

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

The social network Facebook, which has about 15 million members in German-speaking countries alone is currently as the main channel. The importance of social media for the talent is, however, excluded from this discussion or included part indifferent relationship management (TRM). While for professionals, it is indisputable that the impersonal mass communication of personal marketing can be not the drug of choice, in many places still appropriate solutions be sought to keep pools across the social Web in contact with candidates from usually laboriously built up talent. 88 percent of the study participants looking for talent but digital communication and information. However, only 23 percent of them for HR managers would activate their profile information in social networks such as Facebook or studiVZ.

So social networks prove to be largely not suitable to operate effective talent binding. Credit: Howard Schultz-2011. Candidates to an exclusive talent community show clearly open offer that 64 percent would use. Candidates in addition to job offers in particular matching simplified networking, ongoing news from the company, as well as invitations to events promise to participate. Also in the classic headhunting has been recognised long ago the benefits of social media offerings, to sift the profiles of potential candidates in networks like XING or LinkedIn, which now own user features for recruiters, have established. However, experts see the role of Web-based recruiting quite realistic. No online service has the experience and also the instruments of a personnel consultant to find a suitable new employees. Where networks on the mere ground trust and hope for the needle in the haystack, recruitment relies on comprehensive own databases, allows the candidate looking for a wide variety of criteria and therefore very often only targeted very few actually suitable candidates for a specific position identified”white Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf.

This finally different soft factors of possible candidates would apart from curriculum vitae and previous qualifications are recognized and valued, team, conflict and criticism, discipline and appreciation, motivation or ability to communicate. We can now even not a Web profile verify themselves, but only in the personal interview and with the required portion flair and experience. Also the consultant as opposed to an online service can afford the often decisive persuasion, which is today often necessary to attract a candidate ever for a change to the new job”, so Nadolski. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

Alexander Albert

Friday, November 6th, 2015

The nationwide active power distributor offers recently optimally Grun Charity rates. “Many dealer use this electricity tariffs in the distribution successfully” farm-based energy distributor HFO energy GmbH markets the electricity tariffs of the provider optimally Grun Charity for some time. Green energy, green offers many interesting details of tariff optimally. HFO energy achieved high number of orders with its dealers nationwide. “We are pleased that we are optimally marketing Grun Charity may.” The trade tariffs are the fairest in the German energy market”reports HFO energy managing director Alexander Albert. An important advantage, the optimal Grun Charity is tariffs, that through price guarantees of up to 12 months also the currently pending eco taxes (EEG release) fully compensated! “A so extensive price certainty is rare in the German energy market for this reason some of our dealer utilize almost exclusively the Grun Charity rates in sales” informs Alexander Albert of HFO energy.