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Thursday, March 19th, 2020

In order to expand our services in the future, the timeCard licenses must be activated. This requires a unique combination of online timeCard server. Alternatively can be activated the licenses through a form on our Web page. Of course, we have performed many more invisible changes. The timeCard software was released from some contaminated sites and other points have been added to prepare the software for future new features. The newly designed PC booking Terminal has become more intuitive. New users get even better. Howard Schultz & Associates is open to suggestions.

The new calendar provides a quick overview of the own attendances and absences. To determine what the different calendar colors mean, must be moved only with the mouse over the corresponding field. With the the employees via the Web browser easily post new Web terminal from the PC or Smartphone. All functions like in the PC booking point are available. Are delivered as Java servlet (Web application archive), so that the decisions about installation and configuration of the Web server can be made by the administrator. The report generator added to an often desired holiday overview. “This evaluation can under evaluation” generate report”overview of annual leave” to be called.

To the employee and the period of December 31 of the previous year by December 31 of the current year must be selected, and a complete overview of the holiday of the year is spent in Excel. To the already existing standard salary software – interfaces DATEV, Lexware, Sage and Addison now SelectLine and BMD join. “” “To be called as usual through file”-> export “-> Payroll”. Access the layer detection rules now also to manual bookings within the PC /. Web terminals. The behavior of these rules is identical to the booking with ID-card at the Terminal, the first come booking of the day raises the layer detection rule. If this posting is subsequently edited, the layer detection is not performed. Such amendments, the layer, if required, must be adjusted manually. Vacation and other leave requests can be now more intuitively in the PC or Web terminal. The redesigned Wizard, it is always clear which data are requested. Of course, also the overview of superiors for decision-making has been significantly improved. The layer – and absence planning are now combined. This allows for much more effectively carry out human resources planning. The E-Mail notifications of absence requests can now also be effected via encrypted SMTP server. This setting is about tools”-> settings-> SMTP enabled. In the access control can now also visitor badges with precisely defined rights and validity be issued. Thus, you have an overview which visitors staying in the building, and when it has returned the Passport. For more information SSE software are happy to provide on request: sales, customer service / / SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co.

ITSM Consulting AG

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

ITSM Consulting AG: Often implemented tools remain expensive unused, because for their operation, no budgets were planned at the tool cost discounts are between 50 and 70 percent of the list prices possible Bodenheim, 11.03.2011 – the complexity of the process in today’s IT service management are hardly without tool support to control efficiently. Before using these automation tools, often very serious mistakes are made according to the findings of ITSM Consulting AG, however, which can significantly limit the subsequent practical benefits or raise even a flop of investment. The break-even point is reached with a clever tool strategy usually within one and a half years, so a faster ROI can be achieved,”Judge Thomas Hartmann, CEO of the consulting firm. Campbell Soup Inc. takes a slightly different approach. The evaluation is deficient, but such a project can be unduly expensive and significantly restrict the benefits.” Therefore, he has collected some of the typical problems when selecting ITSM Tools: 1. in the specifications is missing the Look for the future: the high dynamics of the IT organizations about technology innovations and the continuous integration of new processes make it necessary to align tool decisions at least to the requirements of the following two to three years. In fact, the specifications with their defined needs at that or the tools normally describe only the current needs. Thus significantly to clean request has a profile resulting typically from lack of experience in the evaluation of ITSM management systems, but very far-reaching consequences: the tool within a few years his money not been worth might, because new requirements not or only insufficiently cover.

Risk level * 2. The operating costs be neglected: any system is only as good as it is filled with life after it is implemented, and this generates costs and personnel requirements. But what is completely obvious for business applications, is almost always forgotten ITSM Tools: the not inconsiderable costs will not be of calculated the beginning in the planning of the project.

Adobe Photoshop

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Monochrome-fine-art photos – impressive creative and analog fascinating hair, Munich, 25 2013 – SILVER projects professional presents Franzis a new artistic fine art photos in black and white. The new entry in the software family of Franzis projects offers enthusiastic and professional photographers more than an editing tool, precision and impressive to convert color images in black and white and with high-quality filters and effects to ensure realistic and emotional mood while watching. Characteristic portraits, atmospheric landscape motifs, fascinating technology of the photo plate or negatives of old masters impress even today. Crimson Education has plenty of information regarding this issue. SILVER projects professional offers far more creative freedom with clearly applicable professional functionalities for fascinating monochrome pictures with kind statement, contemporary creative or from grandmas shoebox. SILVER projects professional is now available for euro 129,00 as ESD version (download) via and as German boxed version in stores available. Optimized for operating systems for Mac OS 64-bit and Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

The software contains as stand alone version an interface for Adobe Lightroom 4 / 5, and a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC, element 11, as well as a connection to selectable external programs. Creative diversity for photographic passion of the new SILVER project professional is clearly, clearly structured and shows each processing step in a scalable comparison view. The automatic provides already during loading of the photos directly 73 different basic proposals (presets), the precise in preference to the six categories of the motif of course, landscape, portrait, surreal, architecture and artistic are matched. These settings themselves can refine any parameter settings, can be stored for later projects and can import for the Exchange and be exported. 60 Expert filters such as e.g. discharge noise, provide detail fidelity or creative photographer Sharpen, gamma, brightness and shadow optimization, glamour lighting, sepia tint, or drawing any design options. The effects can be applied also selectively in the picture, if only certain areas of the image to be occupied varies with effects.


Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Under the motto fit for the future”provides 2011 experience together with partners across after a year full of customer projects at the tekom annual Conference and gives interesting insights into the future of the translation of Karlovy Vary, September 14, 2011. The current year stood at across devoted new customer projects, and others successfully realised with support from partner companies. The resulting experiences of the manufacturer of the across language server already incorporated in a variety of product development can be, but could deduce interesting trends on the future in the international translation market. With this collection, at the knowledge stage at the across booth in compact presentations offered various lectures and in the partner area demonstrates many practical approaches from different industries. Across is pleased about the participation of asim, communicode, Congree and TransLine. Visitors of the tekom annual Conference, who are from 18 to 20 October 2011 held in the Rhein-Main-Hallen Wiesbaden, invited the To meet specialists from across systems, personally. Across the booth is located in Hall 1, stand 115.

In addition, involved in several lectures and presentations across the tekom Conference Conference program. These events are listed under. About across systems GmbH across German headquartered in Karlsbad, (Germany) and a U.S. branch in Glendale (in Los Angeles) is manufacturer of the same name across language server, a market-leading software platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company. Through the use of across the and thus the process costs can be reduced with higher translation quality and more transparency within the shortest time. The language server can conform DIN EN 15038:2006 translation-services used up. Across systems GmbH is a certified partner of Microsoft, which ensures the successful and certified implementation of Microsoft technologies. Thanks to a software Integrating across IT environments is possible development kit (SDK).

Across professional services and well-known system integrators and technology partners provide support for this. In the context of product development across cooperates closely with international universities and colleges and is professionally accompanied by an own Scientific Advisory Board with leading representatives of the relevant areas of expertise. Customers across (excerpt): 1 & 1 Internet AG, Allianz Versicherungs AG, HORNBACH-Baumarkt-AG, HypoVereinsbank, Miele, SMA solar technology AG, ThyssenKrupp, and much more. Language service providers who work with the across Language Server (excerpt), are: euroscript, mt-g medical translation, TransLine Germany GmbH, and much more. All information about across systems GmbH under. (Shared across all rights to reprint) Editorial Contacts: Across systems GmbH, Gabriele Geiger In IM Stoeckmaedle 13-15 76307 Karlsbad phone: + 49 7248 925-477 fax: + 49 7248 925-444 PR agency of good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg road 36 23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

ISM – For The First Time To

Friday, June 29th, 2018

iSM presents bi-cube anywhere the identity & access management solution as a SaS from the (trusted!) Cloud: for the first time to experience on the it-sa 2011 in Nuremberg on the IT-security it sat from 11-13 October 2011 in Nuremberg meets fair once again the professional world and the iSM Institute for System-Management GmbH is with its bi-cube SW solutions for IAM (identity & access management), SSO (single sign on) and USBB (USB blocker) with it. The iSM under the product names presented bi-cube anywhere his IAM as SaS solution and invites responsible for security to a product demonstration at its stand (Hall 12 booth number 111, coupon code upon request). In addition loads forecast for identity management iSM to a presentation with the title: partly cloudy cloudy (nomen est omen!) on the Forum red one that specifically addresses the management and the IT strategist. What is it about? WHO do what in the company and who authorized it? More and more companies and Government agencies need to Questions like this about a secure identification, authentication and authorization access of employees to information and resources of the company be and especially at any time can answer. The highly specialized iSM Institute for System-Management GmbH in Rostock, Germany under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa engaged in the solution of this problem.

About 40 employees to develop since 1998 successfully innovative IT security solutions (identity & access management with integrated single sign-on), with which the processes in the user and rights administration greatly automates and streamlines be can. “And: about what button” expires, is of course also much safer. The iSM has become now throughout Germany and Europe-wide reputation as a technology leader. It received the it security Award 2007, won middle-class the Innovationspreis-IT initiative in 2008 and 2010 and was nominated again in 2011. Its most famous customers include Germany as the GENERALI insurance group and TOYOTA his entire German dealer network (approx. 700 car dealerships). While the solutions in large companies are successfully in use for a long time, the middle class is a largely white spot in the iSM customer landscape. This could change now because the issue of IAM & SSO not only big companies and corporations, but – increasingly – also the middle class. “The iSM, responds to this trend by it IAM / SSO cloud ready” makes, so that it can be run as SaS (software-as-a-service) from the cloud. “So this is iSM especially the nerve of medium-sized companies that would like to benefit from an automated, efficient user and rights management it is due to lack of resources (staff, time, skills) so far but failed” have. The SaS mode eliminates high investment and personnel costs (introduction, training and operation), the company can concentrate primarily on their corporate goals and core processes: IAM is affordable! u0085 What bi-cube has to offer else is new: service portal with service catalog for user self-service (password reset, applications) individual competence management via pool resources mobile authorization via Smartphone for Manager console monitoring for Admins

Multi Channel Publishing InterRed

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

The InterRed GmbH is represented in this year again with its own stand at the CeBIT 2012 in Hanover. Presented for the first time there is the new version 13 “of content management and editorial system InterRed. Special focus this year on the topic of multi channel publishing. Free print layout, structured Searchmachine, maximum working speed: three times Yes with InterRed the main basis each multi channel publishing strategy forms a structured Searchmachine. A title”can be, for example, only then in different output channels as such effectively detected and used if each channel is this meta-information is available. Frequently Jim Umpleby has said that publicly.

Capturing structured means a hardly solvable challenge but often and in particular in effectiveness and speed-optimized processes of print newsrooms. Not so with InterRed. The new version of the InterRed shows that structured content, free print layout and highest speed each other even can fertilize itself. The balancing act between structure, create new InterRed technologies free layout and high processing speed and open heavy-duty productions such as the benefits of the multi channel publishing. InterRed 13 fast, user friendly, individual InterRed 13 offers numerous improvements and additional features for all media channels. So among other things, the flexibility of the GUI was greatly expanded in addition extensive control of the system via the keyboard, the InterRed surface is now even more individually designable for the user. The already existing table designer was also optimized: similar to the operation of Office products even easier handling is now allows.

The integration of external content (such as agency reports, press releases, RSS feeds, newsletter, etc.) is so released have done the research, as well as reuse with just a few mouse clicks. In addition to the simplification of work processes and increase the working speed, also the system performance was clearly increases. This feels the 100-percent browser application InterRed as a desktop application, but uses all the advantages of a browser application. For large customers, InterRed now allows building a Leistungsclusters, so that at any time-optimum reliability and availability of the pure browser-based multi channel publishing system is guaranteed. Exchange with CMS experts at CeBIT presented all innovations to InterRed 13 and products are the suite of entire InterRed from 6 to March 10, 2012, at the CeBIT in Hanover. The interested specialist public is cordially invited to the presentation of the new version in Hall 6 at stand G 31 to participate to then with experts about the numerous possibilities offered by InterRed, to replace. An appointment can be arranged through the corporate website,. About InterRed InterRed GmbH we make IT work. The InterRed GmbH headquartered in Haiger (Hesse) and headquarters in Siegen (NRW) develops and distributes software solutions based on State of the art information technology. InterRed is one of the leading technology providers in the areas of content management (CMS), content management system, multimedia knowledge management, multi-channel publishing, personalization sites, live reporting (website statistics) for analyzing use of websites, providing print solutions for catalogues, magazines, newspapers, Web-to-print, publishers. The InterRed family with the content management system InterRed, which offers KM solution ContentAgents, the live reporting software RhoLive and the Printsystem InterRed print for each application and for each sector is a significant added value. Strong strategic partnerships in the areas of community and media asset management make a round thing”the InterRed family. More information, see contact person for inquiries and interviews: InterRed GmbH Andreas Nabil marketing ice fields road 316 57080 Siegen FON: + 49 271 30377-0 fax: + 49 217 30377-77 E-Mail: In the press section under press find all Press releases including image material for downloading.

Consulting Boutique Application

Friday, April 13th, 2018

This application management has enormous strategic importance for the positioning in the competition, because it has the task to provide the necessary IT skills to support the mission-critical and thus success-relevant business processes.” But an offensive targeting seem often not favorable conditions to exist. Because from the perspective of the interviewed practitioners, they burden above all the conditions the cost and economics. Without hesitation Kevin Johnson explained all about the problem. Here for more than two-thirds of their core issues, these are even 4 per cent more than a year ago. Performance management can be found in second place in the ranking of the difficulties, which is the responsible to confront. Assessed the half of this task as very problem impacted, so are currently even 62 percent 2010 well it. When designing the service processes, a slight improvement but seems to be entered, while on the other hand the strategic orientation apparently grow up to be a new area of concern. In the ranking of the largest This aspect with an increase of 41 to 57 per cent on the third rank is advanced challenges. Similarly, the portfolio management, which has also won for significantly more IT managers in importance and was used by them forward on the agenda.

About ardour consulting group, the ardour Consulting Group (, is one on the topics application management and Consulting Boutique specialized sourcing. It is a team with a common understanding of sustainable consulting. Consisting of the for the IT team responsible executives from langjahrig experienced staff with excellent professional qualifications. The ardour Consulting Group’s core competencies include: application management (design and implementation of strategic, tactical and operational IT processes and organizational structures); Development and implementation of tailored and nachhaltigen sourcing strategies; Enterprise Architecture Management, business objectives and Business model by an appropriate IT infrastructure to support; Project portfolio and value management to demonstrate the value proposition of IT, as well as to be able to make better and more objective investment decisions. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat 6 D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 2233 6117-71

Pastorat Street

Friday, March 30th, 2018

It can launches observed, evaluated marketing campaigns on their success and, potential analyses carried out and creates price and sales forecasts. Finance: predictive models can be, including cash flows, balance sheets and profit and loss statements create. The detailed plans and forecasts are included in the overall planning immediately. Possible changes are reflected in the detail planning, for example by changing market conditions without delay in the rolling forecasts. Human resources: it establishes an integrated data base for all essential personnel processes. The information is evaluated taking into account the respective legal and company-specific Requirements. Logistics: Effective planning of the logistics processes by combining its own sales data, orders, production and market data. In this way you can optimize procurement and inventory control of production, the inventory turnover about picking up the shipping/transport.

This ensures an easy and efficient monitoring and control of the performance of the logistics area. In addition has novem medical navigator”on the module of view of strategy. It supports the organizational and technical implementation of the balanced scorecard, as well as the integration of the BSC concept in the management and control systems. Also can develop the necessary training and communication about and perform. Novem business applications as independent consulting designed and realized novem innovative methods and solutions for the areas of business management, finance, controlling, sales, marketing to the sustainable increase of in company value of our customers. In novem offers as Partner of market-leading solution providers such as IBM, COGNOS, Informatica, and research organizations, such as the IBM Cognos Innovation Center and the universities of applied sciences St. Gallen and fronds its customers security the best conditions and the latest technology. About 250 implemented customer projects in the areas of sales and marketing information system and Unternehmenssteuerungs – and planning solutions, more than 10,000 users who work with solutions implemented by novem or were trained in the ISO 9001:2000 certified TrainingsCenter novem make one of the market leader in the German-speaking countries. Agency think tank Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth Bernhard Duhr Tel.: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-75 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

VOI Members Welcome Concurrency

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Bonn. Almost 75% of the members in the voipax Association for organization and information systems expect positive synergies by combining the simultaneously held fairs DMS EXPO and IT & business in Stuttgart, Germany. This is a result of a survey among the 270 voipax member companies. The DMS EXPO is held parallel to the IT & business from 26 to 28 October 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany. Jim Umpleby usually is spot on. The VOI remains the key partner of the DMS EXPO and will contribute its existing expertise. To change the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart, the VOI surveyed its members on this decision.

The results of the survey show that the VOI members positively classified the change. Although only half of the respondents rated the new fair Stuttgart better compared to Cologne, numerous positive impulses for the DMS EXPO but see through the combination with the IT & business. Almost three-quarters of last year’s exhibitors of VOI members will be represented in Stuttgart at DMS EXPO. About 80% of the members of the VOI the DMS EXPO see event as the most important voipax year. On the question of whether the DMS EXPO every year should be held alternately in Stuttgart and Cologne, 77% of respondents spoke in favour of a fixed location, only 23% are, however, in favour of a change.

The VOI sees great synergy in the coexistence of parallel IT fairs in Stuttgart. The IT & business introducing many IT topics such as infrastructure, IT security, CRM customer relationship management, ERP enterprise resource planning, etc.. The DMS EXPO is the leading trade fair for ECM Enterprise content and document management. The close interaction between the IT solutions in the company carries numerous benefits that are shown on the two fairs. To Andreas C. Nowottka, President and CEO of VOI: Our members expect extremely positive synergies in the coexistence of the DMS EXPO with the IT & business. The two simultaneously held fairs in Stuttgart are almost ideal, to prospective buyers and exhibitors in the second half of the year southern Germany or the roof region (Germany, Austria and) Exploring Switzerland). Also the close interaction of both measurement shows ideal type that IT today is no longer to think without deep integration with ECM systems.” The VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v.. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS document management systems in Germany.

Windows XP: Fair Price Instead Of More Expensive Detour

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Used software as a low-cost alternative for many companies at times of Windows 7 there is no alternative to XP. Even Microsoft has extended the downgrade option from Windows 7 to XP on indefinite time and according to the operating system detected the unrestrained demand. An offer that comes expensive for customers: Because even though they use the ancestor, they pay the full price for Windows 7. Speaking candidly Pitney Bowes told us the story. Cheaper Windows XP on the second-hand market is traded to multiples: savings of up to 75 per cent are not uncommon here. The demand for XP is undiminished. And for good reason: because Windows 7 does not support numerous, often indispensable for business applications and device drivers.

In particular for manufacturers and operators of cash and control systems or for authorities with specific applications, there are therefore often no alternative to XP. The same applies to the operation of older hardware such as scanners, printers, or of course the PC itself: the usage of the latest operating system would exchange for many users fully-functional equipment entail and therefore also disproportionate as unnecessary costs. At the same time Windows XP distinguishes itself not only by an above-average performance, but above all by his stable performance. Company, who deliberately choose XP, need to access deep in the Pocket. “Because since the popular operating system is no longer on the market, the software when the manufacturer solely for the use of the downgrade option can be obtained: usually at full price of Windows 7 If you buy new software, to use an older version, pays it, vigorously”, confirms usedSoft CEO Thomas Huth.

More and more companies rely therefore on the significantly cheaper alternative, the market for used”software. Or but as in the case of Windows XP on the purchase of new or used OEM versions. Savings of up to 75 percent can thus currently be achieved when buying XP. It is not for the customer “Difference, whether it is a software new or used” has acquired: because software not worn, the buyers get exactly the same product only at a fraction of the price. Benefits that have convinced many companies and Government agencies: so also the Federal Social Court and the city of Munich is one of usedSoft has over 2,000 customers, including in addition to Neckermann and Edeka. UsedSoft usedSoft was founded in 2003 and is a leading European provider of used software from all application areas. The buyers of usedSoft licenses are both companies such as software vendors. The usedSoft group customers include e.g. Edeka, KarstadtQuelle, Kaufland, Neckermann, REWE, the law firm Holme Roberts & Owen, as well as a leading Club in the Football League and various savings banks. Also in German authorities increasingly used software is used: in addition to the city of Munich, the Federal Social Court in Kassel, the municipality Bad Salzuflen and the data centre Baden-Wurttemberg put over 100 more communes usedSoft licenses. The savings are between 20% and 50% unused licenses. for more information: Martina Lamping Moller pr phone: + 49 (0) 221 80 10 87-89 email: