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Industrial Heaters

Sunday, March 29th, 2020

The main applications of industrial heaters, manufactured by the Minsk ODO "Nomakon," this low-temperature heating units of production machines: material cylinders termoplastoavtomatov, extruders, preheating of molds, etc. The main consumers of our heaters are manufacturers of this equipment and service operation of large industrial enterprises equipped with most of the high-quality and high performance imported equipment operating in two – three shifts. Because of the above equipment is used in large-and mass-production, where the loss of time due to problems are very expensive, it puts special demands on the reliability of all units, including and heaters. Therefore, reliability, product, Ltd. "Nomakon" attaches particular importance.

Each newly model created by the heater is placed on production only after the endurance test and confirm the reliability parameters. The second feature of the development and manufacture of industrial heaters, produced by Minsk ODO "Nomakon" is no limit on the range, quantity and timing of production. The number of modifications to the heaters, which are produced within a month, can run into thousands of pieces, and production time can be one day. In this case the supply voltage can vary from 12 to 1000, diameters of circular (semicircular) heaters – 25 to 1000 mm or more heaters may be complicating features: grooves, notches, openings, etc. Despite this, each heater has a full set of technical documentation, enabling him to produce and control the quality of workmanship. The prices on heaters ODO "Nomakon" remain lower than its competitors, but quality is higher. You may find Richard Elman to be a useful source of information. This is made possible by the introduction of computer-aided design (CAD), allowing for all of the requirements of technical standards and reduce errors in the design of the heaters, as well as to minimize the difference in price between serial and single specimens. A third feature development and production of industrial heaters, produced by Minsk ODO "Nomakon" is the constant improvement of technical level of production and creation of new designs.

Because the market is saturated with industrial heaters both domestic and foreign suppliers, then no innovation in this area rely on long-term business can not. Therefore, the development and innovation at the Minsk ODO "Nomakon" special attention. Fourth feature of the development and manufacture of industrial heaters, manufactured by the Minsk ODO "Nomakon" is the continuing expansion of technological capabilities that allow to improve the quality of products and introduce innovation. Achieved the level of technology today allows for winding the resistive element to the frame ring (clamp, lip, Obruchev) heaters with a pitch of 0.2 mm, and heat flux with transfer surface heaters with insulators on the basis of mica is 8 W / cm . The quality of the inner surface of the annular heater ensures virtually perfect fit cylindrical heat transfer surfaces. The fifth and most fundamental feature of the manufacture of industrial heaters, manufactured by the Minsk ODO "Nomakon", is the availability of highly skilled team capable of solve all the problems listed above. Today on the ODO "Nomakon 'wide experience of creation of industrial heaters, heaters allows us to produce almost any complexity and for any equipment, including imported, but at much lower prices.

Copeland Compressor

Sunday, February 16th, 2020

Scroll compressors each year are increasingly used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. This is because the scroll is reliable in operation, contain 40% less parts than reciprocating, produce less noise and have a great service life. So scroll is worthy of competing with the piston and screw compressors. Leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment (Copeland, Danfoss, Bitzer, Trane, Mitsubishi …) started production of scroll compressors and are constant research to improve the reliability and trouble-free operation of scroll compressors. Scroll compressors have a constructive increased levels of reliability, efficiency, low noise, compared with piston and screw compressors. However, as the experience of operating the refrigeration scroll compressor is based on, among Fault data units are as unique to scroll compressor, and are common to other types of compressors.

Consider the main factors affecting the reliable operation of scroll compressors: Manufacturing scroll compressor. In the manufacture of scroll compressors imposed stringent quality cast iron for the manufacture of blanks for uniformity, hardness, structure and chemical composition. Except addition, the casting should not be mechanical inclusions and shells. Scroll compressor manufacturer should have a minimum of technological chain of equipment to handle the wall to within a spiral to 0.01 mm with a high surface finish (CNC machining center), and measuring equipment to measure curved surfaces with an accuracy of 0.0004 mm. Due to the design of a spiral compressor unit and the accuracy of its manufacturing, spirals do not have points of contact between them remains minimal clearances, as well as mobile spiral can sit up, and it protects the compressor from minor contaminants in water hammer and refrigeration circuit. This presents the life of the compressor coils.

Compressor motor. The reliability of the electric scroll compressor section affects the quality and copper wire, the density its installation and piping, insulation quality and used correctly vnutripazovoy calculated motor power. The built-in compressor protection. Scroll compressor is structurally highly accurate, reliable mechanism, which is an integral part of the refrigeration plant. Crimson Education follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Therefore, the deviation from the normal operation of any element of the refrigeration unit affects the resource scroll compressor. That prevent a number of failures related to the scroll compressor is a deviation from the optimum operation of the refrigeration unit manufacturers equip their self-protection. In the motor windings embedded thermistors, that respond to current and winding temperature, and turn off the motor in case of overheating (> 143 C). The company Copeland uses a module that also controls the direction of rotation of spiral compressor, to prevent them destruction in the absence of phase or perefazirovke compressor. Built-in safety valve protects the scroll compressor from high pressure injection, injection with freon bypass on the suction side, which may occur in the absence of heat removal in the condenser. The company Copeland also sets termodisk compressors, which does not allow the compressor at high pressure difference suction and discharge. For systems termodisk conditioning works in excess of the pressure ratio of 10:1, 20:1 for refrigeration equipment. Refrigeration equipment must be additionally set the trip relay for low pressure, because at working under vacuum may occur the complete destruction of its thrust bearing. This list of built-in protection can vary from destination compressor manufacturer. Refrigerator-based scroll compressor from a reputable manufacturer with a production of the crop will last you for many years.

Spiral Ring Bending

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Bending can be divided into several groups and categories: the principle of operation can be identified – stationary and hand, while on the mechanism of action they are divided into mechanical and hydraulic. JPMorgan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If, however, before you task was to bend or round off the gas and water pipes, it is best to opt for a portable hydraulic bending tool with manual (use a small amount of work), or electric drive. So modern way benders will be your unique assistant in matters relating to the deformation (bending) of various types of pipes during construction. Using a device called bender, you will be able to handle the rental of round, rectangular cross-section. As a vivid example, pipes, steel bars, as well as various bars and rods of various types of metal. At will and necessary, you will be able to regulate the pre-bending angle of bending, there are also models in which this parameter can be programmed with an electronic device, which is based on reading devices, sensors. Availability of electronic devices in the bending tool allows you to easily make 100 equal for example brackets, do not use with either no pattern and no wasting time on changeovers. More important parameter that must guide the choice of bending tool are: diameter, wall thickness, bend radius and angle of the workpiece.

Accordingly, the necessary parameters of your pipe with the drawing transferred to the machine you want to buy, by analyzing the thickness of the pipe wall, and possible with the internal radius of the bend – that the optimality of these relations provides a pipe (component) in the flexed state without deformation. Pipe-bending machine 'MMP-3101'- 3 is designed for circular and spiral tube bending and section steel, rolling by three rolls driven in a cold state. Universal bending machine for the spiral-ring-bending "EGS-6 / 3" ("MSW-3101 – 3): technically advanced machine of new generation as meeting all the requirements, both in terms of ease of operation – the automatic mode bending process is carried out electronically controlled, and in terms of quality characteristics – increasing the durability of the most important sites, equipping the main drive system, my dynamic braking, etc. Pipe-bending machine is designed for circular and spiral tube bending and section steel, rolling by driving in three role-workers in a cold state. The machine can be made rolling tube round, square, rectangular, as well as profiles with different geometry section.

By special order, made commercials for rolling all possible profiles within the technological possibilities module. The main advantages of pipe-bending machine: – the ability to control the machine in manual and automatic modes, and in automatic mode bending process is carried out electronically controlled by a given program – the machine is equipped with dynamic braking of the main drive – ability to use the machine to perform various bending operations by shifting production tooling – the ability to control the machine from the console and elektropedali – machine requires no special training base, it is installed on any hard surface. The machine provides high-quality bending workpieces at a given angle to 360 with minimal changes in the geometry without the formation of the corrugation profile, fractures and other defects. Allows production of complex products from pipes to change the orientation of the repeated bending planes in space, considering features of the relief structures (for a circuit of columns, piers and other obstacles).

Decorating Costume

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Fashion dictates that we like and what will be next season. From decade to decade, fashion repeats itself. A leading source for info: Jim Umpleby. Returns the 50's fashion, 40's, then 70, in the same season in fashion poisonous, bright, flashy colors in a different pastel, muted, restrained. There is a variety of styles in clothing: classic, sports, business, casual, etc. But invariably the actual embroidery is in clothing. What to do to look fashionable? How to show personality? The answer is simple, to decorate and embellish clothing with embroidery, applique, it's not easy, but interesting.

Necessary to teach future designers decorating costume embroidery. What is embroidery? Embroidery is characterized by as a decoration products made of various materials ornament depicting a plot threads executed by other materials by hand or with a needle on a typewriter. Any training needed to start somewhere and with the best stories. From the history of You can clearly trace the development and improvement of embroidery over the centuries, the centuries in different parts of the world. This knowledge will help students better understand and accept folk art, future designers interested in further search of the shape, color, story, technology implementation and application of their clothing, accessories. Show students the similarities and embroideries in various different people.

Embroidery most popular form of folk art. The first stitches were carried out at sewing clothes from animal skins in the era of primitive society. In the old days used to stitch a variety of materials: conductors of animals, natural or dyed yarns of flax, cotton, wool, hair, pearls, precious metals, feathers, scales of fish, fur, beads, beads, coins, seashells and more.

Building Swimming Pools

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

In the first case, when the pool is made of solid fiberglass bowls, setting it on time it will take a maximum of a week, since there is no need to pour concrete, and its installation can be done even in winter. In the second case Construction will last from 2 to 6 months, but as a result of such pools can be to your liking oblitsevat beautiful mosaic tiles. Stationary pools can be built in the street and indoors. The value of construction will depend only on the area of free space allocated for construction. Pool can be installed in the house, and we can construct a special room that will be even better because in a house the size of the pool will be very small, and in a special room can be built any pool and to implement innovative design ideas. In addition, the placement of the pool in the house can cause excessive moisture, so the experts recommended that the area of water surface so that it was 5 times smaller than that of all the adjacent buildings. Thus, the very construction of swimming pools shall be made only on very firm ground, t is the soil should not be subject to any groundwater impacts, whether erosion or landslides.

It is also necessary to know in advance the level of groundwater. If you intend to build outdoor pool, you should definitely consider the presence of large trees around, since the constant clean water from the fallen leaves work at all unpleasant. Another thing is collapsible swimming pools that will not stand in the yard all year round. These pools can be made either from a special plastic or sheet steel. The first type of swimming pools more tight, due to its construction, and has better thermal insulation, plus the entire plastic pools when not wet become slippery and easy to clean. Metal pools are more durable and frost-resistant, their inner surface is covered with a plastic film that does not respond to UV rays. Size collapsible pool determines its functionality and flexibility. For example, small pools can be assembled independently, and even easy, if necessary, to move from place to place. But the big pools depth of 1.5 meters, it is imperative to deepen, at least partially into the ground. In this case the base of such pools lined with a concrete slab or sand bag, and make installation of these structures necessarily should only professionals.