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Posted by Ralf on March 5th, 2020 — Posted in News

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Be a true Guide for their children. Let it not be said: behind a great man is a great woman, better let it be said: next to a great man is a great woman. The key in the marriage is to learn to treat our differences with adult mentality. When as adults we speak and discuss we get more solid fruits of our relationship, show your spouse that her love for him or her is unconditional. Many couples demonstrate love but conditional. If you think like me, accept what I say Yes and go where I want, I love you, but if you agree with me you will not show love. For couples in courtship period: to make as they are to be displayed, and not hiding secrets, values nor manners that do not have, which are known as they are, because just being honest, sincere and transparent in this period which is crucial for the future, can really get to a happy marriage. For singles: If within your plans enjoy life being unmarried, without responsibilities or commitments with someone in particular, I ask only that no damage to their peers, who do not to others what we would like to make to you.

If you don’t love someone, do not play with the feelings of the people. Life is like one big echo, all the that you say or do will returns you equal or worse form. I hope that the present will help couples who are going through a crisis in their married life or in their courtship, which help people about its present and its future, but above all, to achieve/be or perfect as an excellent leader and also an excellent father and/or mother of family to consider. Original author and source of the article.

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