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The truth is that the Internet business, are still in its infancy and its growth potential is extremely large. The Internet has given start to a new global economy, where borders disappear, you can sell your products and services to everyone from a company of 50 square meters and generate earnings millions of dollars despite not physically meet 99% of their customers. Selling online requires little staff and reduces the cost of production and operation up to 80%. The main requirements to enter the business by Internet are: technological, intellectual capital and a service that travel by line or a product that can be delivered quickly in major cities of the world. Make a profit on the Internet is only part of the benefit, the other benefit is the reduction of operating costs and production. One of the challenges is to offer cheaper products, establish close coordination with the supplier and the distributor of the product. If you have an electronic product which the customer can download to your computer’s immediately, the economic benefit for your company is exponentially greater.

Another challenge is to overcome the resistance of the public to buy online, this area is still a Virgin, only 15% of persons entering to Internet online shoppers, and the vast majority are people located in the main cities of the industrialized countries. Upon entering the business online, focusing on two aspects: informatics technology (it) and highly trained staff. Internet business focuses on three areas: 1 – electronic business process, customer-supplier: consists of making the client overcome his resistance and buy online. Coordination with the supplier of the product and service so that your purchase arrives at the customer as soon as possible. 2. Computer technology (TI): are electronic systems for managing customers suppliers and internal operation.

3 Detection mechanisms of customers and suppliers around the world. To achieve good business online, provide the client a single contact point your web site. When your web page is slow, saturated with information and makes you lose long time customer, this ends up leaving. Make your information flow quickly and clearly to your customer online, and gives quick solutions to complaints from the client, using easy and practical concrete steps. Include a section for suggestions and comments from your visitors and customers. Quickly adding this information to your web site and its quality control. Don’t neglect your internal or external provider of your service or product. The key is the exchange of information to increase your knowledge about the quality of the products offered. The information technology must be oriented to customer, the suppliers and the staff, to share data in real time and make adjustments quickly to your operating system. Small businesses, have more opportunity for growth on the Internet for its ease and agility to quickly transform their systems. In summary, you must do the following: 1 – have an article or service that you can sell online. 80% Of what is sold, can be done by Internet. 2 Have computing technology, if staff trained and committed to the company. 3. Measurement of the operation systems to know the percentage of business, purchasing and delivery of orders. 4 Also you must measure the performance of staff, technology and its utilities.

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