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Some people try to get their fingers into different products, hoping to accelerate their cash flow, and the results are disastrous. I know a guy who wanted to try on an array of products that could “always sell something to someone.” He had a firm diet pills, another for legal services and other software programs. He figured he had all the bases covered. . Well, I guess that I have to say that ended up selling “anything nobody “and lost a lot of money, too. Kevin Johnson pursues this goal as well. I = Inspiration Where get yours from? Do you find quiet time for you? A mental vacation from time to time is useful, too. It is very important to visualize our desired goals to keep our goals alive in our imagination. Do you have a network of people that encourage you, people who can provide information, support and understanding when he hit dry? It is a sad and lonely road if you’re trying to do alone.

Thank God it is not necessary. = P, Pride Are you proud of an entrepreneur? certainly should be! “O Mutter, shrug, look down at their shoes or give a dismissive wave of the hand when Asked about his line of work? Can you imagine one of the pioneers of the Old West are acting that way? Not on your life! It takes courage and self-respect to venture into new territories. Stand up straight and tall deal the cards visit with pride, brothers and sisters! L = Levity Do not take it lightly when a prospect rejects your offer? He rejected much more often than not, you know.

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