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Seaman And Crewing

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

The modern sailor and contract – are indivisible. Under contract to a seaman and worked on the ship. Without it, no way. In the old days, the sailor was secured and the work and pensions. The state took care of the sailor. In modern conditions of advanced capitalism, a sailor looking for a job himself. And not the least role in this search firms are for hire or crewing agency (crewing agency). Crewing – a kind of intermediary between shipowners and seafarers.

Company, obtain a license from the state for a given activity, has been recruiting staff and providing marine interests of the shipowner or shipowners. Search for specialists, visa and passport facilitate the passage of medical examination, insurance, buying plane tickets and shuttle service to and from the airport, the support of seamen during work on a vessel, etc. Everyone is doing crewing. And in theory – for free. That is, if the company honest.

That is a sailor interested in them as an expert in the first place, rather than as a tool to help the agency director to buy a new Mercedes for the new year. For each agency receives the employed specialist money from the owner. And some very resourceful crewing and demand money from the seamen for employment. In addition to money from the owner. For example, for the surrender of the English test, scanning documents, or for other "services". It grief-manning must get round. Serious crewing company is not engaged in such things. We can not be crewing a ship owner, the court where the company is gathering crews. One company may represent as Turkish and German and Dutch ship owners together. It all depends on the confidence of the shipowner for a specific firm to the intermediary. The higher the confidence – the greater the number of vessels allowed to operate crewing, respectively to recruit more ships crews. And a sailor trust more serious Crewing. And first and foremost a sailor try to get a job with a proven and reliable employer, than in any sharage which will be Mantula on rusty barges and forget as he was called. Recruitment process in crewing the following: the applicant comes in and finds out about vacancies, for example, a sailor. If the work is at present or in the future or company interested in this specialist, the more people invited to fill out a form and check all the sea crust, interview in English and a test of aptitude. With a little luck, and if the agency organize test results, and there is a vacancy, a person offering a particular ship and date of planting. If people agree – is to pass a medical examination and sign a contract. And waiting for a call to the ship. The procedure of one day and more. Then farewell to home – the airport – airplane – airport – meet and welcome onboard the agent for a period specified in the contract. Some company owners open their offices directly, and do not enjoy services of recruitment agencies sailors. But, in general, the principle of the same, ie registration, testing of aptitude, and execution of all necessary documents for work.

Internet Business

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Internet Business = MLM??? And the subject matter of what? No one, and it, too? Internet users in a voice shouting that MLM is a pyramid and sects, creating an 'online casinos' and other Internet scam. Gain insight and clarity with Douglas R. Oberhelman. MLMschiki go to the Internet. What is an Internet business, and how it No different from business networks, can they compare or differentiate? What is different affiliate online program from the network structure of MLM, what the pros and cons. What is the Web philosophy of life – for web-masters, than to hitter … Questions that everyone 'who's in the subject line' has something to say. How to find the truth? Who is right? Or is it really the same thing? Should I argue that an online business, or do not? Should I say that MLM – it's a pyramid? A whether it is necessary to say something and think? Or is it easier with the flow? Or not thinking at all? Told you – the pyramid, then it is true.

Told you that you are vegetables, so it is true. They told you where to walk, do not sit – go where sent. We always listen to what others say. Sorry, that does not know how to listen to what these other people think … So think and think about the online MLM business and others? Are you interested to express their views, or do you like vegetables, you go in the direction in which indicated? Why is it always 'someone' decides for you? You say the neighbors – 'Do not go in MLM is a pyramid !!!',- you say -' do not climb up on the Internet – it's worse than a pyramid, is a drug! ". Then why are the richest people in the world are engaged in just such business? Why does no one says that billionaire Tracy piramidchik? Why does he get paid hundreds of top brands for advice on doing business? Why most 'money' man in the world – Bill Gates – not known sectarian and drug dealer? WHY? Something, perhaps, or do not know or hide or something, and more. Shew in the comments to Internet Business = MLM??? what YOU think about this!

Other issues of

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Other issues of analysis also should analyze the product line (product mix) and Assortment (in the case of wholesalers and retailers), the brand and its brand strategy, packaging and labeling, and packaging. CVP curve Another issue to consider is the product life cycle (PLC), stages ranging from R D, introduction, growth, maturity, decline, which vary in these successive stages of promotion strategies, distribution and price, and also various modifications made to the product management product. The CVP has its theoretical basis or rationale in the theory of Diffusion of Innovations. Corporate strategic level also have to perform an analysis of the portfolio company product BCG Matrix and the penetration of new product development, Ansoff Matrix markets.

Internet Marketing

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Earn Money Online! Business on the Internet! How to start your own business? Come to us! Such phrases can be found in 2011 in runet often. Moreover, 90% of them are of no value to people in need of such business proposals. I do not understand why so far left and right offer scam. It seems that already the time of 'goof-packages' are over. But still – a lot of grief on the Internet entrepreneurs who wish to earn for free. Something like 'sculpt' business package, do not really understand what they offer and how 'it' may help in resolving the issue, 'How to start your own business? 'Then, by the way, they cry out that business on the Internet – this is garbage, it does not work. More Of course! Only gentlemen Internet entrepreneurs (pseudo internet entrepreneurs!) – You decide – what do you mean by the term 'business on the Internet. " If you have a business on the Internet – it's earnings in the Internet fast money; preferably for free, then about any lucrative business you just do not have to learn from experience.

To start a profitable business must learn to give people money and benefits from which your customers can REALLY improve a particular area of their lives. Business on the Internet – a great opportunity, starting with a minimal investment, to build his business empire, which will generate more monthly $ 2,000 with only one context advertising. Read the stories of successful entrepreneurs online, such as Nelly Fedosenko. Suppose, she earned ten times less than Anatoly Belousov, but the business continues to grow and be profitable, people pomogvt become more successful and richer. Anatoly Belousov fortune on one brand 'Kibersant that Anatoly was able to correctly and quickly push to the masses, using the most powerful secrets of Internet marketing. Then, when everyone realized what a 'Kibersant' and what is the 'brand' – Anatoly Belousov business as quickly curled up as it began. Yes, Anatoly had to invest in foreign exchange, and this is in the process. Recently, he released another 'Infoprodukt' – the final chord, which has publicly stated that bids farewell to the Internet business. Ehhh, could not resist it this time. anything to cut down the 'last' with newcomers who promised to reveal all the secrets and show all pitfalls of the modern Internet business, business information and Internet marketing.